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Novans.  The human colonists of Terra Nova.

An earth-like planet less than 20 light years from earth.  (Terra Nova has been associated with the star
Terra Nova   Eta Cassiopeia.  It 's a binary star, with the primary being a G2 star, just
    like ours, and the secondary being an M0 star, orbiting at a distance of
    roughly 70 AU, with a period of 480 years. Its distance is just under 19
    light-years. It took them nine years to get there, giving them a rough speed
    of  just over twice light speed.)
    Enterprise's data archives contain a wealth of information on the early
    colonization attempt in 2076, including crew manifests, survey photos, and
    weekly status reports.

2076:  Mission to colonize Terra Nova begins.  In the early years of space exploration it was called
    "the Great Experiment".
2081:  After the colony had been there 5 years, the space agency decided to send another vessel.  The
colony    colonists didn't want another 200 people arriving.  Relations
    with earth became strained.  One of the colonists, Loch Logan,
    lead the movement against the second wave of settlers.  Angry
    messages were sent back and forth.  Communications with
    earth abruptly stopped and the lost colony remained a
    mystery for the next 70 years.  The cause of the colony's
    abrupt silence was an asteroid which struck 500 kilometers
    north of the settlement.  The asteroid was composed mostly
    of Baresium ore causing radiation levels that were at lethal levels during that time and are only just
    dissipating when the Enterprise arrives 70 years later. The resulting dust cloud covered half of the
    northern hemisphere for more than a year and rained toxins on the colonists killing half the adults.
    Children around the age of 4 or less developed an immunity and moved underground into a network
    of caverns.  The survivors called themselves Novans.  The children growing up underground, believed
    that they were distinct from the humans that they blamed for the radiation.  They thought of humans
    as the enemy.
2151:  Enterprise arrived at Terra Nova and revealed the truth.   The Novan's water supply had become
    increasingly contaminated and would have proven fatal to the final 58 survivors but Archer managed
    to convince them they should move.  They successfully relocated to the unaffected Southern
    hemisphere where there are similar tunnels.

 They developed their own terms based on their life underground including:
                        Diggers = a burrowing animal that is hunted for food and clothing by the Novans
                        Go Befores = ancestors
                        Overside = the planet's surface.
                        Shale = lies
                        Underside = underground tunnels they live in

      SEE:  Communications towerConestoga ; Mitchell, Captain.
                                                         "Terra Nova" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Akary  (Greville Henwood) - Adolescent who was trapped under a large tree in a well.  It happened
    because the shuttlepod from Enterprise caused quakes in the caves when the ground gave way to it.
    Akary was saved by Jaymin and Captain Archer.

Athan  (Brian Jacobs) - Adolescent who guarded Lieutenant Reed when he was held as a prisoner
    in the Novan caves.

Fuller, Bernadette (Mary Carver) - A Novan colonist born in 2076, known after the asteroid impact
Fuller    as "Nadet."  Fuller's son, Jaymin, was the leader of the  Novans .  She
    developed lung cancer as a result of the planet's radiation poisoning, but
    Doctor Phlox cured the disease in 2151.
                                  "Terra Nova" [ENT]

Fuller, Vera - A human who traveled aboard the Conesttoga to settle  Terra Nova .  Vera had a
    daughter, Bernadette, in 2076, shortly after landing.
                                                              "Terra Nova" [ENT]

Jaymin -

Nadet - SEE:  Fuller, Bernadette


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