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Particles and Radiation.

[ Anyon ][ Baryon ][ Berthold ][ Bosons ][ Chroniton ][ Chronometric ][ Dekyon ][ Delta ][ Duderon ][ E ]
[ Eichner ][ Electron ][ Epsilon ][ Gamma ][ Geodesic ][ Graviton ][ Hyperon ][ Ionogenic ][ Kedion ]
[ Kinoplasmic ][ Lepton ][ Magneton ][ Meson ][ Metaphasic ][ Metreon ][ Muon ][ Nadion ][ Neutrino ]
[ Neutron ][ Nucleogenic ][ Nucleonic ][ Omega ][ Omicron ][ Photon ][ Photonic ][ Polaric ][ Polaron ]
[ Positron ][ Protomatter ][ Proton ][ Pyritic ][ Quark ][ Radiogenic ][ Tachyon ][ Terracon ][ Teryon ]
[ Tetryon ][ Thermionic ][ Theta ][ Thoron ][ Vertion ][ Verteron ][ Warp ][ Z ]

Anyon -
    Artificially generated by crew. 
    In the Real world, Anyons are intermediaries between the boson and fermion states.  It turns out that in
    our three dimensional world, particles can only
act as bosons or fermions, but if one confines a particle
    to two dimensions, it can act as any combination
of the two:  thus, the idea of an "anyon" was proposed.
    Theoretically the anyon was the particle which mediates the
relationship between between the two quantum states
    (bosons and fermions.)  But to everyone's surprise,
the theoretical anyon turned out to be real; it shows up
    in a highly esoteric phenomenon of two-
dimensional surfaces called the Hall effect.
    Anyons arise from the interaction between phased and normal matter, and can be used to disrupt the
    phase of matter.  (Could phasing then involve a shift between the fermion state to the boson state, and
    vice versa?).
    Anyons are harmless to humans.
    When he detected bursts of chronitons caused by the presence of Geordi and Ro in phased form,
    Data hypothesized that the bursts of chronitons were caused by phased matter.  Data tried to use
    anyons to decontaminate the ship.  When Geordi and Ro set off a disruptor on overload, a huge burst
    of chronitons were detected, leading Data to sweep the area with a sufficiently large flood of anyons
    that was enough to bring the two back into phase with the rest of the crew and the walls of the ship.
    The floors apparently exist in several phases at once.
                                                            "The Next Phase" [TNG]

Baryon -
    Naturally occurring. In real life, baryons are the class of the heaviest particles.  This class includes
    neutrons, protons and the heavier, unstable hyperons: the lambda, sigma, xi, and omega particles,
    as opposed to "light" particles (leptons) like electrons.  Baryons consist of three quarks and interact
    through the strong force, which holds atomic nuclei together.  The law of conservation of baryons
    states that for any interaction of elementary particles, the sum of baryon numbers remains unchanged.
    Federation starships traveling at warp must periodically undergo "Baryon Sweeps" at facilities such as
    the Remmler Array to clear them of an accumulation of these particles.  The process is dangerous to
    living tissue and requires a complete evacuation of space ship personnel.
                                                                "Starship Mine" [TNG]

Berthold radiation -
    Naturally occurring / It can be artificially generated by aliens. Nature unknown.  It is harmful and
    even fatal to humans over time given high enough exposures.
    Emotion-affecting spores granted immunity to Berthold rays, allowing a colony to survive.
                                                              "This Side of Paradise" [TOS]
    Berthold rays were part of the broadband emissions that aliens used to scan the enterprise D when
    they were looking for Q.  When asked if it was lethal, Data said that overall exposure was under
    75 rems, a very low intensity - like a soft medical scan.
                                                                "Deja Q" [TNG]

Boson -
    A class of particles whose motion obeys Bose-Einstein statistics.

Chroniton -
    Artificially generated by aliens and crew. It is unsure whether this is the same as the chonometric particle.
    These particles are involved in temporal technology and in phasing / cloaking.
    In 2368, while trying to transport back to the ship after assisting a damaged Romulan vessel, chroniton
    particles from their malfunctioning cloaking device cause Geordi and Ro to become phased.  The two
    became invisible and could pass through walls (not floors).  Data said that the chroniton emissions
    posed no danger to humans but prolonged exposure could affect some ship's systems.  Geordi and Ro
    were able to produce a massive surge of Chronitons by overloading a phased Romulan disrupter pistol
    in ten-forward, prompting Lieutenant Commander Data to flood the space with Anyons and render
    them partially visible again.               "The Next Phase" [TNG]
    In 2371 Chroniton particles caused a transporter accident which resulted in Captain Sisko, Doctor
    Bashir and Lieutenant Commander Dax to be thrown back in time to 21st century Earth.
                                                               "Past Tense" [DS9]
    After an accident in which Chief O'Brien of Deep Space Nine absorbed a heavy dose of Delta radiation,
    Chroniton particles would cause the Chief to make several short jumps back and forth into the future
    whenever a cloaked warbird came near the station.
                                                                "Visionary" [DS9]
    Chronitons can, potentially, also be used to kill the Bajoran wormhole aliens.
    When Kes was irradiated with chroniton particles from the Krenim and later subjected to a biotemporal
    field, she began to shift backwards in time.
                                                              "Before and After" [VOY]
Antichroniton -
    Artificially generated by crew. Cancels out chroniton particles.
    When Kes was irradiated with chroniton particles from the Krenim and later subjected to a biotemporal
    field, she began to shift backwards in time. This was cured by the use of an antichroniton field.
                                                              "Before and After" [VOY]

Chronometric particle -
    Artificially generated by aliens. Involved in time travel.  It is unsure whether or not this is just another
    name for the Chroniton.
    After noticing a temporal signature from the Borg sphere, high concentrations of tachyons as well as
    chronometric particles indicated that they were trying to create a temporal vortex to travel backward
    in time.   The Enterprise-E used them to travel forward in time.
                                                              "First Contact" [ST8]
    O'Brien reads chronometric particles around the Defiant just before it is pulled back in time by the Orb.
                                                             "Trials and Tribble-ations" [DS9]

Dekyon (alt. spelling: Dechyon) -
    Artificially generated by crew. In real life, dechyons refer to the class of particles that travel at or below
    light-speed (i.e., the opposite of tachyons.)
    In 2369 the Enterprise-D crew detected changes in the Dechyon field which proved that they were
    trapped in a temporal loop.  The crew detected these particles as remnants of each "causality loop"
    and Data used them to send a message into the next loop, which allowed them to break this most
    vicious cycle.                                   "Cause and Effect" [TNG]
    Three dekyon beams intersecting from different time periods can cause a time rupture, allowing
    anti-time to intrude into our normal-time universe.
                                                                "All Good Things" [TNG]
    USS Voyager used a Dechyon beam to open a fissure in the event horizon of a class 3 singularity;
    Used to open a fissure in an event horizon.
                                                                "Parallax" [VOY]

Delta rays -
    Naturally occurring in real life / artificially created in Trek. In real life Delta-rays refer to moderate-
    energy electrons which have been kicked off a nucleus by the passage of a nearby high energy charged
    It is a type of radiation produced by older engines.  In an accident involving a broken baffle plate on an
    old class-J starship, Christopher pike, the former captain of starship Enterprise was overexposed to
    Delta rays leaving him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
                                                               "The Menagerie, part 1" [TOS]
    O'Brien absorbed a heavy dose of delta radiation, which allowed the tetryon emissions from the
    Romulan warbird to shift him through time.
                                                             "Visionary" [DS9]

Duderon -

E-band emissions -
    These are electromagnetic signals sometimes emitted by collapsing protostars.  They were used by
    the Romulans in late 2367 as a means of secretly transmitting commands to Geordi LaForge
    through his VISOR.  Those signals were delta-compressed on a frequency similar to that of
    humanoid brainwaves.                     "The Mind's Eye" [TNG]

Eichner radiation -
    Artificially generated.
    Eichner radiation is emitted by subspace phase inverters.  It caused genetically altered spores in a
    stasis cage to expand uncontrollably and threaten the Enterprise.  The source of the radiation was
    tracked to Ian, Troi's son.                   "The Child" [TNG]

Electron -

Epsilon radiation -
    Produced by tetryon reactors.               "The Voyager Conspiracy" [VOY]

Gamma radiation -

Geodesic radiation -
    Radiation dangerous and even fatal to humans associated with the opening of a Geodesic fold.
                                                              "Inside Man" [VOY]

Graviton -
    Artificially generated by crew.  A real particle according to modern physics.  The particle responsible
    for the gravitational force which exists between all masses in our universe.
    Gravitons can be artificially generated by Federation starships, and have various uses.   Some artificial
    gravity systems operate by creating gravitons.
    A "heavy graviton beam" was considered and rejected as a weapon against the Borg.
                                                               "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG]
    Gravitons were used by Enterprise crew to communicate with the crystalline entity, and used by
    the vengeful doctor Mar to destroy the entity.
                                                                "Silicon Avatar" [TNG]
    In 2368 graviton waves destroyed the USS Vico when it was surveying the Black Cluster.  They
    also nearly destroyed the USS Enterprise, because they were amplified when they interacted with
    the power of the ships shields.           "Hero Worship" [TNG]
    Barclay used a graviton field to alter subspace to take the ship into Cytherian space.
                                                                "The Nth Degree" [TNG]
    Voyager tried using them to get out of the Caretaker's beam.
                                                                "The Caretaker" [VOY]
    Tritium is a mildly radioactive isotope used to detect where the graviton field was building up.
                                                              "Q-Less" [DS9]
Antigraviton -
     Artificially generated by aliens. Apparently can act as "antigravity." In real life, a graviton (which
    is still a theoretical particle whose existence hasn't been proven) is its own antiparticle. That is, an
    antigraviton would actually be a normal graviton.
     Antigravitons were used by aliens to deflect a transporter beam to a new set of co-ordinates.
                                                                   "Attached" [TNG]

Hyperon -
     Naturally occurring. Hyperons are a class of real particles whose name dates back to the days before
    quark structure was well known. Leptons (electrons, muons, tau and their associated neutrinos) are
    "light", Mesons are "medium", and baryons are heavy. When more massive short-lived particles
    heavier than the proton were produced, they were called hyperons. Some examples are the sigma,
    lambda, and cascade particles. After quark structure was understood, the first three names were kept,
    but the meaning was changed. Leptons are the same list as originally, but are understood to be
    fundamental particles with no quark structure. Mesons are quark-anitquark pairs. Baryons are triplets
    of quarks. The term hyperon is still used, but not so frequently.
    Hyperons prevented the use of transporters in the evacuation of a planet ceded to the Sheliak.
                                                            "The Ensigns of Command" [TNG]

Ionogenic particle -
    Artificially generated by crew.  Ionogenic particles can be used to contain certain forms of energy;
    Has characteristic 'magnetic flux density'
    In 2368 Geordi LaForge used Ionogenic particles in an attempt to create a containment field.  It was a trap for the
    "souls" of alien criminals who possessed the bodies of  Enterprise-D crewmembers in an attempt at escape from the
    moon they were imprisoned on.          "Power Play" [TNG]

Kedion -
    Naturally occurring. Resets positronic matrices.
    Kedions were used by Commander La Forge and Captain Picard in 2370 to reboot Data's ethical program after Lore
    disabled it.                                        "Descent, part 2" [TNG]

Kinoplasmic radiation -
    Origin unknown. Lt. Barclay tells the holodoc that his headaches are due to "kinoplasmic radiation
    oxidizing your brain cells."                  "Projections" [VOY]

Lepton -
    Naturally occurring.  Leptons are a class of particles that do not interact by the strong nuclear force.
    They are electrically neutral or have unit charge, and are fermions.  Leptons appear not to have any
    internal structure. The electron, the muon, the tau, and three kinds of neutrino are all Leptons.
    Although all leptons are relatively light, they are not alike.  The electron, for example, carries a negative
    charge, and is stable, meaning it does not decay into other elementary particles; the muon also has a
    negative charge, but has a mass about 200 times greater than that of an electron and decays into
    smaller particles.  Leptons interact with other particles through the weak force (the force that governs
    radioactive decay), and through the electromagnetic force, as well as the gravitational force.
    Wormholes can emit Leptons prior to opening or changing position.
    lepton particle "activity" increased prior to the wormhole reappearing and shifting its position.
    Geordi's visor detected the "activity".    "The Price" [TNG]
Antilepton -
     Artificially generated by aliens. Prevents communications.
     Gul Jassad's fleet flooded subspace with antilepton interference.
                                                                "Emissary" [DS9]

Magneton -
    Artificially generated by crew. In real life, it refers to a quanta of the magnetic dipole moment of a particle.
    In short, it's a measurement (like inches or liters), not a particle, though the name is used for one in Star Trek.
    There, it refers to a specific particle which can be used by sensor systems.
    O'Brien picked up magnetons while in the Gamma quadrant, which led to the discovery of a crashed Jem'Hadar ship.
                                                                 "Hippocratic Oath" [DS9]
    Kira picked up the magneton signature of the Ravinok's damaged warp nacelle.
                                                                 "Indiscretion" [DS9]
    O'Brien planted a transponder in the magneton relay of Retaya's ship.
                                                                 "Improbable Cause" [DS9]
    In 2372, Dax speculated that the renegade Jem'Hadar were using a magneton pulse to cover their tracks; it caused their
    escape ship's ion trail to fade more rapidly than normal.
                                                                  "To the Death" [DS9]
    In 2374, Kellin, a Ramuran tracer,  says that Chakotay came up with the idea of  using a magneton sweep to disrupt a
    runaway's polarization cloak, thereby rendering the escapee visible.
                                                                "Unforgettable" [VOY]
   Voyager used a magneton scan to try to pick up any sign of Janeway's presence on board and to scan for temporal-
    phase shifting, chroniton particles, and field flux.
                                                                  "Coda" [VOY]
    Torres suggests that Chell use a magneton scanner to degauss the Transporter room rather than the micro-resonator
    that he is using; the magneton scanner could finish the job in five minutes.
                                                              "Learning Curve" [VOY]
    When trying to locate a suspected alien presence aboard the ship, Paris affirms that the magneton scanner is the most
    thorough scanning device that they have on board.  But it is decided that using this scanner will be ineffective since the
    alien is able to move from person to person.  As a result, Torres devised a magneton flash scan which involved
    reconfiguring every sensor on the ship to emit a single burst at one moment.
                                                              "Cathexis" [VOY]

Meson -
    Naturally occurring.  Any of a class of particles believed to participate in the forces that hold nucleons together in the
    atomic nucleus.
    Like Leptons, Mesons can be associated with wormhole activity.  Geordi's visor detected the Meson-particle "activity"
    increasing prior to the Barzan wormhole reappearing and shifting its position.
                                                               "The Price" [TNG]

Metaphasic particle -
    Particles, abundant all throughout the Briar Patch.  The rings of the Ba'ku homeworld concentrate
    the metaphasic radiation in such a way that it takes on a regenerative property.  The natural aging
    process is stopped, and healing effects are felt.  The crew of the Enterprise-E also experienced it.
    It even regenerated Geordi's natural eyes, although the effect didn't last once they left the planet.
    The Son'a developed a procedure to collect the metaphasic particles, but it involved injecting
    something into the planet's rings that would cause a thermolytic reaction.  The process, if used,
    would render the planet unlivable for generations.  The Son'a technology could not be duplicated
    by Starfleet scientists.                         "Insurrection" [ST9]

Metreon -
    Naturally occurring / can be Artificially generated by aliens.
    Vulcan scientists have used metreon particles to make dark matter visible.  Trip prepared some
    "spatial charges" to spread metreon particles over a wide area.  They were successfully used to
    illuminate a dark matter nebula.          "First Flight" [ENT]
    Metreon Radiation was present in an energy barrier around a planet in the Rutharian sector. When
    scanned by the Olympia, it triggered a surge which disabled the ship's engines and caused it to crash
    on the planet. The radiation also somehow caused subspace signals to and from the planet to shift
    three years in time.                             "The Sound of Her Voice" [DS9]
    The Haakonians used a "Metreon Cascade", a weapon of mass destruction, to end their war with
    Talaxia by destroying Rynax.  Rynax was a Talaxian moon which contained a colony of 300,000 people
    which were killed in the attack.  The Cascade resulted in enormous levels of metreon radiation on the
    moon.  Rynax is now surrounded by a Metreon cloud which blocks out the sunlight to this world and
    contains metreon isotopes.  High levels of exposure to the isotopes can infect a humanoid with the
    disease known as Metremia, a fatal blood disease that causes its victims' cells to undergo fission.
    Many of the survivors of the Metreon Cascade died later after contracting Metremia.  In 2371 Dr Jetrel,
    the creator of the Metreon Cascade, died of Metremia which he contracted after working on the sites of
    the Cascade detonations.                   "Jetrel" [VOY]
    The NX-01 entered a nebula above a layer of metreon gas in order to use it to reflect their engine
    signature and create multiple sensor ghosts and false readings.
                                                                "E2" [ENT]

Muon -
    Naturally occurring. Short-lived and unstable particle similar to an electron, but with a much greater
    mass. Muons are part of the Lepton family.
    The Romulans hid a muon feedback wave inside sensor return signal of the power transfer beam which
    the Enterprise had set up to transfer power to their ship.  It didn't show up on any of the engine displays
    on Enterprise and unless someone ran a level 3 diagnostic would never be noticed.  This caused the
    particles to build up in the Enterprise's dilithium chamber.  It would have caused their engines to
    explode had they gone to warp.        "The Next Phase" [TNG]

Nadion -
    Artificially generated by crew. Berman and Okuda's  TNG_Technical_Manual  identifies "nadion"
    particles as the output produced by phasers.
    Particle pulse (rapid nadion pulse) is gauged by Data and LaForge while verifying origin of Type III
    phaser rifle, later determined to be Romulan in origin, in Main Engineering.
                                                            "The Mind's Eye" [TNG]
    In 2371 Captain Janeway used her phaser to close a a "temporal rift" artificially generated by the
    crew by creating nadion particle feedback within it.  (Torres identifies nadion particle resistance as
    the reason why the fissure is closing.)
                                                           "Time and Again" [VOY]
    Bashir suggested slowing down the progress of the Founder's disease in Odo with a series of
    nadion bursts.                                 "Extreme Measures" [DS9]
    A silver-fluid lifeform on a Demon class planet that the Starship had landed on attempted to
    engulf Voyager.  Janeway ordered Tuvok to use a nadion burst from the phaser emitters to try
    to weaken the electromagnetic properties of the fluid and force it to halt its attack on the ship.
                                                             "Demon" [VOY]

Neutrino -
    Naturally occurring / Artificially generated by crew.  Predicted in the 1930's by the physicist
    Enrico Fermi, and found in 1956.  They are a real particle with no charge, and until recently thought
    to have no mass.  Neutrinos are known for their ability to pass through large amounts of matter.
    Stars produce hundreds of billions of neutrinos per second.  Geordi used Neutrinos as a distress
    beacon.                                               "The Enemy" [TNG]
    Wesley has to calibrate a sensing device that uses them. He ignores the device, to flirt with the
    crewmember that is helping him, at which point she says, "Your neutrinos are drifting."
                                                             "The Game" [TNG]
    In 2365 the Enterprise was able to use a neutrino beam to destroy a colony of bacteria which were
    eating its hull.  They were also used to destroy the same bacteria endangering the Klingon ship with
    Riker in its crew.                             "A Matter of Honor" [TNG]
    Neutrinos are associated with the opening and closing of the Bajoran wormhole.  "Increased
    neutrino emissions" were always seen shortly before something comes through the wormhole.
                                                            All episodes [DS9]
    In 2370 Jadzia Dax found that the laws of probability on Deep Space Nine were being distorted,
    affecting the spin of the neutrinos in the station.  The owner of the bar/casino competing with Quark's
    had machines to create good or bad luck. Dax traced all the bad luck happening everywhere on the
    station by noticing that the ratio between the two types of neutrino spins was not 1:1. The other
    casino/bar had 98% of all its neutrinos going in one spin, since it had the objects which were changing
    the laws of probability.                 "Rivals" [DS9]
    The Starfleet handheld sensor units (ca.2151) can detect neutrino emissions.  The Neutrino emissions
    are taken as evidence that there could be an antimatter reactor nearby.
                                                          "Civilization" [ENT]
    Dreadnought is able to deflect its image to another location with a sensor echo, Torres tells Kim to
    look for a surge in neutrino emissions within 100,000 kilometers to find its true location.
                                                          "Dreadnought" [VOY]
    The Romulans use neutrino inverters in explosive devices; one was in the device that detonated Retaya's
    ship when it went into warp.  It caused interference noted in the telemetry of the transponder planted
    aboard the ship.                             "Improbable Cause" [DS9]
Antineutrino -
    Naturally occurring.  In real life, the antineutrino is the antimatter equivalent of the neutrino, and
    can be found as the byproduct of beta decay.
    These can be highly harmful to Federation warp cores - in 2371 after B'Elanna installed a Sikkarian
    space "folding" mechanism, the device generated antineutrino particles as a part of the process of
    its normal operation. These particles proved harmful to the Federation warp core and almost caused
    a core breach. Fortunately B'Elanna thought quickly and phasered the device out of existence before
    any serious harm was done.            "Prime Factors" [VOY]

Neutron -
    Naturally occurring. Neutrons are neutral particles which, along with protons, are constituents of
    atomic nuclei. They have a mass of approximately 1 a.u., and zero charge. Neutrons not contained
    within a nucleus are unstable, decaying with a half life of approximately 13 minutes.  Isotopes differ
    from the standard form of an element by having more or less neutrons in their nucleus, altering the
    mass of the atom but leaving its chemical properties unchanged.  In the late 2200's the Klingons
    produced a prototype Bird of Prey which could fire whilst cloaked; but the vessel gave off a surge of
    neutron radiation just before it fired a photon torpedo, but this was insufficient to render the vessel
    detectable at anything other than extreme close range.
                                                             "The Undiscovered Country" [ST6]
    Protostar neutron burst - SEE: Agosoria, Great Plume of.
                                                              "Cold Front" [ENT]
Antineutron -
    A real particle; the antimatter version of a neutron.  Antineutrons have the same mass, spin, and rate
    of decay as the normal particle. They are sometimes produced in the collisions of antiprotons with
    protons, and they possess a magnetic moment equal and opposite to that of the neutron.
    Certain configurations of gravity fields allow antineutrons to pass through whilst stopping
    antigravitons -- During the retraining of his mind, the computer prompts Spock to "adjust the sine
    wave in the gravity envelope so that antineutrons may pass but antigravitons cannot"
                                                                "Voyage Home" [ST4]

Nucleogenic particles -
    Naturally occurring. These are not actually subatomic particles but refer to dust or other particles
    in an atmosphere which attract water vapor, causing rain or other precipitation to form.
    The Ocampa homeworld's atmosphere didn't have any, which accounted for its desolate condition.
                                                           "Caretaker" [VOY]

Nucleonic particles -
    Naturally occuring / artificially generated by crew. They could refer to atomic nuclei.  (Nucleons are
    the constituent particles of atomic nuclei - protons, or neutrons).
Communications technology -
    Nucleonic particles are associated with certain forms of communications technology. In 2368 a
    Kataran probe used a nucleonic beam to penetrate the shields of the Enterprise-D, implanting
    artificial memories within Captain Picard.
                                                             "Inner Light" [TNG]
Navigational Hazard -
    When Enterprise entered a polaric field its intakes became flooded with nucleonic particles.  This
    caused injector flares and a primary injector failure.  It could have triggered a system-wide overload,
    but as it was it damaged the ship extensively which required weeks to repair.
                                                              "Similitude" [ENT]
    In 2371 Voyager detected damage to a Kazon vessel due to nucleonic particle fluctuations. The vessel
    was eventually discovered to have been catastrophically damaged when a makeshift copy of one of
    Voyager's food replicators made from stolen Federation technology exploded.
                                                              "State of Flux " [VOY]
Alien life form -
    Nucleonic particles were used to make a suture to seal up the punctured nebula creature.
                                                               "The Cloud" [VOY]

Omega particle -
    Artificially generated.  Not the same as the real life omega particle, which is a hyperon.
    Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.  It is the symbol of the most powerful substance known
The Omega Molecule     to either the Federation or the Borg.  Federation cosmologists had a theory
    that Omega once existed in nature for an infinitesimal amount of time
    at the exact moment of the Big Bang; some of them claimed that
    Omega was the primal source of energy for the explosion that began
    the universe.  Omega is a very unstable, macromolecular substance.
    A single molecule contains the energy of an entire warp core. In
    theory, a small chain of Omega molecules could feed energy to an
    entire civilization.  Both the Federation and Borg were intrigued by this fact and tried to use it
    as power source.  Omega was first synthesized in the 2270's (over a 100 years ago) by a Starfleet
    physicist named Ketteract; Ketteract managed to synthesize a single molecule particle of Omega
    but it only existed for a fraction of a second before it destabilized and destroyed the research station,
    killing 127 leading scientists, and causing subspace ruptures extending out several light years; an
    unexpected secondary effect of Omega is that it destroys subspace making it impossible to create
    a stable warp field.  For this reason warp travel is now impossible in the Lantaru sector (a sector
    is approx. 20 lightyears), (in theory, the chain reaction of involving a handful of Omega molecules
    could destroy subspace in an entire quadrant). These facts caused the Federation to create the
    'Omega Directive' which mandates that starship captains must destroy Omega immediately when
    they encounter it.  Janeway says that Omega is a threat to the entire galaxy and that only starship
    captains and federation flag officers have been briefed on this threat; the Borg discovered Omega
    229 years ago after assimilating 13 different species; It began with Species 262, they were primitive
    but their oral history referred to Omega as a powerful substance which could burn the sky; The Borg
    were intrigued which led them to Species 263 who believed that Omega was a drop of blood from
    their creator.  They followed this trail for many years before assimilating a species with useful
    scientific data.  The Borg synthesized a single Omega molecule, but it became unstable after one
    trillionth of a nanosecond (0.000000000000000000000000001 seconds),  destroying 29 Borg vessels
    and killing 600,000 drones.  The Borg stopped the experiments because there wasn't enough boronite
    ore left to synthesize another molecule.  However, Omega still symbolizes perfection to the Borg
    (Seven says that Omega is infinitely complex, yet harmonious; Janeway called it 'The holy grail of
    the Borg');  Particle 010 is the Borg designation for Omega; every drone is aware of Omega and has
    been instructed to assimilate it at all costs.  Voyager's sensors detected the Omega phenomenon
    within 1.2 light years; the instructions in the secured file ordered Janeway to implement the Omega
    Directive; Seven determined that there may have been hundreds of Omega particles within 10 light
    years of Voyager; The planetary experiment they found there in the Delta Quadrant destroyed
    300,000 square kilometers (450,000 sq. miles), but the Omega molecules  remained stable, which
    was a breakthrough in Omega-physics. The aliens used a harmonic field of 1.67 terahertz (equivalent
    to Omega's atomic resonance), which forced the Omega molecules to remain stable. The aliens
    stabilized 200 million Omega molecules - in theory, enough to destroy subspace in the entire galaxy;
    the Omega molecules were transported to the Cargo Bay; Seven neutralized some of the molecules;
    Omega began to stabilize right before Voyager jettisoned the harmonic chamber; the remaining Omega
    molecules were destroyed by a specially modified high-yield gravimetric torpedo.
                                                               "The Omega Directive" [VOY]
Harmonic resonance chamber - Containment device designed by the Borg to hold and stabilize an
    Omega molecule.  In 2374, on stardate 51781, Seven of Nine constructed a harmonic resonance chamber
    to contain the Omega molecules created in the Delta Quadrant by Dr. Allos.  She modified the chamber
    to emit an inverse frequency that will dissolve Omega's interatomic bonds; Janeway tells Seven to
    increase the harmonic resonance of the chamber so that the molecules will be neutralized more quickly;
    Chakotay decompresses the Cargo Bay so that the harmonic chamber is jettisoned into space.
                                                                "The Omega Directive" [VOY]

Omicron particles -
    Naturally occurring / Artificially generated by aliens.
    Omicron particles are associated with some forms of holographic technology.  Emitted by holographic
    generator.  The projections/people were "made of" them.
                                                              "Shadow Play" [DS9]
    A possible alternative power source for Federation starships, omicron particles were detected in 2371
    within a nebula by the crew of Voyager. The particles turned out to be part of the circulatory system
    of the nebula, which was a living being.
                                                              "The Cloud" [VOY]
    Chakotay was conducting a survey mission to a planet with a high concentration of omicron particles
    in the atmosphere when his shuttle came under attack.
                                                             "Nemesis" [VOY]
    Dr. Phlox discovered that the intramolecular processors of Borg nanoprobes are vulnerable to
    omicron radiation.                             "Regeneration" [ENT]

Photon -
    A quantum of electromagnetic radiation. The wave and particle behaviour displayed by photons led to
    the development of quantum theory on Earth.  They are the particles that carry electromagnetic energy.
    Forms of electromagnetic energy are arranged in a spectrum - from low energy to high energy, they are:
    ELF radiation (Extreme Low Frequency)........
    Visible light.....................................................
    Ultraviolet radiation.........................................
    and Gamma radiation......................................
    Often when people speak of photons, they are only talking about the visible light range, but in actuality
    it can refer to any part of the whole electromagnetic spectrum.
    Voyager sets off 3 photon bursts so that it will look like 3 new stars have appeared in the Eastern
    sky of Takar.                                     "False Profits" [VOY]
Weapons -
Photon grenade - If the temporal core of the time-ship is offline, the ship's shields are incredibly weak
    and a photon-grenade could penetrate the hull.
                                                              "Year of Hell, part 2" [VOY]
    The protesters that storm the Museum of Kyrian Heritage are using photon grenades.
                                                              "Living Witness" [VOY]
Photon torpedoes -

Photonic energy -
    This appears to be a bound form of light that exists in a self-sustaining matrix, and so, can usually
    be controlled.  Photonic energy finds uses in holo-matrices, weapons, and other tech, and even some
    life-forms are composed of it.
Weapons -
    Seven is able to modify an explosive device to emit a photonic burst; this burst will be harmless to
    organic tissue but should disrupt all holo-activity within 20 meters.
                                                             "The Killing Game, part 2" [VOY]
    Renegade Jem'hadar steal a Photonic amplifier.
                                                            "To the Death" [DS9]
    Voyager's EMH daydreams about inventing a photonic cannon which can destroy a borg sphere;  When Hierarchy
    assault ships threaten Voyager the EMH claims it is impervious to sensors so they can not scan for it.
                                                           "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" [VOY]
    Photonic energy beings attack from subspace using photonic charges.
                                                           "Bride of Chaotica!" [VOY]
    Paris tests a Photonic pulse weapon for possible use in defending against the Hirogen.  Later, Kovin
    used a photon pulse to cause Voyager's sensors to go offline.
                                                              "Retrospect" [VOY]
Lifeforms -
    Holograms are sometimes considered to be photonic lifeforms, particularly if they are proved to be
    sentient.  Minute quantities of photonic energy escaped from the containment field when it was
    beamed aboard Voyager.  This energy finds its way into the holodeck and other ship's systems.
    Voyager discovers that this energy was really a lifeform.  The photonic energy life forms are trying
    to return to the photonic lattice near the protostar they were beamed away from.
                                                             "Heroes and Demons" [VOY]

Polaric ion / Polaron -
    Artificially generated.
    Polarons exist in the real world - In condensed matter physics, a polaron is a type of mobile crystal defect
    consisting of an electron coupled to an induced lattice polarization.  However, in Star Trek, it would appear
    that Polaron is short for Polaric Ion - completely different from the real world polaron.  It would appear that
    the term 'Polaric ion'  is used more often in the context of high-density (or high-energy) polarons even though the
    two terms seem interchangeable.  Even if they are not the same particle there is clearly some relationship
    between the two (In "Favorite Son" [VOY] the presence of a polaron grid is said to increase polaric density).
A Navigation Hazard -
    When Enterprise entered "some kind of polaric field" (of unknown composition, 11,000km wide)  its
    intake manifolds were flooded with nucleonic particles causing injector flares and a primary injector
    failure.  It could have resulted in a system-wide overload.  As it was, it severely damaged the ship such
    that it could take weeks to repair.       "Similitude" [ENT]
Used as a Power generation system -
    Used as a very unstable power generation system - so unstable in fact that a Polaric Test Ban Treaty was signed with
    the Romulans to prohibit experiments with polaric ions.  The treaty was established after a Romulan research colony
    was nearly destroyed on Chaltok 4 during the testing of a polaric ion device.
    Voyager discovered a planet that was powered by this type of energy; the planet seemed to have been destroyed by
    a massive polaric detonation, which killed all life and vegetation on the planet's surface.  The chain reaction in subspace
    that destroyed the planet was very likely ignited by the detonation of one or more polaric ion devices.  When Janeway
    and Paris become trapped in one of the many subspace fractures on the planet the Voyager crew tries to use a polaric
    generator to rescue them; the generator used polaric energy to open the fractures but it burns itself out after 30 seconds.
                                                             "Time and Again" [VOY]
    Paris uses a spare polaric modulator from Voyager's impulse drive to act as a carburetor on Steth's ship.
                                                            "Vis A Vis" [VOY]
Used for Scanning and to Detect camouflaged vessels -
    Kim had been running a polaron scan with a scanning beam sweeping a radius of a quarter million kilometers when
    he first intersected the time stream.  When the time stream was scanned with polarons, it partially caused a distortion
    of the space-time continuum.              "Non Sequitur" [VOY]
    Tuvok uses a polaron burst in order to get visual contact with the ship that Paris suspects is in low orbit around the
    planet;  the polaron burst reveals that the ship is Kazon.
                                                             "State of Flux" [VOY]
    The Borg use polaron beams for scanning.  The Swarm also use polaron beams, they use them to set the shielding of
    a ship at a rotating modulation, which makes the ship easier to detect.  One of the Swarm that was attached to Chardis'
    ship, hit Voyager with some kind of polaron burst which changed Voyager's shield polarity so that they could be
    detected by the rest of the Swarm.     "The Swarm" [VOY]
    Seska sent out polaron pulses so that they could locate Chakotay's shuttle.
                                                             "Maneuvers" [VOY]
Used to Hide vessels -
    Kira used a polaron field to mask the engine emissions of the runabout she took from DS9.
               "The Darkness and the Light" [DS9]
Communication -
    The Swarm use polaron beams as some kind of lattice, connecting each of their ships with one another.
                                                              "The Swarm" [VOY]
    Seven and Tuvok emit a polaron pulse from the shuttle in order to prevent further degradation of the signal from the
    relay station.                                       "Hunters" [VOY]
Associated with Translocation device -
    Torres detected a buildup of polaron particles a few seconds before a member of the crew disappeared. The
    particles were caused by the Nyrian translocation device.
                                                              "Displaced" [VOY]
Used as a Weapon -
    Polaron radiation is fatal to anyone exposed more than once. Starfleet Science believed that it would destabilize
    Changeling physiology, causing them to revert to their gelatinous state.
              "Apocalypse Rising" [DS9]
    Four 'modified' polaron emitters were supplied to Capt. Sisko and his strike force for use while infiltrating Klingon
    Military Headquarters at T'Gykor to expose the Dominion changeling believed to be masquerading as a senior official
    in the Klingon government (i.e., Chancellor Gowron). When activated in concert, the emitters would cover
    13000 cubic meters and would force a changeling to revert to a gelatinous state. A changeling impersonating General
    Martok was later discovered to be the actual Dominion operative.
                                                             "Armageddon Game" [DS9]
    In the sport known as Tsunkatse, polaron disruptors are used which deliver a bio-plasmic charge when they come in
    contact with one's opponent's target sensors.
                                                             "Tsunkatse" [VOY]
    Voyager detects a high-density polaron grid surrounding the planet Taresia when they return from their negotiations
    with the Nasari; a network of satellites has been activated in order to maintain the grid; the polaric density is too high
    for Voyager to get through.                "Favorite Son" [VOY]
    Voyager sends out a high energy polaron pulse to disable Braxton's subatomic disrupter weapon; the pulse knocked
    his navigational system off course.      "Future's End, part 1" [VOY]
Phased Polaron -
    A phased polaron beam was used by the Jem'Hadar to penetrate the shields of the USS Odyssey.
                                                             "The Jem'Hadar" [DS9]

Positron -
    Naturally occurring.  Positrons are the real antimatter version of an electron, one of the particles which make
    up atoms.  They are subatomic particles virtually identical to normal electrons, but with opposite
    electromagnetic properties.  An electron has a negative charge, and positron has a positive charge.
    Positrons were the first known particles of actual antimatter to be observed in the laboratory.
    When normal scans prove ineffective against the alien probe, Geordi tells Barclay to "try a positron scan."
                                                             "The Nth Degree" [TNG]
    Ensign Tuvok proposes that if they modify a positron beam to a subspace frequency, so that it will trigger a
    thermochemical reaction in the sirillium.
                                                             "Flashback" [VOY]
Positronic Technology -
    It is unknown whether the term "positronic" actually means that the circuitry really contains or
    uses positrons in a unique way.   The term was originally used in the context of a robot's brain by
    the 20th century science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, who (according to his essay, "Cybernetic
    Organism") used it because the then newly-discovered positron was similar to an electron, but
    "positronic" sounded more exotic than "electronic."
    The away team mentions that Dr. Soong wanted to make Asimov's dream of a positronic brain
    a reality.  Lore later confirms that this is the nature of his brain and Data's.
                                                                "Datalore" [TNG]
    A significant advance in submicron matrix transfer technology was introduced at a cybernetics conference in 2366,
    permitting Data to program a new positronic brain, which he used as the basis for his construction of his daughter,
    Lal.                                                      "The Offspring" [TNG]
    The technology is not yet widespread, but positronic systems can be used to keep the brain of an injured person
    functioning.  Bashir was forced to replace the left half of Bareil's brain with a positronic implant; when the other half
    as well proved irreversibly damaged, Bashir refused to replace it too.
                                                               "Life Support" [DS9]

Protomatter -
    Origin unknown. An unstable form of matter used by David Marcus as a short cut in the construction of the Genesis
    Device.  Because of the instability of protomatter, the Genesis Planet began to age geologically at an accelerated rate.
    The resurrected Spock-child also began to age very rapidly, allowing Spock to regain his katra at about the same
    age as he was when he "died".            "The Wrath of Khan" [ST2]; "The Search for Spock" [ST3]
    Protomatter was a substance Seyetik used in the probe from USS Lexington to reignite the dead star, Epsilon 119.
                                                              "Second Sight" [DS9]
    Protomatter is used in a high-yield  implosive device which leaves little trace evidence.  It was used to destroy the
    Bok'Nor.                                           "Maquis, part 1" [DS9]
    A bomb containing trilithium, tekasite, and protomatter was intended to be used by the Bashir Changeling to destroy
    the Bajoran sun.                                 "By Inferno's Light" [DS9]
    Voyager detected a class 1 nebula with traces of proto-matter inside.  Neelix says that it is one of best energy sources
    in the Quadrant and one of the most sought after commodities. As he has the experience Chakotay invites him along
    on an away mission in a shuttle to collect a sample of proto-matter.   The proto-matter sample that they collect
    destabilizes before they get it back to Voyager.  Torres finds a small phase variance in the transporter log that is
    responsible for igniting the proto-matter; she remodulates the transporter beam in order to compensate for this variance.
                                                                "Mortal Coil" [VOY]

Proton -
    Naturally occurring. Baryon with a virtually infinite life span.  Along with neutrons, protons make up the nuclei
    of atoms, and are present in all atomic nuclei.
Used to Control Antimatter Leak -
    Torres wants to infuse the warp core with repeated proton bursts in order to stop the leak of antimatter -- Voyager is
    being rocked by proton bursts but they don't know where they are coming from since Torres never even started the
    procedure; the bursts seem to be originating from with in the ship; the bursts are weakening the structural integrity of
    the hull; Janeway of the duplicate Voyager stops the proton bursts when she learns that they are damaging Voyager.
                                                              "Deadlock" [VOY]
A Danger to the Ship -
    When Q(uinn) is trying to hide from Q, he reduces Voyager down to subatomic size and sent the ship back in time,
    not long after the Big Bang, where it is attacked by protons.  Capt. Janeway suggested emitting negative ions to help
    repel the protons.  Since opposite charges attract, this would appear to have been the wrong course of action.
    She should have had them emit positive ions to repel the protons.
                                                             "Death Wish" [VOY]
    Kim says that he has detected random proton bursts from the binary pulsars and that a strong burst could knock out
    one of Voyager's shields; Voyager circles the pulsars at a distance of 90 million kilometers in order to avoid the bursts.
                                                             "Scientific Method" [VOY]
Use as a Weapon -
    One of the things that the Kazon Ogla use on Tarok in their training exercises is a Proton beam.
                                                             "Initiations" [VOY]
    Kellin works with Seven and Kim to develop a defense against the Ramuran's proton weapons; Kim says that the
    proton-based particle beam is very tightly focused and is like being hit with thousands of needles; it can penetrate
    any shield even if the modulations are changed; Kellin says that the trick is to scatter the beams a little to make it
    harder to penetrate the shields.          "Unforgettable" [VOY]
Antiproton -
    Naturally occurring /Artificially generated; In real life, it is the antimatter version of a proton.
    The Enterprise-D tracked the Crystalline entity by detecting gamma radiation from antiproton decay.  Its not really
    likely that they were using antiproton decay to track the entity, since antiprotons, if they decay at all, have an
    extremely long half-life.  Perhaps they meant to say they were tracking the gamma radiation from when the
    antiprotons annihilated normal matter.
                                                              "Silicon Avatar" [TNG]
Used in scanning systems -  .
    Antiprotons are used by Jem'Hadar to detect the cloaked Defiant.
                                                                "The Search, part 1" [DS9]
    And again by the Cardassians to detect the cloaked Defiant. It would seem to be standard practice for the Dominion
    to use antiproton beams to penetrate cloaking devices.
                                                                "Defiant" [DS9]
    The navigational deflector of the Enterprise-E normally stores a large number of antiprotons.
                                                               "First Contact" [ST8]
Used in a Weapon -
    In 2267 the Enterprise fought an alien war machine which fired a beam of absolutely pure antiprotons capable of
    cutting through an entire planet.  Comm. Decker called the Doomsday Machine's weapon an antiproton beam -
    "absolutely pure!"                                 "The Doomsday Machine" [TOS]
    Enterprise D used it to determine who destroyed the smuggler's ship and detected antiprotons as a residual trace of
    Romulan disruptor fire in 2369.          "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]
Medical Uses -
    Voyager's EMH used antiprotons to slow down the mutation of Lt. Paris' DNA and to cure Paris of the genetic
    mutations which occurred after his Warp 10 flight.
                                                               "Threshold" [VOY]

Pyritic -
    The cover story that Dr. Fer'at used to examine Archer was that the Vulcan research team had detected
    traces of pyritic radiation in the Xindi probe-weapon debris.  Supposedly Starfleet didn't catch it because
    Vulcan technology was more advanced than theirs.  Anyone who got close to the wreckage needed to
    be treated, and Dr. Fer'at was there to determine the extent of their exposure.  The examination shouldn't
    have taken long.  Some of the symptoms he mentioned were nausea, dizziness, and numbness in the
    extremities.                                           "The Expanse" [ENT]

Quark -

Radiogenic -
    Voyager encounters a T class gas giant.  One of its orbital rings is radiogenic.  They collected radiogenic
    particles from the ring to use in reinitializing the Delta flyer's warp core.  A phaser volley was enough
    to set off a chain reaction in the radiogenic particles allowing the flyer to escape.
                                                                  "Good Shepard" [VOY]

Tachyon -
    Naturally occurring / Artificially generated by crew. (Postulated by some real physics theories.)
    Refers to a class of particles which travel at greater than the speed of light (FTL).
Used to detect cloaked ships (in particular, to penetrate Romulan cloaks) -
    Geordi LaForge devised a technique using a network of active tachyon beams to detect cloaked Romulan ships passing
    through the net.  It is called a Tachyon detection grid.  The grid required about 20 starships in order to be tactically
    effective, and was successfully used in 2368 to detect a convoy of Romulan ships passing through the Neutral Zone
    on a covert mission to supply the Duras family forces in the Klingon civil war.
                                                              "Redemption, part 2" [TNG]
    When told by a disguised Troi to cross the Neutral Zone, Commander Toreth opposed her by speculating that the
    Federation may have set up a tachyon net to detect Romulan ships crossing the neutral zone.
                                                             "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]
    When set up at a location in space, a tachyon net gives warning of the approach of cloaked ships.
                                                             "Apocalypse Rising" [DS9]
    Tachyon scanners are used by the Dominion to detect cloaked ships.
                                                            "Once More Unto the Breach" [DS9]
    When Tuvok becomes confused about what time period he is in, he suggests that Voyager conduct a tachyon sweep
    of the nebula since this would reveal the presence of cloaked Klingon ships.
                                                              "Flashback" [VOY]
    The sensor net uses a series of interlaced tachyon beams; Voyager is able to adjust their shields to refract the beams
    around the ship so that they can get past the net without disrupting it.  The shuttle wasn't able to detect the alien ship
    since they had crossed into a tachyon field.
                                                             "The Swarm" [VOY]
Used as a Weapon -
    Torres says that if they can provoke Dreadnought to fire its thoron shock emitter at full power, it may destabilize its
    reactor core for 30 seconds and a single sustained tachyon beam might penetrate the core and destroy it.
                                                             "Dreadnought" [VOY]
    Chakotay and Janeway use a tachyon burst to try to disperse the temporal field; this seems to succeed when the
    Vidiian ships disappear.                      "Coda" [VOY]
FTL travel -
    A tachyon eddy in the Denorios Belt damaged Sisko's lightsail ship, the Baraka, knocking it off course and propelling
    it into warp.  It ended up in the Cardassian system.  These naturally occurring tachyon eddies are believed to have
    assisted ancient Bajoran lightsail vessels in crossing interstellar distances, and are presumably how the ancient Bajorans
    had gotten as far as Cardassia 800 years ago.
                                                              "Explorers" [DS9]
Used in Transwarp -
    Seven set up the parameters for the tachyon burst that they'll need to create a transwarp conduit.
                                                              "Day of Honor" [VOY]
Indication of Temporal anomalies or Time travel -
    Paris detects tachyon emissions coming from a truck leaving Chronowerx and believes that Starling is moving the
    timeship; they discover that a temporal transponder was set to give off the tachyon emissions and that the timeship
    is not really in the truck.                     "Future's End, Part 2" [VOY]
    To Archer, Silik claims he's detected "tachyon radiation", and because the NX-01 has no systems that emit it, he
    knows another temporal agent must be present.
                                                             "Cold Front" [ENT]
    After noticing a temporal signature from the Borg sphere, high concentrations of tachyons as well as
    chronometric particles indicated that they were trying to create a temporal vortex to travel backward
    in time.                                             "First Contact" [ST8]
Used to scan space-time anomalies -
    Carey sends out a tachyon signal to try to scan the quantum singularity, but all he gets back is static.
                                                             "Parallax" [VOY]
Inverse Tachyon -
    An "inverse tachyon beam" was used to probe a space-time anomaly, and ultimately resulted in its creation.
    Inverse tachyon beams can have a harmful effect on the space time continuum.
                                                          "All Good Things" [TNG]
Beta Tachyon (used to enter Q continuum) -
    Miss Q tells Torres to remodulate the shields to emit a beta tachyon pulse.
                                                          "The Q and the Grey" [VOY]

Terracon -
    Artificially generated. Nature unknown.  Terracon particles are used by archaeologists, as their decay
    profiles can allow the authenticity of ancient artifacts to be determined.
    Whilst searching through the stolen artifacts, Captain Picard used the decay profile of terracon particles
    in the pieces to search for the Stone of Gol.
                                                                "Gambit" [TNG]

Teryon (alt. spelling: Terrion) -
    Artificially generated.
    Particle used in some weapon systems. Captain Jean-Luc Picard was badly wounded by a compressed
    Teryon beam in 2369, almost killing him.
                                                              "Tapestry" [TNG]

Tetryon (alt. spelling: Tetrion) -
    Artificially generated.  They appear to be the main mediating particles of subspace interactions with
    normal space.  They can exist only in subspace, and become unstable in normal space.
Connection to Subspace -
     In 2369 Tetryons were discovered on board the Enterprise-D, helping to prove that an alien race living within a
    subspace domain was abducting members of the crew.
                                                           "Schisms" [TNG]
Used in Cloaking devices -
    Sisko told the Romulan delegation that they had traced the tetryon emissions from an orbiting Warbird poised to attack
    the station.                                      "Visionary" [DS9]
    High concentrations of them heralded the approach of the cloaked Romulan/Cardassian fleet to the wormhole.
                                                          "The Die is Cast" [DS9]
    A tetryon compositor is a component of the Defiant's cloaking device, sabotaged by Eddington on
    Admiral Toddman's orders.            "The Die is Cast" [DS9]
Medical -
    As far as Bashir could tell, the baby Changeling had been subjected to a massive amount of tetryon radiation.
                                                            "The Begotten" [DS9]
Tetryon reactor -
    (nacene): caretaker's array: (powers) - epsilon radiation: (produces)
                                                            "The Voyager Conspiracy" [VOY]
Used in/against Propulsion systems -
    The runabout Yellowstone that Kim and Lasca are working on has tetryon plasma  warp nacelles; tetryon plasma tends
    to disrupt subspace; Kim and Paris vent the tetryon plasma from the Yellowstone in order stall the engines of the starship
    chasing them.                                     "Non Sequitor" [VOY]
Used in/against Weapon systems -
    Jo'Brill had been exposed to a tetryon field just before his "death" in the metaphasic shielded shuttle.
                                                             "Suspicions" [TNG]
    Klingon disruptor banks were modulated to emit tetryon particles and deactivate the Albino's phasers.
                                                            "Blood Oath" [DS9]
    When tetryon based weapons are fired at an anti-matter pocket, it produces an electrolytic reaction.
                                                             "Bliss" [VOY]
    Kim detects a tetryon surge coming from the Nasari ships and fires on the ship since he believes that the ship is about
    to attack Voyager; Janeway sees that Kim's instincts were right since the tetryon surge matches the energy signature
    of the beam that the Nasari ship shot at Voyager.
                                                             "Favorite Son" [VOY]
Coherent Tetryon -
    Coherent Tetryon beams were used by the Caretaker to scan over galactic distances.  He used one to
    scan Voyager before taking it to the Delta quadrant.
                                                             "Caretaker" [VOY]

Thermionic radiation - The planet where Seven finds the deuteerium has a toxic atmosphere filled
    with thermionic-radiation.                "Demon" [VOY]

Theta (band) radiation -
    Theta band emissions are subspace carrier waves often associated with background subspace radiation.  In 2369,
    Starfleet Intelligence was led to believe that the Cardassians were utilizing theta-band emissions as a delivery system
    for a powerful mutagenic weapon.  Captain Picard, who had conducted extensive tests on theta-band emissions
    while in command of Stargazer, was the only active Starfleet officer familiar with those systems.
                                                             "Chain of Command, part 1" [TNG]

Thoron -
    Naturally occurring.  In real life, thorons are another name for (radioactive) radon-220 atoms, released
    by the radioactive decay of thorium.
    Elevated thoron emissions accompanied the appearance of aliens in the Denorios Belt.  Dax guessed
    that this might indicate the presence of a subspace rupture.
                                                              "If Wishes Were Horses" [DS9]
    Chakotay says that the thoron radiation levels of the shrine are off the scale.
                                                              "Sacred Ground" [VOY]
Blocks Sensor Scans -
    A thoron field was used by the crew of DS9 as a shield against Cardassian sensors scans to hide the
    true strength of the station.               "The Emissary" [DS9]
    Suder used the Doctor's portable thoron generator to neutralize the Kazon tricorder's sensors so they
    will be unable to detect his presence on board.  It shows up as a thoron particle leak.  The Doctor told
    Seska that his thoron-generator was damaged on a recent away mission and left behind.  Seska says that
    using a thoron generator to block sensor scans is an old Maquis trick.
                                                             "Basics, Part 2" [VOY]
Medical Uses -
    The Doctor uses a portable thoron generator to treat radiation burns.
                                                              "Basics, Part 2" [VOY]
    The Doctor tries to break the mind meld by exposing Tuvok to thoron radiation; the radiation causes
    a hidden viral parasite to manifest itself; he increases the radiation level and is able to destroy the parasite.
                                                                "Flashback" [VOY]
Thoron-based weapons -
    According to Kovin most hand-held weapons, including the particle-beam rifle, are thoron based;
    Seven says that thorons can be unstable in a weapon.
                                                                "Retrospect" [VOY]
    (Ilari) Demmas says that if he could get anywhere near Tiernan, he would use a thoron rifle  rather than
    the synaptic-stimulator to be absolutely sure that Tiernan would be dead.
                                                               "Warlord" [VOY]
    Dreadnought attacks Torres with a thoron shock emitter (likely to be a Cardassian weapon since
    Dreadnought is originally of Cardassian manufacture).
                                                                "Dreadnought" [VOY]

Vertion (alt. spelling: Verdion) -
    Naturally occurring.  Generated in the cores or surfaces of White Dwarfs.  (In real life there's no such thing as a
    "white dwarf".)
     Made Living Organisms. Was needed for the Enterprise to 'grow'.
                                                                "Emergence" [TNG]
     They used a wash of Vertion particles to hide the Pegasus from a Romulan ship.
                                                                "The Pegasus" [TNG]

Verteron -
    Artificially generated. (not the same as 'vertion')
    Verterons are highly damaging to subspace equipment; in 2369 several ships including the Enterprise-D
    were disabled by a Verteron pulse from a generator disguised as a buoy.  The pulses were deliberately
    caused by a pair of scientists anxious to prove that warp drive was damaging the fabric of space-time.
                                                           "Force of Nature" [TNG]
    The presence of Verterons threatened to destroy the proto-universe.
                                                          "Playing God" [DS9]
    Keiko explained to her class that the Bajoran wormhole is made out of Verterons before Vedek Winn
    came in to complain about the absence of "creationist" theory in the classroom.
                                                             "In The Hands of the Prophets" [DS9]
    Captain Janeway pointed out that because there were "...verteron emanations, and tunneling secondary
    particles.  That the phenomenon they were studying "certainly looks like a wormhole..."
                                                             "Eye of the Needle" [VOY]
    There was a verteron array on Mars used to deflect comets and asteroids.
                                                              "Demons" [ENT]

Warp particle -
    Artificially generated by crew.  Any of several particles emitted by an active warp drive. Warp particles
    can leave a detectable and unique signature behind, even enabling specific vessels to be identified.
    They were used to find evidence of Voyager's path in the singularity.
                                                             "Parallax" [VOY]

Z particle -
    Artificially generated; also a real type of particle.  Z particles are one of the carriers of the weak
    nuclear force.  Today's understanding puts particles into two basic categories, matter and exchange-
    particles. Exchange particles are thrown kind of like frisbees between matter particles as the generators
    of the forces. Photons mediate the electromagnetic force, gluons mediate the strong force, the graviton
    is proposed (not observed) to mediate the gravitational force. The weak force is mediated by the
    W+, W-, and Z particles.
    Z-particles are emitted by vessels, especially those using relatively poor versions of cloaking technology.
    A scientist on the Ventax II space station detected Z-particle emissions which were then used to
    determine the location of Ardra's vessel in orbit around Ventax III by the crew of the Enterprise-D.
                                                              "Devil's Due" [TNG]
    Z particles can mess up sensor and/or visual records.  LaForge initiated a scan for "Z-Particle emissions"
    on the video recording of the Tarchannen III mission.
                                                               "Identity Crisis" [TNG]


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