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An intelligent space-faring species.

Physiology: The Axanar are androgynous, humanoid bipeds with leathery skin.
        They have green blood, the molecules of which look like amino acids.
        They breathe a cold (-20 degrees) nitrogen-methane atmosphere.
        They have zymuth glands (in the left side of their neck?) which produce triglobulin.
        The Axanar live over four hundred years.

Starship: Axanar starships are approximately 92 meters in length, and have a lot of decks.
        The hull is composed of tritanium and disilicon polymers.
        They have at least two external hatches (at least one of which is 0.9 meters in diameter).
        They are armed with directed energy weapons that emit a reddish colored beam.
                                                              "Fight or Flight" [ENT]


Language: the grammar sounds bimodal.
"Dukta-mutoor" = "ship in"
"Kunatsila" = "distress".
Dukta-mutoor kunatsila datii. = "ship in distress"
 Atad dvii oora.
 Tomii alo owaba!
 Minas! Ooran tuo calla!
 Loor rah tee.
Ahtara noss rohnay.  =  the distress call came from my ship, not yours.
 Mii toras amayar tee!  =  ... DNA scans.  Why were you there two days ago?
 Atah hoss moor at!  =
 Loorah! Atah hoss!
 Ataa... dvii... oora.
 Ataa iis? Minas alo...
Ataa loora iis da.
 Oorehm miista voor.
Eetova vohmala?
 Iis da. Tuo-tuo ama tooras da.
Veetal, veetal
 noss ohmeen.
 Oorah, ootah, ootah doee oora.
 Latoora de...
 Emos owaba. Aiista...

Historical Events: In 2151, an Axanar ship was overrun by unknown aliens that killed their crew of 15 (one was
        killed by a lethal dose of chloroxine, 3 by particle weapons).  The corpses were hooked up to biopumps which
        flushed a fluid through their bodies to extract triglobulin.  Enterprise discovered the ship and sent a distress call using
        the derelict ship's own transceiver.  When another Axanar ship responded, first contact was made.  Enterprise spent
        some time with them and helped them recover their dead crewmen.
        In the 2250's, this planet was the site of a major battle in which Starfleet Captain Garth won a historic victory.
        Kirk's first visit to the planet was as a cadet as part of a peace mission.
                                                                "Whom God's Destroy" [TOS]
        He was subsequently awarded the Palm Leaf of Axanar Peace Mission.
                                                                "Court Martial" [TOS]
    It has not been established who the opponent was in Garth's victory.  It has been speculated that it might
    have been Romulans, however "Balance of Terror" (TOS) indicates there was no Federation contact with
    the Romulans in that time frame.  Kirk noted that Garth's victory was instrumental in making it possible
    for he and Spock to work together as brothers, so the Axanar battle apparently had something to do with
    holding the Federation together.
    SEE: Vampire Aliens.


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