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Vulcans.  (also called Vulcanians)
A humanoid race native to the planet Vulcan.

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Individuals of Note:
Arev -  SEE: Syrran

Chu'lak -  male, age: 97.  Lt. Chu'lak was a new science officer, assigned to DS9 3 months previously
Chu'lak    and was quartered in the Habitat ring, level D 12.  Before that he served
    aboard the USS Grissom for 10 years.  He was transferred to DS9 when
    the Grissom was destroyed by the Jem'Hadar in the battle of Ricktor Prime.
    Chulak was one of only six crewmembers to survive out of a crew of 1250.
    This event was so emotionally painful that it made him lose control and
    Chu'lak became criminally insane.  His natural Vulcan distrust of emotion
    was heightened to the point that he began murdering people with a TR116
    just for having photo-holographs of people showing emotion, specifically
    for photos that showed them smiling or laughing.  When he looked through
    the targeting sensor of the rifle and saw the pictures, the laughter seemed
    to be mocking him.  But it wasn't just the laughter... it was also the way a
    photgraph freezes emotion, making it seem like the laughter's going to last
    forever.  He was finally stopped by Ezri Dax.
                                                             "Field of Fire" [DS9]

Delvok - A composer with an unusually emotional style. Melora requested one of his etudes from the runabout
    computer.                                         "Melora" [DS9]

Falor - male, a prosperous merchant who went on a journey to gain greater awareness. The song "Falor's
    Journey", a tale of enlightenment consisting of 348 verses, was a particular favorite of Tuvok's youngest
    son.                                                   "Innocence" [VOY]

Fer'at -  Dr. Fer'at was sent by Soval to secretly determine Archer's mental fitness after Archer claimed to
Fer'at    have met people from the future.  The false pretenses that Dr. Fer'at used to
    explain his examinaton of Archer was that the Vulcan research team had
    detected traces of pyritic radiation in the Xindi probe-weapon debris.
    Supposedly Starfleet didn't catch it because Vulcan technology was more
    advanced than theirs...  Anyone who got close to the wreckage needed to
    be treated, and Dr. Fer'at was supposedly there to determine the extent of
    their exposure.  The examination shouldn't have taken long.  He was exposed
    when Phlox checked the Vulcan database and it showed that there was only
    one Dr. Fer'at listed and that one wasn't a pathologist, but was actually a
    psychiatric analyst.      "The Expanse" [ENT]

Haadok - male, one of the founders of the P'Jem sanctuary. His mummified remains are kept in the
Haadok    Reliquary in the catacombs beneath.
                        "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Jossen (Richard Wharton) - In 2122, 109 Vulcan agents were surgically altered and sent to overthrow the
    very corrupt and criminal factions on the planet Agaron.  Jossen was one of 19 that did not return.  The
    Ministry of Security sent retrieval agents. T'Pol was assigned to retrieve Jossen but he managed to escape.
    T'Pol caught up with him on Risa and pursued him through a Risan jungle, where she was forced to kill him.
                                                            "The Seventh" [ENT]

Kinis - male, the assumed Vulcan identity of one Species 8472 at their training base.  He was a Starfleet
    lieutenant acting as an aide to "Admiral Bullock".
                                                              "In the Flesh" [VOY]

Koss (Michael Reilly Burke) - male, an architect on Vulcan and T'Pol's fiancé. They were betrothed
    when they were children and have only met four times. T'Pol postponed the wedding, and insulted
    Koss' family in the process, when she chose to remain with humans aboard Enterprise after returning
    the Klingon messenger Klaang to Kronos in 2151. Later that year, T'Pol received an urgent, encrypted
    letter from Koss' parents demanding she return to Vulcan for the re-scheduled wedding. She declined.
                                                            "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
    Koss' father is a senior administrator with a great deal of influence.  T'Pol married Koss so that her
    mother could regain her position at the Academy.
                                                            "Home" [ENT]

Kov (John Harrington Bland) - male engineer on the Vahklas, an obsolete ship carrying V'tosh ka'tur.
Kov    He is the son of a high ranking minister of the Vulcan High Command.  The
    relationship with his family and particularly his father was broken
    about a decade ago.  Kov befriends Trip and they each dispel some
    rumors about the other's race during a conversation in the mess hall.
    After receiving word that Kov's father is close to death, and wishes
    to contact his son one last time to mend their relationship, Archer
    asks Tucker to try to get Kov to contact his father.  Tucker tries to
    convince him, but Kov kept changing the subject to the engine repairs.
    Trip relates an experience from his own life so that Kov would realize
    that "regret is one of the strongest emotions" and not one that the
    Vulcan would want to experience.  Kov finally made the call to his
    father, and learned that surgeons had implanted a "vaso-stimulator" that might extend his life for a
    few years.                                          "Fusion" [ENT]

Kuvak -  Minister in the High Command.  He ordered the Vulcan invasion force to withdraw.
                                                               "Kir'Shara" [ENT]

Lojal (Michael Ensign) - An ambassador who visited DS9 on a "fact finding" mission to the wormhole,
Lojal    with Vadosia, Taxco, and Lwaxana. Bashir was saddled with babysitting them.
    Lojal was in his own way as obnoxious as Vadosia and Taxco, but ended up
    praising Bashir after the doctor saved their lives in a fire.
                                  "The Forsaken" [DS9]

Lorot - male, a subaltern in the Vulcan High Command assimilated by the Borg (at Wolf 359?).  Seven of Nine
    was "possessed" by his personality when a Borg vinculum--the device which connects and processes the
    thousands of disparate minds on a Borg cube--was infected with a virus and malfunctioned. When Tuvok
    mind-melded with her to control the intrusive thoughts, we saw a middle-aged Vulcan male in a TNG-era
    Starfleet red uniform in the crowd who could have been Lorot.
                                                             "Infinite Regress" [VOY]

Menos (Bruce Davison) - In 2122, 109 Vulcan agents were surgically altered and sent to overthrow the very
Menos    corrupt and criminal factions on the planet Agaron.  Menos was one of 19 that
    did not return.  The Ministry of Security sent retrieval agents. T'Pol was
    assigned to retrieve him, but he was able to escape.  T'Pol tracked Menos
    through the Tellarite transport captain who took him to Risa.  She caught
    up with him and pursued him through a Risan jungle, but he managed to
    escape again.  "The Seventh" [ENT]

Mestrahl (J. Paul Boehmer) -            "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

Muroc (John Balma) - male. Subcommander.  Aide to Ambassador Soval, and apparently in command of the
Muroc     Vulcan warship bringing Soval to Paan Mokar.  It's also possible that he may have
    just been the senior Vulcan Intelligence agent in charge of the rescue operation and not the
    actual captain of the ship.
                               "Cease Fire" [ENT]

Nirak -  A soldier who lived a long time ago.  He was standing watch over the gates of the city of Gol
    and he saw a cloud on the horizon moving toward him.  He thought it was a sandstorm, so he told
    no one.  It was an army.  They destroyed the city, but they let Nirak live.  His name now means
    "fool" in the Vulcan language.             "Kir'Shara" [ENT]

Oratt (Michael Ensign) - Doctor Oratt is a ranking member of the "Council of Physicians".
Oratt                                                             "Stigma" [ENT]

Saavik (Kirstie Alley; Robin Curtis) - female Starfleet Lt.(j.g.), science officer on the USS Grissom.
Kirstie Alley as SaavikRobin Curtis as Saavik    The script for ST2 contained a line that suggested Saavik
    was half-Vulcan,half-Romulan, but the line was cut, and
    later films seem to assume that she is pure Vulcan.
    (Some have suggested that "Saavik" may actually be a
    Romulan name.)
          "The Wrath of Khan" [ST2],
          "The Search for Spock" [ST3]
    A scene cut from the final version of ST4 would have shown
    that Saavik remained on Vulcan because she was pregnant
    with Spock's child.
            "The Voyage Home" [ST4]

Sakar - Brilliant Vulcan theoretical scientist, often compared to such luminaries as Albert Einstein, and
    Dr. Richard Daystrom.                        "The Ultimate Computer" [TOS]

Sakkath (Rocco Sisto) - male. Ambassador Sarek's personal assistant during the Legaran conference of 2366.
Sakkath                                        "Sarek" [TNG]

Sakonna (Bertila Damas) - female Vulcan who converted to the Maquis cause and supplied illegal weapons
Sakonna    to the Federation terrorists.  Her reasoning was that it was logical to support the
    remaining colonists inside the Cardassian territory, even if it meant violence.
    She wanted to buy weapons from Quark on DS9.  She also helped to kidnap
    Gul Dukat.  Later, she was taken into custody on DS9, and was persuaded
    by Quark to talk.  She revealed that the Maquis planned to attack a rumored
    weapons depot on Bryma.
                                        "The Maquis, parts 1 and 2" [DS9]

Sarek (Mark Leonard) - male.  Spock's father.  a member of Vulcan's diplomatic corps.
Sarek                                       "Journey to Babel" [TOS]
    Deceased.                            "Unification" [TNG]
    SEE:  Sarek

Saros (John Garman Noah Hertzler) - Captain of the Saratoga while Sisko served aboard her.  He engaged
Captain of the Saratoga  the Borg at Wolf 359.  (name is taken from the DS9 pocket books
    novel #18 "Saratoga").

Sasak - Selek (Spock) claimed to be a cousin of Sarek, descended of T'Pel and Sasak.
                                                             "Yesteryear" [TAS]

Satelk (Richard Fancy) - male captain.  He was one of the Starfleet officers who presided over the
Satelk    inquiry in Cadet Joshua Albert's death at the Academy Flight Range in 2368.
                                                               "The First Duty" [TNG]

Satok - Vulcan Security Minister               "Gambit II" [TNG]

Savar - Starfleet Admiral.  In 2364 he was stationed at Starfleet Headquarters in the San Francisco (Earth).
Savar    He was possessed by an alien being attempting to infiltrate starfleet.
                                                                "Conspiracy" [TNG]

Sek - Tuvok's first son; Sek has gone through the pon farr, has mated, and become a father; Sek's
Sek     daughter is named T'Meni after Tuvok's mother.
                                                              "Hunters" [VOY]
    Tuvok received a letter from him which partially read "Hello father. we recieved
    your last transmission....  Exo-linguistics always seemed a little too theoretical to
    me. I've decided to stay in musical composition instead. I would have sent you
    my latest construct but they won't give me enough room in this datastream.
    Maybe next time I can-"
    but the letter was altered to contain an embedded message from a Bajoran fanatic
    trying to use mind-control techniques to influence Tuvok to revive the Maquis.
                                                        "Repression" [VOY]

Selar (Suzie Plakson) -  female Vulcan doctor on the Enterprise-D.
Selar    Dr. Selar was part of the away team answering a distress call
    from Gravesworld, and was present when noted cyberneticist Dr. Ira Graves died
    there of Darnay's disease.      "The Schizoid Man" [TNG]
    Although "The Schizoid Man" was the only appearance of Dr. Selar, we heard her
    being paged aboard the alternate Enterprise-D in "Yesterday's Enterprise" [TNG],
    and Dr. Crusher mentioned her in "Remember Me' [TNG], "Tapestry" [TNG], and
                                                          "Suspicions" [TNG].

Selek - Spock's alias when he went through the Guardian to correct his own past.
Selek                                                                "Yesteryear" [TAS]

Senva - healer (gender unknown) Senva of the Vulcan Medical Institute, was a nominee for the
    Carrington Award in 2371.                 "Prophet Motive" [DS9]

Sepek (Keith Sutherland) -  One of three Vulcan boys who taunted the young Spock with the term
    "earther" causing him to attack them unsuccessfully.
                                                                 "Yesteryear" [TAS]
Solin - He was Chief Engineer when T'Pol served aboard the Seleya.
                                                                 "Impulse" [ENT]

Solkar - Grandfather of Sarek.  Greatgrandfather of Spock.
Solkar                                      "The Search for Spock" [ST3]
    The first Vulcan ambassador to earth.
                                       "Catwalk" [ENT]

Solok - Solok is Captain of the Nebula-class starship U.S.S. T'Kumbra. The T'Kumbra has an all-
Solok     Vulcan crew.  He and Cpt. Sisko have been competitive since they were in the
    same class at the Academy.  He is convinced that his all-Vulcan crew is the
    finest in the fleet, so when Solok brings his starship to Deep Space Nine for
    repairs made necessary from combat skirmishes, he challenges former classmate
    and longtime rival Sisko to a baseball game on the Holosuite.   His team is called
    the "Logicians".
              "Take Me Out to the Holosuite" [DS9]

Sonak (Jon Rashad Kamal) - male, Commander, Starfleet officer who was killed in a transporter
Sonak    malfunction while beaming up to the refurbished Starship Enterprise NCC-1701.
    Sonak would have served as science officer aboard that ship when it
    intercepted the V'Ger entity in 2271.
                        "The Motion Picture" [ST1]

Sopek -  Captain of the Ni'Var and senior Vulcan officer in the Coridan sector.  The Andorians keep
Sopek    a close watch on him.  He was sent to retrieve T'Pol from the Enterprise when
    joint fleet operations were suspended.  When he finds she has been taken
    hostage, he decides to stage a raid on the complex resulting in a firefight.
    T'Pol was wounded trying to save his life.  Archer and Phlox convince
    him that T'Pol is near death and should not be moved from sickbay.  Since
    he had to meet with the Vulcan High Command in 3 days, and could not
    take T'Pol with him, he apparently must have persuaded them to let T'Pol
    stay on Enterprise.
                                                                "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

Soral and T'Penna - mentioned as having performed Terran opera.
                                                                  "The Swarm" [VOY]

Soval (Gary Graham) - Vulcan male.  An ambassador and diplomat.
Soval    SEE: Soval

Spock (Leonard Nimoy) - male half Vulcan / half Human.        [TOS]
Spock    SEE:  Spock

Stel - Chief Investigator of the Security Directorate during the 2154 bombing of the Earth embassy.
                                                                "The Forge" [ENT]

Stonn (Lawrence Montaigne) - T'Pring's paramour.
Stonn                                                                "Amok Time" [TOS]
    At one point, Lawrence Montaigne, who also played Decius in "Balance of
    Terror" [TOS], was considered on the 'short list' of actors who could replace
    Leonard Nimoy in the part of Spock if Nimoy ever left the series.

Strom (Bob Morrisey) - Doctor.  (unnamed on screen, name comes from credits).
Strom                                                            "Stigma" [ENT]

Stron (Michael Krawic) - the engineer aboard a Vulcan survey ship.
Stron                            "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

Surak (Bruce Gray) - male.  historical figure from ancient Vulcan.  Described by Spock as
image of Surak from Savage Curtain    "The greatest of all who ever lived on our planet,... the father of all we became...
    father of all we now hold true."  As the founder of modern Vulcan civilization,
    he established the "Vulcan way" by popularizing philosophies of peace, logic,
    mastery over one's emotions, and IDIC which form the basis for modern
    Vulcan culture.  Before Surak's Reformation, Vulcans were warlike and ruled
    by their passions.  When Surak and his followers intervened, the idea of peace
    took hold.  It is widely believed that the Reformation saved the Vulcans from
                            "The Savage Curtain" [TOS]
    A Statuette of Surak was displayed in a niche in the entry hall of the P'Jem Sanctuary.
                             "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]
    Another statuette of Surak is seen in the sensor room of the Vahklas.
                                                               "Fusion" [ENT]
    T'Pol gave Archer a copy of The Teaching of Surak (a THICK book!) to read during his vacation on
        Risa in 2152.                                 "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]

Sural - Wildman considers naming her baby this Vulcan name until the Doctor tells her that Sural was the name of a
    dictator on Sakura Prime who was famed for beheading his rivals and his parents.
                                                            "Dreadnought" [VOY]

Sybok (Laurence Luckinbill) - Spock's half-brother.  In his youth he was an exceptionally gifted student
Sybok    possessing a great intelligence.  It was assumed he would take his place amongst the
    great scholars of Vulcan, but he was a revolutionary.  The knowledge and
    experience he sought was forbidden by Vulcan belief.  He rejected his logical
    upbringing, and embraced the animal passions of Vulcan's ancestors.  He
    believed the key to self knowledge was emotion, not logic. When he encouraged
    others to follow him he was banished from Vulcan.  His quest for the ultimate
    knowledge led him into a search for Sha-ka-ri, a place where ancient Vulcans
    believed the questions of existence would be answered.  He became convinced
    that Sha-ka-ri lay at the center of the galaxy beyond the great barrier.  He
    needed a starship to get there he staged a hostage situation on the planet
    Nimbus III.  When the Enterprise showed up to rescue the hostages, he hijacked it.
                                                               "The Final Frontier" [ST5]

Syrran  -  Founder of the Syrrannite movement.

Talok - Major who was ordered to find and erradicate any Syrrannites that might have survived the
    bombing of their hiding place in the Forge.
                                                                "Kir'Shara" [ENT]

Taurik (Also spelled Torek) - male ensign who was assigned to engineering on the Enterprise-D.
Taurik                                        "Lower Decks" [ENT]

Tavek (Stephen Mendillo) - Captain of the Nyran. "The Seventh" [ENT]

Tavin (Robert Pine) - male captain of the Vahklas, an obsolete civilian transport ship carrying V'tosh ka'tur.
Tavin    They left Vulcan eight years before so that its crew could be free to explore their
    emotions.  Near the Arachnid nebula, Tavin contacted the Enterprise
    asking for help with repairs.  Tavin surprised T'Pol and Archer by
    asking to eat some chicken marsala. (unlike most Vulcans who are
    vegetarians.)  He offered the Enterprise assistance with charting the
    Nebula.                                 "Fusion" [ENT]

Tellus (Ron Marasco) - "Vulcan Officer" Captain of the D'Vahl.  (voice only).
                                                                "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

T'Hain - Author of 'The Dictates of Poetics'.
                                                                "" [VOY]

T'Klass -  He was a student of Surak --  one of the first Kolinahr masters.
                                                                "The Awakening" [ENT]

T'Lar (Dame Judith Anderson) - Venerable high priestess who supervised the fal-tor-pan ceremony in
T'Lar    which Spock's body and living spirit were rejoined following his death in 2285.
                                               "The Search for Spock" [ST3]

T'Lara (Deborah Strang) - Starfleet admiral presiding at Worf's extradition hearing.
T'Lara                                                                "Rules of Engagement" [DS9]

T'Les (Joanna Cassidy) - T'Pol's mother.  Her home is in the vicinity of volcanos, notibly Mount Tar'hana,
    ancient ruins, and fire plains.  T'Les met her husband only once before we were joined.  In time, they
    developed a deep connection to each other.  She became an instructor at the Science Academy.  When
    the P'Jem monastery was destroyed, the Ministry of Security blamed her daughter T'Pol but couldn't get
    at T'Pol to punish her since she was on the Enterprise so they fabricated charges against T'Les.  They
    claimed that she had taken restricted data from the Academy archives.  T'Les was told that if she left
    the Academy they would end the inquiry.  T'Les chose to resign rather than face dismissal.
                                                                 "Home" [ENT]

T'meni - Tuvok's mother.                         "Hunters" [VOY]

T'meni - Tuvok's granddaughter, daughter of Sek. "Hunters" [VOY]

T'Mir (Jolene Blaylock) - Second fore-mother of T'Pol.
T'Mir    One of three Vulcans involved in the actual first contact between Vulcans and humans.
                                                             "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

Tok - male, captain of the Vulcan starship  Yarahla
                                                               "Breaking the Ice"[ENT]

Tolaris (Enrique Murciano) - male first officer (?) of the Vahklas, an obsolete civilian ship carrying
Tolaris    V'tosh ka'tur. Before joining the Vahklas eight years prior, he taught literature
    at the prestigious Shirkar Academy on Vulcan.  He assisted T'Pol in
    taking readings of the Arachnid nebula while she is on his ship.  He
    took an interest in her and encouraged her to experiment with her
    emotions.  He suggested that she not meditate before going to bed.
    When T'Pol reported having disturbing dreams, he mind-melded with
    her and tried to force her to re-experience the dream.  T'Pol is so
    affected by it that she ends up in sickbay where it is found that she
    almost suffered from neurological damage.  To prove his connection to the assault, Archer goads
    Tolaris into a rage by telling him about T'Pol's condition and then that he was no longer allowed
    to see her.  Tolaris attacked Archer.  Fortunately Archer had strategically hidden a phase pistol
    and was ready to defend himself.  With his involvement in the incident established, Archer ordered
    Tolaris and his associates off Enterprise.
                                                             "Fusion" [ENT]

Torek  - SEE:  Taurik

Tos (Thomas Kopache) - Vulcan male.  Ambassador Soval's assistant and a member of the Vulcan
Tos    delegation on Earth.  He shares Soval's distain for human culture. The Character
    name is a homage to The Original Series (TOS).
                                                           "Broken Bow" [ENT]

T'Paal - "Romulan" agent Tallera's real Vulcan name.
T'Paal    "Gambit" [TNG]

T'Pan (Joan Stuart-Morris) - Director of the Vulcan Science Academy from 2354 to 2369.  Dr. T'Pan was a
T'Pan    preeminent expert in subspace morphology.  She was invited aboard the
    Enterprise-D in 2369 to witness the test of a new metaphasic shield
    invented by Dr. Reyga.  When Reyga was killed shortly after the test,
    T'Pan came under suspicion for his murder.
                                           "Suspicions" [TNG]

T'Para - ancient Vulcan teacher in Raal according to "Falor's Journey"
                                                                 "Innocence" [VOY]

T'Pau (Celia Lovsky) - female.  Well known member of the Syrrannites.  She was born in 2122.
                                                                "The Forge" [ENT]
    A high-ranking dignitary and elder of Sarek's House, a descendent from Surak.
T'Pau    She presided at Spock's almost-wedding in 2267.  Once described as "all of
    Vulcan in one package", she was well-known as the only person ever to turn
    down a seat on the Federation Council.
                                 "Amok Time" [TOS]
    She was a diplomat, a judge, and a philosopher, one of the most logical minds
    in Vulcan history and utterly ruthless in her application of that logic.  That
    ruthlessness was an essential element of her personality, as much as her logical
    ability.  As part of a personality-improvement program Voyager's Emergency
    Medical Hologram tried to incorporate segments of T'Pau's personality into
    his behavioral subroutines with disastrous results.
                                  "Darkling" [VOY]

T'Pel (Sierra Pecheur) - female. False identity of a Romulan deep cover agent.  Subcommander Selok
T'Pel (aka Selok)     was posing as the "Vulcan" ambassador T'Pel who was renowned as one of
    the Federation's most honored diplomats.
                                                                "Data's Day" [TNG]

T'Pel (Marva Hicks) - Tuvok's wife.          "Bliss" [VOY]
T'Pel   The Bothan cause Tuvok to hallucinate that he is seeing T'Pel on the viewscreen.
                                "Persistence of Vision" [VOY]
    Tuvok postponed his studies when he took T'Pel as a mate.
                                "Flashback" [VOY]
    Tuvok receives a letter from T'Pel; she says that she and his children have asked
        the priest at the temple of Amonak to say prayers for Tuvok's safe return.
                                "Hunters" [VOY]

T'Pel - Selek (Spock) claimed to be a cousin of Sarek, descended of T'Pel and Sasak.
                                                             "Yesteryear" [TAS] 

T'Penna - SEE: Soral

T'Pera (Amy Traicoff) - A holographic Vulcan women that the Doctor creates in order to help Vorik
T'Pera    resolve the Pon Farr.
                                   "Blood Fever" [VOY]

T'Plana-Hath - Matron of Vulcan philosophy who said "Logic is the cement of our civilization with which
    we ascend from chaos using reason as our guide."  Spock successfully identified the quote during a
    memory test in 2286.                          "The Voyage Home" [ST4]

T'Pol - SEE:  T'Pol

T'Pring (Arlene Martel) - Spock's betrothed
T'Pring                     "Amok Time" [TOS]

T'Sai (Edna Glover) - Vulcan master.   "The Motion Picture" [ST1]

T'Shanik (Tasia Valenza) - female.  One of three candidates who competed with Wesley Crusher for a single
T'Shanik    opening to Starfleet Academy at Relva VII in 2364.  From Vulcana Regar, she was
    a runner-up in the competition.
                                    "Coming of Age" [TNG]

Tuvok (Tim Russ) - male, son of T'Meni. Tuvok is the chief of security on the USS Voyager.
Tuvok    SEE:  Tuvok

Unnamed Vulcan Captains:

Captain  (David Selburg) - (unnamed in dialogue)
Captain from Carbon Creek                                                                "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

Captain of the T'Vran (Kathleen Garrett) - Offered assistance to the Ganges when her ship encountered it near the
Captain of the T'Vran    Chamra Vortex. She agreed to take Croden and Yareth to Vulcan.
                                                                "Vortex" [DS9]

Captain of the Sh'Raan (Dennis Howard) -                                "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
Captain of the Sh'Raan

Unnamed Vulcan Officers -
(Ron Marasco) -                                    "Carbon Creek" [ENT]
(Coleen Maloney) -                                "The Seventh" [ENT]

Unnamed Crewmembers -
  from Voyager -
unknown Voyager crewmember    A female Vulcan crewmember was seen assisting the human Doctor.
                            "Caretaker" [VOY]
    This crewmember was not seen as being rematerialised from transporter suspension.
    This may mean that she was not a member of the telepathic minority of Vulcans.
    But a more likely explanation is that she may have been the nurse, a plausible reason
    for her presence in Sickbay, and that she was killed along with the ship's doctor by
    the displacement wave when the Caretaker brought Voyager to the Delta Quadrant.
    If so, her loss may have directly led to Tom Paris being volunteered to act as the EMH's
    assistant and Kes later being trained for that role.
                            "Counterpoint" [VOY]

Unamed Doctor - (Lee Spencer)         "Stigma" [ENT]

Unnamed Hostages - prisoners of the Andorians.
Prisoners of the Andorians    "Cease Fire" [ENT]

Unnamed Initiates into Kohlinar at P'Jem sanctuary -
Kohlinar Initiates    (Richard Tanner)         "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Unnamed Vulcans in Spock's marriage party - (Actor's names: Charles Palmer; Joe Paz; Russ Peek; Mark Russell;
    Mauri Russell; Frank Vinci; Gary Wright)
                                                            "Amok Time" [TOS]

Unnamed Medic (Scott Whitney) -      "The Motion Picture" [ST1]

Unnamed representative of the Vulcan High Command - She is in some way connected with the ministry of
member of the High Command    Security.
                                           "The Seventh" [ENT]

Unnamed Midwife -
Midwife                                    "The Final Frontier" [ST5]

Unnamed Vulcan Masters -
Vulcan Master from TMPVulcan Master from TMP    (Norman Stuart, Paul Weber)

vulcan master from Gravity

(Bruce French)
Vulcan Elder                                   "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Unnamed Priest (Jack Donner) - Presided over T'Pol's wedding.
                                                                "Home" [ENT]

Valeris (Kim Cattrall) - Lieutenant on the starship Enterprise-A on the 2293 Khitomer peace mission.
Valeris     Valeris had been sponsored by Enterprise Captain Spock and was the first
    Vulcan to graduate at the top of her Starfleet Academy graduating class.
    Valeris believed that the coming peace accords were a mistake and joined
    a conspiracy with Admiral Cartwright and Klingon General Chang to
    assassinate Gorkon.  She repeatedly lied to cover up her involvement with
    the sabotage of the peace conference and it was only after a forced mind-
    meld by Spock that the full truth of her traitorous actions became known.
                            "The Undiscovered Country" [ST6]

Vanik (William Utay) - male captain of the Ti'Mur, a Suurok-class starship.  By 2141 he had served in the Vulcan
Vanik    Space Program for 76 years, the last 15 of which in command of the Ti'Mur.
                                                                "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

Velik - male Vulcan scientist on an exchange program to Earth.  In Trip's 10h grade biology class,
    Mr. Velik came to teach about other worlds.  He was the first Vulcan Tucker had ever met and he
    “scared the hell” out of  Trip.  Mr. Velik told Trip to "Challenge your preconceptions or they will
    challenge you."                                  "Strange New World" [ENT]

V'Lar (Fionnula Flanagan) - Vulcan ambassador to Mazar.  She has been in the Vulcan diplomatic
V'Lar    services for 94 years.  Many years ago, she had just negotiated the treaty of
    K'tan and was speaking at the 2nd K'tan conference at Vulcana Regar, when
    T'Pol approached her during a recess.  T'Pol questioned her about her
    negotiating tactics.  T'Pol's bluntness made V'Lar reconsider some of her positions.
    The ambassador inspired T'Pol to choose a direction for her life - a path that
    led to the science council and eventually to the Enterprise.  She negotiated the
    first territorial accords between Vulcan and Andoria.  This was before first
    contact with earth, more than 90 years ago.
    A criminal organization had infiltrated all levels of the Mazarite government,
    making themselves wealthy and powerful at the expense of many innocent victims.  Many Mazarites
    wanted their government purged of this corruption and asked the Vulcan consulate to help them expose
    the criminals.  V'Lar had been gathering evidence against them, and in 3 months would be called to testify.
    But since the criminal's methods included eliminating anyone who stood in their way, it was determined
    that she would be safer on Vulcan.  Hoping to fool the criminals into thinking that she would not be a
    credible witness so they would leave her alone, the Mazarite High Council fabricated charges of abuse
    of her position and criminal misconduct.  The Enterprise being the nearest ship was assigned to transport
    her to a waiting Vulcan ship.  But the corruption  in the Mazarite government ran deeper than thought.
    The criminals found out about the ruse and attacked Enterprise.  A warp 5 chase ensued but Enterprise
    rendevued with the Vulcan ship just in time.
                                                "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

V'Las (Robert Foxworth) - Administrator.  Head of the Vulcan High Command.
                                                                "The Forge" [ENT]

Vorik, also spelled Vorick (Alexander Enberg) - Male Ensign; He served in the Engineering Department
Vorik     aboard Voyager.
    Vorik spent several summers exploring the Osana caverns which involved
        treacherous climbing.
                                       "Blood Fever" [VOY]
    While assisting B'Elanna Torres with maintenence on Voyager's plasma injectors
        during the ship's visit to the Nekrit Expanse, Vorik suggested that Torres use
        a Gravitic caliper to help regulate the plasma flow since it is a more precise
        instrument than the duotronic probe; Torres sends him to adjust the control
        interface in the food replicators.
                                       "Fair Trade" [VOY]
    Vorik reserves a table with a view of the lakeside for Torres and himself.
                     "Alter Ego" [VOY]
    stardate 50537:  He declares Kunat So'lik to Torres when he asks her to become his mate; he believes
        he and Torres would complement each other; he suffers a dislocated jaw when Torres hits him; he is
        experiencing his first Pon Farr;  Through a brief physical contact between them, Vorik inadvertantly
        initiated a telepathic mating bond with Torres after she refused his offer of mating; this bond caused
        Torres to suffer the same neurochemical imbalance and to begin experiencing the Pon Farr.  Vorik
        attempted to resolve the Pon Farr through meditation; the Doctor created a holographic Vulcan woman
        for Vorik to "mate" with; Vorik seems to have resolved the Pon Farr, but he beams down to the planet
        and declares Kunat-Kalifi; Torres takes Vorik's Kunat-Kalifi challenge and the Pon Farr is resolved when
        she defeats him.                             "Blood Fever" [VOY]
    He attempts to seal off the rupture in the coolant injector; he recommends that they reconfigure the coolant
        assembly in order to get greater control over the pressure valve emissions; he sets up a temporary
        tachyon matrix within the deflector; Torres tells Vorik and Nicoletti to start working on getting the
        impulse engines online; Vorik was controlling the tachyon bursts when the accident occurred; Seven
        works with Vorik to design an energy matrix to produce thorium.
                                                             "Day of Honor" [VOY]
    Torres left Vorik in the middle of an EPS recalibration in order to meet Paris.
                                                              "Vis A Vis" [VOY]
    Also appeared in:                               "The Haunting of Deck 12" [VOY]; "Renaissance Man" [VOY]

Voris - Captain of the Seleya.               "Impulse" [ENT]

Xon - male, [He was to have been the Enterprise's new science officer in Star Trek II, the aborted 1977 TV series.]

Yuris (Jeffrey Hayenga) - Doctor.  He was suspended from the Interspecies Medical Exchange when it
Yuris    was discovered that he was a "melder".
                      "Stigma" [ENT]


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