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The Enolians are yet another near-human race.  They have multiple horizontal ridges across the nose; and around each eye,
    two out-and-down-curving ridges beneath, and one above.

Places of Interest:
Canamar - The Enolian Guard maintains prison facilities on the planet Canamar.  When accused of
    smuggling in the Keto-Enol system, Captain Archer and Commander Tucker were sent on a prison
    transport to Canamar.                         "Canamar" [ENT]

Duronom - Another prison facility that the Enolian Guard maintains.

Keto-Enol - This planet is the busiest trading post in the system.

Tamaal - The fourth planet in a binary system.  It has over two million inhabitants.  It is also a trading post.

Pan zan match - Archer and Tucker had attended a pan zan match (a game reportedly similar to water polo).

Food and Drink:
Enolian Spice Wine - Zoumas thought this is what Archer and Trip might have been smuggling.

2152: Archer and Tucker made first contact with the "Enolians" of "Keto-Enol".

Prison transport ship - resembles the Arena Ship from "Tsunkatse" [VOY].  It consists of a disc-shaped
    midbody, with a pair of vertically-stacked thrusters aft, and a long neck forward.  The thruster housings
    are square, with white-glowing horizontally-louvered throats, shaped like fat serifed "I"s.  Between the
    housings, and recessed, is a set of plasma vents.  There are no obvious warp-glowy-things, but the ship
    enters/exits with the standard white boom-flash.  From the raised center of the midbody run two large
    lateral extensions (the port one contains the docking port), and four diagonal braces.  The neck terminates
    with a wedge-shaped "head" with a pronounced "overbite"; where it joins the midbody is a dorsal bulge --
    possibly the command area.  (Given the mid-disc position of the docking port, and the length of the
    adjacent command and prisoner areas, the "flight deck" *can't* be way out there).  In the flight deck, the
    control surfaces are flatscreens with multiple rectangular buttons.  Enolian text appears to scroll
    vertically.  The transport's subspace transceiver is located in the "dashboard".
    One of the Prison Transport ships was hijacked by Kuroda.  It was destroyed in a decaying orbit.
                                                                "Canamar" [ENT]

Patrol ship - consists of a central pod slung between two narrow "pontoons".  The pod has a pronounced
    vertical hump.  The horizontal slab on which it sits extends beyond the pontoons as a pair of down-
    canted stubby wings.
    A patrol ship intercepted shuttlepod one and took Archer and Trip prisoner because it was believed
    they were smugglers carrying contraband.  Enolian patrol ships are told to err on the side of caution.
    Later two more patrol ships tried to intercept the prison transport which had come under the control
    of an escaped prisoner.  Even though the transport was outgunned, Archer and Trip managed to disable
    both patrol ships by venting and igniting plasma.
                                                                "Canamar" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Kuroda Lor-ehn (Mark Rolston) - As a boy, he was falsely accused of stealing a "brace of latinum", and was sentenced
    to 5 years at Duronom by the Enolian Guard.

Unnamed Official (Holmes R. Osborne) -

Unnamed Guard (Brian Morri) -


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