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Mirror Universe


1564, April 23:
  William Shakespeare is born.  Phlox used the ship's computer to research classical literature
    of the Defiant's universe and compare it with his own. He discovered that the stories were similar, but the
    characters in the classics of the parallel universe showed weakness and compassion. Phlox notes that one
    exception was William Shakespeare's plays, which were equally "grim" in both universes.
                                                              "In a Mirror Darkly" [ENT]
    (This specific date is traditionally accepted for Shakespeare's birth, though it is only known for
    certain that he was baptised on April 26. In "In A Mirror, Darkly, Part II," Phlox tells T'Pol that
    "(Shakespeare's) plays were equally grim in both universes," but not all of "our" Shakespeare's
    plays were grim, suggesting that Phlox may have been looking at the histories and tragedies as
    opposed to the comedies. Given his description, however, one wonders what the latter are like in
    the Mirror Universe...]

1705:  The HMS Enterprise, a captured sixth-rate frigate, is the first vessel to bear the name.
    (Historical accounts. The opening credits sequence for "In A Mirror, Darkly" shows the same
    engraving of this sailing ship used in the regular opening credits for Star Trek: Enterprise. In "our"
    universe, this was originally the French Navy ship l'Entreprise, but it is unknown whether this
    Enterprize had a similar history. The prefix "HMS" implies the existence of a Royal Navy and, by
    extension, a British Empire, but this cannot be confirmed.)

1882, October 5:  Robert Hutchings Goddard is born to Nahum Danford Goddard and Fannie Louise Hoyt.
    (Historical accounts. The opening credits sequence for "In A Mirror, Darkly" shows the same footage
    of Goddard writing on a chalkboard used in the regular opening credits for Star Trek: Enterprise,
    suggesting that his Mirror Universe counterpart played a similar role in the history of rocketry.)

1936:  The Junkers Ju 87 dive bomber, also known as the Stuka (Sturzkampfflugzeug), goes into production.
    (Historical accounts. The opening credits sequence for "In A Mirror, Darkly" shows several of these
    aircraft in flight.)

Before 1955:  The Terran Empire is established.
    ("In A Mirror, Darkly, Part II." Archer states that the Empire "has endured for centuries," making it
    at least this old. The precise circumstances of the Empire's creation are unknown.)

1967, November 9:  The first Saturn V multistage rocket is launched.
    (Historical accounts. The opening credits sequence for "In A Mirror, Darkly" shows footage of this
    model of rocket. This specific date marked the launch of Apollo 4, but although the same opening
    credits depict a moon landing under the auspices of the Terran Empire, it is unknown whether the
    Mirror Universe's Saturn V was also developed for its version of the Apollo program.)

1969:  One of the more notable scenes of the opening credits is a Terran Empire flag being planted on the moon,
    which may or may not be intended to be in 1969. (The spacesuit being worn is the same as that which the
    Enterprise crew wears, but commentary on the episodes by their producers indicates that this was simply a
    matter of convenience, as the CGI model for that suit had already been created.)

1973:  The F-5E Tiger II light tactical fighter officially goes into production.
    (Historical accounts. The opening credits sequence for "In A Mirror, Darkly" shows footage of this

1976:  The F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter officially goes into production.
[Historical accounts. The opening credits sequence for "In A Mirror, Darkly" shows footage of this aircraft.]

1977:  The first Project 705 Lyra submarine, also known as the Alfa-class attack submarine, is commissioned.
    (Historical accounts. The opening credits sequence for "In A Mirror, Darkly" shows footage from
    The Hunt for Red October of the V.K. Konovalov, a fictional submarine of this class.)

1985:  The B-1B Lancer strategic bomber officially goes into production.
[Historical accounts. The opening credits sequence for "In A Mirror, Darkly" shows footage of this aircraft.]

1993:   The T-90 main battle tank goes into production.
    (Historical accounts. The opening credits sequence for "In A Mirror, Darkly" shows footage of this armoured
    fighting vehicle. In normal Star Trek history, this year would be in the midst of the Eugenics Wars, but it is
    unknown whether the Mirror Universe experienced its own version of this conflict.)

April 5th, 2063:  Physicist Zefram Cochrane launched a converted nuclear missile and made humanity's first
    warp journey. Later that evening a Vulcan spacecraft landed outside of the town (possibly as part of an
    invasion force).  The first Vulcan stepped onto Terran soil and used a strange gesture in greeting, he also
    said, "live long and prosper". Cochrane tried to imitate the greeting but couldn't. Instead Zefram Cochrane
    turned the tables on the Vulcans by using his shotgun to kill their representative. Another in the crowd yelled,
    "Board their ship, take everything you can!"  The gathered mob of humans then boards the Vulcan ship.
conducted his warp flight, drawing the attention of a passing Vulcan ship, as per the events shown in the standard Star Trek universe in Star Trek: First Contact. When the Vulcans landed and made their peaceful introduction, however, Cochrane killed the leader with a concealed weapon, then led the townspeople in commandeering the Vulcan ship. "In a Mirror, Darkly" implies that in the Mirror Universe, the Vulcan vessel was either the vanguard of an invasion fleet, or was interpreted to be so by humans.
    ["In A Mirror, Darkly." The date, place, and events themselves are shown onscreen. The name of
    the ship is based on the suggestion by Ronald D. Moore, co-writer of
Star Trek: First Contact, that
    this was the name of the ship which landed in "our" version of this incident, as seen in that film.
    It is not clear whether Archer was being historically accurate or simply hateful and paranoid in later
    calling this an "invasion force" when talking to T'Pol.]

2129, July 9:  Hoshi Sato is born, the second child in a family of three.
    ("In A Mirror, Darkly, Part II." A biographical screen for "our" Hoshi Sato called up by Archer
    aboard the Defiant gives this as her date of birth.)

???:  Terran domination was made possible by technology taken from the Vulcans and (presumably) from other defeated races; thus, the Starfleet of the Mirror Universe was somewhat more advanced than its regular counterpart. By 2155, the Terran Empire had already enslaved the Vulcans, Andorians, Orions, and Tellarites, and launched successful attacks against the Klingons and the Xindi (as seen in the opening credits). However, the Mirror Universe crew of Enterprise, also known as the ISS Enterprise, is more racially diverse than its "real" universe counterpart, with Vulcans and Tellarites serving as crewmembers. The Mirror version of T'Pol, in particular, holds a position of trusted authority, and as in the "real" universe, a Denobulan, Phlox, serves as Enterprise's physician. The Mirror version of Soval is seen to be an enlisted science crewman aboard the ISS Avenger, another Starfleet vessel which is also seen to include Andorian and Orion crewmembers.

2151:  The Terran flagship ISS Enterprise (NX-01) leaves Spacedock. Although the ship could have been
    Jonathan Archer's, Starfleet admirals conspire behind his back, ultimately giving command to Captain
    Maximilian Forrest, with Commander Archer as his first officer.
    ("In A Mirror, Darkly." Hoshi talks about these events with Archer, and Archer later describes it
    as the Terran flagship. The prefix "ISS" can be seen on the ship's hull, and the registry number can
    be seen on the ship's mission patch, while the date is based on when "our" Enterprise was launched,
    as seen in "Broken Bow" (ENT). It is unknown whether this Enterprise was involved in some version
    of the Temporal Cold War earlier in its mission, but Archer indicates that the ship is in possession
    of a Suliban cloaking device. Forrest's first name is not given in the episode itself, but writer Mike
    Sussman indicated in its podcast commentary that he "modified his first name in the script," as
    "our" Forrest's first name is Maxwell.)

Admiral Black recommends Charles Tucker III for chief engineer, and insists Captain Forrest replace his own
    man with Tucker.
    ("In A Mirror, Darkly." Archer tells Tucker that he checked the records and learned this, in the midst
    of torturing Tucker in the agonizer booth.)

2154:  The Tholians detonate a tricobalt warhead inside the gravity well of a dead star. The explosion creates
    an interphasic rift, providing a doorway into a parallel universe, but the rift is unstable. It is too dangerous
    for the Tholians to send one of their own ships through, so they transmit a distress call into the opening,
    hoping to lure a ship from the other side. Their plan appears to work brilliantly, as the starship USS Defiant
    (NCC-1764) from that universe is drawn into the rift.
    ("In A Mirror, Darkly." Archer describes what happened during his briefing of the senior officers
    on Enterprise. These events would've taken place relatively recently, but long enough ago for the
    Tholians to bring the Defiant to their own dock and for Archer to find out about the ship.)

The Tholians quantum-date a piece of the hull from the USS Defiant, discovering that the ship is not only from
    another universe, but from another time--about a hundred years into the future.
    ("In A Mirror, Darkly." Archer also tells this to the senior officers, explaining his motivation for
    wanting to get at the ship in the first place.)

Jonathan Archer buys off one of the humanoids working as an outside labourer for the Tholians. This contact
    provides Archer with information on the Tholians' activities and transmits images of the docked USS Defiant
    before his signal is jammed.
    ("In A Mirror, Darkly." When Hoshi asks how Archer knows what the Tholians are up to, he gives
    this answer.)

There is a battle at Tau Ceti, part of an ongoing war. Things go very badly for the Terran Empire, with Starfleet
    losing twelve ships, but Imperial propaganda conveys the message that the battle went well and that the war
    may be over soon.
    ("In A Mirror, Darkly." Captain Forrest dissuades Hoshi of the mistaken notions she has gathered.
    The episode suggests that this war involves the Terran Empire fighting off a rebellion, but few details
    are provided. It is also unclear how Forrest could have been involved in this battle if Enterprise and
    its crew have only heard about it.)

2155:  Enterprise leaves Gorlan Station and sets a course to rendez-vous with their assault fleet.
    (Just before "In A Mirror, Darkly." Captain Forrest mentions this in his Star Log.)

2155, January 13:  Mirror-Archer, Mirror-Forrest, and the rest of the crew discover that a ship from 100 years in the future in an alternate universe, the U.S.S. Defiant, has travelled to their universe through some kind of rip in space. All of the crew members except Captain Forrest evacuate the I.S.S. Enterprise as it is attacked by Tholians and board the Defiant. The Enterprise blows up, and its transferred crew uses the improved technology of the Defiant to chase away the Tholians. Archer replaces Forrest as captain.
                                                                "In A Mirror, Darkly, part 1" [ENT]
    (The date for this episode is given by Captain Forrest in his Star Log.)

2155, January 18:  The Mirror Enterprise crew find the Defiant littered with the corpses of its former crew who murdered each other due to the effects of Interphase which causes humans to become psychotic. The Tholians use slaves to strip the ship. The overseer is a Gorn named Slar, who sabotages the Defiant and kills some of the survivors of the ISS Enterprise . Mirror Archer defeats the Gorn, and then his thoughts turn to using the powerful Defiant to take control of the Terran Empire. However, it is Mirror-Hoshi Sato who ultimately threatens to use the Defiant's weapons on the Emperor of the Terran Empire and replace him as Empress of the Empire.
                                                                "In A Mirror, Darkly, Part 2" [ENT]
    (The date for this episode is given by Archer in his Defiant Star Log.)

During the episode's stated date of January 2155, Archer steals the USS Defiant, a Kirk-era Constitution-class starship which disappears and is presumed destroyed in The Original Series episode The Tholian Web, from the Tholians (who are more aggressive than their non-Mirror counterparts), but is later apparently killed by Hoshi Sato, who subsequently declares herself Empress of the Terran Empire (though whether she succeeds in this gambit is not revealed).

2262:  During an ion storm, a landing party beaming up to the "Enterprise" from the planet Halka transposes
    with their counterparts in an alternate "Mirror" universe where an Empire exists in place of the Federation.
    Lt. Commander Scott returns the landing party home with the transporter.  Four crew members from the USS Enterprise switch places with their mirror universe counterparts and must get home while avoiding being discovered by the mirror universe crew of the Enterprise.
                                                             "Mirror, mirror" [TOS]

The Mirror Universe was first introduced in the original Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror". It was established that in the Mirror Universe the United Federation of Planets counterpart was the brutal Terran Empire, run by humans and their Vulcan allies. In the Mirror Universe, the term "Terran" is predominantly used for humans. The Mirror-Captain Kirk of the Imperial Starship Enterprise was a mass-murderer, who had been promoted to Captain by assassinating Captain Christopher Pike.

In the Terran Empire, officers were promoted for assassinating their superiors and order was kept by use of the "Agonizer" pain-giving devices. In some serious cases, the "Agony Booth" could also be used. Aesthetic differences included: the Mirror-crew's uniforms were flamboyant and somewhat robe-like, with ceremonial daggers for the officers; Mirror-Sulu was a Gestapo-like political officer with a disfiguring facial scar; Mirror-Spock had a goatee (which has led to a number of pop culture references of people from "evil alternate universes" having goatees, whereas the regular character does not); the "United Nations" emblem of the Federation was replaced in the Terran Empire symbol, which was a vertical sword of conquest savagely thrust through the Earth.

In this original encounter, Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Lieutenant Uhura, and Chief Engineer Scott had been turned down by the peaceful Halkans, who did not want to trade for dilithium. They feared the use of the material for war. An ion storm causes a beam-up to go awry, switching the crew with their alternates.

Kirk tries to save the alternate-Halkans from destruction; the common tactic used by the Terran Empire when meeting resistance. He suffers several assassination attempts.

Both Spocks find out the dual nature of the affected officers and work on a way to get them home in time; there is a limit.

Before leaving the Mirror Universe, Kirk gave an impassioned speech in which he told Mirror-Spock that because the Empire would die in a few hundred years, that it was illogical, and Mirror-Spock was illogical for supporting the Empire. He asks Mirror-Spock to work for change, and Mirror-Spock replied that he would consider Kirk's proposal.

About a year after his first crossover, Kirk unknowingly experienced a second encounter with the mirror universe. In "The Tholian Web", the Enterprise encounters the crippled Constitution-class U.S.S. Defiant, which is phasing in and out of existence with Kirk's reality as a result of a localized spatial anomaly. Kirk leads an away team and discovers the crew is dead as a result of the anomaly's effect on the brain. As the Defiant begins to shift out of reality, the away team is beamed out, but Kirk is somehow trapped in the interphase. The Tholians claim this particular area of space and attempt to ensnare the Enterprise in their energy web, but the Enterprise, under the command of Spock, is able to escape and retrieve Kirk from between dimensions. Kirk remarks that during his experience the Defiant was pulled away into another dimension.  The USS Defiant (NCC-1764) is trapped in Interphase in Tholian Space and vanishes. Note: Until "In a Mirror, Darkly" there was no obvious connection between this episode and the Mirror Universe. No elements from the Mirror Universe are shown or mentioned anywhere in this episode.
                                                                "The Tholian Web" [TOS]

What Kirk never knew, but which was established in the Enterprise episode "In a Mirror, Darkly", was the Tholians of the Mirror Universe managed to open a dimensional rift hoping to steal technology from alternate realities. Their efforts also created a temporal rift, connecting from a universe 110 years in Kirk's past. The mirror Tholians sent out a distress call to lure a spacecraft and ensnared the Defiant in their trap, eventually pulling it completely into the mirror universe. So determined were the Tholians to unlock the technological secrets of the future ship that work crews began dismantling the ship before moving the bodies of the crew, several of whom were discovered by the ISS Enterprise away team in the same positions as Kirk had found them.

2367:  World after world joins the Alliance and Terrans and Vulcans become slaves under the bloody fist of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.
    Escaped refugees hide in the Badlands and begin work to overthrow the Alliance.

Dr. Bashir and Major Kira are transported to the Mirror Universe 100 years after the events of "Mirror, Mirror". They find that the Terran Empire has been replaced by the Alliance of Klingons, Cardassians, and Bajorans and that humans are slaves.
                                                                   "Crossover" [DS9]

On Deep Space Nine, which takes place over 100 years after the original contact with the Mirror Universe, it was revealed that drastic changes had occurred in the Mirror Universe, ironically because of the interference of the regular universe's Kirk. Before he left the Mirror Universe, James T. Kirk planted seeds of doubt in the Mirror-Spock's mind about the Terran Empire's brutal tactics. Kirk noted that Spock was a man of honor in both universes, and the Mirror-Spock listened to Kirk's urging for reform. Mirror-Spock's future role on Enterprise and the fate of Mirror-Kirk are unclear, though some have suggested that Mirror-Kirk was assassinated (and was shown in a non-canon Star Trek comic). Mirror-Spock then went on to become Chief of State of the Terran Empire. Mirror-Spock introduced many popular reforms that largely ended the iron-fisted rule of the Terran Empire, especially a vast demilitarization program. However, these reforms were very ill-timed.

Not long after Mirror-Spock's demilitarization drive, the Terran Empire encountered the Alliance. In the Mirror Universe, the Alliance is a unified government of the Klingons and the Cardassians, presumably ruled by the Klingon Emperor. The Alliance conquered the ill-prepared Terran Empire and enslaved the Terrans and Vulcans. Terrans became pariahs and a slave race, often subjected to mass forced physical labor.

The Alliance does not have cloaking device technology (although a ship was seen decloaking in an earlier episode, an episode in the seventh season established that the Mirror Universe does not have cloaking devices, and the earlier appearance was retconned out as a graphical error). However, cloak technology did exist in the 22nd century on at least one Terran ship (who in turn took it from the Suliban).

The Mirror-O'Brien kidnaps Sisko where Sisko must impersonate his late counterpart in order to save the mirror version of his late wife.
                                                                   "Through the Looking Glass" [DS9]

2372:  Terran rebels steal plans for the USS Defiant using a crossover device. Rebels in the Badlands construct
    the ship and with the help of the Benjamin Sisko of the benevolent Federation becomes operational and
    soon captures Terok Nor.

After the Mirror-Jennifer Sisko kidnaps Jake, Captain Sisko must travel to the Mirror Universe to retrieve his son. While there the Mirror-O'Brien wishes for Sisko to help him prepare their version of the Defiant for battle against the Alliance in what could mean freedom for the Terrans.
                                                                      "Shattered Mirror" [DS9]

The Mirror version of Vedek Bareil arrives on DS9 as he flees from the Alliance. His real reason for being in our universe is to steal the Bajoran Orb of Prophecy and Change for the Intendant, the mirror Kira. However, before he can complete this mission, he has a change of conscience, convinced by Kira, leaving the Orb behind and returning to the Mirror Universe with the Intendant.
                                                                         "Resurrection" [DS9]

It is unknown what role the Romulans play in the Mirror Universe. However, there is evidence of their existence. When Sisko was finished impersonating Mirror-Sisko, he told Mirror-Jennifer Sisko that he was leaving to see the Romulans, to get them to join the fight against the Alliance. This implies that the Romulans are an independent empire, much like they are in the "prime" reality or universe. It also means that, unlike other races such as the Vulcans and Andorians, the Romulans were able to resist the Terran Empire and to survive the mirror equivalent of the Earth-Romulan War, assuming that one took place to begin with.

The Bajorans of the Mirror Universe were ruled by the Terran Empire but later sided with the Alliance and became masters of Terran slave forces. Notable among them was Intendant Kira, the counterpart to the normal universe's Kira Nerys. Intendant Kira was a ruthless, sadistic hedonist; she was outwardly bisexual and sexually aggressive — characteristics apparently more common in Mirror Universe females than in normal universe ones. She maintained power in her sector of the Alliance from Terok Nor, the counterpart of Deep Space Nine.

When Deep Space Nine officers Julian Bashir and Kira Nerys visited the Mirror Universe, they sparked a rebellion among the Terran slaves led by the Mirror-Sisko and Mirror-O'Brien. Over the next five years, the Terran Rebellion would drag on and was not conclusively finished. However, Regent Worf was eventually taken as a prisoner of war by the rebellion.

<>The Klingon Empire of the normal Star Trek universe hasn't actually had an Emperor in 300 years; they were replaced by the Chancellor and the High Council. But in the Mirror-Klingon Empire there are still ruling Emperors. The Mirror-Imperial Family is House Duras, who were deposed in disgrace in the normal Trek universe. However, during Deep Space Nine, a Regent currently ruled as the true power behind the throne: the brutal Regent Worf.

Grand Nagus Zek, financial leader of the Ferengi Alliance, is captured and taken to the Mirror Universe as a hostage. Quark and Rom must pay a ransom of a cloaking device to free Zek, but Regent Worf imprisons them all in his quest to crush the Terran rebels.
                                                                         "The Emperor's New Cloak" [DS9]

<>2375:  Under the leadership of Miles "Smiley" O'Brien the Terran Rebellion captures Regent Worf of the
    Imperial Klingon House of Mogh. With this achievement, the rebels' march towards victory showed no
    apparent signs of slowing. 

Individuals of Note:
Archer - male.  Commander.  First officer of the ISS Enterprise. In this universe, Archer serves under the command
    of Captain Maximilian Forrest. He and Forrest do not get along well - Archer (like most characters in the Terran
    Empire) is treacherous, cunning and scheming. Archer even leads a mutiny against Forrest and takes over the
    ISS Enterprise. However, Archer is forced to trust his captain and releases him from the brig when the crew
    discovers the USS Defiant, a Starfleet ship from the normal Trek universe which had crossed the dimensional barriers.
    Archer leads a team to take control of the Defiant, and - after successfully crushing a rebellion against the Empire -
    attempted to take the futuristic vessel to Earth where he would proclaim himself Emperor. However, before he could
    do so, Archer is killed by his universe's Hoshi Sato, who poisons him and takes the ship for herself.
                                                            "In a Mirror Darkly, parts 1 & 2" [ENT]

Cochrane - As in our universe, a Vulcan ship, attracted by Cochrane's first warp flight, landed on Earth.
    A member of the Vulcan crew greeted Zefram Cochrane with the Vulcan salute and "Live long and
    prosper".  Cochrane tried to copy the Vulcan's salute. After his attempt is unsuccessful, he lowered
    his hand and, instead of holding it for a handshake (which is what happened in the "real" universe),
    he reached into his jacket and pulled out a shotgun, killing the Vulcan. The crowd then boarded the
    Vulcan craft, and took everything they could.  The shotgun eventually came into the posession of
    Jonathan Archer.                                "In A Mirror Darkly, part 1" [ENT]

Other characters in the Mirror Universe:

Garak was Intendant Kira's first officer.

Odo was the cruel foreman of the human slaves on Terok Nor, and was killed by the Dr. Bashir of the normal universe.

Sisko was something of a shady pirate, but later started the Terran Rebellion, although he was later killed.

Tuvok never got lost in the Delta Quadrant and was a member of the Resistance.

Quark and Rom were both Rebel-sympathizers and were killed by Intendant Kira.

Nog and Brunt were also later killed by Intendant Kira (it almost seemed to be a rule that one mirror-Ferengi had to be killed in each Mirror Universe episode).

Sisko's wife Jennifer never died at the hands of the Borg in the Mirror Universe, and she had to be convinced to join the Resistance. She was later killed by the Mirror-Kira.
Julian Bashir was an uncouth, unshaven and aggressive member of the Resistance, although he was quite loyal. It is unclear if this Bashir was genetically enhanced, but humanity's status as a conquered slave race make it unlikely that he was.

Jadzia Dax was the lover of Mirror-Sisko, although she later died (roughly the same time her counterpart in the normal universe died).

Ezri (who did not have the Dax symbiote) was a double-agent working both sides, somewhat promiscuous and bisexual.

Leeta was a member of the Resistance, also somewhat promiscuous.

Jake Sisko was never born in this reality.

Miles O'Brien was a somewhat depressed character, so Mirror-Sisko dubbed him "Smiley" as a play on his first name 'Miles', and the name stuck to distinguish him from the normal O'Brien. Smiley never married or had children, but eventually became a high ranking cell leader in the Terran Resistance — and after Mirror-Sisko's death, perhaps the leader.

Bareil Antos is also still alive, but never became a Vedek (religious leader). In the mirror universe, Bareil was a thief and petty criminal.

Vic Fontaine also makes an appearance, working alongside Mirror-Ezri. Inexplicably, he is not a hologram in the Mirror Universe, and the moment is played as comical. He was killed by Bashir shortly after making his appearance.


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