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E Deck  -

[ section 5 ][ section 7 ][ section 12 to 14 ][ section 14 ]
[Archers Quarters][ Cabin E-14][Captain's mess]
[ Crew's mess ][ deflector access ]
[ Galley ][ impulse reactor ][ launch bay access and flight control ][ science labs -inside emergency bulkheads ]


Cabin E-14 - Daniel's cabin, sealed after his "death"

Captain Archer's quarters

Captain's mess

Cargo bay two

href=3D"">Sickbay ]

starboard docking port & airlock ]

[ section 5, starboard - Hoshi's original quarters, now Ens. Porter's quarters ]

[ section 7 - Where two crewmen were found after being
attacked by an unknown alien ]

[ section 12 to 14 - auxilliary coolant lines ]

section 14 - a hull fracture here necessitated the use of emergency bulkheads

Cargo Bay Two: The relay controlling power and lighting-grid on D-deck is in Cargo Bay Two.
"Vox Sola" [ENT]

Captain's Mess: The Captain's mess is to the right of the main mess as you come in the doors.
"Minefield" [ENT]

Galley: The kitchen of a starship is run by the mess officer, nicknamed 'chef'. Hoshi says that 'chef' keeps
the galley locked up tight, presumably to keep people from cooking their own food.
"Silent Enemy" [ENT]

When approaching a singularity giving off an unknown radiation, chef took ill and Sato had to take
over the galley for a couple of days.
"Singularity" [ENT]


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