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Cabal- An organization among the Suliban who are participating in the temporal cold war.
                                                             "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Cabin  - Housing quarters aboard Enterprise.  The two-man cabins have stacked bunk beds with blue sheets
    and a locker against the opposite wall.
                                                              "Cold Front" [ENT]

Cabin E-14 -  Quarters where Daniels and Taylor stayed.  After it is discovered that Daniels had been
     from the future and was killed, Archer orders Taylor to be
    assigned new quarters and the cabin is sealed.  "Who knows
    what else is in there?"  Reed seals the cabin with a drum-
    shaped device, which clamps over the handle.  Its face has
    several blinking red lights.
            "Cold Front" [ENT]

Calcite -  Common crystalline form of calcium carbonate.  A group of Denobulans on Xantoras studied
    various formations of calcite, aragonite, and botryoidal flowstone.
                                                                "The Breach" [ENT]

Calindra System - Uninhabited system with a G type star.  It has 6 planets and over 100 moons.  The
    system contains heavy debris due to the systems tests of the upgraded prototype Xindi weapon/probe
    which were done there.  Archer compared it to Bikini Atol... a proving ground for Earth's nuclear
    weapons.                                           "The Shipment" [ENT], "Strategem" [ENT]

Calla - SEE: Vissian individuals, Calla

Calrissian Chameleon - Phlox transplanted the pituitary gland from a Calrissian Chameleon into
    Porthos to save the dog's life.  He had to alter its DNA to avoid rejection.  The chameleon secretes a
    rare toxin, useful in treating respiratory infections, and it was his last one.
                                                            "A Night in Sickbay" [ENT]

Camomile tea - Drink made from camomile leaves and flowers.  T'Pol occasionally drank camomile tea.
                                                            "Fusion" [ENT]

Canamar - SEE: Enolian planets, Canamar.

Cancun -  Tucker said that when he got back to Earth, he was going to lay on a different beach every week
    for two months, but that he couldn't decide whether to start with Tahiti or Cancun.
                                                              "Storm Front, part 1" [ENT]

Canton, Ohio - City on Earth that had the largest ball of string at over six meters in diameter.
                                                            "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Captain's mess - The private dining room for the commanding officer of a starship and invited guests.
Captain's Mess facing Door    The captain's mess aboard Enterprise has a table for four,
    though it can seat six if necessary.
              "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    On board Voyager, the captain's private dining room is in Cabin 125 Alpha, deck 2;
    Neelix converted it to a galley for the crew in order to conserve replicator power.
               "The Phage" [VOY]
Captain's Mess facing window

Carbonated water - Effervescent water, usually containing salts, charged under pressure with purified
    carbon dioxide gas.  T'Pol drank some at breakfast.
                                                              "Unexpected" [ENT]

Carbon Creek -  Small mining town in Pennsylvania on Earth.  Site of the true Earth-Vulcan first contact.
    A Vulcan ship crashed approximately six kilometers away from Carbon Creek after observing the launch
    of Sputnik in 1957.  The survivors of the crash went to the town after they ran out of rations, and
    resided there until their distress call was answered.   Mestral, one of the Vulcans, stayed in Carbon Creek
    to study the humans.                          "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

Cardio-stimulator - A piece of medical equipment.  Part of the medical supplies that the deuterium
    facility wanted.  Phlox remarked that he didn't know processing deuterium was such a dangerous
    business.                                              "Marauders" [ENT]
    Dr. McCoy used a cardio-stimulator on Sarek to revive the ambassador allowing him to continue
    with a life-saving heart operation.       "Journey to Babel" [ENT]

Cargo Bays - SEE: Cargo Bays.

Carlos (Ricky Luna) - A student in Ensign Sato's alien language class at Amazon University in 2151.
    Carlos had difficulties with some of the pronunciation of an alien language.
                                                             "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Carlsbad Caverns -  T'Pol visited the caverns during her leave while working at the Vulcan consulate in
    California.                                          "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

Carmine (Steve Schrripa) - loan shark turned freedom fighter in 1944, Nazi occupied New York.
                                                                "Storm Front, part 1" [ENT]

Caroline -  Ex-girlfriend of Captain Archer who moved to New Berlin.  It deeply disappointed Archer.
                                                              "First Flight" [ENT]

Carpenter street - Area in Detroit where a group of time-traveling Xindi were gathering information
    to construct a bioweapon.  They were stopped by Archer and T'Pol.
    There is a Carpenter street in real life...  The actual street itself is very narrow, about three feet above
    the ground, with a thin small wire fence as a railing on one side.  Both sides are strewn with construction
    debris.  The other side has no railing.  No one drives down there if they can help it.  There is a hospital
    on this street.  It has no emergency room.  It has a big sign saying do not bring emergencies here.
    (What is a hospital doing without an emergency room?)  There are urban legends surrounding this area...
    you will hear that there are all sorts of secret projects going on in the hospital, and that the patients
    that get treated there end up as science projects.  Also that the debris and bad conditions are just to
    keep the curious and others at bay.  "Carpenter Street" [ENT]

Casey -  A General in Earth's military who sent the MACO to their mission in the Delphic Expanse
    aboard the Enterprise.                      "The Expanse" [ENT]
    After his return from the Expanse in 2154, Archer spoke to him about assigning an entire squad to
    Enterprise and suggested that Captain Erika Hernandez do the same for Columbia.
                                                                "Home" [ENT]

Cassidy, Hopalong -  Famous western character from early 20th century movies.  Trip imagined he was
    alongside Cassidy when his consciousness was taken by the wisps.
                                                                "The Crossing" [ENT]

Catelin - One of Reed's old romances.  He dictated a letter to her when he thought he might be dying.
                                                             "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]

Catfish - Type of Earth fish.  Pan-fried catfish is Commander Tucker's favorite food.
                                                             "Unexpected" [ENT]

Catwalk - The maintenance shaft running the length of each Nacelle.  They are heavily shielded
    with an Osmium alloy with an absorption depth of 20,000 particles per micron.  Although it was
    a tight squeeze, it was able to shield the entire crew of 83 from a class 5 neutronic storm.  When
    the warp coils are online, temperatures inside the catwalk go up to about 300, so they had to shut
    down the main reactor.  A temporary command station was set up in one of the compartments.
    Movie night was held in compartment #5... the movie was shown on a monitor.  Originally Phlox
    was only allotted 15 cubic meters for medical supplies, but after speaking with T'Pol, she upgraded
    it to 20.                                             "The Catwalk" [ENT]
    The process of repolarizing the warp coils is done from inside the catwalk.  It is reinforced with
    an Osmium Alloy which Travis thinks was able to keep a non-corporeal alien from entering it.
    Access to the catwalks is by climbing up through the associated pylon/strut for that particular
    nacelle.  There are a sequence of two ventral hatches (with a small space, like an airlock, between)
    which can be sealed from the inside.  The ventillation to the catwalks can also be closed off from the
    rest of the ship if necessary.            "The Crossing" [ENT]

Central Security - Peacekeeping force at the Rigel X trading complex.  Central Security had no record of
    Klaang's visit in 2151, but was able to direct T'Pol to the location of a Klingon enclave in the complex.
                                                             "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Ceti Alpha V - In an alternate future in which the Xindi deployed their weapon and destroyed Earth,
    they were hunting down all the humans.  Ceti Alpha V was a planet, barely Minshara-class, that the
    last 6000 members of human race fled to and formed a settlement in an effort to escape the Xindi
    since it was far from the Delphic Expanse.  The colony's location was kept secret for a great deal of
    time, but a Yridian discovered it by tailing Doctor Phlox, allowing the Xindi to attack.
                                                              "Twilight" [ENT]
    In 2267, Ceti Alpha V was habitable, although a bit savage, and somewhat inhospitable.  Yet no
    more so than Australia's Botany Bay colony was at the beginning.  Khan and his followers were
    marooned there by Kirk.                    "Space Seed" [TOS]
    Ceti Alpha VI exploded six months after Khan and his people were left there. The shock shifted
    the orbit of Ceti Alpha V and everything was laid waste.  It became a desert-like world, dominated
    by kraylon gas and high-velocity winds.  The planet's only remaining indigenous lifeform was an
    eel whose young would enter through the ears and wrap themselves around the cerebral cortex
    which had the effect of making their victim extremely susceptible to suggestion.  Later as they grow
    follows madness, paralysis, and death.  In 2285, the USS Reliant visited the planet as part of
    Project Genesis. Mistaking it for Ceti Alpha VI, Captain Clark Terrell and XO Commander Pavel
    Chekov beamed down to the surface, only to be taken prisoner by Khan and his surviving followers.
    Khan then hijacked the Reliant, and stranded its crew on the planet's surface. The crew were later
    recovered by the USS Enterprise.       "The Wrath of Khan" [ST2]

Chameleon - SEE:  Calrissian Chameleon

Chang (Daniel Dae Kim) - Corporal MACO.  male.
    He ate lunch in the mess hall with Major Hayes, Sergeant Kemper, and Corporal
    Romero.  He was one of the volunteers for the mission to rescue
    Jonathan Archer, Charles Tucker, and Kessick from the trellium
    mine.                   "The Xindi" [ENT]
    He was wounded attempting to rescue the away team who had been altered by
    a mutagenic virus.
                               "Extinction" [ENT]
                               "Hatchery" [ENT]

"Charles" - SEE:  Vissian cogenitor.

Charlie -  Helmsman on the ECS Horizon, who has problems making the transition to Warp.
                                                                    "Horizon" [ENT]

"Chef" - The nickname of  Enterprise's mess officer.  Travis claims Ent's chef is the best in Starfleet,
Chef    and that Archer had to call in a lot of favors to get him.
                                            "Fortunate Son" [ENT]
    Hoshi says he keeps his kitchen locked up tight presumably to
    keep people from cooking their own food.
                                             "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    When approaching a singularity giving off an unknown radiation,
    chef took ill and Sato had to take over the galley for a couple of
    days.                                "Singularity" [ENT]
    Chef prepared his famous eggs benedict for a breakfast that
    Archer had with Reed.      "Minefield" [ENT]
    While forced to temporarily relocate to the cramped catwalk, in September, Chef continued to serve
    his role as ship's cook. His meal of choice, at the time, was pot roast, a dish he served three times in
    three days, much to Malcolm Reeds discomfort.
     Chef was a character that was never seen, nor heard, with exception of the purposely
     cropped shot of the character that appeared in "The Catwalk". Some fans have joked
     that the reason we have never seen Chef is because he looks a lot like William Shatner.
                                                                 "The Catwalk" [ENT]
    In February 2154, Chef was the only person to complain at how long it took the damage to ship's
    galley to be repaired after the attack at Azati Prime.
                                                                  "Countdown" [ENT]
    Chef was the closest thing the ship had to a counselor.  Almost everybody confided in him.  For
    this reason Commander Riker took on the role of Chef when he was playing a holoprogram about
    Enterprise.                                           "These are the Voyages" [ENT]

Chess -  Reed is the ship's champion.  He wins all the tournaments.  While inhabiting his and Mayweather's
    bodies, the Organians were playing a few games of chess.  They thought that it wasn't a very difficult
    game and very predictable since it only had 32 pieces and 64 squares which limited the number of
    outcomes of the game to 10 to the 123rd power.
                                                              "Observer Effect" [ENT]

Chicken marsala - Chicken cooked with veal marsala.  Tavin asked Captain Archer for the recipe for
    chicken marsala.                                  "Fusion" [ENT]

Chicken tetrazzini - Chicken prepared with mushrooms in a cream sauce served over pasta and topped
    with cheese.  Chicken tetrazzini was one of the dishes served aboard Enterprise.
                                                              "Unexpected" [ENT]

Chinese food - Variety of nourishment originating in China, on Earth.  Doctor Phlox enjoys Chinese food,
    especially egg drop soup.                   "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Chloraxine - A toxic chemical substance.  One of the Axanar was killed by a lethal dose of chloraxine.
                                                             "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Chopsticks - T'Pol experimented with using chopsticks.  Trip, making a joke, called it "dinner and a show".
                                                             "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

"Chosen Realm" - What the Triannons call the Expanse.  SEE: Expanse, Triannon Religion.
                                                               "Chosen Realm" [ENT]

Churchill, Winston - In an alternate timeline of 1944 Earth, Churchill was heard on the radio saying,
    "As to the youth of all the Britons, I say, you cannot stop.  There is no halting-place at this point.
    We have now reached a point in the journey where there can be no pause.  We must go on.  It
    must be world anarchy or world order."
                                                                "Storm Front, part 1" [ENT]

Clarke's Disease - Henry archer suffered from this disease that could have been cured by genetic engineering.
    His final years were marked by extreme pain.
                                                                "Borderland" [ENT]

Class - Various types of phenomena can be divided into classes.
    SEE for example:  Black holes , Gas giants , Planets , Supernovae.

Claustrophobia - An abnormal fear of being in an enclosed or confined place.  Ensign Sato experiences
    claustrophobia in environmental suits.  "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Clement, HMS - ca. 2090   Malcolm Reed's Great Uncle dies when the HMS Clement, a nuclear submarine,
    is sunk after striking an undersea mine.   It had been traveling on a patrol beneath the ice cap when
    this event occurred.  To save the crew, he had locked himself in the engine room and kept the reactor
    from melting down, while the rest escaped.   This story had a great affect on Malcolm, even though it
    seems unlikely he was alive when the events took place.
                                                                "Minefield" [ENT]

"Climber's Code" -  Anything that happens on the mountain stays there.
                                                                    "Home" [ENT]

Clinton, Ensign Joshua (Steve Folger) -  "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Cloaking barrier - The region surrounding a sphere which hides it from external detection.
    The Triannons noticed Enterprise's shuttlepod emerging from the cloaking barrier.
                                                               "Chosen Realm" [ENT]
    Sphere 41 wasn't supposed to show up on sensors because of the cloaking barrier but Enterprise
    was able to see it from far away because of the transformed space around it.
                                                                "Zero Hour" [ENT]

Coalition of Planets - An alliance of multiple planets which met in San Francisco, Earth.  They sought to
    strengthen their bonds of friendship, and to render the peace that already existed among them permanent.
    It would help foster the ongoing exploration of the galaxy.  One of their goals was the drafting of a charter
    in six weeks.
                                                                "Demons" [ENT]

Coaxial port - A component of the Suliban docking interface, initialized after releasing the inertial clamps.
                                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Cobalt - The antimatter relays contain a platinum-cobalt alloy.
                                                               "The Xindi" [ENT]

Cochrane, Doctor Zephram (James Cromwell; Glenn Corbett in "Metamorphosis" (TOS) ) -
SEE: Individuals - Zephram Cochrane.   SEE Also:  Mirror-Cochrane.

Cochrane - A measurement of field variance.  When Tucker heard that his engines on the NX-01 had
    a field variance of 87 millicochranes, he remarked that somebody hadn't been taking care of his
    engines.                                               "Divergence" [ENT]
    Phlox used the power of the warp engines to create a highly focused antiproton beam to eradicate
    extra-dimensional parasites that had infected Captain Archer.  It took 850 millicochranes to eliminate
    one cluster of them.  A subspace implosion was used to eliminate the rest.
                                                                "Twilight" [ENT]
    The procedure for restarting the warp reactor in the database says that the output should be confined
    to within 300 and 312 millicochranes to prevent fusion of the dilithium matrix.
                                                                "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]
    A warp engine rating.  The shuttlecraft Riker and Soren were using had two 1250 millicochrane
    warp engines.                                      "The Outcast" [TNG]
    A measure of warp field stress.  Geordi created a new plasma-dyne relay that could withstand over
    500 cochranes of warp field stress.  (It's possible that cochranes are an indirect measurement of the
    quantum efficiency of a warp core since the plasma-dyne relay was intended to impove this)
                                                                "Journey's End" [TNG]
    A subspace tensor matrix is measured in cochranes.  The Defiant had to generate one in the 35000 to
    30000 cochrane range for their artificial wormhole experiments.
                                                                 "Rejoined" [DS9]
    A measure of the matter-antimatter reaction.  The Borg modifications to Voyager caused the anti-
    matter reaction to incorrectly reinitialize at a value of 22 cochranes and rising.
                                                                 "The Gift" [VOY]

Cochrane distortion  - A fluctuation in the phase of the subspace field that manifests as a sort of
    "popping" sound in unfiltered scans of subspace radio transmissions.  All warp engines generate
    this kind of subspace interference.  Riker used it to send a messge to Enterprise that they would
    recognize but that the Ferengi would dismiss as static.
                                                                "Menage a Troi" [TNG]

Cochrane Equation - Mathematical expression which describes how to create a stable warp field.
    In the Expanse, warp fields were disrupted by anomalies and creating one became almost impossible
    because the laws of physics didn't cooperate there.  In Tucker's words, the Cochrane Equation was no
    longer constant, because every time he tried to compensate for the problem of the quantum variables
    the spatial gradients got thrown out of whack.
                                                                "Anomaly" [ENT]

Cochrane Medal of Excellence -  An award for outstanding advances in warp theory.  In an alternate
    timeline where Harry Kim was a starship design specialist he was awarded this medal.
                                                                "Non Sequitur" [VOY]
    Chakotay thought they might get nominated for the medal for the Quantum slipstream drive.
                                                                 "Timeless" [VOY]

Coffee - Beverage made from dried, roasted, and ground beans of various shrubs and trees.  Captain Archer
    offered D'Marr ten kilos of coffee in exchange for the location of some needed engineering materials.
                                                              "Oasis" [ENT]

Cogenitor - What the Vissians call their third gender.
                                                               "Cogenitor" [ENT]

Cold - As of 2151, there is no cure for the common cold.  Reed caught one while aboard ship.
                                                                "Sleeping Dogs" [ENT]

Cold Station 12 - Also called C-12, it is a medical facility run by Starfleet and the Denobulans.  Highly
    virulent diseases are stockpiled there for research purposes.  The genetically engineered embryos
    left over from the Eugenics Wars were stored there.  When Dr. Arik Soong worked there he stole
    19 of the embryos.  After the Xindi incident, Dr. Jeremy Lucas was transferred there as the new
    Senior Medical Director.                       "Cold Station 12" [ENT]

Cole - Ensign.                                    "The Crossing" [ENT]

Cole, Amanda (Noa Tishby) - MACO corporal, female.  From Florida, She grew up in the same
    area as Tucker - went to a school rivaling his and even frequented the same
    cinemas.  Her original hometown was destroyed in the Xindi attack
    but fortunately her family had moved north a few years before.   She
    held the team record for sharp shooting.  Trip had been having
    neuro-pressure sessions with her but one of these gave her a headache,
    so she had to have neuropressure with T'Pol to correct the damage.
    She sparred with Cmdr. Tucker during a training session which distracts
    T'Pol.                                "Harbinger" [ENT]
    In an alternate timeline where Enterprise was stranded in 2037, Amanda
    had nine children with Doctor Phlox; and many of the crew were her
    descendants.                      "E2" [ENT]

Collins (Kate McNeil) - female Commander (listed as Lieutennant in credits).  She was the represtative
    of Starfleet Security investigating Doctor Phlox's kidnapping.
                                                              "Affliction" [ENT]

Colonization - Early colonization attempts by humans include New Berlin on the moon, Utopia Plenitia
    on Mars, and a few asteroid colonies;  Not all attempts were successful, e.g. the "lost" colony of
    Terra Nova.                                       "Terra Nova" [ENT]

Columbia -
    In the wake of the destruction of the US Space Shuttle Columbia on 1 February 2003, an opening screen
    was added to the episode "Stigma" (first air date 5 February 2003), which read "In memory of the
    Columbia crew...You will always be an inspiration."
                                                                "Stigma" [ENT]
    Further, just as the original US Space Shuttle prototype (which never reached space) was named
    "Enterprise" after the ship in  TOS, so it was revealed that the second Starfleet prototype ship
    (designation NX-02) was  named in honor of the "second" Space Shuttle (actually the first to reach
    space), Columbia.                              "The Expanse" [ENT]
    Although the initial glimpses of NX-02 were of an incomplete  ship in dry dock, she was seen more
    extensively in a story arc in season 4.
    The second NX-class ship.  The NX-02 is named Columbia.
                                                               "E2" [ENT]
    It was launched in 2154 and is different from Enterprise NX-01 in a couple of details, most oviously
    it has a more angular deflector dish.   "Affliction" [ENT]
    The "SS Columbia" was mentioned.
                                                              "The Cage" [TOS]
    A scout ship "USS Columbia" (designation NCC-621) appears briefly.
                                                               "The Motion Picture" [ST1]

Com - Short for Communication-.  Also abbreviated: "Comm".

Com link - Hoshi wanted to stay behind and maintain an open com link so she could have instant
    access to the linguistic database.        "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Com log - After Mayweather's apparent death, Archer orders the com logs examined.
                                                               "Dead Stop" [ENT]

Com Mode HB88 - The means used by Archer to secretly send a text message to Dr. Phlox's
    computer terminal in sickbay.            "Chosen Realm" [ENT]

Com panel - A wall or surface-mounted unit aboard starships to facilitate intraship communications.
                                                               "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Com system - Silik somehow sent an encrypted message through Enterprise's com system.
                                                               "Cold Front" [ENT]
    Hoshi claims to be able to hear frequency distortions coming from the com system which were
    mixed in with the static.  She ran a diagnostic twice and could not find the source.  They were being
    caused by a creature that had invaded the ship.
                                                            "Vox Sola" [ENT]

Comet - SEE:    Archer's Comet .

Command Center - It was formerly a storage bay for conduit housings, but during the stop-over on Earth
    after the Xindi probe attacked, Starfleet went to a lot of trouble to retrofit this area into a room containing
    state-of-the-art equipment to help Enterprise in accomplishing its mission of finding the Xindi.  Assuming
    it's symmetrical, it contains a table, a large screen, eight wall-consoles, assorted other screens, and three
    hatches.                                              "The Xindi" [ENT]

Command codes - Daniels requested Archer's command codes to be able to find the Suliban.
                                                              "Cold Front" [ENT]

Communications Tower- Enterprise had the schematics for Terra Nova's com tower.  They were
    able to retreive its data buffer and so to access the colony's last transmission logs.
                                                                "Terra Nova" [ENT]

Communicator - A portable Personal communications device.   Communicators provide individuals
Communicator    a means of voice transmission from a planetary surface to an orbiting spacecraft
    or other nearby facility, or between the members of a landing party.  Early
    versions of the communicator were compact handheld units with a flip-up
    antenna grid.  The communicators used in Enterprise closely resemble those
    from the original series, and even have the same chirp when opened.
                                         "Broken Bow" [ENT]
   Communicators can also act as a personnel locator and be used to determine
    the exact coordinates of a crew member.  This could well prove necessary
    before a person can transport back to the ship since a ship's transporter
    system needs to be "locked onto" a person for safe transport.
                                          "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]
    Starfleet communicators include rudimentary universal translators.
                                                                "Civilization" [ENT]
    An inverse carrier wave can be used to amplify a communicator's power signature, thus making it
    easier to locate.                                   "The Communicator" [ENT]
    When the communicator was first "invented" in 1964, it seemed incredibly compact and amazingly
    advanced.  Few would have believed back then that Star Trek would still be on the air when portable
    cellular telephones, the same size as those original props, became a reality.

Compound retina - A combination of more than one light-sensitive membrane lining the inner eyeball.
    The modified Suliban have compound retinas, giving them superior vision.
                                                                 "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Computer - The Enterprise computer is the most advanced in the fleet and it takes up 3 decks.
                                                                 "Dead Stop" [ENT]
    The Enterprise's computers have a Redundant Memory Core from which deleted files can
    sometimes be retrieved.                       "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Computer Core - Tucker and T'Pol were asked to repair some machinery aboard the Kantaran ship that
    Tucker identified as their "computer core".  T'pol notices "optronic relays", which Kuulan(?) explains
    have begun to "degrade".  Tucker claims to have worked on something similar on the Xyrillian ship,
    and that he can do the work but he'll need some "diagnostic gear" from Enterprise.
                                                                "Oasis" [ENT]

Computer Terminal - Archer and Mayweather find a "computer terminal" in a corridor on the ghost ship;
    Mayweather's scans indicate the "data modules" are without power, but intact.  He sets to remove one.
    (The terminal has 4 bowtie-shaped screens: 1 large vertical and 3 small horizontal ones.)
                                                                 "Oasis" [ENT]

Conestoga - A colony ship under captain Mitchell launched from Earth in 2067.  It's colonizing effort,
SS Conestoga        known as  "The Great Experiment", was aimed at a planet named Terra Nova.
    The journey was a one-way trip of about 9 years.  The ship was designed to be
    disassembled into housing units to be used to build the colony.
                                                                "Terra Nova" [ENT]

Cook (Steven Allerick) - male. Ensign.  Tucker needed him and two other engineers to help him
    try to restart the engines.
                                          "The Crossing" [ENT]

Cook, Billy - A childhood friend of Jonathan Archer.  Billy thought that humans would have reached
    warp five by 2121 if not for the Vulcans.
                                                                 "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Coolant lines - There was an explosion in section 12 of E-deck which injured a crewman.  The auxilliary
    coolant lines between section 12 and 14 on E-deck had to be shut down to control it.  It was caused by
    a microfracture in the magnesium jacket even though it passed the pressure test.
                                                                "The Forgotten" [ENT]

Coolant tank - A large container for storing a fluid or other material to draw off heat.  There are coolant
    tanks aboard Enterprise in main engineering.  Locking off the coolant tanks is a common procedure if
    main power fails.                                 "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Conduit Housings - The Command Center used to be a storage bay containing conduit housings.
                                                                "The Xindi" [ENT]

Constellation - Earth Cargo ship.  The Constellation sent a message to the Horizon telling them about
    what had happened to them 8 weeks before.  It was just like the situation the Horizon was in -- An
    alien ship attached an explosive beacon on their hull which couldn't be removed without setting it off.
    A day later, a cruiser showed up and demanded their cargo.   The Constellation tried to drive them off,
    but the two plasma turrets they had for weaponry were no match for the aliens.  They got aboard and
    killed three of the Constellation's crew.  The aliens then took the Constellation's entire shipment.
                                                                 "Horizon" [ENT]

Coridan - SEE:  Coridan

Cormaline - T'Pol says the cave walls are composed of limestone and cormaline.
                                                             "Strange New World" [ENT]

Corn - Any of numerous cultivated forms of a widely grown, usually tall annual cereal grass (Zea mays)
    bearing grains or kernels on large ears.  Klaang crashed into a corn field on Earth in 2151.  The opening
    scenes of "Broken Bow" were filmed in Kern County, California (Bakersfield, to be exact).  Paramount
    leased a farm and had the grower plant corn out of season just for the scene.
                                                             "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Cortical regeneration - Phlox diagnoses that Keene's "neural pathways" were "disrupted" by the
    Nausicaan weapons.  He prescribes "a cortical regeneration", which will take two to three days,
    in Ent's sickbay.                                "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

"Cosmos A to Z, The" - Astronomy textbook written by Laura Danly.  Captain Archer was given this
    book on his eighth birthday by his father.  He always stared at the cover picture of the Arachnid Nebula.
                                                               "Fusion" [ENT]

County Clare, Ireland - Enterprise got letters with questions from kids in this town.  This is probably
    an inside joke, as the town of Fair Haven from a Voyager episode was near County Clare.

Course - The course Enterprise is following is one which Starfleet has assigned to it.
                                                            "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Crater, Judge - New York Supreme Court justice who vanished without a trace in 1930.  It was one
    of the greatest missing person mysteries of the 20th century and has never been explained.
                                                             "Terra Nova" [ENT]

Crew Manifest - A listing of the crew assigned to a particular ship.
    SEE:  Crew

<>Crew mess - A large dining hall for feeding the crew of a starship.
crew's mess service table         "Broken Bow" [ENT]
   Sometimes a buffet-style meal is served in the mess hall, instead of the usual individual
    use of the resequencers.
           "Unexpected" [ENT]

crew's mess seating    The crew mess is a casual environment as we see several off duty personel there in
    their civilian clothes.
    This appears to be the same area used for Enterprise's weekly "movie nights".
                                                             "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

Cross, Ryan - A human male.               "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Crossbow - Riaan wields a sort of collapsible mini crossbow.
crossbow                               "Civilization" [ENT]

Cross-circuited - In Engineering on the Kantaran ship, T'Pol notices the "cross-circuited" feeds. Tucker
    explains that the crew had shunted "helm control" to AIRPONICS.  He mentions how Liana had earlier
    warned him away from a "live plasma feed".
                                                                "Oasis" [ENT]

Cunningham (Matthew Kaminsky) -
                                   "Singularity" [ENT]
                                     "The Crossing" [ENT]
    Crewman Cunningham worked in the galley.
                                     "Regeneration" [ENT]

Cutler, Crewman Elizabeth (Kellie Waymire) - A female Enterprise crew member (brunette,
Crewman Cutler     blue eyes, 2 pips) who specializes in entomology (insects).  She is friends with
    Crewman Novakovich.  She had begun attempting to befriend Sub-Commander
    T'Pol, and sampled some Vulcan cuisine (Plomeek broth).  She became part of
    a landing party that camped on "Strange New World", where she and the other
    members of the team were affected by hallucinogenic pollen.
Elizabeth Cutler was extremely dedicated to her course of study, to the extent that she would study
even in her off-duty hours while consuming meals with her crewmates. While humanity as a whole
tended to be xenophobic, Cutler exhibited more xenophilic tendencies, as evidenced by her interest in
developing both congenial and personal relationships with the only aliens to serve aboard Enterprise
with her -- Subcommander T'Pol and Dr. Phlox.
In an effort to gain common interests with her Vulcan superior, Cutler sampled Vulcan cuisine
(specifically plomeek soup) as well as other aspects of Vulcan culture. However, as Subcommander
T'Pol was neither interested nor permitted to have anything other than a professional working
relationship with the Crewmen under her command, Cutler's friendly advances were politely rebuffed.
In 2151, Crewman Cutler participated in her first away mission experience while serving in her
capacity as an exobiologist; Subcommander T'Pol (the ship's Vulcan science officer) specifically
requested her presence and participation to explore and evaluate the recently discovered class M
planet later known as Archer IV (as the planet had a "diverse insect population"). Cutler explored by
herself for the duration of the mission, and was prompt in returning to the shuttlepod at the terminus
of the mission. Cutler remained on the planet at Subcommander T'Pol's behest for what was to be the
remainder of the day and the upcoming night, to continue her studies. Crewman Cutler was exposed
to and soon fell under the effects of airbourne tropolisine, as were all personnel that remained on the
planet. Fortunately, unlike fellow crewmates Ethan Novakovich and Commander Tucker, Cutler was
not pronouncedly psychologically affected by the compound and did not endanger her own life before
being successfully treated by Dr. Phlox.
                                                            "Strange New World" [ENT]
    Dr. Phlox is teaching her about the human circulatory system.  She became romantically interested in
    Dr. Phlox, but the relationship was left at more of a friendship when she found out that he was already
In mid-to-late 2151, while beginning her training under Dr. Phlox as an interim medic, she began to
exhibit romantic interest in her alien tutor. She frequently accompanied the Doctor to "movie night",
inquired into his personal life, and frequently found excuses to be in close proximity to him. It was
while on her mission to Valakis that Dr. Phlox confronted Cutler with the advances she had been
making and made her fully aware that not only was he already married, but to several Denobulan
women. While surprised by Dr. Phlox's admission to his culture's polygamist nature, she took this
information well and surprised Phlox by her insistence that this cultural divide neither bothered her,
nor did it dissuade her from pursuing her burgeoning friendship with the Doctor.
Later that year, in her expanding capacity as an in-training medic, Crewman Cutler accompanied Dr.
Phlox to the surface of Valakis to assist in the attempted treatment of one of the planet's indigenous
species: the Valakians. While planetside, Cutler and Phlox studied the physiological differences
between the Valakians and the Menk (the Valakians' co-evolvants) to discover the key to why the
Valakians were susceptible to and subsequently ravaged by an apparent virulegenic pathogen, when
the Menk were not. While Crewman Cutler appeared to appreciate and relish the work she was
performing on Valakis, she was troubled by what she perceived to be the exploitation of the
lesser-evolved Menk by the Valakians.
                                         "Dear Doctor" [ENT]
    When Phlox underwent his yearly hibernation in 2152, Cutler was in charge of any minor cases that
    came into sickbay.
Continuing to serve in the position of an interim medic, in February of 2152, Crewman Cutler assisted
in the initiation of Dr. Phlox's yearly hibernation requirement while the crew partook of shore leave in
orbit of Risa. She was to assume the role of Chief Medical Officer in Phlox's stead, and was
entrusted this position as a result of her continued training as "a capable medic". The proceeding day
however, while attempting to treat an injured Ensign Mayweather, her limited medical training was
exhausted when it became evident that the Risan painkiller was inducing an anaphylactic reaction in
the Ensign that was beyond not only her experience, but that of the acting Captain, Subcommander
T'Pol. Cutler and T'Pol were forced to wake Dr. Phlox from his hibernation to seek his counsel.
After much coaxing, the doctor made his way to the Sickbay to assist Cutler in treating the
ever-worsening Ensign Mayweather, but Phlox was certainly not performing at his peak, having been
interrupted mid-hibernation. After a few false starts and miscommunications, Cutler was able to both
understand and apply the treatment that the patient required.
                          "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]
 In 2153, Crewman Cutler was apparently working in the exobiology lab when she suffered a broken
arm due to a manifested spatial anomaly (which was the result of Enterprise's voyage through the
Delphic Expanse).                           "Rajiin" [ENT]
In November 2003, the character of Crewman Cutler had to be removed from future
storyboards because of Kellie Waymire's sudden death.

Cyclohexane - A colorless liquid.  The gas giant containing the Suliban Helix features a layer of
    cyclohexane in its upper atmosphere.
                                                             "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Cygniai Expanse - Land Region where Zobral and his men were from.  Enterprise launched a shuttle down
    to there so that Archer and Tucker could play a geskana match.
                                                            "Desert Crossing" [ENT]

Cyrus Ramsey - A part of the hallucination that Hoshi had due to a transporter accident.
    Supposedly,  in Madison, Wisconsin... May of 2146 (according to Reed) -  He was a test subject
    for the first long-range transport.  Just 100 meters.   Something went wrong with the pattern buffer
    and he never rematerialized.  It was said that you can't go on a survival overnight without hearing
    a story about someone seeing Ramsey's molecules rematerializing on a foggy night.
                                                               "Vanishing Point" [ENT]

Cytokinetic enzymes - Phlox had been using "cytokinetic enzymes" to try to heal Reed's leg after it was
    damaged by the Romulan mine.       "Dead Stop" [ENT]

Cytolytic injections - Injections that Phlox administered to Nadet as a follow-up to the cure for her lung
    cancer.                                              "Terra Nova" [ENT]


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