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Kaana-sah  - A ritual set of exercises to purify thhe body performed prior to viewing the
    Great Plume of Agosoria .  Phlox spent the night on the pilgrims' ship, and engaged in Kaana-sah
    exercizes.                                          "Cold Front" [ENT]

Kabal- An alternate spelling of Cabal.  SEE:  Cabal

Kamata - deceased crewman.                  "The Forgotten" [ENT]

Kantare - SEE:  Kantare

Kata Baharu - place in Malaysia where Reed's parents live.
                                                            "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Ka'Tann - Ambassador V'Lar negotiated the Treaty of Ka'Tann at the Second Ka'Tann Conference,
    held at Vulcana Regar on Vulcan where she met the young T'Pol, who had traveled there to meet her.
    T'Pol's "blunt questions" forced the ambassador to reconsider her negotiating strategy.
                                                            "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

Kaybin bar - Phlox recommends the lively Kaybin bars along the waterfront on Denobula to  Dr. Lucas ,
    but warns him not to go unescorted.  "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

Keene - Captain of the ECS Fortunate.  He was injured in a  Nausicaan  attack.
                                                               "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Kelly (Renee Goldsberry) - female crewman.
crewman Kelly                                                              "Vox Sola" [ENT]

Kelly (Kevin Derr) - MACO corporal.  male.  His name is visible on shoulder as E. Hamboyan.
MACO Kelly    He bears a remarkable resemblance to Austin.
                "North Star" [ENT]
    He was stunned by mutineers in the Armory.
                "Hatchery" [ENT]
    He escorted Tucker on the boarding party.
                "Damage" [ENT]
    Although his nametag says E. Hamboyan, he answers to the name Kelly.  He
    was part of the team put together to retreive Ensign Sato from the Reptilian
    vessel.  He and Sato were the first to beam back to the ship once they found her.
                "Countdown" [ENT]
    He helps to repel the extra-dimensional alien boarders.  He appeared to have
    been knocked down or stunned by an alien energy discharge.  Soon after he
    apparently recovered enough to call the bridge and report that their weapons were passing right through
    the invaders.  Phlox told him to modulate their weapons to 32.6 Terracycles.
                                                              "Zero Hour" [ENT]

Kemocite - Reed described it as a radiolytic compound which didn't match anything in their database.
    Gralik, the Xindi who manufactures it, called it a multiphasic isotope with numerous (any number of,
    countless) applications depending upon the level of refinement.  It is synthesized and then refined in
    at least 3 processing chambers (it is not known if 3 are needed for every level of refinement).  A seal
    ruptured in the tertiary chamber resulting in impurities in 3 production cycles before it was discovered.
    Many canisters had to be retested.  What couldn't be salvaged had to be destroyed.  Kemocite has a
    subquantum imprint which is unique and produces a quantum signature that can be used to determine
    where the material originated from.   "Shipment" [ENT]
    An illegal substance which Quark was going to smuggle to Orion on the way back from Earth.
    Its reaction to vented plasma from the warp core triggered a time warp.
                                                               "Little Green Men" [DS9]

Kemocite Production Facility - A Xindi colony of about 80 people which supplies many species
    with kemocite, not just other Xindi.  It was located by energy readings which spanned the spectrum,
    also positron emissions and antiproton bursts indicating processes which used a lot of power.  They
    supplied Degra with several hundred kilograms of extremely refined, high purity kemocite (processing
    it for six months) for use in making the weapon to destroy earth, although they originally thought
    he only needed it for "research".  The colony appeared to not have any defensive systems.  Hayes
    estimated that it would only take two spatial torpedos to destroy the complex from orbit.
                                                                 "Shipment" [ENT]

Kemper, N. - Sergeant MACO.  male.  Beforre being assigned to Enterprise, he was stationed
Sergeant Kemper    outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  Although he hasn't lived in Duluth, Minnesota
    since junior high school, Sato could tell that he was from there by
    the inflections in his speech.
                          "The Xindi" [ENT], "Anomaly" [ENT]
    He was part of the team put together to rescue Sato from the Reptilian ship.
    He was wounded in the attempt, but Phlox told Reed that he would make a
    complete recovery.      "Countdown" [ENT]

Khouri, Susan - (female) Medical technician.  She took leave from work over a year before.  She died
    from a phase-pistol wound while trying to get information about the baby to Tucker and T'Pol.
                                                                "Demons" [ENT]

Kimball, Ensign - (female) Tucker suggests that Ens. Kimmball, who is married would be better at
    advising T'Pol about her fiance' than him.  For logical reasons, (the less people who know about her
    problem the better) she still decides to confide in Tucker.
                                                               "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

Klaang - SEE:  Klingon, Klaang

Klach D'kel Brakt -  Soong nickname of "Briar Patch".  Region flooded with radiation from supernova
    remnants.  At least two habitable planets.
                                                               "The Augments" [ENT]

Klev, Major - SEE:  Tandaran, Major Klev

Klingon - SEE:  Klingons

"Kling-ot."  An erroneous pronunciation of "Klingon" by Admiral Leonard.
                                                               "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Kohlinar - An alternate spelling of Kolinar.  SEE: Kolinar.

Kolinahr - Another alternate spelling of Kolinar.  SEE: Kolinar

Kolinar - The Kolinar is a Vulcan ritual consisting of rigorous discipline intended to purge all emotions
    and embrace an adherence to pure and total logic, above and beyond the commitment made by most
    followers of Surak.  Kolinar is studied in the deserts on Vulcan.
                                                              "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" [ST1]
    and in the monastery of P'Jem.        "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Koss - SEE:  Vulcans, Koss

Kov - SEE:  Vulcans, Kov

Kovaalans - Aliens which patrol  a nebula that contains the entrance to a subspace corridor.  Degra
    was under the impression that they only had one or two ships in the nebula, but there were at least
    a half dozen within 60000 km of the entrance to a subspace corridor.
                                                                   "E2" [ENT]

Kronos - Alternative spelling of Qo'noS based on how it is pronounced.  SEE: Qo'noS.

K'toch class - A type of Klingon shuttlecraft.  Klaang piloted a K'toch-class shuttle for his meeting
    with Sarin in 2151.  The name "K'toch" is from the script, it was in a scene cut from the final episode.
                                                         "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Kuulan (Rudolph Willrich) - SEE: Kantare
                                                         "Oasis" [ENT]


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