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Humanoid.  They are physically distinguished by a ridge on their nose.

Tandar Prime - the homeworld located in the Tandar sector.
                                                                "Detained" [ENT]

Places of Interest:
Military Zone - Inside the orbit of the second moon.  There are unusual energy readings on the moon
    which could hide a helix.                    "Detained" [ENT]

Detention Complex 26 - An internment camp several light years from the military zone.  Supposedly,
    it is one of their nicer ones.  It is surrounded by a five meter wall
    and guard tower.  During the time Archer and Mayweather
    were there it was overcrowded.  There were 89 Suliban in this
    camp, thousands more in other camps.  All the Suliban there
    used to be citizens on worlds in the Tandar sector.  There are
    proximity sensors which Tucker thinks he can evade by flying
    in low from the east, and also what appeared to be a pulse canon
    which was his first target.  There is a Docking bay about a
    hundred meters away from the building and about 40 meters from the wall.  It's where they keep
    Suliban ships they've impounded.     "Detained" [ENT]

Querella province - There is an engineering institute there for which Danik used to be a director of research.
                                                                "Detained" [ENT]

Tandarans are decent people for the most part.
The Tandaran children would tease Suliban children with a cruel nursery rhyme: "Be careful of their
    wicked smiles "their shining yellow eyes.  At night, they'll squeeze right through your door and
    everybody dies."

Central Magistrate's Office - The Enterprise was told that once they arrived at Tandar Prime they'd be
    contacted by the Central Magistrate's Office.
                                                                "Detained" [ENT]

Tandaran Intelligence Agency  -  Branch of the Tandaran military that had found out various pieces of
    information on the Suliban and their dealings with Enterprise and Captain Archer.
                                                             "Detained" [ENT]

Tandarans had allowed Suliban to settle on their homeworld and colony worlds in their sector after the
    Suliban homeworld became uninhabitable.

ca 2143:  The Cabal began their attacks (eight years ago).  When the Cabal began their activities there
    was a great deal of fear among the Tandarans.  It wasn't long before the Tandarans started to question
    the loyalty of all Suliban living in their territory.  There were instances of violence.  14 innocent
    Suliban were killed in one day alone.  The Tandarans had to find a way to keep them out of danger.
    They were rounded up... "relocated" as the Tandarans like to say.  They were told it was only
    temporary and that it was for their own safety.  The Tandarans could have just let them find another
    place to live but they feared that once the Suliban we're out of Tandaran territory the Cabal would
    hunt them down and turn them all into soldiers.  They promised the Suliban that once the Cabal had
    been destroyed, they would be free to go back to their homes.
                                                                "Detained" [ENT]

ca 2149:  (a couple of years ago) Three men attempt an escape from Detention complex 26.  They pried
    open one of the security grates and tried to get to the docking bay.  They managed to get inside but
    before they could reach a vessel all three of them were killed.
                                                                "Detained" [ENT]

2151:  The Tandarans had captured Archer and Mayweather in their military zone and sent them to
    Detention Centre 26, an internment camp for Suliban.  Archer organised the liberation of the Suliban
    prisoners.                                            "Detained" [ENT]

Transport - A transport was supposed to take Archer and Mayweather to Tandar Prime to stand
    trial.                                                    "Detained" [ENT]

Patrol ships - Archer and Mayweather were lucky that one of the patrol ships didn't vaporize their
    shuttlepod when they entered the military zone.
                                                                "Detained" [ENT]
Two Tandaran vessels were briefly seen attacking the Enterprise NX-01 as the ship attempted a rescue
    of Archer and Mayweather. The Tandaran interceptors were no
        match for Enterprise and were easily disabled.
    Fuselage:  Roughly a quarter of the size of the Enterprise, the
        interceptors had twin hulls joined in the centre. The hulls
        tapered to a point at the prow but were blunt at the bows.
    Weapons:  At the front of the port hull was a weapons array
        and there appeared to be another at the rear of the starboard
        hull. The location of the bridge was not immediately

Individuals of Note:
Grat (Dean Stockwell) - Colonel in charge of a Suliban Internment Camp.
                                   "Detained" [ENT]

Keyla - (f) the disguised Tandaran & Rhylo - (f) the alien dog.
    Keyla was sent out by the Tandarans to try and retrieve information from
    Captain Archer on Risa under false pretenses.
                                   "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]

Klev, Major - male.                              "Detained" [ENT]


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