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Archer meets an alien named Garos on the Akaali homeworld who claims to be a Malurian.
    The following information is based on the assumption that he was and is a representative of the Malurian race:

Appearance - Archer stuns an alien and peels off a mask to reveal bumpy grey reptilian skin.

Language - The alien GUIs have a black background with yellow, grey-green, and blue graphics.  The text consists
        of letters with a predominantly triangular form (horizontals, verticals, 60-degree diagonals, but no curves or diacritical
        dots), and is written in horizontal lines. Three font sizes are visible.  Archer does *not* intuitively understand the alien
        symbology of the controls, and can't decide which button shuts off the "dampening field" around the shop: blue or
        yellow?  Yet Archer didn't seem to have a problem with the combinations on the Malurian remote control for the doors.

<>Ship - The alien ship has shields.  The alien ship is larger than the Ent.  It is basically ovoid, with a vertical gap at the
        nose (surrounded by two pontoon-like lateral flanges that meet at the bow) and a horizontal gap in the tail (with a
        flattish narrow dorsal "tail").  Its shields flare green when hit by weapons fire.
Shuttle - Archer and Riaan see a large alien shuttlecraft, which hovers (probably antigravs, as there is no sign of thruster
        wash).  It uses a green-tinged tractor beam to fetch several large crates into a ventral hatch.
Transporter - the alien transporter effect consists of waving swirls of white against a glow that shades from purple
        (at the center) to yellow (at the edges).  The aliens have bio-capable transport; (Garos and his two cronies beam out.)
Weapons - The alien hand weapons fire yellow beams.
                                                              "Civilization" [ENT]

History - The Malurian planet of 4 billion inhabitants was destroyed in 2267 by the malfunctioning Nomad space probe.
    The Malurians were being studied by a Federation Science team headed by Dr. Manway at the time.
                                                              "The Changeling" [TOS]

Individuals of Note:
    SEE:  Garos .

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