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Baird  (Morgan Margolis) -  male.  Crewman.  In Hoshi Sato's transporter-malfunction induced
    hallucination, crewman Baird deciphered the alien language from the race that was
    supposed to be on the planet when Hoshi could not.
                                                               "Vanishing Point" [ENT]

"The Barrens" -  A region of space where there are no star systems for 100 lys due to a subspace node,
    a bubble of curved space-time.  When testing a subquantum transporter, Quinn's signal became trapped
    there.  At certain intervals, there are fluctuations in the node that caused the signal to reappear.
                                                              "Daedalus" [ENT]

Bayshore Elementary - Grade school in Panama City, Florida that Trip attended.
                                                              "Fusion" [ENT]

Baresium - An asteroid composed mostly of baresium ore hit  Terra Nova about 500km north of the
    colony, causing fatal radiation levels in half of the northern hemisphere for about a year.
                                                              "Terra Nova" [ENT]

Bat'leth - SEE Klingon weapons - Bat'leth

Beach - Tucker said that he was looking forward to spending time lying on the beaches, starting with
    Tahiti or Cancun.                                "Storm Front, part 1" [ENT]

Beacon - A small portable source of illumination. Enterprise away teams are often equipped with
    hand-held beacons.
                                       "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    Standard environmental suits include two head-mounted beacons.
                                                              "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Beacon - A device to warn of danger.
    Archer orders a scan for Beacons at "Strange New World".  Reed reports "none within range".
                                                              "Strange New World" [ENT]

Beacon, Emergency - Device to make it easy for others to locate you when in need of help.  On the
    ECS Fortunate, the emergency beacon is separate from the communications system.
                                                             "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Beacon, Quantum - SEE:  Quantum Beacon

Beacon, Temporal - SEE: Temporal Beacon.

Beagle - A small hound (Canis familiaris) with a smooth coat, short legs, and drooping ears, historically
    used in hunting small game. Porthos is a beagle.
                                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Beetle snuff - Ulis tried to entice Krem to let him go by offering him his beetle snuff collection.  Krem
    rejected the offer, saying that it makes him sneeze.
                                                              "Acquisition" [ENT]

Bennett, Crewman - A female crewmember aboard Enterprise, assigned in the command branch.
    Doctor Phlox believed that Bennett and Crewman Hayden were preparing to
    mate, and asked Trip if he thought they would mind if
    he watched.                  "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Bennings - Deputy.                               "North Star" [ENT]

Bently, Katy - Archer got sent to the principle's office once for passing notes in class.  In particular, a
    note to Katy Bently inviting her to a party a friend of his was throwing.  She'd already turned him down
    but after he got in trouble changed her mind.
                                                              "The Council" [ENT]

Benzethonium chloride - An antigenic compound used as a painkiller.  It was given to Travis at the
    central hospital on Risa after he broke his leg in a mountain climbing accident.  Mayweather had an
    adverse reaction to it.                       "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]

Berengarius system -  As of December 27, 2154, this was a potential site for the first in a series of
    proposed Starbases.  A Vulcan science vessel surveyed the seventh planet over 50 years before.  The
    file states it's an M-Class world with a flourishing ecosystem, and no intelligent life.  They did report
    one distinctive feature though... a species of flying reptile, some reportedly over 200 meters long.
    They're also said to breathe fire.  There's been lingering questions over the accuracy of this report.
                                                              "Bound" [ENT]
    Spock told Leila Kalomi that he'd once seen a dragon on Berengaria VII.
                                                              "This Side of Paradise" [TOS]

Beryllium - Metallic element used in the construction of starships.
                                                             "Oasis" [ENT]

Beta Magellan - SEE: Bynars, homestar

Bethany - Schoolteacher.  She is 1/4 Skagaaran.  "North Star" [ENT]

Betty Grable - The German soldier guarding Archer said that one day he will go to Hollywood and that
    he would meet Betty Grable.  He made a joke that maybe Archer would introduce him to her.  Archer
    said that she wasn't his type.            "Storm Front, part 1" [ENT]

Beverages - The following have been seen or mentioned on Enterprise and can be gotten from
    their beverage dispenser:
    coffee with cream                                "Regeneration" [ENT]
    milk, cold                                            "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
    tea, green, hot                                    "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
    tea, iced with lemon slices                    "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
    tea, Zariphean blend                            "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
    water, carbonated                               "Unexpected" [ENT]

Big Sur Aquarium - An establishment where collections of aquatic living organisms are kept and
    publicly exhibited located in California, on Earth.  Sub-Commander T'Pol did not visit Big Sur Aquarium
    during her stay at the Vulcan Compound.  Presently, there is no a Big Sur Aquarium, although there is
    the Monterey Aquarium in the same general location.
                                                               "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Bikini Atoll - When humans were developing primitive nuclear weapons during the 20th century on Earth,
    they needed places to test them, called "proving grounds".  One was a remote island called Bikini Atoll.
    Archer compared the area that the Xindi were using to test their super-weapon to Bikini Atoll.
                                                              "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Bilateral Algorithm - T'Pol asks Hoshi if she had considered using a bilateral algorithm when they
    were trying to decipher the highly mathematical language of an alien creature.
                                                              "Vox Sola" [ENT]

Bile - A yellow or greenish viscid alkaline digestive fluid secreted by the liver.  Humans used to use the
    bile of black bears as an aphrodisiac.   "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Billy - Crewmember; male engineer and security officer.
    Tucker requested that he be told to purge the aft manifold in an effort to correct
    a restricted flow problem of the plasma exhaust.
                                           "Unexpected" [ENT]
    Passed Archer in the corridor while carrying a maintennance kit.
                                          "Terra Nova" [ENT]
    Seen climbing stairway to second level in Main Engineering.
                                          "Andorian Incident" [ENT]
    Assisted Charles Tucker in Main Engineering.
                                          "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
    Tucker told Billy to prepare to vent the nacelles on his order.
                                          "Civilization" [ENT]
    Assisted Lieutenant Malcolm Reed as a security officer, tracking Silik through the
     bowels of Enterprise while sporting a phase rifle.
                                                                "Cold Front" [ENT]
    He was asked by Tucker to continue the tour of the ship for
    Liana when Tucker was called to a meeting with Archer.
                                                                 "Oasis" [ENT]

Billy  (Clay Wilcox) -  Worker at the coal mines at Carbon Creek.  Mestral needed money so he played
    a game of eight-ball with him.   But if he won he would get to spend some time with T'Mir.  He lost.
                                                                 "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

Bimodal grammar - A linguistic form where there are two systems of rules that define the grammatical
    structure of the language (i.e., two sets of rules specify what is to be preferred and what is avoided in
    the syntax  and classes of words, including their inflections, functions, and relations to each other in a
    sentence) -- In the case of a bimodal grammar, these sets of grammar rules appear in two distinct modes
    (that is, they have two different statistical probablilities of occurring in the language).
    Ensign Sato believed that the Axanar language uses a bimodal grammar.
                                                              "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Binary suns -  Enterprise was about to explore an uninhabited planet where it only got dark four days a
    month because of the binary suns when they were warned of an approaching neutronic wavefront.
                                                              "The Catwalk" [ENT]

Bioelectric stress - Reed wants to measure the "bioelectric stress" that the severed tentacle in sickbay
    can tolerate.  With this information he can figure out how to calibrate a force field to stop the bigger
    creature without killing it.  Phlox refused to allow the procedure since it might harm the creature which
    could be intelligent.  Instead, Phlox suggested that they do a macrocellular analysis would be able to
    provide the same information without hurting the creature.
                                                             "Vox Sola" [ENT]

Biography - Archer had been asked to write a 1-page preface to a biography of his late father, and was
    putting it off for weeks, unable to sufficiently condense his thoughts.  When he was affected by the
    radiation of a singularity they were studying, it became an obsession for him.
                                                                "Singularity" [ENT]

Biomatter - Matter which was once or still is in a living state.
    The organic circuitry on the future ship was leaking a blue 'goo' which Reed described as some kind
    of biomatter.                                       "Future Tense" [ENT]

Biomatter Resequencing - "Molly McCook" asks about toilets.  "Chief engineer" Tucker asks, dismayed:
    "a poop-question, sir?"  Shipboard, they recycle "pretty much everything".  Waste first goes to a
    "bio-matter re-sequencer", and is later broken down into "little molecules" which can be made into any
    number of things: cargo containers, insulation, or boots.
                                                              "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
    In a Maintenance tube, Tucker affixes a locking-drum to a hatch marked "bio-matter resequencing".
                                                                "Acquisition" [ENT]

Biometric data - Reed asks Phlox for help in evaluating the "biometric data" on the aliens to determine if
    the cybernetic arm contains a weapon.
                                                              "Regeneration" [ENT]
    Daniels loads Suliban biometric parameters into his device in Main Engineering to try to locate Silik.
                                                              "Cold Front" [ENT]

Biomimetic garment - Article of clothing that changes appearance to match its environment. The
    Suliban wear bio-mimetic garments to augment their own camouflage abilities.
                                                                "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Biomolecular probe - As they approach the alien repair station, the bridge is filled with a sustained flash
    of light: evidence of a "bio-molecular probe".
                                                                "Dead Stop" [ENT]

Biomolecular scan - When Mayweather comes in complaining of a headache and Phlox can't find
    anything wrong, he insists on running a 'full biomolecular scan'.
                                                               "Singularity" [ENT]

Biopump - Alien "hydraulic" system used to flush a fluid through the Axanar corpses in order to extract
    triglobulin.                                           "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Bioscan - 1). A scan to determine the number of lifesigns aboard a vessel.
                                                                "Strange New World" [ENT]
    2). The examination a crewmember undergoes where it is determined that he is free from any alien infection
        or contamination.  This is called "clearing the bioscan".  Tucker cleared bioscan when coming back
        aboard from the Xyrillian ship.      "Unexpected" [ENT]

Bioscan, Submolecular - The "vampire aliens" used a submolecular bioscan to probe the crew of the Ent.
                                                                "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Biosign (also called Life signs) - An indicator of living organisms. Bio-signs can be used to tell how many
    living organisms, if any, are in a certain designated area, such as a ship, or land area on a planet.  Also,
    bio-signs are used to distinguish between the different organisms themselves, allowing individuals or
    groups to be located.                         "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    T'Pol could read no biosigns on the derelict ship from the future.
                                                              "Future Tense" [ENT]

Biotransport - A classification of transporter certification. Transporters approved for bio-transport can
    be used on living organisms.   The Enterprise's transporters are approved for biotransport.
                                                               "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Black, Admiral  (Gregory Itzin) -        "In a Mirror Darkly, part 2" [ENT]

Black bear - The common North American bear (Ursus americanus) ranging in color from brown or typical
    black to white.  Humans used to use the bile of black bears as an aphrodisiac.
                                                                "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Black box - A device meant to store a record of important data to be recovered in the event of a ship being
    disabled or destroyed.  It can also house a locator beacon so that retreival or rescue crews can find it easier.
    Tucker and Reed removed a device from a derelict future ship that they speculate was its "black box".
    It used the same type of organic circuitry as the rest of the ship and when activated, the ship, its occupant,
    and the black box itself all vanished.   "Future Tense" [ENT]

"Black Cat, The" - 1930's horror movie starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.  The film was in Enterprise's
    movie database, and was played while the ship was in orbit of Dekendi III.
                                                                "Stigma" [ENT]

Black hole - Enterprise encountered a "class-4 black hole" in "trinary system".  The "Vulcan star charts"
    indicate the Vulcans have charted over 2000 black holes, but never one in a trinary.  "Gravitational shear"
    necessitated an approach on impulse that will take 2-days to reach safe minimum of 5-million-km.
                                                                "Singularity" [ENT]

Blarney stone - Block of limestone located in Ireland.  According to legend, if you kiss the stone it brings
    you the gift of great speaking ability.  "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Blast suppressors - Archer ordered Hayes to lay down blast suppressors to keep from harming innocents
    in the rest of the settlement when they destroyed the kemocite production facility.
                                                                "The Shipment" [ENT]

Blood soup - Food served to Captain Archer and Commander Tucker by Zobral.  Blood soup was a broth
    with chunks in it from the "essence of male."
                                                                 "Desert Crossing" [ENT]

Bloodworms - SEE:  Regulan Bloodworms

Blueberry pancakes - Earth food made of batter cooked on both sides that Phlox was fond of.
                                                               "Unexpected" [ENT]

Body-surfing -  Sport where one rides the waves along a shore without a board.  Captain Archer body-
    surfed in Oahu.                                   "Cogenitor" [ENT]

Bolian - Muk tries to bribe him Krem to let him go by offering to introduce him to a "Bolian" female he knew.
                                                                "Acquisition" [ENT]

Boomer, (Space) - A derivation of the handle "baby boomers" from the U.S. It refers to those born on
    and "native" to spacecraft, such as Ens. Mayweather, though the term has come to be used in reference
    to freighter crews in general.               "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Borderland - A volatile region between the Klingon Empire and the Orion Syndicate.  It attracts the most
    dangerous elements from both.           "Borderland" [ENT]

Boreworms - An indigenous creature of the rogue planet DaKala which will crawl into your ear to lay its
    eggs.                                                    "Rogue Planet" [ENT]

Boridium - SEE:  Romulan tech, boridium.

Borocarbons - Chemical trace leftover after the ignition of tetrazine.
                                                                "Shockwave" [ENT]

Borothan pilgrim - Name for some who had gone to view the Great Plume of Agosoria.  Silik had
    disguised himself as a Borothan pilgrim when he infiltrated the Enterprise to prevent an antimatter
    cascade.                                               "Cold Front" [ENT]; "Detained" [ENT]

Bozeman - City in Montana on Earth where first contact was made with Vulcans.  It was the location
    of the silo that launched the first warp capable ship.
                                                                "Desert Crossing" [ENT]
    The Warp five facility is located just outside of Bozeman, Montana.
                                                                "Singularity" [ENT]

Brahe, Tycho - Famous 16th century Danish astronomer who lost his nose in a duel over a math equation.
                                                                "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

B'Rat Ud - A V'radian chemist who sold the formula for synthesizing Trellium-D to the Enterprise.  He
    met Captain Archer at the deuterium station on Norellus.  He ran a shop at Barge 12, Tier 2 of a
    trading outpost where the trade was completed.
                                                                "Raijin" [ENT]

Brazil - A region in So. America on Earth. Amazon University, where Hoshi Sato taught alien languages,
    is located in Brazil.  Archer picked her up from there.
                                                                "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    Hoshi planned to go back there a couple of weeks after the signing of the Federation charter.
                                                                "These are the Voyages" [ENT]

Breadstick - Italian 'finger rolls' or stick bread, 15-45 cm (6-18 in) long, and normally crisp and dry.
    Sub-Commander T'Pol initially had difficulty eating a breadstick due to the Vulcan aversion to eating
    with the hands, but ultimately succeeded in doing so with a knife and fork.
                                                                "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Breathing apparatus - A device which allows the user to breathe in a hostile atmosphere. Lorillian children
    use breathing apparatuses that provide methyl oxide before they are weaned in favor of standard air.
                                                                "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Brennan, Liam - Fourth grade student in Ms. Malvin's class at Worley Elementary who asked the question
    "What do you eat?"                             "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

"Briar Patch" -  "Star Trek: Insurrection"

Bridge - The bridge is the control and command center of the Enterprise and is located on A Deck. From
     the bridge any ship's operations can be overseen by the various
    bridge personnel stationed there.  The primary bridge officers are
    in order of their ranking: Captain Jonathan Archer, Sub-Commander
    T'pol, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, Ensign Travis Mayweather, and
    Ensign Hoshi Sato.

Brisbane - City in Australia where Hoshi Sato had a pen pal when she was younger.
                                                                "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

Brody - Captain of the Saratoga.            "The Forgotten" [ENT]

Broken Bow - A city in Oklahoma on Earth.  Broken Bow was the site of the first contact between
    Klingons and humans in 2151.            "Broken Bow" [ENT], "Detained" [ENT]

Bromelin - A proteolytic plant enzyme found in pineapples.  Reed is alergic to it and had to take shots
    for it since pineapple is his favorite food.
                                                                 "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Bronchial lobe - A rounded projection within a lung. Normal Suliban have three bronchial lobes per lung,
    but the genetically engineered Suliban have five.
                                                                 "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Brooks, Gannet (Johanna Watts) -         "Demons" [ENT]

Brown dwarf - A celestial body that resembles a star but does not emit light because it is too small to
    ignite internal nuclear fusion.  The Enterprise was near a brown dwarf after their bad first contact with
    the Kreetassans.                                  "Vox Sola" [ENT]

Brown, V. - MACO.  male.  In the mirror universe, V. Brown was a MACO assigned to the
    ISS Enterprise (NX-01) in 2155.  Brown was one of several Enterprise crew members that left the
    starship in escape pods when the craft was trapped by Tholian vessels in an energy field and
    destroyed. The life pods and their occupants, including Brown, were later retrieved by the
    USS Defiant (NCC-1764), under orders from Commander Jonathan Archer, an officer who had led
    an assault team there from Enterprise.   Later, Brown was one of three MACOs who helped Archer
    and Major Reed search the Defiant for Slar, a member of the reptilian Gorn species. When Archer
    and Reed seperated, Brown was one of two MACOs who stayed with Reed while B. Scott left
    with Archer. Reed led his team of MACOs to a bio-sign, only to find a communicator that had
    been set to emit the signal. However, Slar had also set an explosive device on the ceiling above
    the communicator. Realizing the Gorn's trap, Reed alerted the other two officers, but they were
    too late to escape and the bomb detonated. Archer later found Brown lying unconscious on the
    deck with his face extremely bloodied.  Brown was either injured or killed in the explosion and
    his final fate is unknown.  It is unknown whether V. Brown exists in our universe.
                                                               "In a Mirror, Darkly, part 2" [ENT]

B'Saari - The B'Saari are an intelligent spacefaring species.   They were the first sentient species
    with whom the Denobulans made contact (Based on the date of the last war the Denobulans had with
    the Antarans this must have occurred prior to the 15 century CE).  Before this encounter, most
    Denobulans believed themselves to be the only intelligent species in the galaxy.  Some refused to
    believe otherwise even with evidence to the contrary standing before them.
                                                                "Future Tense" [ENT]
    B'saari II is their homeworld.  On the planet, they used an experimental technique involving isolytic
    current to re-animate dead tissue.       "Horizon" [ENT]

Buddha - According to legend, if you rubbed the belly of a statue of Buddha, it brings you good luck.
                                                                "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Buddhism - Dr. Phlox attended Tibetan Buddhist religious services, suggesting that this belief has
    survived until at least the 22nd century.
                                                                 "Cold Front" [ENT]

Bu'kaH - SEE: Klingon Individuals, Bu'kaH.

Bulkhead - An upright structure or partition (i.e. a wall) separating compartments.  It is meant to
    resist pressure from water, fire, or gases.  In a starship it will separate compartments of different
    atmospheric pressures or even one with an atmosphere from the vacuum of space.
    SEE: Emergency Bulkheads.

Buoy, Marker - A device used to mark a certain position, usually as a warning of danger.
    Archer orders a scan for Marker Buoys at "Strange New World".  Reed reports "none within range".
                                                                "Strange New World" [ENT]

Burala Prime - Planet where criminals could go to get their faces reconfigured. The people of the polar
    islands were considered friendly, but the cold there was unbearable for at least some species.
                                                                "Canamar" [ENT]

Burrows (Noel Manzano) - Ensign.  Crewman who was working in the Armory and was killed
    when he came into contact with a spatial distortion that was Quinn.   He suffered a massive cellular
    disruption as if he'd been subjected to intense delta radiation.
                                                                "Daedalus" [ENT]

"Butterfly women" (Diane & Elaine Klimaszewski) - Two female erotic dancers which use their long
    tounges to catch and eat butterflies during their act at the Rigel X Trade Center.
    It is not known if the butterflies are real or holographic.  A trader, using the
    pretense of leading Travis and Reed to where he said he saw Klaang, told the
    officers that if they would like, he could arrange for them to meet the dancers.
                                         "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Buzaan - SEE:  Eska, Buzaan

Bynar - SEE: Bynars


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