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Naarg (Kevin Brief) -                             "United" [ENT]

Nacelle - After taking damage to the port nacelle, it is reported to be "depolarized".
                                                            "Fight or Flight" [ENT]
    SEE Also: "Cold Front" [ENT]

Nadet - SEE: Novans; Bernadette Fuller

Nadine -  Girl who was born on the E.C.S. Fortunate.
                                                              "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Naiman - female, a small crewman mentioned that would have no trouble getting throught the crawl
    spaces around the EPS conduits.       "Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]

Namod -  Crewman aboard the Enterprise who Phlox observed eats large quantities of food.
                                                               "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Nasal Numbing Agent - This was given to T'Pol so she would be able to tolerate the smell of humans.
    Dialog indicates she needs to take it on a daily basis.
                                                              "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Natalie - "Natalie from Pensacola" has apparently broken up with Tucker.
                                                            "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Natural selection - A natural process that results in the survival and reproductive success of only the
    individuals or groups best adjusted to their environment, while those less adapted tend to be eliminated.
    The genetic qualities of those best suited to their environment are passed on to succeeding generations.
    The Suliban don't share humanity's patience with the slow pace of natural selection.
                                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Nausicaa - SEE:  Nausicaans

Nausicaans - SEE:  Nausicaans

Naymart, crewman - Dr. Phlox thinks crewman Naymart eats large quantities of food.
                                                              "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Nebula - See:  Arachnid nebulaDark matter nebula .

Neethian cradlefish - A lifeform whose parts remain active when they are sparated from the larger
    creature, much like an earthworm.    "Vox Sola" [ENT]

Neptune - A gas giant planet, eighth in the Sol system.  Neptune is orbited by eight moons and a
    narrow ring system.  Enterprise can traverse the distance from Earth to Neptune and back in six minutes.
                                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Neural implants - When Mayweather comes into sickbay complaining of a headache, Phlox thinks it
    might be related to the neural implants put into him by the repair station.
                                                                "Dead Stop" [ENT], "Singularity" [ENT]

Neural Shock kit - Part of the medical supplies needed by the deuterium facility.  Dr. Phlox remarked
    that he had no idea that deuterium processing was so dangerous.
                                                                "Marauders" [ENT]

Neural Whip - A distinctive Ferengi weapon.  SEE:  Ferengi Neural Whip

Neuroelectric impulses - A Vulcan mind-meld disrupts neuroelectric impulses in the midbrain, which
    leads to the early stages of the disease known as Pa'nar syndrome.
                                                               "Stigma" [ENT]

Neuroleptic compound - Dr. Phlox synthesized a neuroleptic compound designed to keep the crew
    conscious inside the transformed space of the Sphere-builders.  It was only supposed to last 12
    minutes but Phlox exhanced the compound as much as he could but still it wasn't recommended that
    they stay in the space longer than 15 minutes.  It was released into the air supply of the ship.
                                                                "Zero Hour" [ENT]

Neurolytic enzyme - Phlox tells T'Pol that her "neurolytic enzymes" are higher than last month, and
    that the treatment he devised to handle her Pa'nar syndrome is no longer effective: she could very
    possibly die.                                       "Stigma" [ENT]

Neutrino emissions - The Ent handheld sensor units (not called tricorders) can detect neutrino emissions.
    The emissions emanate from 8-m below an antiques shop.  We can only guess at the mechanism whereby
    it might do this since neutrinos are known to pass through miles of matter without any interactions.  It
    has been suggested that force fields could stop neutrinos with higher efficiency than mere matter.  A pity
    the Enterprise has no shields or tractors, which implies a lack of force field technology.  The neutrino
    emissions are taken as evidence that there could be an antimatter reactor  present. I'm unaware of any
    direct matter-antimatter reaction that produces neutrinos... Particle-antiparticle annihilation produce
    gamma rays, but various indirect nuclear reactions that might go on as a result of the main annihilation
    which could contain particles like pi-mesons... These pi-ons would in turn decay to muons, which would
    then decay producing neutrinos.   "Civilization" [ENT]
    Dreadnought is able to deflect its image to another location with a sensor echo, Torres tells Kim to look
    for a surge in neutrino emissions within 100,000 kilometers to find its true location.  Perhaps there was
    an antimatter reactor aboard?              "Dreadnought" [VOY]

Neutron microscope - An invention of Feezal Phlox which she and Trip installed in sickbay during their
    stopover at the Medical Exchange conference at Dekendi III in late 2152.  Its "reflectometer" "collimates
    the neutrons", instead of "amplifying" them.  The operator must screw the "condenser lens" onto the
    "aperture ring" before "remodulating the emitter frequency".  The specimens are on glass slides.  The
    screen enlarges the "protein molecules" to show "a single nucleotide".  (Proteins don't contain nucleotides -
    bad writing strikes again).  Tucker tries to perform a scan in turn, but forgets about the "quantum filters"
    and "aperture", and gets a fuzzy image of the "imaging filament".
    The real world already has devices that can image biomolecules to atomic precision: they're collectively
    called "proximal probe microscopes" (atomic force, scanning probe, etc.)  Feezal's "neutron microscope",
    however, seems to require no special preparation of the sample; it might even observe living biochemistry.
    Electron microscopes take advantage of the fact that the deBroglie wavelength of the electron-as-wave is
    shorter than that of optical photons; neutrons, being 1800 times as massive, would be even more precise --
    if, being electrically neutral, they could be focused.
                                                             "Stigma" [ENT]

Neutron star - Stellar body that has been gravitationally contracted to the point where its density is
    that of nuclear material.  A very unusual triplet of neutron stars was detected by Enterprise.
                                                             "Civilization" [ENT]

Neutronic Storm - On Sept. 18, 2152, the Enterprise facced its first neutronic storm front. It spanned
    more than half a dozen light years and was traveling at high warp (they would have needed about
    warp 7 to outrun it).  Reinforcing structural intensity was enough to allow the NX-01 to weather the
    storm without too much trouble, but the storm was saturated with radiolytic isotopes that could kill
    the crew within 3 minutes.  The crew took refuge in the catwalks of one of the Nacelles, which are
    sheilded by an osmium alloy.  The alloy's absorption depth of 20,000 particles per micron was enough
    to shield the crew.  The T'Plana, a Vulcan ship, was caught in a class 5 neutronic storm over a century
    ago. All souls aboard were lost.  The E.S.C. Horizon (Travis' Father's Cargo Freighter) was in a class 3
    neutronic wave front and were held up in the ships core for 6 weeks.  They managed to suffer through
    it, even when they lost gravity plating and life support.
                                                              "The Catwalk" [ENT]
    Voyager encountered a class 9 wavefront.  The Borg classify it as: 34792 particle density anomaly.
    This particular storm had a breadth of 3.6 light years, and the neutronic gradient increased at its trailing-
    edge.  It disrupted plasma flow, and inhibited warp.  Its velocity was 200,000 kps.
                                                             "Fair Haven" [VOY]

New Berlin - An early (possibly the first) off-world colony established by Earth on the moon.
                                                             "Terra Nova" [ENT]

Niaxilin - A dose of Niaxilin will help to separate the "combatants" during  Denobulan  mating.
                                                            "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

Niburon colonies - One of the places outside of Tandaran space that the escapees from Detention
    complex 26 were considering going to.  Danik knew some people there.
                                                             "Detained" [ENT]

Nicky Jorjo - A mechanic who dressed a wound to Carmine's leg.  Alicia said he should stick to cars.
                                                              "Storm Front, part 2" [ENT]

"Night of the Killer Androids" - movie shown on Enterprise and seen by Mayweather and Reed.
    Both of whom agree that was "two hours" they want back.
                                                             "Cold Front" [ENT]

Nijil (J. Michael Flynn) -                     "United" [ENT], "The Aenar" [ENT]

Nitrogen Narcosis - Condition that arose because of a mallfunction in Trip's EV pack.
                                                             "Strange New World" [ENT]

Nitrogen sulfide - A radical compound, composed of one nitrogen and one sulfur atom.
    Enterprise explored an allegedly inhabited planet a few lightyears from Qo'noS with a nitrogen-sulfide
    atmosphere in 2151.  Hoshi implied that because of the atmosphere the inhabitants would be
    non-humanoid.                                  "Broken Bow" [ENT]

NOMAD - In 2002,  Earth launched Nomad, the first interstellar probe charged with seeking out new
    life forms.  Nomad was built by the brilliant but erratic Jackson Roykirk, who's goal was to build the
    perfect thinking machine capable of independent logic.  Nomad is later presumed destroyed in a
    meteor collision.  Actually it collided with the alien probe Tan Ru.  The damaged Nomad/Tan Ru
    combination became a deadly weapon seeking to destroy any imperfect life.
                                                              "The Changeling" [TOS]
    A model of the NOMAD probe was seen in Mayweather's quarters.
                                                               "Dead Stop" [ENT]

Norellus - Location of a deuterium station where Archer met a chemist named B'Rat Ud who offered
    to sell the formula for synthesizing Trellium-D to Enterprise.
                                                               "Raijin" [ENT]

North Star - The name of a freighter which suffered an unspecified disaster that is apparently well
    known among boomers.  Matthew Ryan of the Fortunate was one of the survivors.  His parents were
    lost however.                                    "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Novakovich, Crewman Ethan (Henri Lubatti) - Human male. (brun, blue, 2 pips) Friend of
crewman Novakovichcrewman Cutler .  He was the first of the landing party to succumb to the
    psychotropic effects of the native flora on
    Strange New World, probably due to the fact that he picked a pair of yellow flowers and inhaled
    deeply early into the mission to explore the planet.  After a storm forced them to seek shelter in a
    cave, he began to shiver, then hear voices. He became paranoid and ran out into the storm.  Reed
    beamed up Novakovich from the midst of the windstorm, but because of contaminants in the
    matter-stream Novakovich materialized with leaves and other material embedded in his skin.  He
    nearly died in sickbay when it was realized that there was a previously undetected toxin from the
    planet in his system.  But luckily he did recover.
                                                              "Strange New World" [ENT]

Novans - SEE:  Novans .

Nutripacks (Also spelled "Nutri-pak") - A food source that freighter crews often revert to when
    fresh food is not available.  Both Fortunate and Horizon kids refer to them as "Mystery Meals".
    Apparently, families can use them in very creative cooking.
                                                               "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Nuvian - There are over 200 registered Nuvian masseuses on Risa.
                                                                "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
    A merchant offered to sell a Nuvian concubine to Archer claiming that she was quite skilled.  Archer
    declined the offer.                                "Raijin" [ENT]

NX-Alpha - The NX-Alpha resembles Cochrane's _Phoenix_: the same conical command pod,
    cylindrical fuselage, cylindrical nacelles on narrow tapered pylons set in a horizontal plane like wings.
    The nacelles extend past the end of the fuselage, and seem to have white-glowing aft engine exhausts
    (there's no glow on the fuselage).  They have conical red bussard collector-like things.  The pylons
    fold at three points, Navy-style, so that the ship fits into its hanger.  This implies a mastery of
    magnetic (and presumably vacuum) seals for the (segmented) warp plasma conduits.  The NX-Alpha's
    engine (designed by Archer's late father) suffers from "intermix" problems, so presumably uses
    antimatter.  When the ride gets rough past warp 2, there seems to be a bow shock at the ship's nose;
    but on close inspection, there's a translucent ellipsoidal envelope around the ship, rippling at the edges.
    When the ship breaks up, there's a brief orange fireball (fuel? antimatter?); it breaks into four large pieces
    (nose, fuselage, nacelles/pylons) and smaller debris.  Aboard the NX-Alpha and -Beta, Robinson and
    Archer wear 20th century-like orange pressure suits and helmets.  The ship rides a carriage (supported
    by a blue antigrav(?) glow) out of the hangar, directly onto a catapult track, which turns upward at the
    end.                                                  "First Flight" [ENT]

NX-Beta - Another warp 2 test craft virtually identical to the NX-Alpha.
                                                             "First Flight" [ENT]

NX-Delta - One year and eight months after the destruction of the NX-Alpha, Duval attained warp 3 in
    this ship.                                          "First Flight" [ENT]

NX class - Enterprise is an "NX-class starship";  Travis claims that three more "NX-class" ships like
    Enterprise are "on the drawing boards".
                                                              "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

NX-02  -  The NX-02 will be ready for launch in 14 months (ca: early to mid 2154).  It will be exactly
    the same as the NX-01 once her retrofit is completed.
                                                               "The Expanse" [ENT]
    It is to be named Columbia.                "E2" [ENT]


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