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MACO - Acronym meaning "Military Assault Command Operations".  It refers to the military
    personel assigned to Enterprise after the Xindi attack on Earth.
                                                             "The Expanse" [ENT]
    Their uniforms are grey-tone camo jumpsuits.
                                                             "The Xindi" [ENT]
    Archer believes that the MACO's tactics and technology are two or three years beyond Starfleet's
    and decides they should have training sessions with Reed's security crew.  Reed replies that his men
    have just as much experience if not more since the MACOs trained on Earth in simulated combat.
    One of the drills was a specialized rifle training session that the MACO's developed at Jupiter station
    early in 2153, where the goal is to hit as many targets as you can in 10 seconds.  The level 4 record
    belongs to Cpl. Amanda Cole.          "Harbinger" [ENT]
    They were picked by Major Hayes.   "Countdown" [ENT]
    SEE: Crew Manifest, MACOs.

Madam Chang's - Dr. Phlox loves the egg drop soup at this restaurant but decided not to revisit it when
    they got back to earth for fear that his presence might provoke an incident because of the xenophobia
    associated with the Xindi attack.  Travis and Hoshi did go however, and Hoshi promised to bring
    Phlox some take-out.                        "Home" [ENT]
    He and Hoshi went to the restaurant.  It had become more popular, and there even was a wait to get
    in, probably because Hoshi had been telling many Starfleet people about the place.  Dr Phlox was kidnapped
    after leaving the restaurant.              "Affliction" [ENT]

Maglock - A system utilizing magnetic force to attach two objects.  The Enterprise grapplers use
    maglocks.  These locks can be disrupted by the presence of eisilium.
                                                             "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

Magnesite - Harrad Sar claimed to have discovered a planet with large deposits of magnesite --
    enough to build a thousand warp reactors.  He claimed that he didn't have the infrastructure to get
    the magnesite out of the ground.  So he wanted Starfleet to construct mining facilities from which
    he'd get a ten-percent share.              "Bound" [ENT]

Magnetic constrictor -  Component of a starship's warp core.
    A series of "magnetic constrictors" align the "positron stream" in order to regulate the positron flow
    in the dilithium matrix.  If any stray particles escape, backups automatically kick in.  During one of
    the training tests on the warp five engine, there was a momentarily loss of both the primaries and the
    backups...  About a billion positrons cut through the plating on three decks and nearly caused a hull-
    breach.  A month was spent redesigning the system and it hasn't given them a single problem since.
                                                              "Cold Front" [ENT]
    These are "locked down" to help get the reaction rate down to prevent a warp core breach.
                                                              "Caretaker" [VOY]
    Torres uses a phaser to burn through Dreadnought's magnetic constrictor casing to try to detonate the
    warhead.                                            "Dreadnought" [VOY]
    Seska tells Jonas to damage Voyager's warp coils by forcing the magnetic constrictors out of alignment.
                                                               "Lifesigns" [VOY]
    In 2372, Michael Jonas sabotaged Voyager's magnetic constrictors so that they lost alignment.
    This in turn affected the injector valves and caused the plasma to be too hot, severely damaging the
    inner layer of the warp coils.  Voyager was forced to vent the plasma.  The resulting damage was
    designed to force Voyager to visit a planet called Hemikak where Kazon forces were lying in ambush.
                                                              "Investigations" [VOY]

Magnetic Shield - Trip picks the lock on Garos' shop, but the metal hatch inside is protected by
    "some kind of magnetic shield".        "Civilization" [ENT]

Main Engineering - Daniels needs access to Main Engineering to locate the Suliban aboard the ship.
                                                               "Cold Front" [ENT]

Maintenance logs - In Phlox's hallucination, T'Pol says she will make a note of the leaking steam in the
    maintenance log.                                "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]

Maintenance shafts - After two "borgified" Tarkaleans escape from sickbay and Reed scans their
    escape route, Archer orders the maintenance shafts sealed off .  Later Reed ID's their position as
    Maintenance shaft C, junction 12.  T'Pol verifies this as the location of the plasma regulators.
                                                               "Regeneration" [ENT]

Make Up - Phlox provides makeup that replicates the "dermal ridges" of the Akaali, It itches at first,
    but he claims that will subside.  He uses a long-handled paint brush, as though blending makeup.
                                                               "Civilization" [ENT]

"Makers" - What the Triannons call their deity.  SEE: Triannon Religion.
                                                                "Chosen Realm" [ENT]

"Maker's breath" - What the Triannons call the anomalies.  SEE: Triannon Religion.
                                                                 "Chosen Realm" [ENT]

Malik - One of the Augments.  He was a rebellious child.  He killed Raakin.
                                                                 "Borderland" [ENT]

Malurian - SEE:  Malurians

Malurzian zoo - Muk considers selling Porthos to the Malurzian zoo.
                                                                "Acquisition" [ENT]

Manifold, gravimetric field displacement - SEE: Gravimetric Field Displacement Manifold.
                                                              "Cold Front" [ENT]

Manifold, Impulse - SEE:  Impulse manifold

Manzanar - An internment camp on Earth during the Second World War.  Japanese-American citizens
    were imprisoned there even though they didn't do anything wrong.  Archer compared it to the situation
    at Detention complex 26.                   "Detained" [ENT]

Marcel - Ensign.                                       "The Forgotten" [ENT]

Margaret Mullin - SEE: Mullin, Margaret.

Marker Buoys -  SEE: Buoys, Marker.

Massaro - female Ensign.  She ran a diagnostic on the plasma assembly.  T'Pol asked Tucker to assist her.
                                                                "Similitude" [ENT]

Matalas - Dr. Phlox once was almost overwhelmed by 50 patients in a refugee camp on Matalas.
                                                              "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

Matter-Energy converter - In the recreation facility at an alienn repair station, T'pol hand-scans
    "a matter-energy converter", which she concludes is "a molecular synthesizer of some kind".  She
    tests it by requesting "water, cold."  She saw a similar device on a "Tarkalean" vessel.  Trip exclaims
    that, if Engineering had such a device, they could make all their spare parts.
                                                              "Dead Stop" [ENT]

Matter Stream - In the operation of the transporter, the matter stream is the beam of phased, or
    dematerialized matter that is transported from the transport chamber to the destination, or the reverse.
                                                               "Realm of Fear" [TNG]
    There were contaminants in the matter stream.
                                                               "Strange New World" [ENT]

Maureen - A waitress which Reed was infatuated with.
                                                               "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Maya (Claudette Sutherland) -                 "Oasis" [ENT]

Maymora - A class of Vulcan ship.   SEE: Vulcan Ships, Maymora Class.

Mayweather, Ensign Travis (Anthony Montgomery) - SEE:  Mayweather

Mazar - The Mazarite government is nearing collapse or maybe a civil war, corruption is well known
    and its clear the military isn't totally under the control of one governing body.  They ask the Vulcans
    to send Ambassador V'lar to gather dirt on one party or the other so she can later "testify".
                                                                "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

McCook, Molly - little girl who asked the question aboout toilets (the "poop" question).
                                                               "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

McFarlane - Male Ensign.  He got "pretty bangged up"  by the gravitational anomaly that occured
    in Cargo bay 2, but was going to be okay.
                                                              "The Xindi" [ENT]

McKenzie - MACO Corporal.  female.  Speent six weeks stationed on Jupiter Station.
Corporal McKenzie                                "Anomaly" [ENT]
    Mayweather didn't know her that well.  They talked after a training session
    once.  But on the alternate E2-Enterprise he had married her.
                                    "E2" [ENT]
    Just before Major Hayes died he told Reed to use her and rely on her since
    she knew the team.   "Countdown" [ENT]

McKinley, mount - Archer said the phase canons blew up ssomething the size of Mt. McKinley.
    Mt. McKinley is located in Alaska on the North American Land Mass, is the highest peak in
    North America.  It measures at 20,320 feet or 6,194 meters. It is located in Mount McKinley
    national park, which is 3,030 square miles.
                                                               "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    A.G. Robinson died while climbing Mt. McKinley.
                                                                "First Flight" [ENT]

Meat Loaf - Travis recommends avoiding the "resequenced meat loaf".
                                                                "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Meditation - T'Pol meditates every night before going to sleep.  If she doesn't meditate it results in
    disturbing dreams.  When T'Pol was trying to rediscover emotion she briefly felt when she was on
    Earth, Tolaris told her that a  mind-meld would be more effective at doing this than the "more
    traditional form of guided meditation".  Archer comes to understand why T'Pol meditates so much.
                                                                 "Fusion" [ENT]

Melissa Lyles - A girl that Tucker had a crush on, more than 20 years earlier, at Bayshore elementary
    school, Panama city, Florida.  For weeks he'd practiced the two-step with his brother, so he could ask
    Melissa Lyles to dance; but once there, he never worked up the courage.
                                                                 "Fusion" [ENT]

Memory Core - Enterprise has a redundant memory core.
                                                               "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Menk - A second humanoid species on the planet Valakis.  They're "not as evolved" as the dominant
    Valakians, and not susceptible to the disease ravaging their world; but study of their immunity to the
    disease hasn't been of help.  The Enterprise crew are surprised at their co-existence with the Valakians.
    The Valakians make the Menk to live on land that isn't good for farming, but provide well for them;
    so the Menk are happy.                     "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

Mess - A dining area.  SEE: Captain's MessCrew's Mess .

Methyloxide- Until the age of four, Lorillian children can only breathe methyloxide unless their mothers
    wean them off of it.                            "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Metreon - A type of particle.    SEE: Particles, Metreon.

Metrion - alternate spelling of Metreon.  SEE: Particles, Metreon.

Metryon - another alternate spelling of Metreon.  SEE: Particles, Metreon.

Microcharges - Exposives that Reed suggests using to open the hatch on the Axanar ship.
                                                                "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Micro-caliper - In Engineering, Tucker and Reed work on the device taken from the derelict time-ship with a plier-sized
    "micro-caliper".  Later they activate the device using the same tool.
                                                               "Future Tense" [ENT]
    Seven says that an instrument like the micro-caliper in Kovin's lab was used to remove her optic implant;
    Kovin says that he used this instrument to remove the casing over the guidance system on the particle-
    beam rifle.                                           "Retrospect" [VOY]

Microcellular scan - SEE: Scan, Micro-cellular.

Microcircuit - After something disables communications and damages its sensor array, Tucker examines
    a microcircuit in the shuttlepod to see what can be done to fix the problem.
                                                                "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]

Microdetonators - Tucker thinks they have some microdetonators on the shuttlepod which can be used
    in their plan to jettison the impulse engine and explode it in order to send a message to Enterprise that
    they are in trouble.                            "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]

Microsingularity - A mini-blackhole.  T'pol comments that "Astrometrics" detected what could be
    "micro-singularities" in the asteroid field; unusual charged particles were detected as the Tesnian ship
    docked.  Archer thinks that they are a Vulcan myth and that Vulcans would blame the common cold
    on them if they could.                        "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]

Microspanner - In the Armory, Reed uses a microspanner to align relays.  Lt. Talas, an Andorian tactical
    officer temporarily assigned to help, brought some equipment that could align those relays much more
    precisely.                                            "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Miles, Geoff - little boy who asked "can the crew datte?"
                                                                "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

Military Assault Command - SEE: MACO.

Millicochranes - Unit of measure of subspace distortion.  A millicochrane is one one-thousandth of
    the distortion necessary to establish a field of warp factor one.  Named for Zephram Cochrane, the
    inventor of the space warp.                 "Remember Me" [TNG], "The Outcast" [TNG]
    Phlox developed a cure for the interspatial parasites infecting Captain Archer which used a highly
    focused antiproton beam, produced by a special chamber powered by the warp engine in Engineering;
    When it was being used to zap the first cluster of parasites, Phlox was directing the engineers to Increase
    to 800 millicochranes ... then to 850.    "Twilight" [ENT]

Minara - An orange colored "Minaran spinach" waas picked up on Risa, which the crew
    considers inedible.  When Sato was put in charge of the galley she decided to make one of her
    grandmother's recipes instead of this.   "Singularity" [ENT]
    Minara was a star system with several inhabited planets.  Its star entered a nova phase in 2268,
    rendering those planets uninhabitable.  An advanced race known as the Vians had the ability to save
    the inhabitants of only one of those planets, and ultimately chose the people of the second planet.
                                                                "The Empath" [TOS]
    The timing of the Minara nova was used to provide a "time gallery" between the normal and reverse
    universes.                                            "The Counter-Clock Incident" [TAS]

Mind Meld - SEE:  Vulcan Mind Meld

Mining - Archer and Tucker were taken prisoner on a mining colony in the Delphic Expanse while looking
    to talk to a Xindi being held there.        "The Xindi" [ENT]

Minshara-class planet - "suitable for humanoid life".   This is probably the origin of the "M-class"
    planet designation we see in the other series.
    Strange New World is a Minshara class planet.
                                                                 "Strange New World" [ENT]
    The Akaali homeworld is a Minshara class planet.
                                                                 "Civilization" [ENT]
    Tucker describes Ceti Alpha V as barely Minshara class.
                                                                  "Twilight" [ENT]

Mirazine - 40ccs of the drug shortens the time Tucker must go through decompression on the Xyrillian
    ship by half (down to 3 hours).            "Unexpected" [ENT]

Mission - Enterprise is on a mission of exploration.
                                                                "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    T'Pol explicitly states the mission of the Enterprise: "Our mission is to make contact with those who
    humans consider new life and new civilizations."
                                                                "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]
    The mission changed to one of saving Earth from the Xindi threat.
                                                                "The Expanse" [ENT]

"Mister Tall and Popular" - What Tucker called a figure carved in some stone ruins that were over
    4000 years old.                                   "Vanishing Point" [ENT]

Mitchell, Captain - Captain of the Conestoga, the Terra Nova colonization vessel.
                                                                "Terra Nova" [ENT]

M'klexa - A warp-capable race which had visited the planet Valakis , but quickly abandoned the planet's
    inhabitants when they found out about an illness plaguing the planet. The Valakians asked for the
    secret of warp technology, so that they could seek help elsewhere, but  the M'klexans wouldn't share it
    with them.  The Vulcans have never heard of the M'klexans.
                                                                  "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

Molecular synthesizer - In the recreation facility of the alien repair station, T'pol hand-scans "a
    matter-energy converter ", which she concludes is "a molecular synthesizer of some kind".
                                                                 "Dead Stop" [ENT]

Molly McCook - SEE: McCook, Molly.

Money, S. (Dorenda Moore) - MACO.  female.
Money    Shock-stick wielder.  She was one of six assigned to the rescue team.
                                        "The Xindi" [ENT]
    Wounded; says line "Fall Back!"
                                        "Rajiin" [ENT]
    Sniper & she leaps over a fence.
                                        "North Star" [ENT]
    Wrestles with a Triannon and loses her pistol.
                                        "Chosen Realm" [ENT]
    Spars with Hoshi Sato in combat class.
                                        "Harbinger" [ENT]

"Monkey in the Middle" - A game where a ball is kept away from a third person.  Mayweather
    compared it to the Dikendi's favorite sport where they have to keep melons away from fargans.
                                                               "Stigma" [ENT]

Montana - State in which First Contact occured and where the Warp five complex is located.
                                                               "Singularity" [ENT]

Moore - Corn farmer from Broken Bow, Oklahoma who shot and nearly killed Klaang with a plasma  rifle.
Moore                                            "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Moreno - MACO.  Seen only in the alternate future.
Moreno                            "Twilight" [ENT]

"Moth ball" - A term referring to the storage of a spacecraft that has been decommissioned.
                                                               "These are the Voyages" [ENT]

Movies -     Denobulans had something similar to movies "a few hundred years ago", but they went out of
    fashion when people realized their own lives were more interesting.
                                                              "Dear Doctor" [ENT]
    The German soldier guarding Archer said that in Hollywood movies the Americans always win and that
        it was too bad for Archer that he wasn't in a movie.
                                                               "Storm Front, part 1" [ENT]
    Apparently the NX-01 has crew movie nights.  Mayweather says it carries "50,000 movies in its database"
                                                               "Cold Front" [ENT]
    A World War III epic was released during the time Enterprise was in the Expanse.  World War III movies
        are apparently pretty common, but this particular one swept all the awards.
                                                                "Home" [ENT]
    The movies in the NX-01's database include:
    "Night of the Killer Androids"            "Cold Front" [ENT]
    "For Whom the Bell Tolls"  - Tucker became teary eyed when watching it but said only that he had
                                                    something in his eye.
                                                              "Dear Doctor" [ENT]
    "Sunset Boulevard"                              "Dear Doctor" [ENT]
    "The Black Cat" featuring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.
                                                               "Stigma" [ENT]
    "Frankenstein", "Bride of Frankenstein", "Son of Frankenstein", and "Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein".
                                                               "Horizon" [ENT]
    "The Day the Earth Stood Still"           "Cogenitor" [ENT]
    "Rosemary's Baby"                             "Twilight" [ENT]
    "Wages of Fear"                                  "Vox Sola" [ENT]
    "The Excorcist"                                    "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]
    "The Court Jester"                                "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]
    "A Night at the Opera"                         "Similitude" [ENT]

Muk (Clint Howard) - One of the Ferengi that boarded Enterprise.  SEE:  Ferengi, Muk
                                                                "Acquisition" [ENT]

Mullin, Margaret - Archer met Margaret Mullin at age 24 wwhile in "flight school."  She declined his
    proposal of marriage, not wanting to be a "Starfleet widow."
                                                                "Twilight" [ENT]

Muratas star cluster - Location of the planet Triannon.
                                                                "Chosen Realm" [ENT]

Mutara system - In an alternate future, the Vulcans responded to a distress call from the Earth convoy in
    the "Mutara System" -- only to find it destroyed.
                                                                "Twilight" [ENT]

Myofibers - The numerous threadlike strands that make up a skeletal muscle fiber (like in a leg muscle).
    Osmotic eel therapy "fuses" myofibers and thus is used to treat muscle damage caused by particle
    weapons.                                           "Broken Bow" [ENT]

"Mystery Meals" - What boomer kids, specifically those on the Horizon and Fortunate, call Nutripacks.
                                                              "Fortunate Son" [ENT]


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