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Appearance & Physiology:
This species has a third gender called a "cogenitor".

Vissia - more than 25 light years from a hypergiant star.



Science ship -
    Captain Drennik.  They've been using trinesium to construct their hulls
    for over a century.  Their warp core emits omicron
    radiation so an innoculation is necessary to visit
    engineering aboard their ship.
                                          "Cogenitor" [ENT]

Stratopod - Teardrop shaped.  Has twice the shielding of their ships.
                                          "Cogenitor" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Calla (Larissa Laskin) -  Wife of the Vissian engineer, and the one in charge of the microgravity lab on
    her ship.  Calla and her husband were trying to have a baby, but when their
    cogenitor was tempted with freedom by Commander Tucker, the
    cogenitor no longer wished to comply and committed suicide.
                                                                "Cogenitor" [ENT]

Cogenitor (Becky Wahlstrom) -

Drennik (Andreas Katsulas) - Captain of the Vissian ship.
                                                                "Cogenitor" [ENT]

Engineer (F.J. Rio) -


Traistana (Stacie Renna) - a xenobiologist.

Unnamed Captain  (Andreas Katsulas) -

Unnamed Woman (Laura Interval) -

Veylo - a tactical officer.


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