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Race of beings Enterprise found living in a derilict ship.
                                                            "Oasis" [ENT]

99% humanoid.  Patterns of light-colored freckle/pimples: a wedge at each temple, and a trail on the back of the neck,
leading down from the hairline.

The homeworld is called Kantare (pronounced kan-tar-ay), and there's a colony on Kotara Barath, located at least 1-year
distant (at the freighter's speed).

Food:  LORELLA (looks like an acorn squash).

Kantaren script and displays:  Characters are vaguely hexagonal, sometimes with two parts, sometimes with a long leg.
    Line weight varies.  Notches and wedge-shaped serifs.  Appear as single characters on hatches, and in vertical columns
    on displays.  Some displays (seen dark) are apparently bowtie-shaped: oblong with two semicircular indents.  When
    powered, there's a central section delimited by a purple outline in the shape of two fused hexagons; above and below
    are columns of text.

Kantaren supply ship.  The oft-seen wedge-shaped TNG freighter, which originally appeared (in white, with extra bits) as the
    Husnock battleship, and similar to what was later used by Pakleds and Bajorans.
   - The Husnock ship from TNG "The Survivors" was heavily modified into the vessel flown by Kivas Fajo in TNG
    "The Most Toys", and was later seen in slightly altered configuration in e.g. "Silicon Avatar" and "Half a Life"
    before receiving its final set of modifications and becoming a trademark of the Bajoran/Cardassian fleet in TNG
    "Ensign Ro". It appears that the Kantaren vessel is virtually identical to this final version of the design.  The ship
    was apparently transformed into CGI some time ago, since we see it in late-season VOY episodes like "Drive"
    where we can expect all the ships to have been CGI.  (The physical model was also seen in VOY, in the early
    "Ex Post Facto").  She was never seen in Pakled hands, though - the Pakled vessel built for TNG "Samaritan
    Snare" was an entirely separate triangular design that was also often reused, but never really modified, nor seen
    under a Bajoran flag.  Her only DS9 appearance AFAIK was in "Vortex", where she was a large Rigelian transport.
    In TNG "The Wounded", she had been an even larger Cardassian military transport.  Finally, the Bajorans had a
    ship with triangular nacelles below a triangular hull - a third, unrelated type again, and apparently built
    specifically for use in DS9 "Past Prologue". This type was seen prominently in the opening credits of later DS9
    seasons. Unlike her sisters, this third type was never seen in use by other races besides Bajorans and Cardassians,
    and was never modified (although the apparent CGI version did look a bit different in "Shadows and Symbols").

Individuals of Note:
Ezral (Rene Auberjonois) - Liana's father.  He was chief engineer aboard the Kantare ship.  When the ship hit an ion
Ezral    storm, he panicked, and went to save his daughter.  They were the only ones to survive when the ship
    crashed.  After trying to fix the ship, Ezral felt bad for Liana, and recreated holograms of the
    crewmembers including his wife, Maya.  Eventually, he just stayed there.  But after being influenced
    by the crew of the Enterprise, he decided to finish the repairs and go home.
                            "Oasis" [ENT]


- Captain of the downed ship.
Maya - Liana's mother.


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