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Bynars are small for a humanoid race, only reaching a height of about 4 feet when fully developed.

Over a period of many centuries the Bynars have become mentally linked to a central planetary
computer complex of unmatched intricacy.  Bynars usually live and work in pairs that are electronically
connected for rapid exchange of binary data.
                                                            "11001001" [TNG]
Upon birth, a surgeon replaces the child's parietal lobe with a synaptic processor.  This procedure was
witnessed by Dr. Phlox.  He was very impressed by it.
                                                            "Regeneration" [ENT]

Bynaus -  The planet Bynaus orbits the star Beta Magellan.
                                                            "Regeneration" [ENT], "11001001" [TNG]

Bynars are heavily integrated with a sophisticated planetary computer network that serves as the
framework of their society.  In fact, their thought patterns have become as near to binary as is possible
for organic beings.

Language -  They communicate in pairs, alternating their speech.  Their primary language is a high-speed
chatter that delivers information at incredible speeds, so quickly that the Bynar's organic brains cannot
store it all - for this they use a device called a buffer.

Buffer - The Bynars use a cybernetic device called a buffer to transfer information to one another.
They wear these small rectangular units off to one side of the waist.  The buffer memory unit stores
incoming data and releases it later as needed.

    2364:  A nearby star went nova, severely damaging the Bynar's planetary computer system.
        A group of Bynar technicians assigned to upgrade the Enterprise-D's computers while docked
        at starbase 74 hijacked the ship in an effort to use its computers to restart their own system.
                                                            "11001001" [TNG]

Individuals of Note:
11 (Katy Boyer) - Partner of 00.
00 (Alexandra Johnson) - Partner of 01.
10 (Iva Lane) - Partner of 01.


01 (Kelly Ann McNally) - Partner of 10.



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