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Vulcan Ships

The Vulcan Race:
[ Appearance ][ Physiology ][ Homeplanet ][ Culture ][ History ][ Ships ][ Individuals of Note ]

Their Ships:
[ Ancient ships ][ Survey ships ][ Vahklas ][ Maymora ][ Suurok ][ Combat Cruisers ]
[ Flitters ][ Apollo class ]

Ship Building Technology:
Dentarium - Dentarium alloy is used by the Vulcans for building items designed for use in space.
                                                               "Unification, part 1" [TNG]

Pre-Federation Vulcan ships:

Ancient Starship: The Guardian of Forever, the time-travel gateway, displays imagery of past eras
    in its center. During a time when it was being used to view
    the past of the planet Vulcan, the imagery included a starship
    or two - one might surmise the ships were of Vulcan origin
    (or perhaps they could have been the ships used by the
    Romulans when they left the planet).
          "Yesteryear" [TAS]
    -- In TOS "City on the Edge of Forever", the Guardian showed
    images of Earth's past exclusively, so there's every reason to
    believe that on this occasion it was showing Vulcan's past and
    that this is a Vulcan ship (or at least one that played an important
    part in Vulcan history.)

T'Plana - Vulcan starship lost with all hands "about a century ago" - i.e. ca. 2050 - when it couldn't outrun
    the wave front of a Class 5 neutronic storm.
                                                             "Catwalk" [ENT]

Survey Ships:
[ unnamed ship ][ D'Vahl ][ T'Plana-Hath ]

Unnamed survey ship:  (circa: 1957) An elongated ovoid, standard Vulcan-red in color.  It had two engine
    nacelles, ventral and dorsal, with yellow-glowing throats.  To
    each side were two-pronged claw-like features, similar to the
    landing feet on the tri-lobed Vulcan lander from "First Contact".
    Forward of these projected two narrow airfoils, with vent-like
    features at their roots.  The command deck featured at least one
    comfortable seat, but the four crew stood at their  stations, sans
             "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

D'Vahl  (or its shuttle?):  (circa: 1957)   Captain: Tellus
    Another elongated ovoid shape, but more pointed, again red.
    It has two ovoid engine nacelles, aft lateral ventral; each with two
    triangular yellow-glowing features.  Dorsal to the aft hull is a
    third ovoid, raised on a short stalk.  Two rectangular landing feet
    deploy from the fuselage, just forward of the engines.  At the
    ventral midbody there is a downward-pointing spotlight.
    The nose has two narrow, sharply backswept canards.
                   "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

T'plana-Hath: A Vulcan ship began passing through the Sol system at 11:00 AM on a 15 minute survey
    mission.  It had no interest in Earth, which was considered
    too primative to concern themselves with.  This was a
    different design from the types of ship we see later, with
    a different type of writing on the sides (TMP had angular
    lettering similar to Klingon writing, but all the later shows
    and movies have used the curvy "ancient calligraphy" writing
    invented by Mike Okuda).  The ship shown in the movie
    could have been a shuttle or dedicated landing module and
    could have come from a larger ship named the "T'Plana-Hath",
    but secondary sources (namely ST Magazine and Fact Files)
    make it clear that what we saw WAS the entire starship,
    the T'Plana-Hath itself, and not just a shuttle.  This was not
    made clear in the movie, and in fact the name T'Plana-Hath
    wasn't mentioned there at all - it only comes from backstage
    sources.  It has a diameter of approx. 43 meters.
                       "First Contact" [ST8]

    There was an incident 3 weeks prior to the discovery of Archer's comet, when in a "planetary nebula",
    a "survey ship" (as T'pol identifies it) didn't answer Enterprise's hails, and went to warp.
                                                                "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

Vahklas:  An older Civilian transport ship.    Captain: Tavin
    Instead of a complete warp-ring, has two ~90 ring segments, each
    of which flows smoothly into the hull.  The aft edge of each
    segment has 6 blue-glowing clusters.  Atop the aft hull is a
    dorsal bulge, surrounded-forward by a C-shaped ridge.  There's
    a matching ventral bulge, which might have a red-glowing
    feature on it.  The starboard docking shaft extends from the
    "equator", forward of the warp-fin.  Its length is approx. 110 meters.
                "Fusion" [ENT]

Maymora class ship:
    A few years ago, Archer served on a  "Maymora"-class ship, the  "Yahrala", under the command of
    Capt. Tok, which investigated a dark matter nebula.  He helped setup the graviton telescope, and was
    impressed by their Vulcan EV suits.
                                                            "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

Suurok class ship:
        Archer dreaded asking the Vulcan High Command for
        help when his warp drive was damaged in an attack by an
        unknown assailant, imagining that the Vulcans would "oh
        so politely" send a Suurok-class ship to tow Enterprise
        back to base.           "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

    Predominant color: rust-red.
    Primary Hull: The fuselage is extremely long and slender,
        with both a pointed bow and a pointed stern. It is at the
        center of a ring, connected by a tetrahedral ventral hull
        (looks like a triangular fin from the front, but is wide and
        flat at the back).  The hull forward of the fin/ring is a
        long cone; the aft hull is flattened to a horizontal slab, which tapers to a very long, narrow point.
        There might be a rectangular docking bay on the starboard side of the forward hull, just forward
        of the fin; or it might be a shadow.
        Lit ports are spread irregularly around the forward hull.
        There are at least seven decks in the fin: 4 rows of lit ports, a gap, and 3 more.
    Impulse drive:  Spanning the fin's aft root (in the undercut) is a horizontal black row with at least
        6 glowing blue vertical lines.
    Warp drive:  Singular 'hoop' warp engine that surrounds the aft third of the vessel, mounted on a
        ventral 'keel' pylon.  The ring is flat, like a rolled strip of paper; not a torus.  It's rooted just above
        the ventral tip of the fin; at the intersection is a white beacon.  It has a blue glowing line all around
        its leading edge, but no glows inside, outside, or aft.  There's a small round bulge at its dorsal edge
        ("up", "12:00", opposite the fin).  It is capable of traveling up to warp 6.5
    Other features: It is equipped with a tractor beam.
        At 9:00 (starboard), there's a flat rectangular feature, grey, with a blue rectangular light on its aft edge.

Specific Suurok Class Ships:
Name Comments Source
Ni'Var Captained by Sopek. "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]
Ti'Mur under the command of Vanik.  The Ti'Mur observed
Enterprise at Archer's Comet in 2151, where it also
served to relay messages between Sub-Commander
T'Pol and Koss.  The Ti'Mur was launched no later
than 2136, since Vanik took command at that time.
It can travel at warp 6.5
"Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
Nyran This ship was never shown and is only assumed
to be of this class.
Hoshi reported it was approaching at high warp.  Captain Tavek.
"The Seventh" [ENT]

Combat Cruisers:
[ Unnamed Combat Cruiser ][ D'Kyr type Combat Cruiser ][ Future Cruiser ]

Unnamed Combat Cruiser Class:

  Primary Hull - Similar to the Suurok class, however it seems to be
        bigger and somewhat faster.  The other primary difference from the
        Suurok class, is that the main "T-shaped" hull is not symmetrical.
        The wedge shaped bow section being much longer than the stern.
    Propulsion - There appeared to be two definite triangular shaped
        impulse engines under the stern wedge.  The war cruiser has subtly
        altered detail on the ring and the backside of the primary hull, as if
        her propulsion systems were different from those of the Suurok
        class.  For example, The impulse engines glow red from two angular
        orifices, while the previous version had a yellow glow from a series
        of vertical slits.
    Speed - According to dialogue between T'Pol and Archer; the war
        cruiser can manage up to warp 7.
    Size - The visuals show a vessel at least twice as long as the NX-01.
        Since none of the prominent window rows on the forward part of
        the ship are altered, it seems the two versions are of the exact same
        size. Perhaps Vulcans believe in series-produced standard hulls
        that are equipped with customized mission gear (like weapons and
        engines)?  If it is actually a bigger ship than the Suurok class then the windows of the warship have to be larger than
        those of the other vessel, and the decks correspondingly higher (or perhaps a little lower, but windows placed on every
        second deck only).
        That sounds very unlikely from the Real World point of view - but it's more or less standard practice with Trek
        alien spacecraft which are often recycled for use in a wholly different scale than the originally intended one.
    Weapons - The cruiser had what looked like several green colored phase cannons, and is more than a match for 3
        Mazarite ships.                             "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
    Ship Examples:
    Sh'raan -                                          "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
    Shuttles - The cruiser also has a shuttle that looks very similar to the Suurok and cruiser, but is somewhat stubbier in form,
        and is only about 10-35 meters long.  Since a ring engine is visible, it might be capable of warp.


Unnamed Class of Combat Cruiser:   (Delta-ring design) The Vulcan ship is the same red color
      as prior ships.  Instead of a conical hull,it has a flattened
    triangular hull which flares into a horizontal ring, then
    shrinks back to a stubby trapezoidal tail.  This h-ring has a docking port on the
    starboard edge, and several decks of room-lights aft.  Inside the h-ring is a vertical
    warp-engine ring, lined with glowing blue narrow rectangles.  Suspended along the axis
    is a conical structure (something like a smaller Vulcan ship), attached to the forward
    inner edge of the h-ring, but not aft.  This vessel appears to be at least twice as long as
    Enterprise, equalling about 500 to 600m.  The h-ring is about twice the diameter of
    Enterprise's saucer, and accounts for about half the ship's length.
                                                                "Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]
    Crew Complement: 147                      "Impulse" [ENT]
    The vertical ring-nacelle is definitely pivoted, as previous shots of this class would imply.  The
    structure hanging within the horizontal ring appears to be an oversized snail-shuttle.  The Seleya's
    starboard docking port is located at the midpoint of its horizontal ring.  The shuttlepod is about
    one-third the length of the rectangular band at that point; at five meters for the pod, some crude
    photogrammetry puts the ship at least 150 meters long -- with 13-plus decks, probably more.
                                                                 "Impulse" [ENT]

Deck Layout (as seen on the Seleya from "Impulse" [ENT]):
Deck Ship's Facilities
1 Bridge, comm system
6 Sickbay
8 Launch bay (depressurized on the Seleya, probably from an asteroid impact)
9 starboard Docking port (located at the midpoint of the ship's horizontal ring;
4 bulkheads leading to airlock - sealed), bulkhead controls were severed on this deck
?? Auxilliary Control room, access to transmitter and auxilliary transmitter,
Engineering deck
12 & 13 These two decks were decompressed on the Seleya.
14+ They away team encounters a chasm that cuts through at least 5 decks from the
Docking port area
So this class ship must have at least 14 decks.

Specific Ships:
Name Comments Source
D'kyr "Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]
Tal'kyr Disabled by Tholians.  When seen by ENT,
its ring-nacelle is knocked askew (as though
tilted on its lateral mounts): this might be
damage or a variable-geometry.
"Future Tense" [ENT]
2 unnamed ships "Cease Fire" [ENT]
unnamed ship "Bounty" [ENT]
Seleya Capt. Voris, Pulled into the Expanse by a
subspace eddy.  destroyed.
"Impulse" [ENT]
Vaankara This ship wasn't actually seen and is only
assumed to be of this class.
Went into the Expanse to rescue the Seleya
but was lost as well.
"The Expanse" [ENT]
"Impulse" [ENT]

Unnamed Future Class of Cruiser:  (Needle-Tri-ring design) The future Vulcan ship in Daniels'
    31st century database resembles the Suurok-class, with
    a tapered cylindrical hull circled by a ring-nacelle.
    This one has a more slender (or longer) hull, and the ring is trefoil: it touches the hull at
    three points, without the large ventral keel-hull.  Considering its similarity to existing
    classes it shouldn't be too far into Enterprise's future.
                                                             "Future Tense" [ENT]

Unknown Ship types:

Transport - Ambassador Soval   (30 years ago)
                                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]
Transport -                                             "Stigma" [ENT]
Transport -                                             "Future Tense" [ENT]

          + ENT "The Expanse"
          Ambassador Soval
          "Months later" after new timeline formation
          + ENT "Twilight"
          Patrol ship [ 4 ]
          + ENT "The Forge"
          Vulcan patrol ships [ 2 ]
          (tri-fold engine placement)
          + ENT "Awakening"
          Vulcan cruisers [ 2 ]
          + ENT "Awakening"
          Vulcan Suurok Class starship
          + ENT "Awakening"
          Vulcan cruisers [ 12 ]
          Presumably Vulcan Suurok Class
          + ENT "Kir'Shara"
          Vulcan patrol ships [ 4 ]
          (tri-fold engine placement)
          + ENT "Kir'Shara"
          Vulcan scout ships [ 3 ]
          (design similar to Vader's TIE fighter in that other universe)
          + ENT "Kir'Shara"

Federation Era Ships:

Flittercraft: Design of small hovercraft used on Vulcan circa 2237.  We saw a flittercraft flying over the desert.
       "Yesteryear" [TAS]

Transport Ship:
  Apollo Class: A Vulcan Apollo class ship called the T'Pau featured a structure that was somewhat
    circular in shape (and had no other visible nacelles).  Judging
    from the known registries, this is probably a design from the
    early 24th century contemporary with the Ambassador class.
     SEE:  T'Pau
                          "Unification, part 1" [TNG]

Freighter version of Apollo:
Side view of the ship - shown docked at upper pylon of DS9    Lt Commander Michael Eddington was left in charge of DS9 as
    Sisko investigated Kassidy Yates' supply runs into the
    Badlands for the Maquis. The Vulcan freighter was docked
    at the upper pylon of DS9. Eddington loaded it with a
    shipment of Class-4 industrial replicators. He then defected
    to the Maquis appropriating the ship and taking his precious
    cargo with him. The vessel is similar in design to the T'pau
    at the prow but with a considerably larger, curved rear hull in
    the rear, no doubt containing extensive cargo space. It was a
    reuse of the design of the Apollo transport from "Unification" (possibly with the modifications effected
    when the model had been used in another role in "Captive Pursuit").
                            "For the Cause" [DS9]

Freighter -
            "The Chase" [TNG]

Warp Courier Vessel:  Small warp-powered vessel.   It had lots of Vulcanesque writing on the sides
       in addition to the Latin-alphabet scribblings.  The dialogue
    established her as being of Vulcan registry.
    It was used to transport Spock from Vulcan to theEnterprise in 2271.  The vessel
    featured a detachable crew cabin, and bore the name Surak, for the great Vulcan
    philosopher.  The Vulcan shuttle was designed by Andrew Probert and built at
    Magicam.            "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" [ST1]

    USS Intrepid, Constition class, manned by Vulcans; destroyed by 'amoeba' creature.
                                                             "Immunity Syndrome" [TOS]
      (identified as NCC-1631 by wall status display; ST Encyclopedia 2 identifies its registry as NCC-1831)
                                                             "Court Martial" [TOS]

    USS Hera, Nebula class, a regular Starfleet ship mostly Vulcan-manned .
                                                               "Interface" [TNG]

 USS T'Kumbra - Nebula class, Captain Solok,  Vulcan crew.  Stayed over at DS9.
                                                               "Take me out to the Holosuite" [DS9]

    USS Brattain, NCC-21166, Miranda-Class, built by Yoyodyne Division at 40 Eridani-A (Vulcan)
                                                               "Night Terrors" [TNG]

Science Vessels: In DS9, references were regularly made to Vulcan science vessels that surveyed the Gamma quadrant,
    but none of these vessels were actually seen, except perhaps for a brief glimpse of an interior across a comm channel.
T'Pan - Was given docking bay 3 when she requested permission to dock at the station.
                                                                "Business as Usual" [DS9]


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