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J Class - SEE:  Freighter, J Class

Janaran tea - Phlox invites Indava, Yarrick's wife, to share some Janaran tea.
                                                                "Chosen Realm" [ENT]

Janus Loop - An activity that requires significant time in an EV suit, including EV combat training.
    One of the MACO's did six months on the Janus Loop.
                                                               "The Council" [ENT]

Jeffries - male.  Captain.  One of the designers of the NX-class.  Archer once had an argument with
    him about additional weapons on the ship.  Archer didn't want to be trying to make first contact
    with new species in a "warship", but after the Xindi mission he came to conclusion that Jeffries
    was right.                                            "Home" [ENT]

Jelik - Unknown proper noun uttered by Klaang while delirious aboard Enterprise in 2151.
                                                             "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Jenkins -  male crewmember aboard the Enterprise in 2154.  During the Enterprise's mission to
    rescue Doctor Phlox from the Klingon colony of Qu'vat, Jenkins was assigned to Main Engineering.
    When former chief engineer Charles Tucker began to fix the damage done to Enterprise by Klingon
    sabatoge, he ordered Jenkins to "man the relays".
                                                               "Divergence" [ENT]

Jhamel (Alexandra Lydon) -                 "The Aenar" [ENT]

Joe Prazki (John Harnagel) - A loan shark turned freedom fighter in 1944 Nazi occupied New York.
                                                              "Storm Front, part 1" [ENT]

Josiah (Adam Clark) -                           "Demons" [ENT]

J'ral class supernova remnant - At a morning briefing, T'Pol told Archer that she had monitored a
    J'ral class supernova remnant.           "Civilization" [ENT]

Jump - The transition to warp speed is often refered to as a "jump to warp".
                                                             "Dead Stop" [ENT]

Junction - An access panel to equipment with important engineering functions.
    SEE:  Junction 41 alpha,   Junction 42 alphaService Junction 59.

Junction 41 alpha - Has an ID Tag labeled "Atmospheric Reecycling Manifold".  The access panel
    has 4 releases on either side... two blue and two silver.  To pull the panel off the silver ones should
    be opened first.  The control panel inside has 6 green lights, each of them with a switch next to it,
    about 5cm to the left.  Those switches control the feed to central ventilation.
    To flood the ship with CO-2:
    The transfer lines can be rerouted to the CO-2 tanks by recalibrating these switches in sequence for
    CO-2.  Then a nearby access panel will also have to be opened to purge the osmotic filters.  The
    valves are right behind the control circuit.  To access them, you have to get two fingers through the
    upper holes in the support plate.  There are two solenoids about 3cm apart behind the openings.
    When you tap them simultaneously, the plate should retract.  This will give you access to two
    rotary valves and a lever.  Open both valves all the way, then turn the lever to the three o'clock
    To vent the gas when finished:
    Turn the lever to the nine o'clock position.
                                                                "The Crossing" [ENT]

Junction 42 alpha  -  Third panel, starboard side.&nbbsp; Contains circuitry with a lot of current running
    through it.  The antimatter stream can be safely disrupted from there.  Once you locate the blue
    conduit to the left of the power-transfer module,  you start by locking down the flow regulators.
    Then you disable the sequencers.       "The Catwalk" [ENT]

Jupiter - Fifth planet in the Sol system, orbited by eighteen moons.  Trip said they would be going to
    warp 4.5 once they passed Jupiter.   "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Jupiter Station - ECS Fortunate was in the process of ""fixing" an unbalanced cargo which was loaded at
Station as it appears in 2371 (Voyager's time)        Jupiter Station.
                                    "Fortunate Son" [ENT]
    Part of Daniel's cover story included a brother who was an orbital
        engineer at Jupiter Station.
                                      "Cold Front" [ENT]
    The phase cannons designed for the Enterprise were originally supposed
        to be installed here, but never actually were because of the ship's
        premature launch.  There must be spacedock  facilities either nearby or part of the station
        because Tucker refers to the installation being done in  spacedock .
                                       "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    When major repairs need to be done to the Enterprise after being hit by a Romulan mine, Archer
        considers returning to Jupiter station.
                                                              "Dead Stop" [ENT]
    A MACO Corporal said that during the six week tour he did on Jupiter Station the grav-plating went
        down a few times.                          "Anomaly" [ENT]
    As of 2367, the station has been home to Starfleet's holographic development team, led by Dr Lewis
        Zimmerman who has made various breakthroughs in holographic technology.
                                                               "Lifeline" [VOY]
    Voyager's EMH says that he was programmed at the Jupiter Station holoprogramming center by
        Doctor Zimmerman.                      "The Cloud" [VOY]
    Tuvok was once stationed at Jupiter station before 2371. While there he kept in contact with
        Kathryn Janeway by written letters.
                                                              "Tuvix" [VOY]


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