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Raakin - Leader of the Augments.  He was killed by Malik.
                                                                "Borderland" [ENT]

Radiolytic - Several weeks after Archer is infected with temporal parasites, a breakfast-briefing with
    T'Pol and Tucker is held.  They report finding a "garbage scow" with the same "radiolytic signature"
    as the kemocite transport.                 "Twilight" [ENT], "The Shipment" [ENT]
    Enterprise encountered a neutronic storm that was saturated with radiolytic isotopes.  Exposure
    would have killed the crew within 3 minutes.  Luckily they were able to take refuge in the catwalk
    which was shielded by an allow with an adequate absorption depth of 20,000 particles per micron.
                                                               "The Catwalk" [ENT]

Raijin - An alien woman with the inate ability to perform bioscans.  She was planted on board the
    Enterprise by the Reptillian species of Xindi to collect information for their planned bioweapon.
    She claims her homeworld is Oran'taku although she says she does not remember it.
                                                                "Raijin" [ENT]

Ramira - One of the volunteers that Reed chose to go on the mission to destroy the Xindi weapon.
                                                                "Countdown" [ENT]

Ramirez - Captain of the Intrepid.         "The Expanse" [ENT]

Rank - Enterprise uses a system of pips - rectangular gold metal bars on the right side of the chest -
    to designate rank as follows:
                         4 pips - Captain (Archer)
                         3 pips - Commander (Tucker)
                         2 pips - Lieutenant  (Reed)
                         1 pip  - Ensign (Mayweather & Sato)

Raptor class ship - A  Klingon  ship.
                                                            "Sleeping Dogs" [ENT]

Ration Packs - The landing party took 1 week's supplly of ration packs with them when they went
    to look for the Denobulan geologists.  SEE: Rock Climbing Gear.
                                                            "The Breach" [ENT]
    Starfleet ration packs, which look like foil pouches, was one of the things taken from Enterprise by the
    Osaarians.  They were found by Reed inside the Osaarian base they set up inside a Sphere.
                                                             "Anomaly" [ENT]

Ravis (Rudolf Martin) - Alien male which Hoshi met while vacationing on Risa.  She tries unsuccessfully
    to learn his extremely complex native language.  They spend some time together enjoying the exotic
    steam pools and wake up in bed together.
                                                            "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]

Razar - MACO.  male.  His nametag says Razar.  Stands guard in cargo bay.
Razar                                        "Strategem" [ENT]

RCS - Abbreviation for "Reaction Control System".

RCS Inverter - When they took a shuttle through the cloaking barrier of a sphere, the RCS Inverter
    malfunctioned and had to be shut down.
                                                              "The Council" [ENT]

Reactor - One way to trigger a subspace implosion, T'Pol says, is to overload three "plasma injectors,"
    (there are five in the port compartment) thereby triggering a "feedback pulse" through the reactor.
                                                            "Twilight" [ENT]
    SEE: Antimatter Reactor, Warp Reactor.

Reactor Casing - Sato received a distress call from one of the ships leaving Xantoras: their reactor
    casings had ruptured and several compartments were flooding with radiation.  After being rescued,
    the treatments for the injured included: a hemostatic scan to check for internal bleeding; another
    patient was given dermoline gel and 2cc of inaprovaline for the pain; and an Antaran was put in the
    imaging chamber where it was determined that he needed a regime of intracellular regeneration to
    repair the damage caused by the heavy dose of radiation he received.
                                                            "The Breach" [ENT]

Ready Room -  SEE: Captain's Ready Room.

Reconfigured space - Transdimensional disturbances reconfigure space.
                                                              "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]

Redundant Memory Core - The Enterprise has a redundant memory core from which deleted files can
    sometimes be retrieved.                    "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Reed, Madeline (Paula Malcomson) - Malcolm's sister.  She made the interesting observation
Madeline Reed     that Malcolm's a hard person to get to know.  Malcolm once told her
    that he "loved to eat octopus, especially the suction cups",
    but it is likely he was just joking.
                                                           "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Reed, Malcom (Dominic Keeting) - SEE:  Reed

Reed, Mary (Jane Carr) - Malcolm's mother.
                                                            "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Reed, Stuart (Gary Siner) - Malcolm's father.
                                                            "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Refit - The Enterprise underwent a refit before going on its mission to the Expanse.
                                                             "The Expanse" [ENT]
    It underwent another refit after getting home.
                                                              "Home" [ENT]

Regulan Bloodworms - Soft and shapeless creatures that thee Klingon Korax, mentioned as an
    insult to several of the Enterprise (NCC-1701) crew on Deep Space Station K-7 in 2267.
                                                            "The Trouble with Tribbles" [TOS]
    Dr. Phlox keeps some in a canister in his sickbay.  They are found on Regula, and are excellent at
    filtering toxins., but they should be fresh.
                                                           "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]
    Phlox had been using Regulan Blood Worms, much to Reed's disgust, to help heal Reed's leg after
    it was damaged by the Romulan mine.  The last one got lost, but "it will eventually come out on its
    own."                                              "Dead Stop" [ENT]
    A Regulan Blood Worm was used on Degra as part of a ruse to make him believe that he was subjected
    to torture in an Insectoid prison.    "Strategem" [ENT]

Regulations, Starfleet - The captain's always a part of first--contact missions.
                                                            "Exile" [ENT]

Relay - If the relays on C deck get too cold they will start cutting out.
                                                            "Unexpected" [ENT]
    Reed used a microspanner to align relays.  Lt. Talas, an Andorian tactical officer, temporarily
    assigned to aide in the repairs, brought some equipment that could align the relays much more
    precisely.                                        "Proving Ground" [ENT]
    SEE Also: Power RelaysPlasma Relays.

Repair station - Mayweather had some neural implants pput into him by the alien repair station.
                                                            "Singularity" [ENT]

Reprimand - A reprimand will disqualify a person from serving on an active Starfleet vessel.
                                                            "Broken Bow" [ENT]

"Resequenced" Photons - Method used by the Xyrillians to creaate holographic images.
    SEE:  Xyrillian Culture, Holography

Resequencer - SEE: Protein Resequencer.

Restricter Coils - Damage from an anomaly included the rrestricter coils being "completely fried" as
    Tucker put it.                                    "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Retina - The Suliban that Phlox examined had compound retinas.
                                                                "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    Rajiin had a very complex retina.        "Rajiin" [ENT]

Rhodes, Alison (Carly Thomas) - female crewman.
                                                                 "Vanishing Point" [ENT]

Riaan - SEE: Akaali individuals, Riaan.

Richards (Paul Sklar) - male.  MACO.  One of the six MACO on the rescue team.  He's the first MACO
Richards     to drop down from a line, and is visible on the stairs when Archer agrees to free
    the Xindi.
                    "The Xindi" [ENT]
    Has an actual line - "He's dead, sir"
                    "Rajiin" [ENT]
    Shot by Triannon hijacker.
                    "Chosen Realm" [ENT]
    Part of Maj. Hayes' class; spars with T'Pol (and gives her a good walloping);
    He is injured (again) by an explosion in Engineering.
                    "Harbinger" [ENT]
    Part of Archer's boarding party.  His nametag is visible and his initial is either R
    or B.                                            "Damage" [ENT]
    Member of Haye's rescue team on the Xindi-Reptilian ship.
                    "Countdown" [ENT]
    He helps repel the extra-dimensional alien boarders.  Is seen being hit by an energy discharge.
                    "Zero Hour" [ENT]

Rigel System - SEE:  Rigellians

Rigellian Fever - SEE:  Rigellian Fever

River rafting - A recreational activity that was suggested when Enterprise found a planet that had a
    gorge five times deeper than the Grand Canyon.
                                                                "The Catwalk" [ENT]

Rivers (Seth MacFarlane) - Ensign.         "Affliction" [ENT]

Robinson, A. G. - One of  four test pilots for thee NX Test Program to break warp 2.
    See Also: Archer, Duval, Gardner.
    He beat out Archer for the chance to pilot the first warp 2 ship (the NX-Alpha).  He died while
    climbing  Mt. McKinley.                 "First Flight" [ENT]

Rochelle - An old girlfriend of Malcom's.  When he thought he was going to die he composed a letter for her.
                                                             "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]

Rock Climbing Gear - The landing party sent in to retreivee Denobulans had to prepare for rock
    climbing.  They were clad in taupe jumpsuits with blue zippers, and flexible climbing shoes, but no
    helmets or goggles.   Gooseneck lamps are mounted on their hardshell backpacks and hanging over
    their left shoulders  (they have had to be manually adjusted?).
    They also had the following equipment: "pitons", bandoliers of carabiners jangling from it, 500 m of
    "flex-cable", handheld scanners, 1 week of "ration packs", and "waste disposal units" ("we take out
    everything we bring in," explains Travis seriously, to Trip's look of disgust).
                                                               "The Breach" [ENT]

Rogue Planet - One that has broken out of its orbit, and so is not near a sun.  SEE:  DaKala  .
                                                             "Rogue Planet" [ENT]

Romero (Marco Sanchez) - MACO Corporal.  male.
Corporal Romero                          "The Xindi" [ENT]

Rossi (Alexander Chance) - male crewman.  "The Crossing" [ENT]

Rostov, Michael (Joseph Will) - crewman  "Vox Sola" [ENT]
Rostov    Also appeared in: "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]

Ruby - A waitress which both Reed and Tucker knew.
                                                             "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]

Ryan - MACO Corporal.  male.  Sniper, referred to by name.
Corporal Ryan    One of the six men assigned to the rescue team.
                                       "The Xindi" [ENT]
    Throws stun-grenade, addressed as Corporal by Archer.
                                        "Anomaly" [ENT]
    Repels Xindi-Reptilian borders.
                                        "Twilight" [ENT]
    Seen being locked up by a Triannon hijacker, along with Woods,
    then later in Engineering with Archer.
                                          "Chosen Realm" [ENT]

Ryan, Matthew - former First Officer of the ECS Fortunate.  Ryan was one of the survivors of an
    apparently-well-known-among-Boomers unspecified disaster that befell the freighter  "North Star";
    his parents were lost (killed?).  Keene busts Ryan down to "Able Crewman", at which rank he'll
    be flushing "hydraulic pumps".       "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Rotating frequencies - a procedure to make it more your comm transmission easier to pick up and be
    noticed by an alien ship.   (When Archer asks Hoshi if she transmitted his message on a rotating
    frequency, she says she will "try it again". But she only waits about four seconds before reporting
    there was no response. Archer's message was much longer than that, so Hoshi must not have been
    waiting for a verbal response, but was looking  for a response from their communication systems to
    indicate that they had even "received" the message.)
                                                              "Fight or Flight" [ENT]


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