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Specifications for Starship Enterprise NX-01.

Blueprints and Comparison charts ][ 3D Cutaway views ][ Deck Layout ]
[ Spacecraft Structure ][ Propulsion Systems ][ Utilities ][ Communications ][ Transporter Systems ]
[ Sciences ][ Sensing Systems ][ Tactical Systems ][ Environmental Systems ][ Crew Support Systems ]
[ Auxiliary Spacecraft Systems ][ Flight Operations ][ Emergency Operations ]

Enterprise, NX-01 - A Starfleet vessel.
NX-01 topNX-01 side

Registry Number -    NX-01                 "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Ship Class -  The ship is called an NX Class.  There are three more on the drawing boards.
                                                                "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Ship's Designers include Captain Jeffries.            "Home" [ENT]

Spacecraft Structure:
Dimensions -
External -
    overall length: 225m
    width between the aft-outboard edges of the "impulse rocket" fairings: 74m
    length from the bow to the impulse rocket fairings: 164m
    average width between the inboard surfaces of the nacelles: 101m
                                                                [ figures extrapolated from the Blueprints]
Internal -
    Going through the crawlspaces, Hoshi's quarters are between 40 and 45 meters from Phlox's quarters.
                                                                "Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]

Mass -  80,000 metric tonnes.                [series bible]

External Features -
    The NX-01 has somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20 circular ports through which a variety of
    devices including Phase Cannons, antennas and buoys can egress the ship.
    There are three docking ports based on the those on the International Space Station.
                                                                "Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]

Saucer structure -
    The cross-section reveals its structure. There are seven decks, named A-deck through G-deck.
    Normally only the saucer  volume is inhabitable, but the catwalk can be converted for use as a living
    space in an emergency.                      "The Catwalk" [ENT]
    Two half-decks are inserted between D-deck and E-deck and between E-deck and F-deck. They
    contain shafts that house the EPS conduits and are adjacent to the air ducts.  They were pretty
    much blocked off when the ship was completed. (I don't think these crawlspaces are called
    "Jefferies tubes").                             "Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]
    Outer Hull -  lined with duranium.
                                                              "The Xindi" [ENT]
    The section of hull plating above Impulse Reactor Two is secured by about 300 bolt couplings.
    Detaching it means rerouting some EPS conduits and takes three or four hours.
                                                               "Minefield" [ENT]

Hard connect points -
    The port (red) and starboard (green) formation lights are located on raised black panels.  The black
    panels are actually hard contacts where the ship is "clamped" to the drydock facility. They are
    important because tractor moorings are not practical yet in this era.

Main Engineering -
    The engineering room of the NX-01 is about 12.5m (40ft) long, 9m (30ft) wide, and 5m (16ft) high.
    The "warp core" is almost 10m long with a large control panel on a raised platform and many smaller
    panels below.

Structural Integrity -

Inertial Dampening  -

Propulsion -
[ Warp Propulsion ][ Impulse Propulsion ]
    The first Warp 5 human vessel and the only one in Starfleet.
                                                                "Fortunate Son" [ENT]
    It can reach warp 5 but only for a limited time.
                                                                "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

    Main engineering occupies part of D-deck and E-deck just behind the saucer center.
    The antimatter pods are on F-deck.
    The double hulls, pylons and warp nacelles are uninhabitable. Normally, they can only be accessed in
    environmental suits.                            "The Catwalk" [ENT]
    The plasma conduits that can be seen in main engineering run from the warp core up to C-deck.
    The twin hulls contain a three-stage plasma accelerator, something like a big supercharger. The
    accelerator is what distinguishes Enterprise from other ships of the era and what allows Warp 5.
    (The design of NX-01 may have been inspired by the P-38 aircraft which had superchargers in the
    twin hulls too).  The first stage is just above main engineering, and is visible from outside as a detail
    on the top of the twin hulls, the warp core output transfer junction. After three stages, the plasma
    is fed into the nacelles through the warp pylons, like on conventional starships too. The nacelle
    housings contain hatches to critical warp engine components which require constant work and
    tuning. The ship should have to hold in space regularly to retune and clean the engines.
    The pod between the twin hulls is not supposed to hold weapons, but a symmetrical warp field
    governor that regulates the warp field shape that would otherwise break apart at higher warp factors.
    Note: In "Fight or Flight" it looks like a torpedo is fired from the pod, but the aft torpedo launcher is
    actually on F-deck in the saucer, like the forward tubes too. Being on the same deck, the launchers
    may share resources.
        Matter / Antimatter
            Antimatter inducers                    "Twilight" [ENT]
            Antimatter relays                        "The Xindi" [ENT]
            Primary Antimatter feed             "Cold Front" [ENT]
            Transfer Conduits                        "Cold Front" [ENT]
                Antimatter junction                 "Cold Front" [ENT]
            Matter & Antimatter injectors    "The Catwalk" [ENT], "The Expanse" [ENT]
                Port injector                            "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
                Starboard injectors                    "Twilight" [ENT]
        Magnetic Constriction
        Gravimetric field displacement manifold, aka Warp manifold, aka the Warp Reactor
                                                                "Cold Front" [ENT]
            8 major components                    "Desert Crossing" [ENT]
            Reactor Core                                   "Cold Front" [ENT]
            Catwalks                                      "The Catwalk" [ENT]
            Warp Coils                                   "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]
                Primary Drive Coil                   "E2" [ENT]
        Warp Matrix
            Command Protocols
            Engineering Subroutines

Procedures for Restarting the Reactor:
    (in the database).
    Output must be confined to within 300 and 312 millicochranes to prevent fusion of the dilithium matrix.
    Unless the spatial-compression index is greater than 5.62% or the ship is within two parsecs of a
    Class-C gravimetric field distortion.       "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]
    Initialize Warp Matrix                           "Divergence" [ENT]
    Prime the injectors                                "Divergence" [ENT]
    Close the plasma relays before beginning the start-up sequence.
                                                                  "Doctor's Orders" [ENT], "Divergence" [ENT]
    Monitor Deuterium pressure.                  "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]
    Bring Antimatter Constrictor Coils on line.
                                                                   "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]
    Full power to Containment.                    "Divergence" [ENT]
    Initialize Antimatter Stream                    "Divergence" [ENT]
    Monitor intermix.                                    "Divergence" [ENT]
    Monitor formation of warp field.            "Doctor's Orders" [ENT], "Divergence" [ENT]
    Monitor particle confinement - adjust by changing power to magnetic constriction coils.
                                                                  "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]
    Once a stable field is formed, go to warp. "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]
    Monitor hull pressure.  (pressure can be overcome by powering the hull plating).
                                                                  "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]

    Plasma Exhaust ports                          "Unexpected" [ENT]
    Manifold, aft                                    "Unexpected" [ENT]
    Impulse manifolds                              "Minefield" [ENT], "Singularity" [ENT], "Desert Crossing" [ENT],
                                                              "Doctor's Orders" [ENT], "E2" [ENT]
    Impulse reactors                                 "The Seventh" [ENT], "Countdown" [ENT]
    Impulse Reactor Two (about 5 meters from the hull)
                                                             "Minefield" [ENT]
    Intake manifold                                 "The Expanse" [ENT]
    Impulse relays                                    "Cold Front" [ENT]

[ Power ][ Cargo ][ Grapplers ]
Power Regulation & Distribution  -
The deuterium tanks are located on B-deck, in the forward ends of the twin hulls.
       EPS grid                                            "Singularity" [ENT]
            EPS conduits                                "Minefield" [ENT]
                the shafts that house the EPS conduits in one of the half-decks are adjacent to the air ducts.
                They were pretty much blocked off when the ship was completed.  It is a tight fit, but a
                very small crewperson, e.g. Hoshi, can still make it through the crawlspaces.
                                                                 "Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]
            EPS manifolds                              "E2" [ENT]
            Plasma conduits                            "Singularity" [ENT]
            Plasma injectors (5)                     "A Night in Sickbay" [ENT]
            Plasma regulators                         "Regeneration" [ENT]
            Plasma relay                                "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
                Plasma relay J-37 (3 meters behind bulkhead in Engineering)
                                                                "Cold Front" [ENT]
        Power couplings                               "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
        Primary Relays (C-deck, junction 12)  "E2" [ENT]
        Relays                                              "Unexpected" [ENT]

Cargo -
    The two large rectangular hatches that can be seen in the top view (port and starboard of the bridge)
    are facing exact counterparts on the ventral surface appear to be Cargo doors. There is a shaft between
    them through which one could fly right through the ship when the doors are open. Because of a zero
    gravity environment inside the shaft, cargo containers may be easily handled and transferred to the
    single decks where they are stored in large balconies along the shaft, acting as shelves. Once a cargo
    container has reached the desired shelf, it may be given a push, and rollers on the floor would take
    over the their weight in the gravity well of the deck. 150ft robot arms may be deployed to pull the
    containers into the ship.  There are two of them and they egress through the cargo doors which allow
    them ready access to the top and bottom of the saucer. The arms are ambulatory and can ride the grid
    on the ship's surface.  The ship also has inspection cars that ride these same rails. Their Real-life
    contemporary counterparts can be seen crawling along the surfaces of modern skyscrapers.
    Weapon's lockers (14) -                       "Acquisition" [ENT]
    Biohazard locker in Cargo bay 1.          "Impulse" [ENT]

Grapplers:  No tractor beams, only magnetic grapplers.
                                                                "Broken Bow" [ENT], "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

Communication -
    Long-range communications possible through the use of subspace amps.
    Intra-ship communications through touch-panel only.
    Away teams carry communicators with primitive universal translators in them.
                                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    Transceiver Array                              "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
    Subspace transceiver array.                 "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    Subspace antenna.                               "Dead Stop" [ENT]
    Subspace amplifiers                             "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    Universal Translator.

Transporter System:
Transporters -
    No bio-filters. Crewmembers must decontaminate themselves in a Decon Chamber.  Transporters are
    normally only used for cargo, and though the transporters have been approved for bio-transport they
    are rarely used to transport humans.     "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    2000 km range.                                    "Cogenitor" [ENT]

Computers -
    The NX-01's computer is the most advanced in the fleet and it is 3 decks high.
                                                               "Dead Stop" [ENT]

Sensing Systems:
Sensors -
    Sensor pallets are located next to the deflector dish, just forward of the port and starboard saucer
    airlocks, behind the bridge, forward of the shuttlebays and on the back of the symmetrical warp field
    governor. The domes on the top and the bottom of the saucer are perimeter and planetary sensors.
    Sensor Subsystems include --
        Acoustic Relay                                  "Civilization" [ENT]
        Holometric Camera                           "Horizon" [ENT]
        Imaging Relays                                  "Horizon" [ENT]
        Navigation sensors - Mayweather upgraded.
                                                                 "Singularity" [ENT]
        Targeting Scanners                            "Fight or Flight" [ENT], "Hatchery" [ENT], "E2" [ENT]
            Infrared Scanner                            "Fight or Flight" [ENT]
            Target discriminators                    "Singularity" [ENT]
        Thermal Scanners                              "Horizon" [ENT]
        Internal Sensor grid                            "Cold Front" [ENT]

Tactical Systems:
Offensive Armaments -
Plasma canons: They fire glowing balls instead of beams from the dorsal side of the ship. Since the effect
    seen in "Broken Bow" was practically identical to the one emerging from the "plasma cannon" of the
    ECS Fortunate, I assume that Enterprise was originally fitted with this type of weapon.
                                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT], "Fortunate Son" [ENT]

Phase canons:  Two forward and one aft (a total of 3) Hull-retracting phase cannons were installed in
    the field.                                            "Silent Enemy" [ENT], "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
    At first they could not operate at warp speeds. (Reed has since fixed this problem.)
                                                              "Fortunate Son" [ENT]
    Cannon assembly has multiphasic emitters and maximum yield of 80 gigajoules
                                                               "Cogenitor" [ENT]
    Can be rigged for a maximum power output of 500 gigajoules although, if maintained, this will damage
    the ship.                                               "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    Efficiency usually maximum at 93%     "Proving Ground" [ENT]
    The Phase canons take time to charge, but Malcolm designed a security protocol which charges the
    weapons automatically during an alert. "Singularity" [ENT]

Spatial torpedoes:  It has at least six torpedo tubes:
            two pairs forward, numbered 1-2-3-4 port-to-starboard.
            plus two aft aft-pointing missile tubes, located on the curve of the
            ventral saucer.                          "Civilization" [ENT]

Photonic torpedoes:  The weapons systems were refitted to fire this type of torpedo during the stay
    over on Earth after the Xindi attack.  Klingons describe the photonic torpedos as having antimatter
    warheads.                                          "The Expanse" [ENT]

Defensive Mechanisms -
Polarized Hull Plating:  No shields, only equipped with retractable polarized hull plating, although
    Reed is working on shields.                "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
    The hull can safely withstand temperatures of around 1100 degrees.
                                                              "Cogenitor" [ENT]
    Hull plating was enhanced.                  "The Expanse" [ENT]
    Hull Plating Relays (underneath the ship).
                                                               "E2" [ENT]

Environmental Systems:
    The air ducts on one of the half-decks are adjacent to the shafts that house the EPS conduits.
                                                               "Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]
    Atmospheric recycling manifold,  & Osmotic filters -  SEE:  Juction 41 alpha .

Gravity Generation  -

Waste Management -
    Biomatter resequencers                        "Vox Sola" [ENT]

Crew Support Systems:
Crew Compliment -  normally 83, but also will support about 25 MACO.
    SEE: Crew Manifest

Medical -
    Neutron microscope                             "Stigma" [ENT]

Crew Quarters -

Food Production -
    Protein resequencers -
    The Enterprise stocks regular foodstuffs and has a galley for its preparation.  It is served in a crew's
    messhall, and there is also a captain's private dining room.  There are primitive replicators, called
    protein resequencers; and these can produce limited food items like pasta or beverages.
                                                                "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]
    Notes: The ship does not have a pool onboard
                                                             "Strange New World" [ENT]
    No sonic showers yet as Archer is seen taking a water shower.
                                                             "Unexpected" [ENT]

Turbolifts -

Auxiliary Spacecraft Systems:
Launch Bays  -
    Lock out codes for Lauch bay two can be accessed from Service Junction 59 on B Deck.
                                                                "Cold Front" [ENT]

Shuttlepods -
    Enterprise has two shuttlepods for away team transportation each carrying six passengers and a pilot.
                                                                "Terra Nova" [ENT]
    They are launched using a magnetic arm, which lowers them through bomb bay doors below the hull
    of the ship and then releases them.  Used for ship to shore, ship to ship, and ship to station
    transportation. They are capable of sub-warp speeds only.
                                                                  "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]
    There are no restroom facilities on a shuttlepod.
                                                                   "Similitude" [ENT]
    Enterprise is supposed to have no more than two shuttlecraft.
    Its possible that they have two pods that are on 'hot standby,' and two more that are 'mothballed'
    and can be made good to go in two days working normal shifts, one day working double shifts."

Engineering EV staging area -
    The EV staging area is located at the back of the saucer, with equipment still to be determined. An
    inspection pod similar to the one that Archer and Tucker used in "Broken Bow" is stored here too.
    Like the one next to the lower shuttlebay, there is an observation room above the EV staging area.

Flight Operations:
Auto-Navigation  -                                   "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]

Emergency Operations:
Escapepods -
    They launch horizontally from the upper saucer, where it has a sudden near-vertical edge.  Appears
    to be E-deck?                                       "In a Mirror Darkly" [ENT]

Important Events:
    Enterprise was launched from Spacedock in 2151 under the command of Captain Archer.  The launch
    was some three weeks before schedule, to transport Klaang to Kronos after his crash on Earth.
                                                             "Broken Bow" [ENT]
Refit before Xindi mission:
        The ship underwent refitting in 2153 to prepare it for its mission in the Delphic Expanse to search out
        the Xindi.  The refit included new photon torpedo weapons and a Command center.
                                                               "The Expanse" [ENT]
Refit after Xindi mission:
    Upgrades recommended by Archer included Ventral and dorsal torpedo launchers, pulsed phase cannons
    and a lumbar support for the command chair.
    Other upgrades copied from improvements made on the NX-02 design were that some bridge stations
    were tied directly into the primary EPS junction, and hull polarization improved by 12%.
                                                               "Home" [ENT]

Blueprints and Comparison charts  -  Click on links to see more details.
Blueprints and Comparison charts.

Blueprints and Comparison charts

Three-D Cutaways -  Click on links to see more details.

                  The Bridge                                                  Sickbay

The BridgeSickbay

Deck Layout of NX-01  -
There are 7 decks; designated A to G --  A is uppermost, G is lowermost.
                                                                "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]
Deck Section Source
   A Bridge
Situation room
Captain's ready room
"Broken Bow" [ENT]
"Broken Bow" [ENT]
"Broken Bow" [ENT]
   B Tucker's quarters,
Reed's quarters,
power distribution systems,
sensor arrays,
service junction 59
secondary relay coupling between the A1 & A3 bulkhead, 
Access tube 17 Baker, 
section 8 - where Quinn appeared,
"Cogenitor" [ENT]
"Shockwave, part2" [ENT]
"Cold Front" [ENT]
"Harbinger" [ENT]
"Harbinger" [ENT]
"Daedalus" [ENT]
   C T'Pol's quarters, 
Travis' quarters, 
Hoshi's quarters,
Observation deck, 
main engineering high bay,
power transfer conduits, 
section 3 - decompressed, 
section 6 & 7 -where Taylor & Kamata died, 
junction 12 - primary relays, 
gym (in forward section of C deck), 
"Bounty" [ENT]
"Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]
"Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]
"Babel One" [ENT]
"The Forgotten" [ENT]
"E2" [ENT]
"Vanishing Point" [ENT]
   D Main engineering,
Corridor between transporter and engineering
transporter pad,
most of the crew quarters, 
EPS manifolds in Section J-15, 
starboard side, access tube 7 (Klingons boarded ship here), 
"Broken Bow" [ENT]
"Bound" [ENT]
"Bounty" [ENT],
"Observer Effect" [ENT]
"Chosen Realm" [ENT]
"Affliction" [ENT]
   E cabin E-14 - Daniel's cabin, sealed after his "death", 
Captain Archer's quarters,
Cargo bay two, 
  (relay controlling power and lighting-grid for D-deck)
Captain's mess hall,
Crew's mess hall,
science labs -inside emergency bulkheads,
deflector access,
impulse reactor, 
launch bay access and flight control,
section 5, starboard - Hoshi's original quarters, 
  now Ens. Porter's quarters, 
section 7 - Where two crewmen were found after being
  attacked by an unknown alien, 
section 12 to 14 - auxilliary coolant lines, 
section 14 - a hull fracture here necessitated the use of
  emergency bulkheads, 
starboard docking port & airlock, 
"Cold Front" [ENT]
"Bound" [ENT]
"Damage" [ENT]
"Vox Sola" [ENT]
"Minefield" [ENT]
"The Catwalk" [ENT]
"Rajiin" [ENT]
"Fight or Flight" [ENT]

"Silent Enemy" [ENT]

"The Forgotten" [ENT]
"Anomaly" [ENT]

"Bounty" [ENT]

   F Armory,
torpedo magazine,
shuttlepod launch doors,
observation deck
"Daedalus" [ENT]
   G Tellarite's quarters, 
Computer systems,
sensor access, 
"Babel One" [ENT]



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