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An offshoot race of the Vulcans.

[ Appearance/Physiology ][ Places of Interest ][ Culture ][ History ][ Tech & Weapons ][ Ships ]
[ Individuals of Note ]

Appearance and Physiology:
Similar enough in appearance to Vulcans that many Romulans can be mistaken for them, however
    many but not all Romulans exhibit a more distinctive forehead than the average Vulcan.
                                                             [TNG and later episodes]
The body readings (as seen on NCC1701 scanners) of a Vulcan and Romulan are almost exactly
    alike with only a slight difference.
                                                             "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]
Vulcans and Romulans differ enough to make a ribosome transfusion between both species
    impossible.                                     "The Enemy" [TNG]
According to Garak, the Romulan people and their hearts (literally) are gray in color.
                                                             "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]

Tuvan syndrome - A degenerative, incurable neurological disease which affects mainly
    Vulcans, Romulans, and Rigellians. In the very early stages, the patient's eyelids are
    slightly displaced, facial muscles are weakened, and respiration is irregular. Loss of motor
    skills occurs in 10-15 years; life expectancy is 20-25 years. In less than 5% of cases, the
    disease can accelerate without warning. It can also be accelerated by being eposed to a
    short burst of nadion radiation.     "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]

Places of Interest:
The Romulan Star Empire has two homeworlds:

Romulus - Admiral Jarok described Romulus as being a world of awesome beauty and spoke
    glowingly of such sights as the firefalls of Gal Gath'thong, the Valley of Chula, and the
    Apnex Sea.                                     "The Defector" [TNG]
    Apnex Sea - Jarok says he will never be able to see tthe spires of his home rising above the
        Apnex Sea again.                      "The Defector" [TNG]
    Darthen - City on Romulus.         "Unification" [TNG]
    Garak claims that on Romulus the predominant color is gray... "the buildings, the clothes,
        the people"                                 "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]

Remus - Mr. Spock's star chart shows this sister planet of Romulus as being named Romii.  However,
    the name Romii could refer to a Star, a Pulsar, a Planet or some other nearby celestial
    phenomenon.                                   "Balance of Terror" [TOS]
    SEE: Remans.

Other Places of Interest include:
Baradas III  - the only M-class planet in the Baradas system.  It is in the Taugan sector and is listed
    as unpopulated.  The planet was an outpost of the Debrune approximately two thousand years ago.
    The Federation Archaeological survey has catalogued numerous ruins on the surface.  The Debrune
    were an ancient offshoot of the Romulans.
                                                               "Gambit, parts 1&2" [TNG]

Calder II - Less than a day at maximum warp from Baradas III, Calder II is an archaelogical site in the
    Taugan sector containing ruins which are Romulan in origin (in particular the Sakethan burial mounds).
    There is also a small Federation outpost (a science station) there with limited defensive capabilities
    ( a type 4 deflector shield protecting the outpost and the ruins).
                                                               "Gambit, parts 1&2" [TNG]

Dessica II - An archaelogical sitein the Taugan sector containing the ruins of Nafir which are Romulan
    in origin.                                             "Gambit, parts 1&2" [TNG]

Draken IV - An archaelogical site containing ruins which are Romulan in origin.  It is at the far edge of the
    Taugan sector.                                    "Gambit, parts 1&2" [TNG]

Golorndon Core -  Nearly half a light-year on the Federation side of the Neutral Zone.  It is an
    electomagnetically shrouded planet whose surface is obscured by fierce storms and erratic electrical
    discharges.                                           "The Enemy" [TNG]

Neutral Zone - SEE: Laws and Treaties, the Neutral Zone.

Unnamed System - T'pol detected an uncharted system along Enterprise's course, containing one
    Minshara-class planet.  The planet is uninhabited.  To T'Pol, the most interesting feature is a chain
    of volcanoes that spans an entire hemisphere.  The Romulans claim the planet and have surrounded
    it by a large number of cloaked mines.   "Minefield" [ENT]

Yadalla Prime - An archaelogical site containing ruins which are Romulan in origin.  It is at the far edge
    of the Taugan sector.                            "Gambit, parts 1&2" [TNG]

[ Cuisine ][ Government ][ Laws and Treaties ]
There is a combined Romulan-Vulcan history of obedience to duty.
                                                             "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]
Counselor Troi's assessment of the Romulans:
They seem to be creatures of extremes. One moment violent beyond description, the next --
    tender. They're related to the Vulcans but as each developed, their differences grew wider.
    They are intensely curious. Their belief in their own superiority is beyond arrogance. For
    some reason they have exhibited a fascination with humans and that fascination, more
    than anything else, has kept the peace. One other thing, they will not initiate. They will
    wait for you to commit yourself.   "The Neutral Zone" [TNG]

Food and Drink:
Romulan Ale - A powerfully intoxicating beverage, light blue in color.
    It is illegal in the Federation.  This didn't stop McCoy from giving Kirk a bottle of the stuff
        for his 52nd birthday in 2285.   "The Wrath of Khan" [ST2]
    Romulan Ale was served at a diplomatic dinner hosted by Kirk for Klingon chancellor Gorkon
        aboard the Enterprise-A.  Tensions between the Federation people and their Klingon guests
        were high, and the Romulan Ale probably didn't help much, either.
                                                            "The Undiscovered Country" [ST6]

kali-fal - a blue-colored Romulan liquor. Sisko had some replicated on DS9 for visiting Sen. Vreenak
    who commented on the odor, "Real kali-fal should forcibly open one's sinuses well before the first
    sip." Sisko apologized for the quality by noting the Federation didn't have much information on
    Romulan beverages.                     "In the Pale Moonlight" [DS9]

viinerine - Traditional Romulan food.  Troi, masquerading as a Romulan officer, misidentified
    another Romulan dish as viinerine, but managed to bluff her way out of the situation.
                                                              "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]

vorcha'ak - Something ordered by Stefan DeSeve.  (From the contex it is likely to be something
    akin to coffee).                                "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]

Continuing Committee - A ruling body on Romulus, of which the head of the Tal Shiar is usually
    a member.                                         "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]
Romulan Star Empire - The formal name of the Romulan nation.
Romulan empress - Q says that he could have chosen a Romulan empress to mate with.
                                                             "The Q and the Grey" [VOY]
Tal Shi'ar - The Romulan intelligence organization.
    The purpose of the Tal Shi'ar is to insure loyalty.  To defy them is to invite imprisonment
    or death.                                            "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]
    In Odo's opinion, they pale in comparison to the Obsidian Order.
                                                             "The Wire" [DS9]
    They were cooperating with the Obsidian Order to invade the Gamma Quadrant and stage
    a first strike against the Dominion, but their fleet was annihilated by the Jem'Hadar, having
    been suckered into attacking the Founders' homeworld.
                                                             "Improbable Cause" [DS9], "The Die is Cast" [DS9]
    Rekar is going to turn the Prometheus over to the Tal'shiar since he thinks that they can
    make use of its full potential; he has made arrangements to rendevous with their fleet within
    the hour.                                          "Message in a Bottle" [DS9]

Laws and Treaties:
Neutral Zone Treaty  - A peace accord between Earth and the Romulan Star Empire that concluded
    the Earth/Romulan Wars around 2160.  It was negotiated by subspace radio.
                                                              "Balance of Terror" [TOS]
    and established the Romulan Neutral Zone, a region of space approximately a light year across,
    dividing the two powers.  Violation of the Neutral Zone by either side without adequate
    notification would be considered an act of war.
                                                             "The Defector" [TNG]
Treaty of Algeron -  forbids the Federation from using or developing cloaking device technology
        in its spacecraft.                          "The Pegasus" [TNG]
    In 2311, it redefined the Romulan Neutral Zone.  It also outlawed the use of cloaking
        technology on Starfleet vessels.
                                                               "These are the Voyages" [ENT]
Right of Statement - A Romulan law allowing a condemned person to record an official statement
    usually pertaining to his guilt or innoncence, however there is no regulation regarding the
    content of one's statement.  Spock, when captured by Romulan authorities for espionage in 2268,
    made an exceptionally long statement under this right, a successful effort to buy enough time
    for Kirk to complete their spy mission.
                                                                 "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]

The Romulan Neutral Zone -
8 neutral zone outposts are shown.        "Balance of Terror" [TOS]
A subspace message takes 3 weeks to reach Starfleet from the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone.
                                                            "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]
The Saratoga was patrolling sector 5 of the neutral zone when neutrallized by the Probe.
                                                            "The Voyage Home" [ST4]
By the tme of TNG, there are at least 23 neutral zone outposts.
                                                             "Future Imperfect" [TNG]
Sector 3-0 and sector 3-1 are near the Neutral Zone on the Federation side.  Science station &
    outpost Delta-zero-five was also in that sector which contained nine outposts.  The next
    nearest outpost was Tarod-nine in a sector which contains three other stations.
                                                               "The Neutral Zone" [TNG]
Moving from Gamma Hydra, section 14 (coordinates 22-87-4) into section 15, is an approach
    to the Neutral Zone.  A parabolic course must be laid in to avoid entering it.  Once they
    entered the Zone, Sulu estimated two minutes to intercept the Kobayashi Maru.  The
    Kobayashi Maru was supposed to be inside the Neutral Zone at Gamma Hydra, section 10.
    It had gotten there by traveling 19 periods out of Altair Six.
                                                               "The Wrath of Khan" [ST2]

An example of Romulan language from "Minefield" [ENT], (Yes, half of it was in caps.  Also
the pronunciation didn't closely match the Closed Captioning.)  -

Uhn Kan'aGANNA!  Tehca zuhn ruga'nokTAN!  Uhn Kan'aGANNA!  Tehca Zuhn!
    NeeMASTA kan'aGANNA uckWAZTA!
 -  You are ordered to leave our system immediately or we'll destroy you.

- We've annexed this planet in the name of  The Romulan Star Empire.


Jolan tru = Good day/night

Vorta Vor = Eden

Entries involving incursions or events within the Neutral Zone are printed in yellow for easy

ca 370:   The Time of Awakening
    The ancient philosopher Surak, revered as the father of Vulcan civilization, led his people in a great
Surak    reformation to adopt a code of behavior where they reject their emotions in favor
    of a philosophy that embraces pure logic and peace.
                                       "The Savage Curtain" [TOS]
    One group did not accept Surak's teachings and so a group of dissidents,
    the future Romulans, split off from the Vulcans at this time.
                                                             "The Gambit, part 2" [TNG] (2000 yrs before episode)

       The Hundred Year War between Surak's followers and the (as yet unnamed) Romulan factions
Quinn        on Vulcan begins, presumably leading to their mass departure.  It was unknown
    at the time, but Q will later claim that one of the "self-destructive stunts" of
    a Philosopher Q, later also known as Quinn, is what created the misunder-
    standing that ignited the Hundred Year War.
                                              "Death Wish" [VOY]

        It is believed that at one point 90% of Vulcan was at war. Terrible weapons such as the Stone of Gol,
Stone of Gol        a psionic-resonator, were created.  Legend said that it was destroyed by the
    gods on Vulcan during the Awakening.  Actually, it was disassembled
    and its parts scattered.
                                       "The Gambit, part 2" [TNG]

ca 470:    Surak demonstrated enormous courage working for peace in the face of war.  And as another
    war was about to begin, Vulcan was torn, but out of their suffering, some found the discipline to act.
    Emmisaries were sent to their opponents to propose peace.  The first were killed, but others followed.
    Ultimately peace was ahieved on Vulcan which has lasted since then.
                                                             "The Savage Curtain" [TOS]

    The dissidents leave Vulcan.  They will later found and become known as the Romula Star Empire.
                                                              "Unification, part 1" [TNG]
    Their descendents and offshoots colonized many planets across the quadrant.  Boradis III is used as
        an outpost for the DeBroon, an ancient offshoot of the Romulans.
                                                              "The Gambit, part 1" [TNG]
    Other ancient Romulan settlements include Calder II, Yadalla Prime, and Draken IV.

2152:   First contact with humans came when the earthship Enterprise (NX-01) wandered into a
    Romulan minefield, sustaining significant damage. A Romulan vessel then forced the Starship to
    leave the area, despite having a mine still attached to the hull.
                                                            "Minefield" [ENT]

ca 2156: War with Earth.  The conflict had been fought with early space vessels using primitive
    atomic weapons.  It was fought without any kind of personal or visual contact between the two
    sides: no human saw a Romulan until long after the war had ended.
                                                             "Balance of Terror" [TOS]

ca 2160:  The battle of Cheron ended the Earth/Romulan wars.

2266 (stardate 1709.2):  The Romulans sent a lone ship to attack several Federation outposts.
    Captain Kirk believed this to be a challenge of the Federation's resolve and a test to see how the
    Federation would react.  It was the first time the Federation witnessed the new cloaking device
    Romulans had developed. The ship was destroyed in battle.  It was also the first time earthmen
    had visual contact and got to see a Romulan.  It was discovered that Romulans share a common
    ancestry with Vulcans.               "Balance of Terror" [TOS]

2267: The Enterprise violated the Neutral Zone at the order of Commodore Stocker when
    radiation-induced aging threatened the lives of the ship's command crew.
                                                           "The Deadly Years" [TOS]

2268: Romulans enter into brief alliance with Klingon Empire.  The agreement results in a
    sharing of technologies and spacecraft designs.  (It is speculated that the Romulans
    recieved a more advanced shipframe and engine design in exchange for their cloaking
    technology).                                 "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]

2268 (stardate 5027.3) The Enterprise Incident:  The U.S.S. Enterprise crosses the Romulan Neutral
    Zone in violation of treaty, and is captured by three Romulan battle cruisers. Captain Kirk and
    Commander Spock are taken into Romulan custody and accused of criminal espionage by a
    Romulan commander. They later escape, stealing an improved Romulan cloaking device (one
    which renders the Federation tracking sensors useless). The Enterprise flees from Romulan space,
    and it is learned that Kirk and Spock have been conducting a covert Starfleet mission intended to
    gain military intelligence about the improved cloaking device. During their escape, the Romulan
    commander is taken prisoner aboard the Enterprise.
                                                            "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]

    Chaltok 4 incident:  A Romulan research colony was nearly destroyed and almost all the organic
        material on the planet Chaltok IV was obliterated when, during testing, a polaric ion device
        detonated causing a chain reaction in subspace.  The incident led to the adoption of the
        Polaric Test Ban Treaty of 2268.
                                                           "Time and Again" [VOY]

2278:  Pardek becomes senator.

2293:  The Romulan ambassador to earth, Nanclus, was involved in trying to sabotage the post-Praxis peace
    initiative.                                        "The Undiscovered Country" [ST6]

2311: Tomed Incident - An Incident where thousands of Federation lives were lost to the Romulans.
    Subsequent to this, the Romulans again go into an extended period of isolationism in which
    there will be no direct contact with the Federation that will last for 53 years, 7 months, and
    18 days.                                         "The Neutral Zone" [TNG]
    (It is possible that this incident triggered the need for a new treaty between the Federation and the Romulans resulting
    in the Treaty of Algeron).

2311: Treaty of Algeron is enacted.  This treaty forbids the Federation to develop cloaking technology
    and redefines the Neutral Zone between the two powers.  (Adm. Pressman noted that this treaty
    is what tied the Federation's hands for sixty years, while Picard maintained that it had kept
    the peace for sixty years.)           "The Pegasus" [TNG], "These are the Voyages" [ENT]

2340's: The Romulans persue a long-term policy of using covert means to destabilize the Klingon
    government going back at least this far.

2344: The Romulans conducted a brutal attack on the Klingon outpost Narendra III.  The Enterprise-C,
    under the command of Captain Rachel Garrett, responded to distress calls from Narendra III and
    attempted to render aid to the Klingons.  The Enterprise-C was caught in a temporal rift, possibly a
    Kerr loop of superstring material, and pulled 22 years into an alternate future.  In the alternate
    timeline, the Federation was embroiled in an extended war with the Klingon Empire, but the return of
    the Enterprise-C to its proper time apparently restored the original path of the continuum. In this
    alternate timeline, Enterprise-D security officer Tasha Yar did not die at Vagra II, and instead
    traveled back in time with the Enterprise-C  to 2344. In this past Yar was captured by Romulans, and
    eventually gave birth to a daughter, Sela, who grew up to become a Romulan operative.  The
    Enterprise-C was reported lost in this incident, but the incident led to closer ties between the
    Federation and the Klingons.       "Yesterday's Enterprise" [TNG]

2351:  Telek R'mor has contact with Voyager in the future through a microwormhole.
                                                                "Eye of the Needle" [VOY]

2364: The Romulans reemerge from isolation when the mysterious destruction of several
    Federation and Romulan border outposts prompted a warbird to cross the Neutral Zone
    to investigate.  Although the outposts were later found to have been destroyed by the
    Borg, the Romulans announced at this time that they would again take a more active role
    in interplanetary politics.   The incident triggered a resumption of hostilities between the
    Federation and Romulans.             "The Neutral Zone" [TNG]

    Barolians enter into trade negotiations with Romulus.  Senator Pardek took part in the conference.
                                                                "Unification, pat 1" [TNG]

2365: Captain Donald Varley commanding the U.S.S. Yamato violated the Romulan Neutral
    Zone in a successful attempt to locate the ancient planet Iconia in hopes of preventing
    the Romulans from gaining access to their legendary weapons technology.  Unfortunately,
    the Yamato itself fell victim to an Iconian probe scan, and an interstellar incident was nearly
    triggered when the same Iconian program nearly destroyed the Enterprise-D and a Romulan
    warbird.                                               "Contagion" [TNG]

2366 (stardate 43465.2): A Romulan scoutship was detected in the Neutral Zone by the crew
    of Federation outpost Sierra VI.  It appeared to be fleeing from a Romulan warbird. After the
    scout ship entered Federation space, the Enterprise protected it with its own shields and
    rescued the ship. The ship was piloted by Admiral Alidar Jarok, who was defecting to the
    Federation so that he could warn of what he believed.  He thought the Romulans were
    building a dangerously destabilizing base on Nelvana III, right in the Neutral Zone.  Jarok
    requested Picard to assist him in seeking out and destroying the outpost before full-scale
    war erupted. The captain,  in violation of the Treaty of Algeron entered the Neutral Zone
    to investigate, but not before making cautionary preparations. When they arrived, there was
    nothing but a cloaked satellite and two warbirds waiting at the wings. Admiral Jarok realized
    only then that he had been the bait to lure the Enterprise into a Romulan trap, but Picard had
    enough wisdom to prepare for treachery and 4 Klingon Birds-of-Prey decloaked at his signal.
    The Romulans decided to retreat, and Jarok took his own life in shame.
                                                              "The Defector" [TNG]

2366: The Neutral Zone was violated by the Romulan scout ship Pi.  Two Romulan officers
    were found on Galorndon Core after the ship crashed.  Later, Tomalak's Warbird also
    crossed the Neutral Zone when he tried to rescue the crew of the Pi.
                                                               "The Enemy" [TNG]

    A Romulan spy masquerading as a Vulcan dignitary got the better of Picard and crew.
                                                               "Data's Day" [TNG]

date unknown:   Garak visits Romulus posing as a gardener.
                                                                "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]

2367(stardate 44885.5): The Romulan operative Sela kidnapped Starfleet officer Geordi LaForge
    and mentally conditioned him to carry out a plot calculated to spur distrust between the
    Klingons and the Federation.  After the "brain-washing" was completed, Geordi was returned
    to the Enterprise, and if the plan had succeeded Geordi would have assassinated Vagh,
    the Klingon governor of the Kriosian colonies.  He, then would have proclaimed his support
    of the Kriosian rebels, an action which could have severely damaged Klingon/Federation
    relations. However it was revealed that a Klingon Emissary on-board the Enterprise was
    working with the Romulans and was directly responsible for sending instructions directly to
    Geordi's brain.                                     "The Mind's Eye" [TNG]

A Romulan conspiracy was revealed.       "The Drumhead" [TNG]

late 2367: Sela formed a covert alliance with the Duras family in an effort to wrest control of
    the Klingon High Council from Gowron.
                                                               "Redemption, part 1" [TNG]

early 2368: The attempt was unsuccessful, but it triggered a Klingon civil war with Sela
    providing material support to the Duras forces.  The Federation couldn't directly intervene
    in the war, but it was apparent that the Duras house would annul the Khitomer Accords
    if they were the victors and might perhaps even sign a new Klingon/Romulan alliance.
    Captain Picard and others suspected Romulan involvement with the war efforts and he
    proposed to stop the Romulan intervention by blockading the Romulan/Klingon border.
    23 ships, along with the Enterprise, set up a vast tachyon network spanning ship to ship.
    Any Romulan Warbirds attempting to enter Klingon space would be detected, even while
    cloaked. Picard then advised Gowron to strike the Duras forces hard, goading them into
    turning to the Romulans for reinforcements. The Duras sisters did indeed ask the Romulans
    for convoys and the Federation met up with Sela, who attempted to pass the blockade by
    flooding the network with tachyon particles, but was detected entering Klingon space in
    the end.  Revelation of Romulan aid to the Duras family quickly stripped away any remaining
    support for the Duras claim to the Klingon Empire, and the war ended with Gowron as
    Chancellor.                                         "Redemption, part 2" [TNG]

2368 (before Stardate 45233.1):  Ambassador Spock is reported to be on Romulus.  Starfleet
    assigned Picard to investigate and confirm whether or not Spock had defected to the
    Romulan Empire.  Picard and Data, disguised as Romulans, went to Romulus.  They found
    that Ambassador Spock had traveled to Romulus on a personal mission to help an
    underground movement, whose aims were to promote peaceful reunification between the
    Vulcan and Romulan peoples.       "Unification, part 1" [TNG]

2368: The Romulan government become aware of the underground movement to reunify
    Romulans and Vulcans.  Proconsul Neral, operative Sela, and the military tried to use it as
    a cover for an attempted invasion of the planet Vulcan.  It was hoped that with a transmission
    of Spock offering peace and unification paving the way for their entrance, a large Romulan
    invasion force could head for Vulcan unchallenged. When the true intentions of the Romulan
    fleet were revealed, warbird decloaked and destroyed the invasion force rather than allow
    them to be captured by the Federation.  Ambassador Spock chose to remain undercover on
    Romulus and continues to work towards his dream of one day reunifying Vulcans with
    Romulans.                                         "Unification" part 2" [TNG]

2369 (stardate 36519.1): Deanna Troi adopted a Romulan identity, masquerading as a member
    of the Tal Shi'ar to help Spock smuggle out some high-ranking defectors.
                                                                "The Face of the Enemy" [TNG]

In the first treaty between Romulus and Federation for many years, the Romulans respond to the
    emergence of the Dominion threat by allowing the Federation to utilise one of their cloaking
    devices on the U.S.S. Defiant, a Federation prototype vessel designed originally for
    protection against the Borg.  There were many restrictions and terms applied to the usage
    of the cloaking device:  First, it could only be deployed in the Gamma Quadrant and second,
    all information Starfleet had about the Dominion was to be shared with the Romulans.
                                                                "The Search" [DS9], "Visionary" [DS9]

The Tal Shiar worked secretly with the Obsidian Order, their counterparts in Cardassia, to
    plan a preemptive strike on the Founder homeworld, whose location they learned from the
    Federation reports.

Stardate 48467.3: Both agencies worked without the knowledge of their government, and they
    built a joint fleet in the Orias system, whose activity was uncovered by the Maquis.

An assassin named Retaya was hired by the Tal Shiar to kill Garak; he planned to poison him using
    a deadly gas produced by a combination of perfumes. However, Garak spotted him and blew up
    his own shop first. Retaya was killed when his ship exploded as it went into warp while Odo and
    Garak were secretly following; the explosion was also the work of the Tal Shiar.
                                                                "Improbable Cause" [DS9]

When the Tal'Shiar and the Obsidian Order launched a preemptive strike on the Founder
    homeworld, they found themselves surrounded by hundreds of Jem'Hadar warships. Vastly
    outnumbered and caught off-guard, the Cardassian and Romulan joint forces were completely
    obliterated -- all the warships carrying the finest of both agencies, destroyed. It wasn't until
    the very end that General Lovok, the leading Tal'Shiar officer was in fact revealed to be a
    Changeling. He, along with other Founders, infiltrated the Alpha Quadrant to weaken and
    destroy resistance to a Dominion takeover.  He had encouraged the Tal Shiar and Obsidian
    Order to attack the Dominion, and led them straight into the fatal trap.
                                                                "The Die is Cast" [DS9]

A Romulan commander tried to help Voyager.
                                                                 "Eye of the Needle" [VOY]

Fear of the Founders created panic in the Alpha Quadrant, and the Klingons acted launching
    attacks on Cardassia as well as several Romulan outposts.  When it was clear a Jem'Hadar
    full-scale invasion of the Alpha Quadrant via the wormhole was imminent, the Romulan Senate
    was worried enough to send a fleet of warbirds to Deep Space Nine and join the defensive
    front of Klingon and Federation ships. The fleet left when the Changeling posing as Doctor
    Bashir was exposed and his plot to make the Bajoran sun go nova terminated.

A delegation led by Ruwon and his assistant Karina is sent to DS9 to collect any intelligence
    information on the Dominion as part of their agreement in exchange for using the cloaking
    device on the Defiant.  But Ruwon felt that the Dominion was the "greatest threat to the
    Alpha Quadrant in the last century."  He thought that the only way the Romulan empire
    could ever truly be safe from the Dominion would be to collapse the Wormhole so he brought
    a cloaked Romulan warbird with him intending an attack on the station right after he got his
    intelligence information.  But knowing that Bajor and the Federation wouldn't just sit by and
    watch while them collapse the Wormhole he decided the station must be destroyed as well.
    That way, there would be no witnesses and everyone would assume that Deep Space Nine
    was destroyed by what appeared to be "the accidental collapse of the Wormhole."  His plans
    were foiled by Chief O'Brien who was affected by the quantum singularity of the cloaked
    warbird - a temporary condition caused him to timeshift into the future where he was able to
    learn and bring back information about the planned attack.
                                                                  "Visionary" [DS9]

Romulan Senator Vreenak, the secretary of the War Plans Council and Vice Chairman of the
    Tal'Shiar signs a non-aggression pact with the Dominion.

Stardate 51501.4:  Voyager's EMH discovers that the Romulans have taken over the
    U.S.S. Prometheus, an experimental Starfleet ship.  There were 27 Romulans on board;
    the one in Sick Bay had 3rd degree burns, a hairline jaw fracture and a ruptured blood
    vessel in his brain; according to the Mark 2 EMH the Romulans haven't gotten involved
    with Starfleet's fight with the Dominion; 3 Romulan warbirds are on an intercept course
    with the Prometheus; the Romulans retreat after Voyager's Doctor and the Mark 2 EMH
    use Prometheus's multi-vector assault mode to attack them.
                                                              "Message in a Bottle" [VOY]

ca.  2 1/2 weeks before stardate 51721.3:
The Romulans have a treaty of non-aggression and friendship with the Dominion. In practical
    terms that means they're willing to turn a blind eye to almost anything in the name of
    "friendship," -  including allowing the Dominion to brazenly violate their territory.  The
    Jem'Hadar had been regularly crossing over the Romulan border to catch Federation ships
    near the Neutral Zone off guard.  The U.S.S. Cairo which disappeared while on patrol near
    the Romulan Neutral Zone is thought to be the victim of one such violation.
                                                               "In The Pale Moonlight" [DS9]

2 weeks before stardate 51721.3 on Friday:
Captain Sisko and Garak decide to conduct an intelligence operation to bring the Romulans into the
    war on the side of the Federation.
                                                                 "In The Pale Moonlight" [DS9]

1 1/2 weeks before Stardate 51721.3 on Monday:
Unable to acquire any legitimate evidence that the Dominion might want to betray the Romulan
    treaty, Sisko and Garak decide to manufacture evidence to make it look like an invasion of
    Romulus is being planned.               "In The Pale Moonlight" [DS9]

one day before Stardate 51721.3 on Wednesday:
After a diplomatic meeting with Weyoun at Soukara, Senator Vreenak was persuaded by
    Sisko to make a secret detour to DS9, where he viewed a holo-recording of the Dominion
    plotting to invade Romulus. After examination of the data-rod proved the recording to be
    faked, Vreenak vowed to expose Sisko's action to the entire Alpha quadrant.  But never
    gets a chance to since Garak secretly sabotaged his shuttle so that while on his way home,
    it exploded, killing him.                    "In The Pale Moonlight" [DS9]

one day after Stardate 51721.3 on Friday:
The Tal Shiar investigate the death of Senator Vreenak.  Their preliminmary report points to
    sabotage.  They believe that the Dominon are responsible.
                                                                 "In The Pale Moonlight" [DS9]

two days after Stardate 51721.3 on Saturday 0800 station time:
The Romulans preemptively strike 15 bases along the Cardassian border.  They officially
    declare war against the Dominion.
                                                                 "In The Pale Moonlight" [DS9]

Among the first joint campaigns of the Klingon/Federation/Romulan forces was the taking
    of the Chin'Toka System.

early 2375:  The Romulans established a presence on Deep Space Nine, formalizing their alliance
    with the Federation and Klingon Empire in the war against the Dominion. Senator Cretak was
    assigned to act as mediator and representative on board. Unfortunately, the Romulans
    sought a chance to stockpile weapons in Bajoran space under the guise of a medical hospital
    on one of Bajor's moons. Colonel Kira protested the actions of the Romulan Empire.  She
    refused to back down to the Romulan senator on this issue, and prevented the Romulans
    from succeeding.                               "Shadows and Symbols" [DS9]

late 2375:  The trade embargo by the Federation on Romulan ale is officially lifted.
                                                                "Inter Arma Enem Silent Leges" [DS9]

late 2375:  Dr. Bashir is invited to a conference on Romulus.  While Admiral Ross and his staff
    were slated to discuss the "exciting" military issues, Dr. Bashir was scheduled to talk about
    Dominion biogenic weapons, to chair a seminar on Ketracel white, and to attend a meeting
    on a proposal to transfer 25 Federation hospital ships to Romulan control.  Dr. Bashir was
    drafted by the Section 31 operative Sloan to gather intelligence during his stay on Romulus.
    Sloan plotted to kill the anti-Federation Koval, head of the Tal Shiar, trying to make it look
    natural by accelerating the Tuval
    syndrome that Dr. Bashir confirmed Koval had contracted. When the doctor turned to
    Cretak to help him save Koval, she instead was exposed as a traitor in front of the Senate
    continuing committee and banished from politics forever while Sloan was killed after his
    interrogation. When Dr. Bashir returned to the station, he realized that Sloan had not been
    killed, and that the real mole on Romulus was none other than Koval himself. Cretak was
    set up because her patriotism might one day turn against the Federation.
                                                                "Inter Arma Enem Silent Leges" [DS9]

The Breen joined the Dominion when the Cardassian forces began to prove ineffective against
    the joint fleets of the Federation, Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Empire. With the addition
    of Breen firepower, the war shifted in the Dominion's favor. The unusual technology of the
    Breen aided the Dominion greatly, and the joint forces scrambled to find a way to counter
    the energy draining weapons that were devastating their fleets.

Soon after Cardassian leader Damar began a resistance movement against the Dominion. He
    managed an effort that cut power for the duration of the Federation, Klingon, Romulan
    attack on Dominion forces which had pulled back to establish a tight defensive perimeter
    around Cardassia Prime.  The Dominion pulled back when their enemy developed a
    countermeasure for the devastating Breen weapons. The Federation and Klingon Empire
    voted to attack the Dominion while they were still relatively weak. The Romulans were at
    first wary of the prospects of a very ugly, very bloody confrontation, but went with the
    decision to attack with everything they could summon. On the day of the battle, a
    blackout cut communications between Weyoun, the Female Founder and the front lines.

During the battle, the Romulans lost their flagship, and their lines fell under heavy fire. The
    Klingons covered for them, and eventually the battle ceased when the Founder ordered
    an end to warfare and surrendered.
                                                                "What you leave behind" [DS9]

After the war there was something of a political upheaval on Romulus. Shinzon, a clone of
    Captain Picard created as part of a Romulan intelligence operation, had been exiled to Remus
    early in his life. Here he gained a considerable following, becoming a highly respected
    military leader during the Dominion war.  Shinzon assassinated the Romulan senate after
    the war and plotted to destroy Earth, but the attempt was foiled by Picard and the crew of
    the Enterprise-E.                               "Nemesis" [ST10]

Technology & Weapons:
Artificial quantum singularity - A synthetically created microscopic blackk hole.
    Romulan warbird spacecraft use an artificial quantum singularity as a power source for their
    warp drive systems.                         "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]
    While extremely efficient, the quantum singularity has the disadvantage that once enabled,
    it can not be deactivated.                "Timescape" [TNG]

Boridium- The power matrix of the Romulan drone ship utilised Boridium cells.  The Romulan minefield
    that Enterprise encountered more than two years before contained similar technology but the power
    cells on the mines were much larger and more primitive.
                                                                "United" [ENT]

Cloaking Device - An energy screen generator used to render an object (typically, a space vehicle)
    invisible to the eye and to most sensor systems.

Cloaked Mine - They contain tri-cobolt explosives with aa yield of about a quarter of a kiloton.
Romulan Mine    The NX-01 was unprepared when a mine hit the port-forward
    quarter of its saucer.  The resulting thermo-kinetic explosion
    blew a hole in the saucer's edge about 1/12th of its circum-
    ference.  It caused breaches on C and D-decks, the decom-
    pression of 8 subsections, plasma fires, and an overload of
    the EPS grid.  The Quantum-beacons could not detect the
    mines while they were adjusted for Suliban cloaks, but when
    they were readjusted to a phase-variance of  0.0075 in the
    gamma spectrum the mines became visible.  The orbits of the
    mines were pretty erratic.  One of the mines attached itself to the aft hull of the ship without
    going off.  It's surface was pock marked - probably from micrometeroite impacts, indicating it
    had probably been in orbit of the planet for quite some time.  Normally, a mine locks on to a
    hull via 3 "magnetic spikes" (narrow legs with pointed tips splayed into three-pronged feet).
    The magnetic legs also contain detonation circuits so they cannot be cut without triggering
    the mine.  Charging the hull plating might also set off the mine.
    The mine can, however, be internally scanned without triggering it.  A scan revealed proximity
    sensors which were offline.  The closest type of device Reed had seen before was a Triton-
    Class spatial torpedo.
Romulan Mine    There is an access panel with an arming
    mechanism inside that extends out once
    the panel is removed.  The mine contains
    5 detonation circuits (not counting the
    ones in the magnetic legs or the final
    deeply buried one); at least 4 of the
    circuits, which Reed initially scanned
    are separate detonation circuits that must
    be isolated in the right sequence if the
    mine is to be defused.  Deactivating the
    first two is relatively easy; the third one is
    tricky... there are six timing relays (the
    Y-shaped components) surrounding the circuit.  Each one has to be raised about 1cm
    without touching the housing, then rotated 70 degrees counterclockwise.  But it has to
    be done in the proper order... upper right, complete the set on the diagonal, top center,...,
    top left, ...  The top center one was a little damaged and so required a bit more torque to
    deactivate it.  The relays then have to be reinserted in reverse order.  The last detonation
    circuit has a back up arming mechanism which has to be fooled into thinking that it is still
    online.  This can be done by stripping off the casing of a hyperspanner's power cell and
    attaching it to the cylinder on the upper right.  Next, for the six components of the
    detonation circuit, starting with the topmost component, a caliper is used to lift it a few
    millimeters, turn it clockwise 360 degrees and then gently reinsert them.   Deactivating the
    final circuit will trigger a subdetonator which is buried deep inside the mine - getting to it
Romulan Mine    would require dismantling the entire mine... a
    process which would require days.  Once the
    subdetonator is triggered the final component
    must be reset quickly (within 10 to 20 seconds)
    to re-arm the mine and prevent it from going
    off.  The same detonation delay (10 to 20
    seconds) also applies if the detonators inside
    the magnetic legs are triggered.
              "Minefield" [ENT]
    The mines utilise a boridium power cell.
                                                                "United" [ENT]

Cloaked Ships:
    Most cloaking devices require so much power that any ship so equipped cannot use
    weapons systems or transporters without decloaking.  Such was the case with a Romulan
    bird-of-prey spacecraft that crossed the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2266.
                                                            "Balance of Terror" [TOS]
    An improved cloaking device used by Romulan warships in 2268 was of sufficient concern
    to the Federation that Kirk and Spock were sent on a covert mission into Romulan territory
    to steal one such unit for analysis by Starfleet scientists.
                                                            "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]
    Although the Romulans continually improved their cloaking technology, Federation
    innovations such as the tachyon detection grid technique developed by Geordi La Forge
    in 2368 served to reduce the tactical effectiveness of cloaked ships.
                                                              "Redemption, part 2" [TNG]
    Vessels employing a Romulan cloaking device could sometimes be detected with an
    antiproton beam.                              "Defiant" [DS9]
    A cloaked ship radiated a slight subspace variance that was sometimes detectable at
    warp speeds.                                     "The Search, part 1" [DS9]
    Defensive shields are inoperative when a ship is cloaked.
                                                                "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]
    An experimental cloaking device, based on an interphase generator, was developed by
    Romulan scientists and tested in 2368.
                                                                 "The Next Phase" [TNG]
    Possession of a cloaking device is illegal under Bajoran law. Despite this, Quark offered a
    small cloaking device for sale in 2370, but eventually gave it to Professor Natima Lang so
    that she and her colleagues could escape capture by Cardassian authorities.
                                                                   "Profit and Loss" [DS9]
    The Federation relinquished the right to use or develope them under the terms of the
    Treaty of Algeron.                              "Pegasus" [TNG]
    Additionally, Gene Roddenberry once indicated that "our people are scientists and
    explorers - they don't go sneaking around." It is therefore assumed that Starfleet has
    a policy against such things.
    In early 2371, the Federation and the Romulan Empire entered into a special agreement
    granting Starfleet the use of a single Romulan cloaking device for use aboard the starship
    Defiant. Use of this cloaking device was restricted to the Gamma Quadrant and then only
    in exchange for all of Starfleet's intelligence reports on the Dominion.
    See also:    T'Rul                              "Defiant" [DS9]

Memory scanner - Bashir had obtained one in order to probe the mind of the Section 31 agent
    who he anticipated would come to DS9 (which turned out to be Sloan). The device is illegal
    in the Federation.                           "Extreme Measures" [DS9]

Remat detonator - A device programmed to scramble a transporter beam during rematerialization;
    typically no more than two cubic millimeters large. They are usually used by the Romulans,
    but they have been known to be sold on the black market. One was used by Silaran Prin to
    kill Trentin Fala.                             "The Darkness and the Light" [DS9]

It is standard procedure for all Romulan crews in enemy space to destroy their craft if it could
    possibly fall into enemy hands.   "The Enemy" [TNG]

Scout Ship -
   Unnamed - Admiral Jarok.  Destroyed in self-detonation.
                                                               "The Defector" [TNG]
Pi  -  The Pi was destroyed by an ultritium explosive device after it crashed on Galondan core.
                                                               "The Enemy" [TNG]

Talon / Scout ship
Name Captain Status Source
spotted Rio Grande flying without pilot "Paradise" [DS9]
crashed on Galondan core "The Enemy" [TNG]

Science ship (modified Scout)
Name Captain Status Source
(Unnamed in episode).
Mirok Small science ship, crew of about 73,
In 2368, served as a testbed for an experimental interphase generator-based cloaking device.
During the tests, there was a catastrophic malfunction of the warp core, but the ship was able to return to Romulan space, thanks to assistance rendered by the Enterprise-D.
The ship model was a modification of the Romulan scout from "The Defector".
"The Next Phase" [TNG]
Talvath Telek R'Mor contacted Voyager in 2351 from Alpha quadrant, sector 1385 through a micro-wormhole. "Eye of the Needle" [VOY]

Shuttlecraft - Senator Vreenak.  It is about the size of a Federation runabout and has a cloak.
    It was destroyed by a bomb explosion/sabotage.
                                                              "In the Pale Moonlight" [DS9]

Pre-Federation Bird of Prey -
The NX-01 encountered two Romulan ships of identical design, similar to the classic TOS-
Bird of Prey    "Balance of Terror" shape, but more curvaceous.  The
    circular main hull tapers to an aft point with a pair of
    yellow engine throats, bisected by the dorsal fin.
    Atop the hull are two concentric teardrop-shaped
    tiers, then the bridge blister.  The wings sweep out
    to the blade-shaped nacelles, each with two green-
    glowing warp-grilles on the outer edge, and three on
    the inner (aft of the wing-root).  The ventral main
    hull has a two-tiered set of undercuts, but no sign of a big painted avian.  The color is
    pale green.  The weapons (green bulbous-bolts) are fired from the forward midpoint of
    the saucer edge.                               "Minefield" [ENT]

Unnamed  -  Spacecraft used to test Federation resolve during the Romulan incursion of 2266.
WarbirdWarbird     This ship, painted with an impressive predatory
    bird, was equipped with a cloaking device
    and a powerful plasma energy weapon.
    Propulsion was simple impulse.
           "Balance of Terror" [TOS]

Unnamed  -  Another unnamed Bird of Prey was encountered when the Enterprise tried to cut
    across the Neutral Zone.                "The Deadly Years" [TOS]

D7 Battle Cruiser
3 Unnamed D7 Cruisers  - Starship of Klingon design in use by the Romulans under the terms
D7 Cruiser    of a brief alliance between the two powers in 2268.  When
    the Enterprise crossed the Neutral Zone boarder it was
    surrounded by 3 of these cruisers in a matter of moments.
    The flagship had a cloaking device which the Enterprise
    stole and after successfully integrated into its systems,
    used to escape.
                                  "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]

D'deridex class ("B-type) War bird
    First encountered in 2364 when the Romulans violated the Neutral Zone in response
    to attacks by the Borg.  It is nearly twice the length of a Galaxy class ship.
                                                             "The Neutral Zone" [TNG]
    It uses an artificial quantum singularity as a power source for its warp drive system.
                                                             "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]
    A warbird was destroyed in 2369 when its power source became a nest for extradimensional
        quantum singularity lifeforms.  "Timescape" [TNG]
    Starfleet at one time designated this as a "B-type" warbird.
                                                             "The Defector" [TNG]
    This ship appears in the war game stimulation that the Maquis trainees participate in.
                                                             "Learning Curve" [VOY]
    Ship Examples:
    Other appearances of the ship -
    Illusory ones were seen in "Peak Performance" [TNG]; "Where Silence has Lease" [TNG]
    2 were in "Tin Man" [TNG], one of which was destroyed by Gomtu;
    A total of 4 were in "Data's Day" [TNG];
    "The Chase" [TNG]; "The Defector" [TNG]; "The Mind's Eye" [TNG]; "Redemption" [TNG];
    "Yesterday's Enterprise" [TNG]; "Unification, part 2" [TNG];
    One disappeared from this dimension in "Timescape" [TNG];
    3 were in "The Enemy" [TNG], one of which was commanded by Tomalak.
    3 were part of Tomalak's task force in "All Good Things..." [TNG]
    4 were seen in "Message in a Bottle" [VOY]... One of which was destroyed by the Prometheus.
    Over 7 were mentioned in "Tears of the Prophets" [DS9], one of which was destroyed by a
        Cardassian orbital weapons platform.
    Over 8 were mentioned in "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]

Modified D'deridex (advanced)
                                                                "Improbable Cause" [DS9]

D'deridex / Warbird (Type A)
Name Captain Status Source
Decius Adm. Tomalak In an alternate future holoprogram
created by Barash, Admiral Picard
and Commander Troi negotiated the
Romulan/Federation peace settlement
with Ambassador Tomalak from the
"Future Imperfect" [TNG]
Devoras Adm. Mendak met the E-D in the Neutral Zone in 2367
to receive ambassador T'Pel for treaty
negotiations.  She was actually a Romulan
spy returning home.
"Data's Day" [TNG]
Goraxus Commander Sela Used to intercept Geordi LaForge's shuttle en route to Risa in 2367 and to mentally reprogram the engineer. "The Mind's Eye" [TNG]
Haakona Subcommander Taris In 2365 investigated why Yamato & E-D
had crossed the Neutral Zone.  Was nearly
destroyed by Iconian probe.
"Contagion" [TNG]
Khazara Commander Toreth was seized by subcommander N'Vek and
Troi to enable vice-proconsul M'ret to
defect to the Federation.
"Face of the Enemy" [TNG]
Terix Commander Sirol;
Commander Tomalak
25 years into an alternate future,
Tomalak commanded the upgraded
"The Pegasus" [TNG];
"All Good Things" [TNG]

D'deridex / Warbird (Type D)
Name Captain Status Source
Belak Col. Lovok destroyed by the Dominion in 2371 "The Die is Cast" [DS9]

"Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]
flagship destroyed by Dominion in 2375 "What You Leave Behind" [DS9]

"Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]
destroyed by Dominion in 2371 "The Die is Cast" [DS9]
T'Met Subcommander Almak
"Message in a Bottle" [VOY]

Praetorial Warbird (PWB)
Name Captain Status Source
appeared on casualties list in the Dominion war. "The Seige of AR-558" [DS9]

Norexan class / Warbird
Name Captain Status Source
Valdore Commander Donatra Disabled by Scimitar in The Rift "Nemesis" [ST10]
unnamed Comander Suran destroyed by Shinzon's ship Scimitar "Nemesis" [ST10]

Imdividuals of Note:
Alidar Jarok - SEE: Jarok, Alidar.

Almak - male.  Subcommander of the warbird T'met.  He hijacked the U.S.S. Prometheus.
                                                            "Message in a Bottle" [VOY]

Bochra (John Snyder) - (pronounced BAH-kruh) Romulan centurion.
     "The Enemy" [TNG]

Caithlin Dar (Cynthia Gouw) - Romulan delegate to the planet Nimbus III in 2287. Dar was
Dar    one-fourth human, and believed that the colony might still serve as
    a catalyst for galactic peace, despite the project's failure over
    two decades.  She was held hostage along with the Klingon
    and Federation representatives by the Vulcan Sybok, who
    hijacked the Enterprise and took her and the others to search
    for Sha-ka-ree.
                   "The Final Frontier" [ST5]

Charvanek  (Joanne Linville) - Officer in charge of the Romulan battle cruiser that
Romulan Commander   captured the original Enterprise when Kirk and Spock crossed the Neutral Zone on
    a spy mission in 2268.  She attempted to persuade Spock to defect to the
    Romulan Star Empire, an effort made significantly more persuasive by the
    personal attraction Spock felt for the commander.  After the successful
    conclusion of that mission (in which Kirk and Spock stole an improved
    Romulan cloaking device), the Romulan Commander was made a Federation
    prisoner.  Kirk indicated that she would eventually be returned to Romulan
    territory, although we have no way of knowing if this actually happened.
    She was unnamed in the episode.  (The name here is derived from the
    TNG Collectible Card Game set).
                                                             "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]

Chulak - The Clown says that Chulak of Romulus didn't give an ultimatum after his defeat at
    Galordan Core.                                "The Thaw" [VOY]

Cretak, Kimara (Megan Cole, Adrienne Barbeau) - A Romulan senator, and a strong
Cretak    supporter of the Federation/Romulan alliance. She was stationed on
    DS9 as part of a temporary arrangement with Starfleet, heading the
    Romulan military presence on the station.  Cretak and Kira were
    friendly at first, until Kira learned that the new Romulan hospital
    complex on Derna was also being used to house weapons.  Cretak was
    ready to order her ships to run Kira's blockade, but was finally
    persuaded by Admiral Ross not to risk the alliance with the Federation.
                           "Image in the Sand" [DS9], "Shadows and Symbols" [DS9]
    Cretak had been attending weekly briefings at DS9; She and Koval were
    lobbying for a seat on the Continuing Committee. Although she was
    known to be an advocate for the Romulan/Federation alliance, she was
    first and foremost a Romulan patriot.  It was believed that if she thought it served the best
    interest of Romulus to negotiate a separate peace with the Dominion, she might push for
    that option.  So Section 31 came to the conclusion that ruining her career in favor of Koval's
    was the best guarantee that wouldn't happen.  Sloan set up Cretak using Bashir.  Bashir was
    led to believe that Koval's assination was about to take place and that Koval's personal
    database might hold clues as  to who was about to commit the crime, so Bashir appealed to
    Cretak to get him a copy of it.  When Cretak tried to do so, she was arrested.  As a result,
    she would be dismissed from the senate, most likely imprisoned, and possibly even executed.
                                                               "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]

Data - Data disguised as a Romulan.

Decius (Lawrence Montaigne) - Officer on the Romulan bird-of-prey that penetrated the
Decius    Neutral Zone at Icarus IV in 2264.
                                                                "Balance of Terror" [TOS]

DeSeve, Stefan (Barry Lynch) - Ensign.  late 40's.  Starfleet officer who renounced his Federation
Stefan DeSeve    citizenship and gave his allegiance to the Romulans.  About twenty
    years later, he risked his life to get back to the Federation,
    spending two weeks alone in a scout ship.
                "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]

Donatra, Commander (Dina Meyer) - She is a subordinate of Shinzon and shows strong interest
Donatra     in him, but he refuses her.  Donatra is the commander of the warbird
    Valdore, which belongs to Shinzon's fleet. Angered by Shinzon's refusal to her advances,
    Donatra doesn't want to be responsible for the destruction of Earth, and so her ship and
    another warbird assist the Enterprise when Shinzon attacks them.  After the battle,
    Donatra sends repair and medical crews to the Enterprise to assist them and tells Picard
    that he has made a friend in the Romulan empire, hopefully the first of many.
                                                            "Nemesis" [ST10]

D'Tan - Romulan boy. A bright and active member of Spock's underground. Once showed Spock Romulan
D'Tan    artifacts depicting the syllabic nucleus of the Vulcan alphabet.
                                "Unification, part 1" [TNG]

D'vano -
D'vano He was unnamed in the episode.  The name here is derived from the
      TNG Collectible Card Game set.
                       "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]

Frenchotte - A self-exiled composer, enjoyed by Dax, who "collects" forgotten composers.
                                                            "Playing God" [DS9]

Galathon - Romulan officer representative of those serving the Romulan Star Empire. Pursuer
Galathon    of DNA Program in 2369.    He was unnamed in the episode.  The name
    here is derived from the TNG Collectible Card Game set.
            "The Chase" [TNG]

Garren - Because of their cloaking technology and precise strategic planning, re-creations of
    Romulans were often used by the Hirogen in ship-to-ship hunting simulations.
            "Flesh and Blood" [VOY]

Gorrus - Representative security officer serving in the Romulan military, circa 2268. He was one
    of two men sent to starship Enterprise in exchange for Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. He was
    unnamed in the episode.  The name here is derived from the TNG Collectible Card Game set.
                                                     "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]

Hiren, Praetor (Alan Dale) - Praetor Hiren is the president of the Romulan Senate. He is a qualified
    politician in his sixties, and is convinced that the military should not decide the political course
    of Romulus.  Hiren is not willing to make compromises but would rather banish Shinzon and the
    Remans back into the dilithium mines as quickly as possible. But before he has the possibility of
    doing so, he painfully looses his life in the bomb attack on the Senate.
                                                            "Nemesis" [ST10]

Jarok, Alidar  -  male.  Admiral.         "The Defector" [TNG]

Jaron - Romulan trained in the field of security. A former member of the Tal Shiar intelligence
    service.He was unnamed in the episode.  The name here is derived from the
      TNG Collectible Card Game set.

Jenok - Representative of young Romulan scientists trained
in frontier exploration. Cited for his work in exploring
planets.    He was unnamed in the episode.  The name here is derived from the
      TNG Collectible Card Game set.

Jera - Re-creation of a female Romulan. An alien entity assumed this body in 2369.
"Timescape" [TNG]

Kalenna (Carrie Stauber) - female. One of the prisoners in Internment Camp 371; she was
    presumably a captive from the Obsidian Order/Tal Shiar fleet sent to destroy the Founders.
    She helped to keep watch from the cell while Garak worked on Tain's makeshift
    communicator to contact the runabout.  Consequently, she was able to escape along with
    Bashir, Garak, Worf, and Martok. She was unnamed in the episode.  The name here is
    derived from the TNG Collectible Card Game set.
                                                              "In Purgatory's Shadow" [DS9], "By Inferno's Light" [DS9]

Karina (Annette Helde) - (pronounced KA-ree-nah).  female, appears to be in mid 40's.  She
    was a member of the Romulan delegation sent to DS9 to study the intelligence on the
    Dominion. Assistant to Ruwon.  She planned to help him sabotage the Bajoran wormhole
    and Deep Space 9 to keep the Dominion from ever invading.
                                                                "Visionary" [DS9]

Keras (Mark Lenard) - Expert strategist. He conducted the Romulan incursion of 2266,
    crossing the Romulan Neutral Zone in command of a Romulan Bird of Prey to test Federation defenses and
    resolve.  A highly honorable individual, he feared the toll that a new Romulan/Federation war
    would bring, but nevertheless carried out his orders to the best of his ability.  In a different reality, he could have called Kirk friend.      He was unnamed in the episode.  The name here is derived from the
    TNG Collectible Card Game set.
                                                              "Balance of Terror" [TOS]

Koramar - Dr. Brilliant Romulan astro-archaeologist. Member of the Romulan underground.
    Works closely with Spock for reunification of the Vulcan and Romulan peoples.  He was unnamed in the episode.  The name here is derived from the
      TNG Collectible Card Game set. "Unification, part 2" [TNG]

Koval (John Fleck) - Chairman of the Tal Shiar. He might have been
Koval     involved in the death of the Deputy Chief of Starfleet Intelligence,
    Vice Admiral Fujisaki in 2374.  There was no proof, except
    possibly in Koval's personal database, and no sign of foul
    play or even Romulan involvement.  To all appearances
    the Vice Admiral had died of food poisoning.  His political
    status was ambiguous...  He hadn't been elevated to the
    Continuing Committee, which is usually a given for the head
    of the Tal'Shiar.  His nomination was probably being held
    up due to Koval's opposition to the Federation Alliance,
    which is supported by a majority of the Committee and
    because it was rumored that he was suffering from Tuvan
    syndrome, a diagnosis confirmed by Bashir. After arresting Cretak, Koval
    questioned Bashir. Afterwards, Admiral Ross admitted to Bashir that Koval had
    been passing information to Starfleet Intelligence for over a year; it was unknown
    how long he had been working for Section 31.
                              "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]

Letant (David Birney) - A Romulan senator who came to DS9 to hear the plan to attack Chin'toka.
    He was skeptical at first, but later conveyed his government's agreement to the strategy.
                                                            "Tears of the Prophets" [DS9]

Lovok - Shapeshifter pretending to be a Romulan.

Mendak (Alan Scarfe)- Admiral.  Under the pretext of a peace mission, his warbird, the Devoras, successfully
    retrieved an undercover Romulan spy from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D in 2367.
                                                                "Data's Day" [TNG]

Merrok, Proconsul - A Romulan official who had been poisoned. Garak claimed to have been working
    as a gardener at the Cardassian embassy on Romulus at the time. Odo's theory was that the
    Romulans themselves poisoned Merrok, but that it was Garak who was responsible for the
    transporter accident that killed Subcommander Ustard.
                                                        "Broken Link" [DS9]

Mirok (Thomas Kopache) -  Science officer whose field tests, in 2368, of an interphase generator
    left him needing help from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D.  His tests knocked La Forge and
    Ensign Ro out of phase.             "The Next Phase" [ENT]

Mopak - Representative of Romulan security personnel.
Specializes in biohazard detection. In 2372, helped
search the Romulan fleet for Dominion infiltration. "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]

Movar - Romulan general who secretly provided military supplies to Duras family forces during
    the Klingon Civil War in 2368. "Redemption (Part One)" (TNG)

M'ret - Vice Proconsul of the Imperial Senate.  One of the highest ranking members of the
    Romulan government.  M'ret had questioned the repressive activities of the government --
    and was in danger of being imprisoned. He and his two aides were willing to take the risk
    of defecting to the Federation in order to protest Romulan policy and support the dissident
    movement.                                        "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]

Nanclus - Romulan Ambassador to the Federation in 2293.  He conspired with Admiral
Nanclus    Cartwright and General Chang in the assassination of Chancellor
    Gorkon.                         "The Undiscovered Country" [ST6]

Navok - Representative of security personnel in the Romulan Star Empire. His detachment
    accompanied Senator Vreenak to Deep Space 9 in 2374.
                                                                "In the Pale Moonlight" [DS9]

Neral (Hal Landon, Jr.) - Head of the Romulan Senate. Vreenak was one of his top advisors.
                                                        "In the Pale Moonlight" [DS9]
    Neral had risen from Proconsul to Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire; his ascenscion was
    confirmed by the Continuing Committee in 2374. His immediate family had been killed in a
    Klingon raid circa 2350.  Neral's interests included sociology, and archaeology; his favorite
    food was Delvan pudding; and his pet set'leth's name was Pensho.
                                                        "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]

Nevala - female.  Bridge officer who took an injured man to sickbay.  Later after the EMH is
Nevala    found to be not what he seems, she helps to
    interogate him.               "Message in a Bottle" [VOY]


Nijil - male.  Scientist in charge of Aenar prisoner.
                                                                  "The Aenar" [ENT]

N'Vek, -  male.  Subcommander.  Second in command of the IRW Khazara.  Member of the
    Romulan underground. Spearheaded the defection of Vice-Proconsul M´ret to the Federation.
                                                        "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]

Orum - There are some Romulans among the people that were abducted by the Borg including
    Orum.  He was a Romulan medic. And was liberated from the Borg in 2368. Since then he has
    worked with Riley Frasier, trying to forge cooperation among warring factions of Borg from
    his former cube.                              "Unity" [VOY]

Palteth -

Pardek -  male.  He has been in public service since he was a young man.  He has been a
PardekSenator for nine decades (since ca. 2278).  As a Senator, he represented
    Romulus at the Khitomer Conference.  It is likely that's where he
    met Spock.  He is considered a "man of the people... " He has
    sponsored many reforms. Reportedly, he is considered by the
    Romulan leadership to be something of a radical because he has been
    an advocate for peace throughout his career.  He has maintained a
    relationship with Spock over the years since the Khitomer Conference.
    Spock was optimistic about the idea of a continuing dialogue with the
    Romulans but his father, Sarek was of the opinion that Pardek had no
    support at home.  In 2364 Pardek took part in a Barolian trade
    negotiation.  The district he represents is called the Krocton segment.
    He maintains a dwelling and has many relatives there, one of which is a legal intercessor with an office
    there.  Pardek maintains a routine.  It is likely you will be able to locate him in that section of the
    Krocton district on the third day of the Romulan week after the median hour when the Senate is not
    in session.                                          "Unification, part 1" [TNG]

Parem -  Romulan who was phased and trying to stop Geordi and Ro.
                                                               "The Next Phase" [TNG]

Parthok  -

Patahk - (pronounced Pah-tock)  Commander of the Pi. Rescued from Galorndon Core by the U.S.S.
    Enterprise crew.  He refused to "pollute his body" with an infusion of Worf's Klingon ribosomes.
                                                                 "The Enemy" [TNG]

Picard -

Rakal  - Major in the Tal Shiar in 2368 who was killed by members of the Romulan underground
Rakal    movement, so that Deanna Troi could be surgically altered to assume
    her identity.   Deanna Troi when she was abducted while
    attending a conference near the Neutral Zone and placed
    aboard the IRW Khazara , a D'deridex-class Warbird
    commanded by Commander Toreth.  Once during dinner
    when "Rakal" didn't recognize viinerine (a traditional
    Romulan dish), she covered her blunder by saying she had
    eaten  better on prison ships.  The ship was seized
    by its first officer, Subcommander N'Vek, and "Major Rakal"
    as part of a plot to enable Romulan Vice-Proconsul M'ret
    and his two high-ranking aides to defect to the Federation.
               "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]

Rekar - Romulan officer under subcommander Almak.  In 2374 he stole the Prometheus but was eventually
Rekar    defeated by two EMH's, the Doctor and the EMH-2.  During
    his brief time on the Prometheus, he became the first person to use
    the multi-vector attack mode while in combat.
                             "Message in a Bottle" [VOY]

R'Mal - Typical Romulan scientist. Led team of archaeologists
on an unsuccessful mission to locate an Iconian
gateway in Romulan territory. "Contagion" [TNG]

Ruwon (Jack Shearer) - (pronounced ROO-won).  male, appears to be in his 40's.  Leader of
    the delegation sent to DS9 to study the intelligence on the Dominion. He secretly had a
    cloaked warbird orbiting the station, planning to destroy it and the wormhole to make sure
    that the Dominion never invaded.
                                                                "Visionary" [DS9]

Sela (Denise Crosby) -
Sela    Although Enterprise-D security officer Natasha Yar died in 2364 without
    ever having a child, in an alternate-universe Yar survived.  This Yar
    from 2366 went into the past.
                                             "Yesterday's Enterprise" [TNG]
     where she was captured by the Romulans and gave birth to Sela.
                                            "Redemption, part 2" [TNG]
     In 2367, Sela spearheaded an operation that unsuccessfully attempted
    to use mental conditioning to reprogram Starfleet officer Geordi La
    Forge so that La Forge would assassinate Klingon governor Vagh,
    which would have created distrust between the Klingon and Federation
    governments.   Sela was first seen as a mysterious woman in the shadows
    and although Actor Denise Crosby provided the voice of Sela for that episode, Sela's
    silhouette was played by a photo double.
                                                                  The Mind's Eye [TNG]
    Later that year, Sela commanded a covert operation to provide military supplies to the
    Duras family during the Klingon civil war in an attempt to destabilize the Gowron regime.
                                                                 "Redemption, parts 1 and 2" [TNG]
    In 2368, Sela spearheaded a plan to use the underground Romulan/Vulcan reunification
    movement as a cover for an attempted invasion of Vulcan. She tried to force Ambassador
    Spock to reassure Vulcan authorities that the Romulan invasion force was actually a
    peace delegation, but her plan was thwarted by Enterprise-D personnel.
                                                               "Unification, parts 1 and 2" [TNG]

Selok (Sierra Pecheur) - Subcommander.  A Romulan deep cover agent posing as T'Pel, a
    Vulcan ambassador.                        "Data's Day" [TNG]

Selveth -

Setal -  Sublieutennant Setal was the identity assumed by admiral Alidar Jarok when he defected to
    the Federation in 2366.  As Setal, Jarok claimed to be a low ranking logistics officer, but his true
    identity was later discovered.   SEE: Alidar Jarok.
                                                               "The Defector" [TNG]

Sirol - Commander.  Captained the D'deridex-class warbird Terix.
                                                             "The Pegasus" [TNG]

Sorus -

Suran, Romulan Commander (Jude Ciccolella) - Suran is an elder Romulan officer, respected
    and tenacious.  He is present at the session of the Senate shortly before the bomb attack
    and suggests that the Romulans unite with the Reman in order to be able to fight the
    Federation. But Praetor Hiren doesn't want to hear about it.
                                                            "Nemesis" [ST10]

Tagus -

Taibok -

Takket -

Tal - Subcommander.  Second in command in the Romulan fleet under the unnamed Romulan commander.
                                                            "The Enterprise Incident" [TOS]

Tal'Aura (Shannon Cochran) - Tal'Aura is a member of the Romulan Senate. During a session
Tal'Aura    of the Senate, she leaves the room on a pretext. Yet, she leaves a small,
    box behind on her desk which wraps the room in a glowing
    energy jacket a moment later.  Every kind of life in the room
    was erased, and the Romulan Senate is eliminated.  Senator
    Tal'Aura was in fact a secret ally of Shinzon.
                      "Nemesis" [ST10]

Tallera - T'Paal's assumed Romulan name while with Baran's smuggler band.
Tallera    SEE: T'Paal - Vulcan Individuals.
                                          "Gambit" [TNG]

Tallus -

Tamarith -

Taris  - Subcommander.  Captain of the D'deridex-class Warbird Haakona.
                                                                "Contagion" [TNG]

Tarus -

Tarses, Simon (Spencer Garrett) - Enterprise-D crewman who was a medical technician from
    the Martian Colonies.  He was hiding the fact that he was part Romulan.

Taul -

Tebok (Marc Alaimo) - (pronounced TAY-bok) male.  Commander.  Romulan starship commander.
Tebok                                                              "The Neutral Zone" [TNG]

Telak -

Telek R'Mor (Vaughn Armstrong) -  Captain of the Romulan science vessel Talvath.
Telek R'Mor    Initially, he does not believe that Voyager is in the Delta Quadrant and
    thinks that they are Starfleet spies; he belongs to Romulan
    Astronomical Academy; he has a wife and a 7 month old
    daughter; Tuvok discovers that he died in 2367 which was
    4 years ago from Voyager's perspective and therefore the
    Voyager crew's personal messages to their families were never
    sent.                      "Eye of the Needle" [VOY]

Tharket -

Thei - (pronounced Tie) male. Sub-commander of a Romulan ship. Name is from script.
Thei                                                                   "The Neutral Zone" [ENT]

Tokath (Alan Scarfe) - Commander.  The commandant of the Romulan prison camp in the
    Carraya System housing the Klingon survivors from the Khitomer Massacre.
                                                                   "Birthright" [TNG]

Tomalak (Andreas Katsulas) - (pronounced TOM-uh-lack)
Tomalak                "The Enemy" [TNG]
                                                              "The Defector" [TNG]
                                                                "Future Imperfect" [TNG]
    Cdr. Tomalak commanded the upgraded Terex 25 years in the future.
                                                                "All Good Things..." [TNG]

Tomek -

Toreth (Carolyn Seymour) - Commander.  Captained the D'deridex-class warbird Khazara in 2369.
Toreth    Toreth was a decorated officer who had been awarded the Sotarek
    Citation for her actions defending her squadron against
    a superior Klingon force.  Toreth despised the Tal Shiar
    ever since her father had been murdered by them for
    speaking out against the government.
                                         "Face of the Enemy" [TNG]

T'Rul (Martha Hackett) - Subcommander.  A Romulan officer assigned to operate the cloaking device
    on the Defiant during the mission to contact the Founders. She was captured with Sisko and
    Bashir, and together with Dax and O'Brien, they experienced a simulated reality in which, among
    other things, T'Rul was killed on DS9 by Jem'Hadar soldiers. She was alive and well, however,
    when she woke up.                         "The Search, parts 1 and 2" [DS9]

Unnamed Romulan (Darwyn Carson) - Sisko and Odo spoke to her about the destruction of Retaya's
    ship. She admitted that the Tal Shiar had killed him, but claimed that it was an "execution" and that
    Retaya had been wanted for crimes against the Romulan Empire.
                                                             "Improbable Cause" [DS9]

Unnamed Pilot (Wendy Schenker) - Helmsman of the Romulan ship which Tain took into the Gamma
    Quadrant.                                       "The Die is Cast" [DS9]

Ustard, Subcommander - A Romulan officer, killed in a transporter accident. Odo theorized that
    Garak was responsible.                 "Broken Link" [DS9]

Vakis -

Valdore (Brian Thompson) - male.  Was once a senator - a colleague of Vrax, but he made the
    mistake of challenging the precept of unlimited expansion.  He asked the question:  Is
    conquest truly the best course for our people? and was expelled for it.  When he was led
    away from the Senate chamber, he vowed never to repeat his error and never to forget his
    purpose.                                           "The Aenar" [ENT]

Varel - female.  Was working with Mirok on the consoles in the damaged Romulan ship trying
    to maintain control of the containment chamber.
                                                                "The Next Phase" [TNG]

Velal (Stephen Yoakam) - Subcommander.  Cretak said he would attend the next weekly
    briefing at DS9 in her place since she was going to be attending a conference on Romulus.
                                                              "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" [DS9]
    He was present at a meeting with Sisko, Admiral Ross, and Martok. He was addressed as "General."
         (Called simply "Romulan" in the script, but named "Velal" in the credits.)
                                                               "When It Rains..." [DS9]
    Velal concurred with Martok's suggestion that they attack the Dominion.
                                                                "The Dogs of War" [DS9]

Vrax - Romulan senator.                      "The Aenar" [ENT]

Vreenak, Senator (Stephen McHattie) - He was secretary of the War Plans Council, Vice
Vreenak    Chairman of the Tal Shiar, and one of the most trusted advisors to
    Proconsul Neral.  He was a key member of the Romulan senate for
    14 years.  He negotiated the Romulans' non-aggression pact with
    the Dominion and remained one of the most ardently pro-Dominion
    voices in the Senate.   After a diplomatic meeting with Weyoun at
    Soukara, he was persuaded by Sisko to make a secret detour to DS9,
    where he viewed a holo-recording of the Dominion plotting to invade
    Romulus. After examination of the data-rod proved the recording
    to be faked, he vowed to expose Sisko's action to the entire Alpha
    quadrant; but while he was returning home, his shuttle exploded.
    He was apparently killed by the Dominion, although his shuttle was
    actually sabotaged by Garak.  The Romulan Empire declared war on the Dominion, whom
    they believed responsible, thanks to the recording found in the wreckage.
                                                               "In the Pale Moonlight" [DS9]

Xerius (James Doohan)  -  A Romulan male who was Chairman of the Elysian Ruling Council.
    He warned Kirk that the sabotage device was planted in the warp control panel of the
    Enterprise.                                         "The Time Trap" [TAS]


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