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L-4  - A Loop in a 4X radius (Starfleet jargon for a loop completed within four times the length of the
    vehicle).  It's a very tight maneuver which is probably why Archer asked if his helmsmen could do it
    at "this" speed.  The loop itself is no problem, but it places a lot of stress on the craft - a result of
    the radius of the maneuver.  Normally the maneuver is performed within the nominal stress tolerances
    of the vessel and crew after structural integrity and inertial dampeners have been calculated.  Even at
    low speeds an L-4 or Y-4 (yaw rate pivot) indicates a very tight maneuver.  Considering that a craft
    must be stationary to perform an L-1 you don't have a lot of room in anything tighter than L-8.  Its very
    doubtful the Enterprise carried out an L-4 under those conditions, perhaps it was the Captain's way of
    saying, "I want as tight a loop as possible under these conditions."
                                                           "The Expanse" [ENT]

Lake, Veronica - The Nazi guarding Archer in the back of the truck liked Veronica Lake, an American
    Hollywood movie star.                    "Storm Front, part 1" [ENT]

Laneth (Kristen Bauer) -                     "Divergence" [ENT]

Larr - the Menk who help the crew obtain samples
                                                             "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

Latinum - A rare, precious material, which is liquid at room temperature. To give some idea of its
    value: just enough latinum to cover the bottom of a shot glass is equal to about 100 bricks.
    Liquid latinum is suspended inside bricks, bars, strips, and slips of gold (which is otherwise
    considered worthless in advanced societies), in order to make gold-pressed latinum, which is widely
    used as currency outside the Federation.  Most transactions on DS9 are conducted with it.
                                                            "Who Mourns for Morn?" [DS9]
     1 million slips = 10,000 strips = 500 bars
      1 slip = 1/100 of a strip; 1/2000 of a bar.
      1 strip = 100 slips; 1/20 of a bar.
      1 bar = 2000 slips; 20 strips.
                                                             "Body Parts" [DS9]
    Ulis tries to entice Krem to let him go by bribing him with his "latinum pen, the one you've had
    your eye on".                                   "Acquisition" [ENT]

Latrelle, Mark (John Rosenfeld) - Best friend of Malcolm Reed during his training at San Francisco.
    He tries to remember one time they went to a fish restaurant; he thinks Reed had a crush on the
    waitress ("Maureen"), but hated fish.
                                                            "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Launch Bay - The launch bay is located on the underside of the saucer section on E Deck. The Enterprise
Launchbay    uses drop shuttles which are deployed from the launch bay.
    The scaffolding and catwalks on the upper part of the
    launch bay allows crew members to prepare equipment for
    launch and receive final mission information and
    assignments.             "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    Archer pursues Silik to Launch Bay 2, through the
    control room and onto the catwalks.  The doors are
    labeled "3" and "4" (left and right, as seen from the
Launchbay     control room).  Neither bay is occupied by a shuttle; the
    docking pylons are unoccupied.  Silik opens bay #4, and
    lets himself fall forward.  (No apparent jump.) Perhaps
    some artificial gravity field is produced for the launch bay
    area to allow the shuttles to "drop" launch. Dialogue in
    prior eps indicates that Enterprise has only two shuttlepods,
    but there are four hatches.  We have "Launch Bay 2" with
    doors labeled 3 and 4, beneath vacant ladders and pylons.
Launchbay    We don't see the bay from the control room, if there are
     two further doors.  Probably there's an identical-but-occupied
    "Launch Bay 1", separated from #2 by a bulkhead/firewall.
                                                             "Cold Front" [ENT]


Lenin - Reed thought he had pinpointed where the timeline changed when he found that someone had
    assassinated Lenin in 1916.  No one took his place, so without Lenin, the Bolsheviks never gained
    power.  Russia didn't become Communist, and Germany never considered it a threat.  Hitler was able
    to concentrate on the West.  After France, Belgium and the Netherlands fell.  Hitler quickly took
    England and then the eastern United States.  The police never captured Lenin's assassin.  Some
    bystanders claimed that the killer vanished into thin air.  It was speculated that this may have been
    an agent for one of the factions of the Temporal Cold War.
                                                               "Storm Front, part 2" [ENT]

Leonard, Admiral Daniel (Jim Beaver) - human male. 40's to 50's.  He is a high ranking officer
Admiral Leonard    in Starfleet who serves directly under Admiral Forrest.  The character is named in
    honor of the late TOS actor, Mark Leonard (Sarek, Spock’s father as well
    as other characters) and TOS actor Leonard Nimoy (Spock).
                                            "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Letters - Hoshi personally delivers mail from home.  People were getting jealous because Dr. Phlox was
    getting more letters than anyone.  They were from Dr. Lucas, a colleage of his in the Interspecies
    Medical Exchange.                               "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

Liana (Annie Wersching) - An attractive humanoid alien that develops feelings for Trip when he helps
    them repair their derilict ship.             "Oasis" [ENT]

Lifeboats - Enterprise's lifeboats can only do 300 kph.
                                                             "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]

Linguistic Database - lag time in accessing the database is tripled (which still only amounts to waiting
    a few seconds) when you tie the UT into the ship's computer through the comm.
                                                             "Fight or Flight" [ENT]

Lissan (Alicia Adams) -                        "The Aenar" [ENT]

Log - A record or journal, usually regarding the recording of mission performance, or a ship's progress.  There can be
    personal logs, and/or starship logs (usually abbreviated as "starlogs").  An entry in a log may be ammended later by a
    supplemental log entry when new information comes to light.  Various chief officers have their own official logs, for
    example:  Science officer's log -       "Singularity" [ENT]

Loomis - ca. March 2003:    Loomis starts work at the blood bank in Detroit.
    ca. February 2004:    Loomis is recruited by the Xindi, who he later suspects to be terrorists.
    ca. April 2004:    Archer and T'Pol arrive in Detroit, Michigan.  And with the help of Loomis,  they
    scour the city and locate an abandoned factory where the Xindi are developing a biological weapon.
                                                               "Carpenter Street" [ENT]

Loracus Prime - World which contains 5000 subspecies of termites. This implies the world also has
    plenty of wood, and hence trees.  Crewman Cutler was reading a physical book opened to the entry
                                                              "Strange New World" [ENT]

Lorian - Commander of an alternate Enterprise and son of that Enterprise's Trip and T'Pol.  He is over
    a hundred years old.  His father, E2-Trip died when he was 14.  He learned almost everything he knows
    about engineering from reading Trip's logs.
                                                              "E2" [ENT]

Lorillian- Humanoid race whose young can only breathe methyl-oxide until the age of four. Mothers
    must wean their children to a natural atmosphere. Trip watched a Lorillian mother and child on Rigel X.
                                                             "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Lucas, Doctor Jeremy- The first human to serve on Denobula in the Interspecies Medical Exchange
    Program.  He helped Dr. Phlox get settled in when he came to San Francisco.  Dr. Phlox is trying to
    return the favor by regularly exchanging mail with him - you could call them "penpals".  In one letter,
    Lucas complained about the Denobulan mating season to Dr. Phlox.
                                                             "Dear Doctor" [ENT]
    Because  he had lost some colleagues in the Xindi attack and was needed on earth, Dr. Lucas was
    forced to cut his time on Denobula short and return home.
                                                              "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]
    Phlox entrusted Dr. Lucas with his will in case anything should happen to him during their attempt
    to destroy the network of Spheres in the Expanse.
                                                               "Zero Hour" [ENT]

Lumbar support - Archer recommended that Hernandez get a lumbar support for her command chair
    since she was going to be spending a lot of time in it.
                                                               "Home" [ENT]

Lunar One colony - When Enterprise returned from destroying the Spheres in the Expanse they could
    not contact any of the orbital platforms or the Lunar One colony.
                                                               "Zero Hour" [ENT]

Lyssarian desert larva  - Something Phlox keeps in his sickbay.  It has many properties.  Its epidermal
    layer secretes a viral suppressant which Phlox uses as a salve for cuts and bruises.  It can also, when
    injected with DNA, transform into a clone of the donor, replicating its lifecycle within 15 days.  The
    Lyssarians call them "mimetic symbionts."  Because of the ethical issues involved, the Lyssarian Prime
    Conclave made a ruling which bans the use of "simbiots" and they keep their existence a closely-guarded
    secret.  After an accident in Engineering left Trip mortally injured, Dr. Phlox successfully managed to
    save him by using the larva to create a clone and harvest neural tissue from it.  The symbiont was
    originally expected to survive the procedure, and live out the remainder of its short lifespan, but too
    much neural tissue was required of it.   "Similitude" [ENT]


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