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The Triannons are near-human, with a bit of nose-ridge.

Triannon is 6.3 light years from the "twelfth" sphere.  Triannon is in the Muratas star cluster .

Religion -
They are unfamiliar with the Xindi, or other races; their main interest in space travel is to venerate the
Spheres in the "Chosen Realm," (what they call the Expanse) and to contact their "Makers" through
prayer and meditation.  The anomalies are considered "the Makers' breath."  They hold that thousands
of Spheres exist.  They believe that the Makers created the Spheres 1000 years ago, to reshape the
Chosen Realm into a paradise for their return.
Sects and Rankings -
There are, however, two sects which are divided over a doctrinal dispute as to whether the Realm was
created in nine days (D'Jamat's sect) or whether it was created in ten (the belief of the "Heretics".)
D'Jamat's sect have red markings on the right side of the face; the single Heretic we see has grey on the left.
The red marking consists of a long vertical line with arrowheads, with zero one or two (space for three)
shorter vertical strokes alongside.  These shorter marks are possibly Rank markings indicating a level of
attainment within their religious order, since Indava has none,  Yarrick one, and D'Jamat two.
D'Jamat has the religious title of Pri'nam.

ca. 1 year ago:
D'Jamat's group left their homeworld on a pilgrammage to the "twelfth" sphere.

ca. 8 months ago:
An all-out war occurred some time after they left.  Both sides were decimated, no major cities remained,
    millions are dead.

ca. 7 months ago:
D'Jamat's group had been hanging around the Sphere for around seven months.

D'Jamat's group hijack the Enterprise and try to take it back to their homeworld to use as a weapon
against the "heretics".

Triannon ships are gold in color, and fire yellow beams.  They're vertical in orientation, with a
quarter-circle "keel" comprising most of the ship, topped with a shallow ellipsoidal hull, and flanked
by two cylindrical engine-pods.  There's a pair of small fins at the ventral extreme of the keel, and
one vertical fin on each pod.
          Pri'Nam D'Jamat
          Destroyed by Enterprise under D'Jamat
                                                         "Chosen Realm" [ENT]
          Ship [ 2 ]
                                                         "Chosen Realm" [ENT]
          Destroyed by Enterprise under D'Jamat
                                                         "Chosen Realm" [ENT]
          Disabled by Enterprise under D'Jamat
                                                         "Chosen Realm" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Ceris (Gregory Wagrowski) -

D'Jamat (Conor O'Farrell) - Pri'nam.  Served in the "Holy Regiments".

Indava (Lindsey Stoddart) - Yarrick's pregnant wife.  She went to Phlox.

Jareb (Taylor Sheridan) -

Lyaal - Archer knocked out Lyaal, and scanned him, so that Phlox could synthesize the counteragent.

Nalbis (David Youse) -

unnamed "Heretic" (Matt Huhn) -

Yarrick (Vince Grant) -

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