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An intelligent species that Enterprise finds on a rogue planet, who have a tradition of hunting animals.  They say they
    are hunting Dakalan Elk which they are only allowed to hunt for four days a year, but they are really after a telepathic,
    shape shifting, and intellegent species.
                                                              "Rogue Planet" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Buzaan (Connor O'Farrell) - One of four Eska hunters met by Captain Archer on the rogue planet
    of Dakala.  Buzaan was wounded by one of the indigenous lifeforms of the planet that they called
    wraiths.  He was taken to the Enterprise to be treated by Phlox.  His fellow hunters claimed he was
    wounded by a drayjin.  Phlox found out that whatever attacked him left some of the shapeshifting
    chemicals in his wound.                    "Rogue Planet" [ENT]

Damrus (Keith Szarabajka) - Leader of the group of Eska hunters that Captain Archer had encountered
Damrus    on Dakala.  Damrus was one of the privileged hunters who got to hunt the wraiths
    on the rogue planet, just like his father.  His father had come with eight
    hunters whose minds were read by the wraiths, and were led into a trap
    where six of the men died.      "Rogue Planet" [ENT]

Shiraht -

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