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The Nausicaans were named for the Greek princess of the wind, as well as for the animated fantasy
    film Nausicaa.   It is rumored that their appearance was inspired by the alien of the motion picture
    "Predator" (1987).

Appearance:  Tall, humanoid race with dark hair and an ochre-yellow complexion, four spikes down the
    center of their forehead, and three mouth tusks.  Bruises and scrapes appear a purple color.
                                                             "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Physiology: Nausicaan adrenal glands produce a unique odor.   "Adrenal" means "near the kidneys",
    so it isn't clear if the Nausicaan glands are analogous to the human glands in function or simply location.
                                                             "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Homeplanet:  Ryan implies Nausicaans are from "Nausicaa".
                                                             "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Nausicaans were known to be pirates that raided Earth cargo vessels.
                                                              "Fortunate Son" [ENT]
Most Nausicaan games hurt; for example, the two Nausicaans working for Brunt threw darts at each
    other as a game.                                "Bar Association" [DS9]
Nausicaans are a common choice as bodyguards or hired muscle.
                                                              "Prodigal Daughter" [DS9]

2151: Capt. Keene of the ECS Fortunate had his "neural pathways" "disrupted" by Nausicaan weapons.
    The Fortunate's First Officer, Matthew Ryan, explains that they were attacked by Nausicaan pirates,
    and that the Nausicaans have been attacking for months, and stealing cargo.  Travis adds that they've
    been attacking ships in that same sector for years.  He said that his dad had run into Nausicaans, and
    handled them.  T'Pol's "bio-scans" revealed the presence of a Nausican prisoner onboard the Fortunate.
    T'pol's "scanner" can distinguish the "bio-signs" of the Nausicaan prisoner, and his injured state -- the
    scans were presumably taken while she was aboard the Fortunate.  Ryan tortures his Nausicaan
    prisoner to get their "shield modulations" so he can "remodulate" his weapons to match.  When they
    find the Nausicaan ship, a battle ensues.  We see that the asteroid they are near has a Nausicaan base
    within it.                                             "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

mid-2320s:   Cadet third-class Jean-Luc Picard was assigned to training on Morikin VII where he had his
    first encounter with Nausicaans, who had an outpost on a nearby asteroid.
                                                                "Tapestry" [TNG]

2327: The newly graduated Ensign Picard and two of his friends became involved in a fight at a gambling
    establishment (the Bonestell Recreational facility) on Starbase Earhart after a trio of Nausicaan cheated
    during a game of Dom Jot. One of the Nausicaans stabbed Picard through the heart, severely injuring
    him and necessitating an artificial replacement organ.
                                                               "Tapestry" [TNG], "Samaritan Snare" [TNG]

2371: A group of Nausicaans raiders used an ultrasonic generator to break  down one of the walls and
    rob the central museum of Remmil VI.
                                                                  "Heart of Stone" [DS9]

Garak speculated that a Nausicaan whose wedding suit he had misplaced might be responsible for the
    explosion in his shop.                          "Improbable Cause" [DS9]

2372: FCA liquidator Brunt used two Nausicaans as bodyguards when he investigated a labor union
    set up by employees of Quark. The Nausicaans severely beat up Quark in an unsuccessful attempt
    to force Rom to shut down the union.  They were arrested by Odo.
                                                                 "Bar Association" [DS9]

2374:   Quark proposed using Nausicaans to break his brother out of his holding cell. Nausicaans trust
    latinum and for five bars of latinum, Quark could buy five Nausicaans, a fast ship and very few
    questions. Breaking Rom out of the holding cell would have been child's play compared to the things
    Nausicaans are used to doing.                 "Favor the Bold" [DS9]

2374: Quark made 200 bars of gold pressed latinum by selling Denevan crystals to a Nausicaan entrepreneur.
                                                                  "The Sound of Her Voice" [DS9]

Ships and Stations:
    Raider -  Type of small, maneuverable starship that was used for raiding cargo vessels.  At least
        three such vessels were stationed at the Nausicaan cargo depot and fought the E.C.S. Fortunate
        until the Enterprise came in to mediate.   A Nausicaan ship "latched on" to the ECS Fortunate.
        It carried at least three crew, who boarded the Fortunate.  Enterprise scans showed four Nausicaans
        aboard and handheld weapons fire.  The three Nausicaan raiders were identical crescent-shaped
        aerodyne-looking ships, convex edge forward, with a central dorsal bulge.  The crescent "wing" has
        triangular "flaps" at each tip, and extends aft into two flanges.  Beneath the flanges are yellow-
        glowing cylinders (presumably the warp engines).
                                                                  "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

  Cargo depot -  Asteroid base where Nausicaan pirates unloaded their stolen cargo.  The E.C.S. Fortunate
        stumbled upon the depot while in search of the Nausicaan raider that attacked them.
                                                                  "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Weapons: Reed reported that the Nausicaan ships have fore and aft plasma cannons, and shields that
    wouldn't hold up long to Enterprise's torpedoes (but that might be a boast).  They can hit targets at
    warp speeds, since they struck the Fortunate while it was at warp.  Their plasma cannons fire blue-
    green beams.  They're orange-brown in color.  The Nausicaan handguns have two round barrels, but
    only fire from the upper.  It's a yellow-orange beam.  Sustained beams can cut the locks on an interior
    hatch, but even three beams take several minutes.
                                                             "Favorite Son" [ENT]

Notes: "Princess Nausicaa" is the name of the female lead in the Miyazaki animé film "Nausicaa and the
    Valley of the Winds", from which animé fan Okuda derived the name of the Nausicaans back in
    TNG:"Tapestry" (presumably while filling a script "TECH" placeholder).

Individuals of Note:
unnamed captain  (Danny Goldring) -  Captain of one of the Nausicaan raiders that fired upon the
    E.C.S. Fortunate.                               "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

unnamed prisoner  (D. Elliot Woods) -  One of the Nausicaan pirates who was held hostage aboard
    the E.C.S. Fortunate.  He was beaten to try and get him to release the shield frequencies of his ship.
                                                                "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

unnamed prisoner  (Michael McGrady)  -  "Canamar" [ENT]

trio of Nausicaans  (Clint Carmichael, Nick Dimitin, and Tom Morga)  - fighting with young Picard at
    Bonestell Recreational Facility.           "Tapestry" [TNG


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