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"E2" - An alternate Enterprise created when they tried to take the ship into a subspace corridor.  The ship's
    impulse wake destabilized the corridor and they were thrown back in time 117 years.  When they found
    they couldn't get back to their own time and could not go back to Earth for fear of contaminating the
    timeline, they decided to become a generational ship and stay in the Expanse in hopes of preventing the
    first Xindi weapon from being launched.
                                                                "E2" [ENT]

Earhart, Amelia (Sharon Laqrence) - Noted aviator, the first woman to flyy alone across Earth's Atlantic
    Ocean.  In 1937 she and her navigator, Fred Noonan, attempted to fly around the world but they
    disappeared without a trace somewhere in the South Seas.  Her disappearance was a well-known
    mystery of the 20th century which ranks up there with the mysterious disappearance of Judge Crater
    and the earth colony of  Terra Nova .
                                                             "Terra Nova" [ENT]
    Earhart and Noonan were abducted by an alien race called the Briori along with over 300 other people
    from Earth in 1937.  They were taken to a Class L planet in the Delta quadrant for use as slaves.
    A revolt of the humans against their alien captors succeeds, but the ship that could have taken them
    home is destroyed.  Earhart, Noonan, and 6 additional humans were still in cryo-statis and remained
    that way until late 2371 when Janeway and her away team revived them.  Earhart remained behind
    on the planet with the descendents of the "37's".
                                                              "The 37's" [VOY]

Earth - Third planet in the Terran system, homeworld to humans.  Daniels indicates that in the
planet earth    31st century Earth still exists depending on how you define it.  What could this
    mean?  Maybe Earth is fragmented or networked somehow?  Captain Braxton
    implied that the Sol System still existed in the traditional sense in his time.
                                        "Cold Front" [ENT]

Earth Cargo Authority - Organization from Earth that maintains the cargo fleet.
                                                                "Future Tense" [ENT]

Echo - Echo One and Echo Two are the names of the first  subspace amplifiers  "dropped by Enterprise.
    Echo Two was cleanly launched at a distance of 100 light years from earth.  But it and Echo One were
    destroyed by an alien race.             "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    When they think Enterprise has been destroyed Tucker orders Reed to set course for Echo Three
    despite the fact that they could not reach there before running out of air.
    Whether this is a new amplifier in the position of the destroyed Echo One or the third of a new set of
    amps is unclear.                             "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]

ECS - Acronym standing for "Earth Cargo Ship".  It is used as a prefix on all cargo ships from Earth,
    even though it was not printed on the hull of the Fortunate.  (only the word "FORTUNATE" appears
    on either side of the forward section of the ship, with no prefix.  "ECS" was used in the dialogue...
    e.g. T'Pol opens the briefing with "The Earth cargo ship Fortunate.")
                                                             "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Eddie - Engineer aboard the Enterprise who helped in the construction of the phase cannons onboard.
                                                              "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Edosian slugs - One of the creatures Phlox keeps in sickbay for medical purposes.
                                                               "The Catwalk" [ENT]
    They are quite partial to boiled rootleaf lettuce which the doctor usually picks up from the galley.
                                                            "Regeneration" [ENT]

Eel therapy - The application of osmotic eels to heal muscle injuries.  Captain Archer underwent eel
    therapy after being shot in the leg by a Suliban weapon.
                                                             "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Egg drop soup - A liquid Chinese food made by stirring beaten eggs into a simmering broth.  Doctor
    Phlox enjoys egg drop soup.             "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Eggs bendict - A toasted English muffin with ham, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce on top.  Chef
    prepared eggs benedict for Archer and Reed.
                                                                "Minefield" [ENT]

Eggs, scrambled - Eggs with the whites and yolks beaten together and cooked to a firm, but soft
    consistency.  Captain Archer liked his scrambled eggs soft.
                                                                "Cold Front" [ENT]

Eight-ball - Billiards game that involved hitting in either solid or striped balls, and then the eight-ball.
    Mestral played eight-ball against Billy, betting a drink with T'Mir versus some money.  Mestral won.
                                                                 "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

Eisilium - A rare material that Vulcan scientistts have only been able to study in small amounts.  It
    was found in large amounts in Archer's comet  at a depth of more than 20 meters.   Its presence
    interfered with the electromagnetic lock of Enterprise's grapplers.
                                                                "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

Electromagnetic (EM) spectrum - The entire range of photon radiation including, in order of
    decreasing frequency, cosmic-rays, gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, infrared
    radiation, microwaves, and radio waves.
    Phosphorus can distort EM communications bands.
                                                               "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Element - The Vissians use a polymer composed of 200 naturally occurring elements.  As of 2151,
    Earth science only knows of 92.          "Cogenitor" [ENT]
    The Voyager crew thinks that they have discovered the 247th element inside the rings of one of the
    asteroids of a class D planet; the element appears to be stable and has 550 nucleons; it is a stable
    transuranic element inside a natural environment; Torres believes that this element can be used for
    probe casings and ultrathin reactor shielding.
                                                                 "Emanations" [VOY]

E'lis (Bari Hochwald)  - Doctor at a deterium processing colony.  She obtained some medical supplies
    from Enterprise as part of an exchange for deuterium.
                                                                "Marauders" [ENT]

EM - SEE: electromagnetic spectrum.

EM33  -  A type of EM sidearm, Precursor to phase pistols... similar operation.
EM33EM33           "Fight or Flight" [ENT]
    When firing an EM-33, you have to
    adjust for particle drift, which is not
    true of the phase pistols.
                                "Sleeping Dogs" [ENT]

EM Barrier - Reed explains to T'Pol that, for the past 5 years, Starfleet's been trying to devise a
    "stable EM barrier".  "A force field," she summarizes.  They had trouble controlling the particle
    density.  Reed's been tinkering on his own, and had managed to achieve one that blocks a phase-pistol
    beam 60% of the time.  He was successful in creating one stable enough to repel the lifeform in
    cargo bay-two which had infiltrated the Enterprise.
                                                              "Vox Sola" [ENT]

EM Generator - a device which was rigged up to act as a weapon against a creature in Enterprise's cargo bay.
                                                              "Vox Sola" [ENT]

EM Residue - C Deck is down to 12 degrees, the Plasma exhaust is somehow constricted, and a
    portside console on the bridge explodes.  One guess as to why is that there is EM residue in the
    exhaust ports.  Archer asks if there is a danger of igniting it, and the answer is no, provided that
    they polarize the hull plating and stay at half impulse.
                                                              "Unexpected" [ENT]

EM sidearms - Hoshi is cleared on the use of EM sidearms.  An EM33 is a type of EM sidearm.
    SEE:  EM33                                         "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Emergency bulkheads - When the ship takes damage - a "hull fracture" on "E deck, section 14,  Archer
    orders "emergency bulkheads."            "Anomaly" [ENT]
    Most of the hull breaches were contained by emergency bulkheads after the attack at Azati prime.
                                                                "Damage" [ENT]

Emergency Power - After being affected by an anomaly, RReed manages to restore emergency power,
    but primary systems were still out.   "Anomaly" [ENT]

Emitters - In the repairs to the weapons systems, after charging the phase-couplers, all that was left was
    to reset the emitters.  Reed would not divulge the weapons frequencies for this final task.
                                                                "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Emory Erickson -  SEE: Erickson, Emory.

Enchiladas - A tortilla rolled and mixed with a mixture of meat and cheese.  Hoshi Sato said she could
    make a really good enchilada.              "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Endocrine system - The system of ductless glands in the human that secretes hormones directly into
    the bloodstream or other body fluids.  Doctor Phlox developed a fondness for the human endocrine
    system.                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Energy field - A projection of energy.  If it is designed to prevent access to or from some area, it is
energy field    more commonly known as a force field.  The Suliban employed energy fields
    to contain prisoners at the Rigel X trade complex.
                                                               "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Energy flow - Energy flow can be rerouted to protect critical systems.
                                                                "Cold Front" [ENT]

Engine - The main propulsion of the ship.  Mayweather reversed the engines to avoid hitting an alien ship
    which came out of warp 500km ahead of them.
                                                               "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Engineering - Main Engineering is located on D Deck.  Its upper level is part of C Deck.
                                                               "Cold Front" [ENT]
    It is supervised by Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker, III.  The Enteprise's warp five engine is
    located in Engineering.  All of the ships' mechanical operations and repairs are either done in or
    supervised from Engineering.              "Broken Bow" [ENT]

England - In Spring of 2152, Archer mentioned that England has reached the World Cup (soccer) finals.
                                                                "Minefield" [ENT]

English - On the alien repair station, Archer is surprised to find that all information on the displays are
    in English.                                           "Dead Stop" [ENT]

Enterprise, NX-01 - A Starfleet vessel.  SEE: Technical Specifications, NX-01.

Enterprise-J  -  Over 400 year in the future the Enterprise-J was part of battle at Procyon V.
Enterprise-J   "Azati Prime" [ENT]

Enterprise (ringship) - seen in a picture mounted on a wall in the 602 Club.
                                                                   "First Flight" [ENT]
    the same picture mounted on a wall in the debriefing session room.
                                                                    "Home" [ENT]
    another picture of the same ship shown by Decker to Ilia and said to be a previous ship named Enterprise.
                                                                     "The Motion Picture" [ST1]

Environmental suit - Protective garments designed to maintain life-support in hostile environments.
Environmental suit    They make Hoshi claustrophobic.
                                  "Fight or Flight" [ENT]
    They don't appear to have any provisions for bathroom breaks in them.
                                  "Minefield" [ENT]

EPS - Acronym standing for ElectroPlasma System.

EPS Junction - An upgrade to the NX-02 which Archer wanted to "steal" was that some bridge stations
    were connected directly into the primary EPS junction.
                                                                "Home" [ENT]

EPS Manifold - Just as the Triannons prepare to use internal sensors to find their missing member,
    main power is disrupted (Archer is seen pulling cables).  In Engineering, Tucker pleads ignorance;
    but the Triannon guard reads that there is damage to the "EPS manifolds on Deck D, Section J-15."
                                                                "Chosen Realm" [ENT]

EPS Synchronizer - Lt. Talas told Reed to be careful when reconnecting a piece of equipment that to
    the powergrid, since he didn't reset the EPS synchronizer.  She said he might singe his eyebrows
    when it was brought back online.      "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Erickson, Danica (Leslie Silva) -      &nnbsp;     "Daedalus" [ENT]

Erickson, Emory (Bill Cobbs) - A book titled "Emory Erickson: The Father of the Transporter"
    was the reason Trip decided to became an engineer.
                                                                 "Daedalus" [ENT]

Erickson, Quinn (Donovan Knowles) - "Daedalus" [ENT]

Erika Hernandez (Ada Maris) - female.  Old friend of Jonathan Archer.  They stopped seeing
    each other because he was her superior officer and it wasn't appropriate.  She was promoted to
    Captain during Enterprise's Xindi mission.  She was present at Archer's debriefing regarding the
    Xindi mission.  She's not married and claims to be "married to Starfleet".  She was set to take over
    command of the NX-02 and wanted to get Archer's opinion of her senior officer candidates.
                                                               "Home" [ENT]

Esaak - The director of a research center dedicated to finding a cure to the disease plaguing Valakis.
                                                              "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

Escape pods - Small lifeboat that could be ejected from a starship or other space vehicle after a
    catastrophic accident.  Klingon ships of the 22nd century did not have escape pods because dying
    at their posts was considered more honorable than escaping.
                                                               "Sleeping Dogs" [ENT]
    Charles Tucker and Kaitaama used an escape pod to get away from the Retellian cargo vessel.
    They landed it on a nearby planet.    "Precious Cargo" [ENT]
    A.G. Robinson was the first human to cross the warp threshold in an escape pod after the NX-Alpha
    was destroyed.                                   "First Flight" [ENT]

Eska - SEE:  Eska

Eugenics Wars (Also called the "Great Wars"...  see "The Augments" [ENT])  -
    In the 23rd century, records of the period of the Eugenics wars were fragmentary.  The term "Eugenics
        wars" is sometimes considered to include the last so-called world war.  (Technically the designation
        "World War 3" only applies to the nuclear conflict in the mid 21st century.)  SEE: World War III.
                                                              "Space Seed" [TOS]
    The term "Eugenics wars" is also sometimes considered to include the incident that occured in 2154
        when some Augments, left over from the Eugenics wars, almost started another  war  with the
        Klingons.  (Admiral Bennett said the wars took place 200 years ago; which would put the date at
        ca. 2170.  This roughly matches the time of this incident.)
                                                              "Dr. Bashir, I Presume?" [DS9], "The Augments" [ENT]
    ca 1960:  A group of ambitious scientists attempt to improve (one might even say redesign) the human
        race through genetic engineering and selective breeding.  They created a group of "supermen" but, in
        doing so, had overlooked the fact that the Augments would be like a group of Alexanders or
        Napoleons who felt their superior abilities gave them the right to rule the remainder of humanity.
        In the words of one of their creators, who was murdered by an Augment, "Superior ability breeds
        superior ambition."                        "Space Seed" [TOS],  "The Augments" [ENT]
    1992:  One of the genetically-engineered "supermen", Khan Noonien Singh, rose to power to become
        absolute ruler of more than a quarter of the entire planet (from Asia to the Middle East.)
    1993:  Khan's fellow supermen seized power simultaneously in some forty of Earth's nations.
        They were aggressive, and arrogant.  Khan was the best of the tyrants and the most dangerous.
        There was little freedom but there were also no massacres under his rule.  He didn't go to war
        until he was attacked.                   "Space Seed" [TOS]
         Some claim humanity rose up against the Augments.  Others say the Augments began fighting
        among themselves.  Whoever started it, the war devastated Earth.  Millions perished.
                                                               "Cold Station 12" [ENT]
        Various bacteriological warfare experiments were conducted in the 1990's.  One of the experiments
        resulted in an infectious agent that is similar to the devastating disease found on planet Omega IV.
        That disease removed all the water from a person's cells, crystallizing the bodies down to their raw
        materials.                                        "The Omega Glory" [TOS]
        Entire populations were bombed out of existence, and Earth was on the verge of a new dark age.
                                                              "Space Seed" [TOS]
        The official number of deaths from the wars was 30 million.  Some historians say it was closer
        to 35.                                               "Cold Station 12" [ENT]
        By the 23rd century the death toll is considered to be 37 million for World War III.  (Obviously
        here they must be talking of only the Eugenics War part of it and not the following nuclear conflict,
        since the death toll for that is given by Riker at 600 million in TNG).
                                                                "Bread and Circuses" [TOS]
        Archer's great-grandfather was in North Africa during the Eugenics Wars.  His battalion was
        evacuating civilians from a war zone when they came under attack.  There was a school full of
        children directly between them and the enemy.  If his men had returned fire, they might have hit
        it.  So he called the commander on the other side, and got him to agree to hold his fire long enough
        to evacuate the school.                    "Hatchery" [ENT]
    1996:  The supermen were finally defeated.  Khan was the last tyrant to be overthrown.  He escaped
        into space aboard the S.S. Botany Bay, a pre-warp DY-100 class sleeper ship along with 94 other
        genetic-supermen (about one-third of which were women) who were still loyal to him.
                                                              "Space Seed" [TOS]
        Khan was a great leader, but he ran from his enemies rather than face them.  Leaving aboard the
        Botany Bay was an example of this.  Khan and his people didn't want to be followed so they
        destroyed all records of the Botany Bay's launch, and any evidence that it ever existed.  The ship
        was lost, not to be heard from again for over a century.  Until Kirk found them in the 23rd century,
        those who had even heard of the Botany Bay thought it was a myth.
                                                                "The Augments" [ENT]
        One of the scientists involved in the Eugenics Wars program, a Dr. Stavos Keniclius, was exiled
        for his plans to clone a perfect humanoid prototype, he disappeared into space.
                                                                "The Infinite Vulcan" [TAS]
        When the war was over people like the Augments were feared.  Earth banned genetic engineering.
        However, over 1800 genetically-engineered embryos were left over.   At the time, the idea of just
        destroying them was too controversial.  Earth's governments couldn't decide how to handle the issue,
        so they put them into cold storage.  They eventually ended up at Cold Station 12.
                                                                "Cold Station 12" [ENT]

Evolution - The natural process that results in inheritable changes in a population which is spread over
    many generations.  The Suliban were dissatisfied with the rate of their own evolution and genetically
    engineered themselves to have superior abilities.
                                                             "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    According to Dr. Phlox "Evolution is more than a theory.  It is a fundamental scientific principle".
                                                              "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

EV - Acronym standing for Extra-Vehicular.

EV pack - Rig which provides Extra-Vehicular life support.  Tucker's EV pack malfunctioned on Titan
    during the omega training mission, inducing nitrogen narcosis.
                                                              "Strange New World" [ENT]

Exobiology - Archer took Exobiology and knew the statistic which T'Pol stated that "one out of every
    43,000 planets supports intelligent life.
                                                               "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Exolinguist - a person who studies alien languages.  Hoshi is an exolinguist.
                                                               "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Expanse - A wide and open extent of space.  SEE: Delphic Expanse.

Ezral (Rene Auberjonois) - SEE: Kantare, Ezral


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