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Q'ell - Child at the deuterium facility.  He can drive the crawlers they use to move the drilling rigs.
    He snuck aboard the shuttlepod.      "Marauders" [ENT]

Qo'noS - SEE:  Klingon Homeworld

Quantum Beacons - Daniels has Enterprise build devices called "quantum beacons" that attach to the end
    of the grappler arm to be able to illuminate and see cloaked Suliban ships.
                                                          "Shockwave, part 1" [ENT]

Quantum Dating - Archer used a tricorder-like device to quantum date the debris from the Xindi probe.
    It was able to tell that the principle alloy in a particular piece was synthesized within the last 4 years,
    and another one, a year earlier.  12 years for another piece.  But one fragment read minus four-twenty.
    Since Quantum dating always registers in positive numbers, that meant that piece was from the future.
                                                        "The Expanse" [ENT]

Quantum Discriminator - According to Daniels, the desk of every high school student in the 31st century
    has one in it.                                 "Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]

Quantum Scan - A type of scan used for determining tthe age of an object.
    T'Pol's quantum scans of the sphere indicated it was nearly 1000 years old.
                                                            "Anomaly" [ENT]

Quantum Variables - Terms in the Cochrane Equation.  The Enterprise was unable to create a stable warp field
    when they encountered an Anomaly inside the Delphic Expanse because, as Tucker put it, the quantum variables
    were "out of whack".                       "Anomaly" [ENT]

Quartermaster - Ent has a Quartermaster, and Engineering can fabricate some items he doesn't stock.
                                                         "Fortunate Son" [ENT]


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