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2151:  Archer found this planet in the Vulcan database.  The planet has just over three billion people on it.  The Vulcan
    database has no information on what the people are like (the kinds of food they eat, what they do for fun, etc).  Their
    population is mostly concentrated in several large cities in the equitorial region.  The capital of Coridan is nearly
    surrounded by large shanty towns and there are several radical (Vulcans call them "terrorist") factions vying for power.
    The Vulcans have been coming to Coridan for decades. The planet's abundance of dilithium may also explain why the
    Vulcans have mining agreements with the "corrupt" or, at least, Vulcan-dominated--Coridan government (headed by a
    female chancellor who is "kept in power by the Vulcans" according to the rebels), perhaps necessary to guarantee a
    source of dilithium crystals, which fuel all those fast Vulcan starships. Coridan and P'Jem are in the same sector bordering
    Andorian space and the Andorians carefully monitor all Vulcan ship deployments and comm traffic in the sector.
    According to Capt. Sopek of the Ni'Var, it was a violation of the Tau Ceti Accords for Andorians to be on Coridan.
                                                             "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

2267:  Spock's father says the planet is underpopulated.  This makes it susceptible to illegal mining operations of
    its rich  dilithium  resources.  The Babel conference of 2267 considered the admission of Coridan into the United
    Federation of Planets.  Vulcan has no mining interests so they favor admission.  The UFP would help its population
    protect their resources - its dilithium wealth would be adminsitered for the benefit of its people.  Denying membership
    would leave the planet defenseless against further raids and illegal mining.  This is a very different picture of the planet
    than was shown in "Shadows of P'Jem", - perhaps a rebellion or war decimated the population between
    "Shadows of P'Jem" and "Journey to Babel".
                                                              "Journey to Babel" [TOS]
    The vote was affirmative, and Federation ambassador Sarek was credited with the Coridan admission.
                                                              "Sarek" [TNG]
Stardate 51474: A Dominion attack force led by Gelnon set its sights on the dilithium rich Coridan planets.
                                                              "One Little Ship" [DS9]

Coridan plane: A tapered cylindrical fuselage, slightly wider at the back.  Two small pods or fins at the nose.  Two
    narrow wings, about the length of the fuselage, mounted at the very back.  Each has a slightly swept-back leading edge,
    and a small rectangular flap at the trailing edge's tip.
                                                             "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Coridan Chancellor (f) -

Coridan Guard (m) -


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