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P-51 -  Mayweather recognized the craft that were shooting at them as P-51s since he had seen them
    at airshows.                                         "Storm Front, part 1" [ENT]

PADD - Acronym for Personal Access Display Device.  It is a small hand held information unit.
    The Vulcans tricked T'Pol into leaving a fingerprint on a PADD so that they could determine whether
    or not she had Pa'nar syndrome.           "Stigma" [ENT]
    Archer asked if they could transfer Degra's weapon schematics to a PADD so that they could be
    taken to Hoshi who was in no shape to come up to the bridge.
                                                                "Zero Hour" [ENT]

Palmer (Troy Mittleider) - MACO.  male.  Part of Tucker's search party, along with Corporal Chang.
Palmer    Returns to planet with Tucker.
                                       "Extinction" [ENT]

Paraagans - Until recently they were a race with a maatriarchal society where the women make all
    the decisions, but in the decade from around 2142-2152, Paraagan males had made great strides to
    acquire equal rights.  The Paragaans set up a deep space mining colony (ca. 2122) with just 30 miners.
    Thirty years later the colony had a population of over 3,600 along with schools, a landscaped
    community and even some kind of museum.  As of 2152, their operation's foreman noted that
    the colony hadn't had visitors in nearly six months so they welcomed the Enterprise.  However,
    a highly volatile gas - tetrazine, is produced as a byproduct of their mining operations.  It settles
    in a layer between 45 and 50 km up in their atmosphere.  This makes certain very strict landing-
    protocols mandatory when visiting on their colony planet.  At the time of Enterprise's visit the
    tetrazine levels were less than three parts per million, half of what the protocol specifies.  However,
    despite closing and locking off the plasma ducts well before reaching 50 km as the protocol specifies,
    when one of Enterprise's shuttles tried to land, it appeared to have ignited the tetrazine gas in the
    atmosphere, leaving the ground scorched for at least a hundred kilometers in every direction and
    obliterated the colony - nothing was left, no buildings, no trees, and no people.  Later, it was
    discovered that the Suliban in an act of sabotage, had rigged the shuttle to ignite the gas.  Daniels
    explained that the explosion was historically not supposed to have happened, and that it was caused
    by someone who doesn't want Archer's mission to succeed.
                                                               "Shockwave" [ENT]

Parson / Money, S. (Dorenda Moore) - MACO.  female.  Her rank insignia was a single chevron
Parson    on a triangular MACO patch on her arm, indicating a private, although this was
    never explicitly referred to.
    She was one of six assigned to the rescue team.  Tackled to the ground by one
    of the miners but she managed to overpower him using a shock-stick.
                                        "The Xindi" [ENT]
    Injured by a Xindi-Reptilian boarding party seeking to recover Rajiin
    from Enterprise; she gave the command to "Fall Back!"
                                        "Rajiin" [ENT]
    Sniper & she leaps over a fence.  Nametag on uniform reads "S. Money".
                                        "North Star" [ENT]
    Wrestles with a Triannon and loses her pistol.
                                        "Chosen Realm" [ENT]
    Spars with Hoshi Sato in combat class.
                                        "Harbinger" [ENT]
    On bridge during mutiny.  Is stunned by phase pistol beam.
                                                                "Hatchery" [ENT]
    Part of Archer's boarding party to steal a warp coil; Injured (shot); Called "Parson" by Archer.
                                                                "Damage" [ENT]
    Part of Hayes' rescue party to save Hoshi from the Xindi.  Shot again.
                                                                "Countdown" [ENT]
    Repels extra-dimensional alien boarders.  Hit by energy discharge.
                                                                "Zero Hour" [ENT]
    Shot again by an Augment when they invaded the ship.
                                                                "Boderland" [ENT]
    'Overpowered' by klingon torpedos when the Klingons fired on the enterprise.
                                                                "Affliction" [ENT]

Particle weapon - Silik's handgun fires a yellow beam which stuns Archer.  According to Doctor Phlox,
    the weapon Silik used on Archer was a particle weapon.  A hypo to the neck was sufficient to wake
    him.                                                   "Cold Front" [ENT]
    When exploring a derelict ship, Enterprise found 17 bodies, some killed by particle weapons.
                                                             "Anomaly" [ENT]

Pasta - one of the things that can be made by the "resequencer".
    Trip made a comment about how he liked a particular type of pasta that was served during one of their
    meals.                                                "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Paxton, John Frederick (Peter Weller) - Leader of Terra Prime.
                                                               "Demons" [ENT]

Pecan Pie - One of Trips favorite desserts.  T'Pol had a piece of pecan pie in her quarters.
                                                               "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
    Ferengis seem to also like pecan pie.    "Acquisition" [ENT]

Perceptual tests - The Xyrillians use perceptual tests consisting of naming and counting flashes of colored
    lights as the fastest way of telling if someone has become acclimated to the environment aboard their ship.
                                                               "Unexpected" [ENT]

Pericardium - When Phlox examines Tucker he discovers a cell cluster which has integrated itself with
    Tucker's pericardium.  It is discovered that Tucker is pregnant.
                                                                "Unexpected" [ENT]

Pernaia - The Vulcan database lists "Pernaia Prime" as having a "methane-based" atmosphere.  Elsewhere
    in the system there is a spaceport / tavern at which the Vulcans located and captured Menos.
                                                                "The Seventh" [ENT]

Phase Canon - A phase-modulated energy weapon.
Phase Cannon    The canon appears to be a modular design comprised of 3 major pieces -- we see
    it divide up into 3 parts on a viewscreen in the background.  There is a rotating
    diagram of a blunt cylindrical device suspended from a vertically-pivoted frame
    which we learn later are retractable turrets.  (It is possible that the NCC-1701
Phase Cannon    also used retractable turrets for its phasers since the phaser beams appearto
    eminate from no visible detail on the ship.) Each of Ent's three "phase cannons"
    have a rated maximum output of 500-gigajoules and can sustain fire for several
    seconds. That's 1.195e11 calories, enough energy to raise 1.195e6-liters of water
    (a cube of water 10-m on a side)  from freezing to boiling in one second.
    Enterprise was designed to carry 3 phase canons, and was fitted with "phase-cannon
Schematic    ports". The canons were supposed to have been installed
    at Jupiter station but never were because Enterprise left
    Earth a few weeks ahead of schedule.  Enterprise did have
    one prototype unit on board which they had to get up and
    running, and then build 2 more from scratch.  Trip and
    Reed initially gave a figure of 2 weeks to do the work, or
    one week if done by the specially trained crew at Jupiter
    station.  However they managed to cut that figure to 48 hrs
Schematic    (2 days) working round the clock and taking some short-cuts
    such as drawing power directly from the impulse engines
    rather than the normal connection.  The installation-
    team consisted of at least five men and two women
    (all red stripes).  The firing sequence is to first acquire
    a target lock, then to "charge" the weapon: this step
    apparently includes sending full power to the primary-
    coils, then when the guns are ready and standing by,
    they can be fired by pressing a button located in the
    Armory (much the same way they were originally fired from the Phaser Control Room rather than
    from the Bridge in TOS.)  In their first test, both forward canons were fired.  The weapons seem to be
    self-contained devices rather than emitters for centrally produced "phaser-energy" or such.  However
    the need to fire both together instead of only one in a test might indicate that some of the short cuts
    taken meant that one cannon couldn't work alone at this point. Twin orange beams are emitted, each
    from an aperture below and centered on the dual torpedo ports (on the forward side of the lower saucer).
    An alien device overloaded the phase-modulators causing the blast to be 10 times what was expected.
    A piece of an asteroid the size of Mt. McKinley was vaporized.  However, the plasma recoil blew out
    relays on decks C and D.  Later the canons were intentionally overloaded to provide the same high
    blast yeild.  The plasma recoil from this overload, when added to the damage caused by the first one,
    would have "knocked out" 2 decks.  But Tucker quickly devised a way to absorb the recoil by
    repolarizing the gravity plating and shunted the rest to structural integrity.  Consequently the only
    damage this time was that they blew out the plasma relays on B deck.  This time the canons were
    able to be repaired and back on-line within an hour.  The aft canon was to be up and running about
    a day later.                                       "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    The phase canons can not be fired while at warp.  The particle discharge would destabilize the warp
    field and most likely blow out both nacelles.  Reed is trying to correct this problem.  The canons can
    be fired at impulse however.             "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
    After the attack by the Osaarians in the anomaly, T'Pol reported that phase canons would be up again
    soon but that Reed was still modifying the torpedo guidance systems.
                                                               "Anomaly" [ENT]
    Pulsed phase canons was one of the upgrades Archer recomended after the Xindi mission for the
    NX-class ships.                                "Home" [ENT]

Phase Coupler - In the repairs to the weapons systems, after charging the phase-couplers, all that was
    left was to reset the emitters.              "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Phase Discriminator - A component of the transporter.
    Reed beams up Novakovich from the midst of the windstorm.  He reports "contaminants in the
    matter stream" that the "phase discriminator can't isolate".  Novakovich materialized with leaves
    and leaf-sized pebble-shaped things embedded in his skin.
                                                              "Strange New World" [ENT]
    A phase discriminator was used to find the piece of technology that the Suliban had covertly placed
    on an Enterprise shuttlepod to cause it to ignite the atmosphere of the Paraagan colony.
                                                                "Shockwave" [ENT]

Phase Pistol - A hand-weapon, first used in the field on the Enterprise NX-01.    They have 2 settings,
Phase Pistol    Stun and Kill.  They are a new technical development in this
    era, and presumably a fore-runner of the Phaser.  They must
    have been brought on board prior to the ship's departure, however
    they were'nt issued for the expedition to Rigel.  Presumably the
    EM sidearms they carried on that occasion were judged ineffective
    when pitted against the Suliban particle weapons, or it could be
    that there was still some assembly or tuning of the phase-pistols
    required before they could be issued.  Two of them were available
    however, when Captain Archer and Chief Engineer Commander
    Tucker needed them to infiltrate the Suliban Helix later.
             "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Phase Pistol    While not contradicting Worf's statement about the development of phasers in the
    22nd century,
                              "A Matter of Time" [TNG]
    it does go against the appearance of lasers.
                              "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before" [TOS]

    A phase-pistol is able to detonate flammable street lamp oil which (Riaan
    explains) ignites at "398 degrees".  Archer seems to adjust some controls(?)
    on the right side of the phase-pistol before firing, implying it has more
    than just "stun" and "kill" settings. Phase-pistols fire orange beams.
                               "Civilization" [ENT]

Phase Pistol    This may be the same 'continuous firing' mode used for cutting the
    subterranean tree.
             "Terra Nova" [ENT]
    To see how effective phase pistols fare against certain alien species, please look
    up the references for that particular alien.
    During a hostage situation, the terrorists demand 40 phase pistols from Enterprise;
    Reed points out they only have 15.
            "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]
    Reloading a Phase-Pistol...
Phase PistolPhase Pistol

Phase Pistol

Phlox, Dr.- SEE:  Phlox

Phoenix - The first human vessel to travel at warp speed. Built by Zephram Cochrane and his
    assistant Lily.                                      "First Contact" [ST8]

Phonetic Processor - When the translator wouldn't lock onto Klaang's dialect and the syntax wouldn't
    align, Hoshi suggested that they run what they had through the phonetic processor.
                                                                "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    The phonetic processor had trouble locking onto the Axanar language.  This caused words which
    meant "2 days ago" to be mistranslated as "2 years ago".
                                                               "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Phosphorus - Chemical element found in a liquid form in a class-7 gas giant.
                                                                "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Photonic torpedoes -  Their range is over 50 times greateer than the conventional spatial torpedoes,
    and they have a variable yield.  They can knock the com array off a shuttle pod without scratching
    the hull, or they can put a three-kilometer crater into an asteroid.  The launch tubes had to be
    reconfigured.  With three teams working on it, it was done before they left spacedock.  Once that
    was accomplished, they needed to be integrated into the power grid.
                                                               "The Expanse" [ENT]

Pierce, Jeffrey - male.  Ensign.  Just signed on to Enterprise after the Xindi mission.  He read
    every transcript of every mission and thought he was prepared, and that he knew what to expect.
    He was one of the nine crewmen kidnapped by the Orion Syndicate.
                                                                "Borderland" [ENT]

Pineapple - Malcolm Reed's favorite food.
                                                               "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

"Pink Skin" - What the Andorians call humans.  And in particular, what the Andorian Shran calls Archer.
                                                               "Cease Fire" [ENT]

Piton - SEE: Rock climbing gear.             "The Breach" [ENT]

P'jem -  "A remote outpost on the northern hemisphere" of an unnamed planet, presumably on the border
P'Jem    of Andorian and Vulcan-controlled or -dominated space. P'Jem is "an ancient
    spiritual retreat, a remote sanctuary for Kolinahr and peaceful meditation" and
    "a place of quiet contemplation". It is referred to variously as a
    temple, sanctuary, monastery and retreat.A Vulcan monastery used for the Kolinar.  Among its founders
    nearly 3000 years ago was Master Haadok, whose mummified remains are kept in the Reliquary in the
    catacombs beneath. It is staffed by an order of monks (less than a dozen Vulcan males under the rule of
    an Elder) who live a very simple life, completely devoid of technology, since it is considered a distraction.
    When visiting P'Jem one should not speak to anyone unless spoken to first.  Upon conclusion of a visit, the visitor is
    offered the Stone of J'Kah as a gesture of salutation to take on their journey.  It represents the foundation of all they
    believe - that life has order.  The visitor should accept it, then bow slightly and observe a respectful silence for
    approximately five seconds."  P'Jem is also the sight of first contact between Humans and Andorians. After a commando
    squad of Andorian Imperial Guardsmen occupied P'Jem,  Archer discovered a long-range Vulcan sensor array
    underneath the monastery.  The Vulcans were operating a covert surveilance operation so they could spy on the
    Andorians in violation of treaty.        "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]
    The Andorians gave the Vulcan monks and intelligence operatives three hours warning before "bombarding" and
    destroying the sanctuary at P'Jem.  The Vulcan High Command was displeased and blamed Archer and T'Pol for this
    incident which "destabilized an entire sector".  Ambassador Soval was summoned back to Vulcan for consultation and
    in the meantime, Joint Fleet Operations were to be suspended.
                                                              "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

Plague - SEE:  Terrellian plague

Planetary Classes - SEE: Minshara.

Planetary Nebula - There was an incident 3 weeks prior to the discovery of Archer's comet, when in a
    "planetary nebula", a   Vulcan survey ship   (as T'pol identifies it) didn't answer Enterprise's hails,
    and went to warp.                           "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

Planetesimal - Any of numerous small solid celestial bodies that may have existed at an early stage of the
    development of a stellar system.  There were 17 planetesimals in the asteroid field Enterprise was in.
                                                             "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]

"Plasma bullet" - T'Pol is wounded by a "plasma bullet" meant for Sopek.
                                                             "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

Plasma cannons - After the ship shudders from the Nausicaan attack, Keene orders the ship to "drop out
    of warp" and then prepare the "plasma cannons". (This does not mean that plasma canons only work
    at sublight speeds, as we find out later that the Nausicaans are armed only with plasma canons as well.
    Fortunate's plasma canons knocked out Enterprise's long range sensors.  Getting them back online took
    4 hours.                                             "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Plasma coils - When Reed ordered plasma coils they sent him a box of valve sealant instead.  From the
    dialog, it would seem that plasma coils are part of the weapons systems (possibly needed for plasma
    canons?)                                            "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Plasma conduits - "Scrubbing plasma conduits" is often mentioned as a punishment and an undesirable job.
                                                             "Dead Stop" [ENT]
    Hoshi said that there were plasma conduits running across the ceiling in her quarters and that they
    were noisy.  They may not actually be that noisy since we know from "Broken Bow" that Hoshi
    has more sensitive hearing than most.  Also this may even be an entirely made up complaint since
    Hoshi was showing Archer how to engage the Tellarites in insults at the time.
                                                                "Babel One" [ENT]

Plasma coolant - A shuttlepod is blown by wind shear into a cliff face, damaging it.  Thruster damage
    and a plasma coolant leak caused the landing to be aborted.
                                                               "Strange New World" [ENT]

Plasma exhaust flow - When a Xyrillian ship stations itself in the wake of the Enterprise it constricts
    plasma exhaust flow, and causes numerous malfunctions onboard.  Captain Archer ignited the plasma
    exhaust to reveal their ship.               "Unexpected" [ENT]

Plasma exhaust ports - Tucker is perplexed when he can't find any plasma exhaust ports on the future
    ship.                                                   "Future Tense" [ENT]

Plasma feed - Liana warned Tucker away from a cross-circuited (and hence "live") plasma feed.
                                                               "Oasis" [ENT]

Plasma injector - Ent uses 5 plasma injectors.  One beegan malfunctioning, and they had no spares.
    They can run on 4, but certainly not 3.  Tucker insinuated that running at warp speed with only three
    injectors on line would be quite bad.  The 5 injectors are mounted in a trapezoidal array in a pop-up
    frame behind a vertically-sliding panel in Engineering.  Archer had to go to the Kreetassans to get one
    (they manufacture them -- their components are metallurgically sound and dependable and they are
    compatible with Enterprise's systems).  After lengthy negotiations, including an apology for his dog's
    actions, Archer managed to obtain the replacement plasma injector, plus 2 spares.
                                                              "A Night in Sickbay" [ENT]
    In the Captain's Mess, Tucker glances anxiously at his glass, trembling on the tabletop; he's
    uncomfortable about running the "injectors" at "110%".  T'Pol reminds him they're rated at "120%".
                                                                "Cease Fire" [ENT]
    If three of them are simultaneously overloaded, it could cause a subspace implosion.
    Replacement injectors are kept in Supply Locker C in the upper level of Engineering.
                                                                "Twilight" [ENT]
    Damage from an anomaly included three of the plasma injectors being burned out.
                                                                "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Plasma lightning -  A phenomenon known to occur during plasma storms.  The Enterprise was hit by a bolt
Plasma Lightning    of plasma lightning on the port bow, causing damage to "C-Deck, Subsection Four"
    and causing a power surge in the "impulse relays".
                                    "Cold Front" [ENT]

Plasma network - When Enterprise catches up to the borgified transprot ship, it transmits an activation
    sequence.  The Borg circuitry placed near the plasma regulators earlier comes to life and disrupts the
    Enterprise's plasma network.              "Regeneration" [ENT]

Plasma regulators - The plasma regulators are in Maintenance shaft C, junction 12.  When their
    operation is interfered with by two "borgified" Tarkaleans, the warp field begins to destabilize.
    Later, Tucker finds that they almost overloaded the regulators.
                                                                "Regeneration" [ENT]

Plasma Relays - Mayweather reports the warp field fluctuaating.  Blue arcs suddenly erupt from
    the warp core to the bulkheads; Tucker reports that "half the plasma relays just reversed polarity."
    We see what appear to be electrical discharges from the top of the warp reactor which apparently
    are a result of the malfunction.  Tucker tried to shut off the reactor but it wasn't cooperating.
    When main power went down, Enterprise finally dropped from warp as its nacelles flicker and dim.
                                                               "Anomaly" [ENT]

Plasma residue - Zobral's warp injectors were full of plasma residue which was the reason his craft was
    adrift and in distress.  Zobral confessed to neglecting routine maintenance.  And thanked Enterprise
    for taking time to help him with something so trivial.
                                                                "Desert Crossing" [ENT]

Plasma rifle - Tucker reports that one of the things that the Osaarian raiders took was a case of
    plasma rifles.                                       "Anomaly" [ENT]

Plasma storms - Enterprise encountered a plasma storm while investigating a stellar nursery.  The
    Enterprise had encountered plasma storms on two previous occasions.  Captain Fraddock told them
    to avoid it.  It got to be a bumpy ride and there was plasma lightning.  Plasma storms are a common
    occurance in the vicinity of the Agasoria nebula.
                                                                "Cold Front" [ENT]

Plasma torch - Reed uses a "plasma torch" (silver cylinder, emits pale blue beam) to carve eyes and smiley-
    mouth, then shoves the torch in as a nose for the snowman which Mayweather built.
                                                                 "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

Plasma, warp - SEE: Warp Plasma.

Plasma weapon - The shuttlepod fires orange bursts ("plasma weapons") from two emitters, the rectangular
    features on each side of the nose.         "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

Plating - SEE:  Hull plating

Platinum - The mine foreman wanted a half liter of liquid platinum in trade to see the Xindi miner.
    Since the lining of the ship's antimatter relays are all coated with a platinum-cobalt alloy, Trip was able
    to strip down 200 of them and separate the metals to get a half-liter of liquified platinum.  Liquified
    platinum is volatile above 30 degrees Centigrade.
                                                              "The Xindi" [ENT]

Plomeek - SEE:  Vulcan food

Plume of Agosoria, Great - SEE: Agosoria

Pod - An abbreviated name for a number of small vessels. SEE: Escape-pod;  Inspection-pod ; Lifepod;
    It could also refer to an antimatter storage device - SEE: Antimatter Stoorage Pod.

Pok Tar - SEE:  Vulcan food

Polaric field - SEE: Particles, Polaric/Polaron.

Polarize - SEE:  Hull plating

Polycoccyx astrix - One of the most virulent space dwelling microbes, "Polycoccyx astrix", is found
    inside grains of interstellar dust.  Dr. Phlox once discovered a colony on the hull of a ship.
                                                              "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

Polyduranium - Enterprise encounters a sphere with a portal made of polyduranium - the same material
    as the hull of the Osaarian ship that attacked them earlier.  It is likely the portal was added to the
    sphere by the Osaarian pirates.        "Anomaly" [ENT]

Port - SEE: Umbilical port, Docking port

Portal, Time - SEE:  Time Portal

Porter, ensign - male.  Switched quarters with Hoshi Sato.
                                                              "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Porthos - SEE:  Porthos

Positron flow (stream) - A purple robed humanoid asks about "positron flow in the dilithium matrix".
    Trip answers that a series of "magnetic constrictors" align the "positron stream", with automatic backups
    if any escape.  During testing, both primary and backups were momentarily lost, and "about a billion"
    positrons drilled through three decks, almost causing a hull breach.  A technical fix took a month to
    implement.                                          "Cold Front" [ENT]

Power Cell - Reed directs Archer to use the "power celll" of the "hyperspanner" to fool the mine's
    arming circuit.  It's a clear tube with a red-glowing interior [as seen in a prior ep inside a phase-pistol].
                                                                 "Minefield" [ENT]
    It is the same unit used for power inside a phase-pistol.  SEE:  Reloading a Phase-Pistol

Power couplings - Tucker and Reed had to replace power couplings after the Mazarite ship damaged them.
    The damage was mostly from a direct hit to Engineering, subsection 12 so this might be where the couplings
    were located.                                       "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

Power, Emergency - SEE: Emergency Power.

Power grid - Tucker realigned the main power grid in order to increase the deflector pulse threefold, maybe
    four, but it was going to fry just about every system onboard ship.
                                                                "Zero Hour" [ENT]

Power relay - "Power relay J-37" malfunctioned.  Daniels used a brass knuckle-like device to pass
Power Relay    through the bulkhead to repair the relay.  Relay J-37 is inside the
    bulkhead shown in the picture.
                  "Cold Front" [ENT]
    In August 2151, Trip and Reed spent a couple of hours together, swapping out the
    power relays in the Armory.
                  "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Prah Mantoos (Joseph Hindy) - humanoid who appeared to be the leader of the pilgrim-celebrants
    on their way to see the Great Plume of Agosoria.
                                                               "Cold Front" [ENT]

Preenos - the warlords of Preenos test their courage with a spice called Hajjlaran.
                                                               "Oasis" [ENT]

Prefrontal Cortex - Klaang's prefrontal cortex was hyperstimulated causing his conversation to not make
    any sense.                                          "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Priaxate - Suggested by Dr. Phlox to ease the symptoms of the Valakian illness, at least temporarily.
                                                             "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

Primary Systems - ENT's "primary systems" include warp engines and weapons, but apparently not
    impulse or (some?) sensors.  Some systems can be restored, even without (power from?) the warp
    core: e.g. the transceiver, and torpedo launchers.
                                                                "Anomaly" [ENT]

Prime rib -  Beef roast prepared aboard Enterpriise.
                                                                "Vox Sola" [ENT]
    Prime rib was served on Wednesday nights, and was a favorite of Commander Tucker's.
                                                                "Desert Crossing" [ENT]

Pri'nam - Religious title used by the Triannon.  SEE: Triannon Individuals - D'Jamat.
                                                                "Chosen Realm" [ENT]

Probe, Xindi - A probe fires at Earth creating a path of destruction 4000 kilometers long from Florida
    to Venezuela before it crashes in central Asia.  The death toll reaches 7 million people including
    Commander Tucker‘s younger sister Elizabeth.  Future Guy warns Archer that this was only a test run
    by the Xindi who have discovered Earth will destroy them in 400 years. Another probe is being built
    that will destroy Earth. If they succeed it will contaminate the timeline.  Archer must stop it from
    happening.                                         "The Expanse" [ENT]

Procyon Five - Site of a monumental event in history (ca. 2554) - a significant battle where the
    Federation engages the Sphere-builders and drives them back into their trans-dimensional realm.
                                                              "Azati Prime" [ENT]

Profile Report - According to the Profile Report that Reed read on the Klingons, they sharpen their teeth
    before going into battle.                      "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Protein Resequencer - A device which can be programmed to make various kinds of foods.
                                                             "Oasis" [ENT]

Protocysteine spore - An infection picked up by Trip and T'Pol while at the Rigel X trade complex.
    It was cured by a decon gel supplied by Dr. Phlox.
                                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Protostar - Very young star, still forming out of its nebula.
    Enterprise discovered a protostar that wasn't on the Vulcan starcharts.
                                                              "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Protostar neutron burst - SEE: Agosoria, Great Plume of.
                                                             "Cold Front" [ENT]

Proxima colony - After the incident where a group of Augments captured a Klingon bird of prey and
    killed their crew, a Klingon warship was spotted near Proxima colony.  Admiral Forrest thought that
    they could have been conducting reconnaissance for a future strike on Earth.
                                                              "Borderland" [ENT]

Pulsar grid - A stellar map using pulsars as reference points.  Archer transmitted a pulsar grid to the
    Axanar ship to try to communicate the location of earth.
                                                             "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Pulse rifle, Class 3 - A classification of weaponry.  Ensign Sato is rated on class three pulse rifles.
Pulse Rifle"Cold Front" [ENT]
    The rifle in the picture has been seen and used in Enterprise.
    It is likely this is a pulse rifle.  The rifle fires bolts rather than beams.  The prop
    is a redress of the Jem'Hadar disruptor rifle, which itself had appeared in the
    1st-season DS9 episode "Captive Pursuit;"  Presumably, the Hunters in that episode purchased or
    borrowed the design from the Dominion.

Purging - There are systems on the ship that require 'purging' from time to time to keep them clean
    and operating efficiently.  SEE:  Impulse manifold

Pycan Space Moth - Phlox had heard of a Pycan space moth thaat drifted half a light year trying to
    return to its homeworld... but he doesn't believe it had a name.
                                                                 "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]

Pyrithian Bat - An animal kept in Sickbay by Dr. Phlox.&nnbsp; He won't eat anything once its dead, so
    Dr. Phlox was considering feeding "Sluggo" to it.
                                                            "Fight or Flight" [ENT]
    Dr. Phlox sometimes talks to his bat, much like Archer talks to Porthos.
                                                             "Dear Doctor" [ENT]
    Dr. Phlox allowed Liana to feed his bat.
                                                            "Oasis" [ENT]

Pyritic Radiation - SEE: Particles and Radiation - Pyritic.


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