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T'Pol, Subcommander (Jolene Blalock) - The  Vulcan  science officer on Enterprise.
    T'Mir - T'Pol's second foremother (great-grandmother, apparently through the
        mother's side.  This wording might be a hint to the existence of a matriarchy of
        sorts in Vulcan culture).  T'Mir visited Earth in 1957 on a Vulcan ethnological
        survey ship which crashed outside the small mining town of Carbon Creek,
        Pennsylvania, in the USA.  T'Mir kept a red beaded purse as a memento, which
                                   T'Pol inherited.      "Carbon Creek" [ENT]
    T'Pol has no siblings.                       "The Xindi" [ENT]

Likes and Dislikes:
    She drinks Terran green tea.             "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
    and also drinks Mint tea, and on occasion, Camomile tea.
                                                                "Fusion" [ENT]

    Like all Vulcan females, she has a heightened sense of smell and is bothered by the stench of the
    humans (and Archer's dog) aboard Enterprise.
                                                                "Broken Bow" [ENT], "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
    She regularly uses a nasal numbing agent to combat the smell.
                                                                "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

    Proficiency in the Suus Mahna, a Vulcan martial art which takes years to master
                                                                 "Marauders" [ENT]
    She has a background in higher mathematics
                                                                 "Vox Sola" [ENT]
    and an interest in geology                    "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

    ca. 2089:  Date of Birth.   T'Pol finally told Tucker on Feb 14, 2154 (She got the date wrong in her
        acting-Captain's star log, saying it was 2152): "I am *not* old! I'll be 66 on my next birthday."
                                                                "Zero Hour" [ENT]
        She has no siblings.                         "The Xindi" [ENT]

    2093:  T'Pol "participated in the kahswan ritual".  She told Archer that she "was taken to the desert and
        left to survive for ten days."  (It is assumed that 7 yrs. old is the age at which Vulcans are made
        to go through the Kahswan.)            "The  Catwalk" [ENT]

        T'Pol was betrothed to Koss as a child. (assuming T'Pol was 7 yrs. old when her marriage was
        arranged as per Vulcan custom.)
                                                                "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

    2101:  During her early schooling (50 years ago), T'Pol traveled a great distance to Vulcana Regar in
        order to meet Ambassador V'Lar, who was participating in the Second Ka'Tann Conference there.
        T'Pol impressed the ambassador with her "blunt" questions and, in turn, she was inspired to choose
        a "life-course", leading her eventually to the Science Council.
                                                                "Fallen Heroes" [ENT]

    2128:  T'Pol gets her teeth sealed with a triflorinate compound to prevent tooth decay.  However,
        23 years later, she will get a cavity anyway.  Dr. Phlox attributed it to wear and tear.
                                                            "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

    before 2135:   Prior to T'Pol joining the Vulcan "Science Directorate", she worked at the "Ministry
        of Security", and was trained in reconnaisance, investigation, and retrieval.
                                                           "The Seventh" [ENT]
        It is possible that this is where she acquired training in the Suus Manah, a Vulcan martial art which
        takes several years to master.    "Marauders" [ENT]
        T'Pol had (informal?) contacts with several members of the Klingon government.
                                                            "Judgment" [ENT]

    2135:  T'Pol was one of the retrieval agents assigned by The Ministry of Security to apprehend 19
        agents which did not return from a mission to the planet Agaron in 2122.  In that mission, 109 Vulcan
        agents were surgically altered and sent undercover to overthrow Agaron's very corrupt and criminal
        factions.  T'Pol was assigned to apprehend 7 of the 19 rogue Vulcans.  She was able to catch 5 of the 7
        which had been assigned to her, but the fugatives Menos and Jossen were able to escape.  Later, T'Pol
        was able to track Menos through a Tellarite transport captain who took him to Risa.  She managed
        to catch up with him and Jossen there on Risa and chased them through the Risan jungle.  During
        the pursuit, in self-defense, she was forced to kill Jossen  when she believed he was reaching for a
        weapon.  This upset her greatly.  Upon her return, she sought guidance from the Elders at the
        Sanctuary of P'Jem.  Under their direction she underwent the Fullara, an obsolete Vulcan ritual used
        to repress the memory and emotions of an event.  They resigned her position in the Ministry of Security.
        (17 years before the episode)  In 2152 she eventually did apprehend Menos.
                                                           "The Seventh" [ENT]

    ca. 2147:  T'Pol served aboard the Seleya for over a year, as Deputy science officer under Cpt.Voris.
        It was her last assignment before joining the consulate on Earth.
                                                            "Impulse" [ENT]

    2149: She was assigned as a science advisor to Ambassador Soval at the Vulcan Compound in Sausalito
        on Earth and spent two years there.  During her stay on Earth, T'Pol broke protocol and left the
        compound because of her curiosity about humans.  She remembers wandering the night streets and
        the steam vents.  She wore a hood to conceal her ears.  Upon hearing some jazz music, she entered a
        nightclub where she briefly "felt" emotions.
                                                             "Fusion" [ENT]

        She once had to visit a Terran hospital in San Francisco.
                                                            "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]

        While on Earth, she took a five day leave, visiting Yellowstone Park, the Carlsbad Caverns and
        Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania       "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

        Soval thought she was one of the most promising members of his staff and later told her that had
        she stayed in San Francisco, she would be an assistant consul or might even have had a diplomatic
        posting of her own by mid-2152.  "Cease Fire" [ENT]

    2151, April: When Enterprise was launched early to return Klaang to Kronos, T'Pol was assigned as
        a Vulcan "advisor" to monitor the mission in exchange for Vulcan starcharts and databases.  During
        the mission Capt. Archer was injured and T'Pol assumed command.  She surprised everyone, by
        continuing the mission that Archer had set out to accomplish rather than simply returning to earth.
        After the mission was successfully completed, T'Pol chose to remain aboard the ship.
                                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]
        Her assignment to Enterprise was only supposed to last 8 days; she was there as both an observer
        and to "represent the interests of the Vulcan people".
                                                               "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]
        She wasn't the first Vulcan to be posted aboard a human ship, but none of her predecessors had
        lasted very long;  The prior record for a Vulcan on a human ship was 10 days.
                                                               "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

        Like all Vulcans (particularly the females), she has a heightened sense of smell and is bothered by
        the stench of the humans (and Archer's dog) aboard Enterprise.
                                                               "Broken Bow" [ENT], "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
        She regularly uses a nasal numbing agent to combat the smell.
                                                                "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

        She postponed her wedding to Koss in order to continue aboard Enterprise, but continued to
        receive covert communications about this issue through nearby Vulcan ships.  A few months later,
        Koss's parents issued an ultimatum regarding the postponed marriage, as Commander Tucker
        discovered when he found T'Pol's secret transmissions.  After reluctantly confiding in Tucker,
        T'Pol chose to break with tradition and not return to Vulcan for the wedding.  Typically T'Pol
        would have tried to maintain Vulcan traditional behavior.  Her conflicts with Koss have lead her
        to slowly begin experimenting with human ideas.
        She has received special permission for lighted meditation candles in her quarters.
                                                               "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

        T'Pol  has been on 36 Minshara-Class planets.  She claims that she can survive without water
        "for several days"; She uses the Vulcan nerve pinch on Mayweather.  when Captain Archer
        decided to take an away team to a newly-discovered, uninhabited Minshara-class planet against
        T'Pol's precautionary warnings, she ended up being the only crew member on the planet not
        experiencing hallucinations caused by indigenous pollen in the air. In danger of being assaulted or
        killed by the affected crew members, she was able to role-play in order to coax a peaceful
        resolution, something most Vulcans would never do.
                                                                "Strange New World" [ENT]

        Similarly, she also role-played when a mysterious group of large-eared aliens took over Enterprise,
        tricking them and gaining the upper hand.
                                                                 "Acquisition" [ENT]

        She is not familiar with early Earth space expeditions.
                                                                 "Terra Nova" [ENT]

        Phlox detected tooth decay (in an anterior tricuspid) in T'pol, who protests it's impossible; since
        23 years earlier, her teeth were sealed with a trifluorinate compound.  Phlox guesses normal wear-
        and-tear.  (I think it was the Pecan Pie we saw in "Breaking the Ice").
                                                                 "Dear Doctor" [ENT]

        T'Pol was confronted with an awkward situation when one of her role models, the Vulcan Ambassador
        V'Lar, came aboard during a tense situation with the Mazarites, and it became clear that V'Lar had
        committed a criminal act on Mazar.  She was relieved (by Vulcan standards, anyway) when V'Lar
        was cleared of suspicion and it was learned that she was actually on a covert mission for Vulcan.
                                                                 "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

        In customary Vulcan fashion, T'Pol passed on the chance for some rest and relaxation when Enterprise
        visited Risa.  Instead, she opted to stay onboard and take command while Archer and other crew
        members vacationed on the planet below.  She presented Archer with a book called "The Teachings
        of Surak" to read while on vacation.  "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]

        She was ordered by the Vulcan High Command to leave Enterprise, but before the scheduled
        rendezvous with a Vulcan ship,  she and Archer were kidnapped by Coridan rebels.  During
        rescue attempts made by an Andorian/Human team and a Vulcan team, Sopek, the captain of the
        ship sent to retrieve her, and leader of the Vulcan team, was nearly killed by a rebel. T'Pol selflessly
        put herself in harm's way to save him, resulting in an injury that nearly took her life. This act
        forced Sopek to take up her cause with the Vulcan High Command, allowing her to remain on
        Enterprise.                                        "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

        The Vulcan High Command sent the D'kyr to pick up T'Pol after the destruction of the Paraagan
        colony.  The situation was successfully resolved and she did not have to leave at this time.
                                                                "Shockwave" [ENT]

       The renegade agent that escaped, Menos, was located, and T'Pol was sent to apprehend him. She
        asked Archer to come along with her on the mission. T'Pol was successful in capturing Menos,
        but he reminded her of her long-buried memories... and she was forced to come to terms with the
        fact that she once killed a man.  Luckily, Archer was there to help her overcome her feelings of
        self-doubt, and the incident solidified the trust between them.
                                                                 "The Seventh" [ENT]

2152, Aug 14:
        T'Pol discovers the first black hole that's part of a trinary star system.  But as they approach
        the singularity in order to get a closer look, the crew seem to be acting strangely -- obsessing over
        particular tasks, and T'Pol can't help but notice.  When T’Pol went to sickbay to report the crew's
        odd behavior to Dr. Phlox, she finds that he's been affected as well, and is ready to perform a
        lobotomy on ensign Mayweather.  She quickly renders him unconscious via a neck pinch.
        Noticing the correlations between the scans of Mayweather’s brain and the radiation emanating
        from the singularity they are investigating, T'Pol determined that if they are exposed to the radiation
        much longer, they may not survive. In order to escape, T'Pol charted a course between the stars
        which meant passing dangerously close to the black hole and a considerable amount of debris —
        as a consequence she would not be able to pilot the ship alone.  Since he was the only one barely
        conscious, she got Archer to help her pilot the ship to safety.
                                                                  "Singularity" [ENT]

        Dr. Phlox diagnosed T'Pol with Pa'nar Syndrome, an incurable degenerative Vulcan disease that
        could eventually kill her, which she contracted from Tolaris during a mind-meld. (T'Pol kept her
        condition secret to avoid associations with mind melders, the Vulcan minority suffering from the
        disease; the disease has become stigmatized because of the way it is contracted, but T'Pol is not a
        member of the Vulcan minority.) When it became necessary she receive supplemental treatment,
        Phlox tried to obtain research from Vulcan physicians participating in an Interspecies Medical
        Exchange in 2152 without revealing T'Pol's secret, as their prejudices would prompt them to
        remove her from service if they found out.
                                                                 "Stigma" [ENT]

        T'Pol was infected by a stray microbe while exploring a desert planet which triggered the pon farr.
        Initially she exhibited a slight fever and elevated dopamine levels which affected her limbic system
        but as symptoms developed, she had increasing difficulty suppressing her emotions and elevated
        endorphin and hormonal levels. She told Phlox that this wasn't her first pon farr and that if she
        didn't mate with a male, she would die. Phlox determined that death would be the result of her limbic
        system collapsing but he was successful in creating a serum to counter the effects of the "premature
        mating cycle".                                  "Bounty" [ENT]

        T'Pol is forced to resign her post with the Vulcan High Command when her superiors reassigned
        her to the Ministry of Information on Vulcan, after refusing to let her enter the Delphic Expanse
        aboard Enterprise in Starfleet's pursuit of the Xindi (after their probe attacks Earth and kills over
        7 million).                                      "The Expanse" [ENT]

Since the rescue mission to the Seleya [ENT "Impulse"] where she was
exposed to Trellium-D, T'Pol has been injecting herself with minute amounts
of trellium in order to "access her emotions", which she finds addictive.
Phlox persuades her to stop and begin the slow process of withdrawal. [ENT

The trellium has caused "significant damage to her neural
pathways" during the three months she used it and, after the initial
withdrawal symptoms, T'Pol discovers that her usual techniques for
suppressing her emotions have grown ineffective and her new emotions are
likely t be with her for the rest of her life. [ENT "The Forgotten", "E2",
"The Council"]

She mentioned that if they were successful in destroying the
Xindi weapon, she was considering "formalizing her relationship with
Starfleet". [ENT "Countdown"]

    In an future/alternate timeline the Enterprise is accidentally sent 117
years into the past when it enters a subspace corridor and becomes a
generational ship. Phlox will find a way to combine human and Vulcan
genomes and she and Tucker will have a son, Lorian, who becomes the second
captain of the Enterprise. The "future" Enterprise remains in the Expanse
and, eventually, the two ships rendezvous in 2152 and "present" T'Pol and
"future" T'Pol meet. (Is "Lorian" a Vulcan name, perhaps from T'Pol's
family?) [ENT "E2"]


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