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Nosferatu-like features.


Remus - Mr. Spock's star chart shows this sister planet of Romulus as being named Romii.  However,
    the name Romii could refer to a Star, a Pulsar, a Planet or some other nearby celestial
    phenomenon.                                   "Balance of Terror" [TOS]



Scorpion class  - A small craft with two seats. It is equipped with a disruptor cannon.

Scimitar -  A huge vessel built by the Reman rebels at a secret base.  It is capable of firing while
    cloaked. It is also equipped with a talaron emitter, which is activated by unfolding the wings of the
    vessel. There is at least one large shuttlebay with dozens of  Scorpion-class fighters.

Individuals of Note:
Shinzon (Tom Hardy) - A human male, aged between 20 and 30.  The result of a plan by the
    Romulan Government to clone Captain Picard and to replace him with
    Shinzon once the time had come in order to be able to infiltrate
    a Romulan spy into Starfleet.  But once the new government
    gained power, it decided to discontinue the plan and banned Shinzon into
    the dilithium mines where the Reman already worked for the Romulans as a slave people. He
    was supposed to die in the mines but a Reman, Viceroy, had compassion on him and helped
    him survive. Shinzon, now leader of the Reman, is ready to kill thousands of Romulans with his
    fleet in order to liberate the Reman from their slave existence. But because his rapid-aging
    genetic switch was never activated, Shinzon is now suffering from genetic degeneration. He can
    only be cured by a transfusion of genetic material from Picard.
                                                              "Nemesis" [ST10]

Viceroy (Ron Perlman) - The assistant of Shinzon is an elderly Reman who is respected by
     his own people, but he is closer to Shinzon. Yet, they both seldom
    have the same opinion, leading to some minor conflicts
    between the two. The Viceroy helped Shinzon survive
    the dilithium mines of Remus when he was only a small
    child.             "Nemesis" [ST10]


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