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The Borg.
The writer Maurice Hurley derived the name "Borg" from the term "Cyborg" (or cybernetic organism).
Many of the pictures on this page were copied from the excellent website: Janet's Star Trek Voyager Site

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Appearance and Physiology:
The Borg are an immensely powerful race of cybernetically enhanced beings from various races.
    Generally humanoid in appearance, the Borg alter individual members of assimilated races with cybernetic
    devices and semi-organic units, called "implants".  The Borg are a blend of the biological and technological.
    The implants serve to increase their technological and combat capabilities.  The Borg members are also
    equipped with various types of task specific hardware in order to perform their designated work

Implants appear to be named by two methods.  First, they could be referred to by their location on the body
    (e.g. cranial-implant, facial-implant) or they could be named by the function they perform in the drone
    (e.g. chronographic sequencer, neuroprocessor).  These implants usually have a "node" in which the most
    complex and critical functions of the cybernetic system reside.  Below is a listing of known implants:
[ Armor, Exoplating & Exoskeleton ][ Assimilation Tubules ][  Auditory Processor / Audio Node  ]
[ Axonal Amplifier ][ Biochips ][ Biosynthetic glands ][ Chronographic Sequencer / Chronometric Node ]
[ Cortical Array / Cortical Node ][ Designator Interface ][ Interlink Node ][ Interplexing beacon ]
[ Microcircuits ][ Microtubules ][ Nanoprobes ][ Neural Relays ][ NeuroProcessor ]
[ NeuroProcessing Adjunct ][ Ocular / Occipital Implant / Node ][ Power/Feeding Coupling ][ Reticular Node ]
[ Sensory Node ][ Shield, Personal ][ Synaptic Relay ][ Thoracic Assembly ][ Transceiver, Cranial ]
[ Transceiver, Neural ][ Transceiver, Proximity ][ Transporter Node ][ Vocal Subprocessor ]

Armor and Exoplating - The metallic armor plating surrounding the the body of a Borg drone is called
    "exoplating".  It serves as both defensive armor and a means to enhance the physical frame of a Borg drone.
                                                             "Dark Frontier" [VOY]
    The Exoskeleton also protects a Drone from shocks associated with direct contact to energy fields.
    For example, the protective cybernetic implant of a Borg Drone covering part of the arm and hand can
    protect a Drone from an energy field of at least five million gigawatts of power.
                                                             "Revulsion" [VOY]
    The armor plating on Seven's skull is anchored with over 3 million micro-connectors; in order to remove
    it the Doctor has to remove the outer layer of the skull itself.
                                                             "The Gift" [VOY]

(Injection / Extraction) Assimilation Tubules - Two or three clawlike extensions implanted in the arm
Assimilation Tubules    or hand of a Borg Drone.   An injection tubule is a tiny, extendible
    dagger-like sharp tube located where the fingers meet the hand of
    a Borg drone.   These extensions are capable of penetrating any
    known alloy or energy field.  The tubules are normally used in the
    first stage of the  assimilation process.   Once the tubules are
    extended and inside the skin, they release a series of nanoprobes
    into the bloodstream; the nanoprobes assimilate the cells of a
    victim by reprogramming their DNA sequence.
                                                            "First Contact" [ST8], "Scorpion" [VOY]
    Seven says that Kovin extracted her nanoprobes through her assimilation tubules.
                                                             "Retrospect" [VOY]

    They can also be used to penetrate and to remove tissue samples from a target organism.  Furthermore,
Assimilation Tubules    the tubules can also be used to examine or take control of technological
    systems, such as computers.  They can be extended from certain
    types of hardware components.  For example: A mobile
    holoemitter used tubules to take control of a computer console,
    and a maturation chamber used extraction tubules to remove a
    tissue sample from an ensign on the Starship Voyager.
                                                             "Drone" [VOY]

Auditory Processor - The Doctor manipulates Seven's Auditory Processor to get her to sing with him.
                                                            "Equinox, part 2" [VOY]
Audio Node - The Doctor speaks to Seven using her audio node so that only she can hear him.
                                                             "Scientific Method" [VOY]

Axonal amplifier - The Doctor finds this device inside a Borg during its autopsy.
                                                             "Unity" [VOY]

Biochips - Implants in the brain of a Borg drone.  Their brains grow dependent on the biochips and
    the drone would die if they are removed permanently.  They contain relatively straightforward
    programming, and interface protocols.  Geordi managed to construct some new ones to replace Hugh's
    damaged ones using the files downloaded after Picard's Borg experience.
                                                            "I, Borg" [TNG]

Biosynthetic glands - Borg replacement of the original organic glands of an assimilated humanoid.
                                                             "The Gift" [VOY]

Chronographic sequencer - According to Seven, it allows the maintenance of synchronous movement
    with music.                                      "Someone to Watch Over Me" [VOY]
Chronometric Node - A small implant located in the cranium which contains physiological data of a
    Borg drone.   This node is used as a timekeeper, to record information with reference to time, such as
    the time when cybernetic implants disengage from the organic system (i.e. the time of death).
                                                             "Timeless" [VOY]

Cortical array - The EMH says it contains an index of memory engrams, and its removal would
    damage higher brain functions - language and cognitive skills in particular would be severely damaged.
                                                             "Equinox, part 2" [VOY]
    Cortical Implant, Borg - An implant inserted along the spine of a Borg drone.  Employed during the
    regeneration cycle, the Cortical Implant draws in power for the maintenance of vital components and
    other implants.                                 "Night" [VOY]

Cortical Node, Primary - The primary cortical node is a small silver metallic cylinder tapered towards
Primary Cortical Node    each end, approximately eight centimeters long, with a glass middle
    section encasing a glowing green centre.  It is installed in a port above
    the drone's right temple. The port is normally sealed and is invisible
    to the casual observer. Besides regulating the functioning of all of the
    other Borg implants, the node also suppresses the humanoid immune
    system, preventing the drone from rejecting their Borg components.
    When a glitch is found in Seven's Primary Cortical Node, causing it to
    destabilize, Seven's body begins rejecting her implants; they start to
    shut down one by one (symptoms progress from occasional headaches, to tears, discomfort in the
    upper part of her hand, inability to interface with her alcove for regeneration, and finally spasms with
    Borg implants breaking through her skin).  Since many Borg implants relate to vital functions, the loss
    of a node would normally result in death, as a fully assimilated adult drone is incapable of surviving
    without it.  Despite this, no backup system is built into drone physiognomy, as faulty nodes are
    easily diagnosed and quickly dealt with. Given the intricate nature of the technology, a node is simply
    too complex to replicate, and trying to repair it would be an inefficient and futile exercise. If a node is
    damaged the Borg would simply replace it.  In the event of a minor failure, the node is capable of
    adapting and repairing itself, but in the case of a more serious malfunction the node must be replaced.
    Once active, a node must remain attached to a drone or it begins to degrade. Cortical nodes left inactive
    quickly deteriorate into uselessness.  Once it has been removed, cortical functions can be controlled by
    an external source, like a starship computer, but only for a short time (about 20 seconds in the case of
    Voyager's computer).  After this, the drone will enter anaphylactic shock and will lose synaptic cohesion.
                                                                "Imperfection" [VOY]
    The node is designed to shut down higher brain functions, sending the individual into neural shock,
    when a drone achieves a certain level of emotional stimulation.  It is a "fail-safe" mechanism to
    deactivate drones who start to regain their emotions.  The technology is built into the node.  The
    Doctor worked on a way to reconfigure the micro-circuitry to "repair" it.
                                                                "Human Error" [VOY]
    The Cortical Node is connected to the Reticular Node.
                                                                "Equinox, part 2" [VOY]

Cranial Implant - Janeway and Seven work out that if they activate what is left of the Borg technology
Cranial Implant    in Seven's body and adjust her cranial implant with a filament from
    Janeway's combadge, they can alter Seven's bio-electric field to enable
    her to pass through the forcefield in the Dauntless' brig.  The procedure
    involved cross-linking the 3rd and 6th nodules of her Ocular Implant.
                             "Hope and Fear" [VOY]

Designator Interface Circuit - A small circuit located on the exterior of Drones.   This circuit contains
    information on the Drone's numerical designation as well as information it has accumulated since last
    connected with the Collective.  Removal of this circuit activates a self-destruct program that completely
    vaporizes the Drone.                    "Q-Who?" [TNG]

Interlink Network / Interlink Node - The Interlink Node is an implant used to interface with other drones.
    It allowed Seven to interact with others in Unimatrix Zero.
                                                           "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]
    When Seven and three other members of her original unimatrix were disconnected from the Collective,
    she injected them with nanoprobes to force them back into a mini-collective.  The nanoprobes created
    micro-cortical implants in the parietal lobes of their left cerebral hemispheres.  It transformed this part
    of their brains into "organic interlink nodes", thus creating a new interlink network, which joined them
    together into a sort of collective triad.  Their higher brain functions were somehow tied into the new
    interlink.  Seven also suppressed any memories of what she had done.  Later, after being severed from
    the Collective once again, the three used an interlink module to connect to Seven in order to retrieve
    memories of the incident.  But when they broke their connection to Seven, the effect on their cognitive
    systems was too great; it overloaded their cortical implants and they went into into neural shock.
    The Doctor removed their micro-cortical implants and they became individuals again but were only
    expected to live a few weeks - possibly as long as a month.
                                                            "Survival Instinct" [VOY]

Interplexing beacon - The interlink frequency (108.4423600) from the interplexing beacon in Seven's
    head, was used to send a signal containing phase corrections back in time through a Borg temporal
    transmitter.                                     "Timeless" [VOY]

Microcircuits - An element of Borg technology; microcircuit fibers are implanted into humanoid tissue
    during the assimilation process.  Infiltration of the fibers into a Drone's healthy tissue around Borg
    implants cause changes in the cellular DNA around the them.  Thus they make surgical removal of the
    implants impossible while a link to the Collective is active.  Microcircuit fibers were implanted into
    Jean-Luc Picard's body when he was abducted and surgically altered by the Borg in 2366.
                                                            "The Best of Both Worlds, part 2" [TNG]
    The armor plating on Seven's skull is anchored with over 3 million "micro-connectors"; in order to
    remove it the Doctor has to remove the outer layer of the skull itself.
                                                             "The Gift" [VOY]

Microtubule network - When Janeway tells him to remove the rest of the Borg technology from
    Seven's body, the Doctor wants to start with the microtubule network embedded in the esophageal tract.
                                                              "The Gift" [VOY]

Nanoprobes - Microscopic robots usually used during the first step of the assimilation process of
Nanoprobe   Borg drones.  These tiny subcellular nanites are introduced into a drone candidate
    by the Borg during assimilation.  They attach themselves to cells and then begin to act as Organelles
    in a cell would.  They take over the functioning of a cell and serve to regulate the cell functions in a
    Borg drone.                                      "The Gift" [VOY]
    A nanoprobe's activity is linked to the speed of cellular metabolism, so a process that would speed up
    this metabolism, such as eating, would increase their activity.  On the other hand, a process that would
    slow it down, such as freezing, would arrest the nanoprobe's activity.  When Phlox was infected the
    nanoprobes were having trouble adapting to his immune system.  This gave him enough time to discover
    that the intramolecular processors of the nanoprobes are vulnerable to omicron particles and to expose
    himself to an excessive dose of them insuring that he rid himself of all the nanoprobes and preventing
    a relapse.                                          "Regeneration" [ENT]
    Once Borg injection tubules puncture the skin, they release a series of nanoprobes into the bloodstream;
    the nanoprobes assimilate the bloodstream almost instantaneously.
                                                             "Scorpion, Part 1" [VOY]
    When the initial assimilation process is complete, nanoprobes are re-directed toward the continued
    replication of assimilated body cells.  Nanoprobes are able to reprogram the DNA of the assimilated
    being.                                                "First Contact" [ST8]
    These tiny devices are also implanted directly into the bone marrow of Borg Drones.  The nanoprobes
    acting as cellular organelles have the ability to regenerate removed or damaged Borg components, as well
    as biological flesh.                           "The Raven" [VOY]
    In addition, nanoprobes are also employed to regenerate damaged technological implants or biological
    organs.  The Borg have also utilized nanoprobes to stop cellular necrosis and prevent the death of a
    drone, for a period of up to 73 hours.  Seven and the Doctor revive Neelix by using nanoprobes to
    reverse cellular necrosis while they stimulate his cerebral cortex with a neuroelectric iso-pulse; they
    use 70 micrograms of nanoprobes from Seven's bloodstream; Seven says that the nanoprobes will
    compensate for any cellular degradation in Neelix's cerebral cortex; he has to be injected with nanoprobes
    on a daily basis until his damaged tissue can function independently.
                                                              "Mortal Coil" [VOY]
    They are also used to assimilate foreign technology and convert it to standard Borg alphanumerics.
                                                             "The Raven" [VOY], "Scorpion" [VOY], "Collective" [VOY],
                                                              "Drone" [VOY]
    The Doctor hopes to create an "assimilation antibody" to slow down the nanoprobes; the Doctor
    wants to use Borg nanoprobes to penetrate the cells of  Species 8472 by reprogramming them to
    emit the same electro-chemical signal as the alien cells; Janeway proposes that they teach the Borg
    how to modify their own nanoprobes in order to use them to defeat Species 8472.  The Doctor uses
    the Borg nanoprobes to rid Kim of the alien cells that are taking over his body; the nanoprobes in the
    bio-molecular weapons are successful in defeating Species 8472.
                                                               "Scorpion, Part 1" [VOY]
    According to the Doctor, the dormant nanoprobes in Seven's body are reasserting themselves.
                                                                "The Raven" [VOY]
    According to Seven, after using the bio-ablation pump, Kovin extracts the nanoprobes through Seven's
    assimilation tubules and takes them to another subject and assimilates him; Janeway says that in the
    wrong hands, a single nanoprobe could lead to disaster; Tuvok finds Borg nanoprobes on the table in
    Kovin's lab.                                      "Retrospect" [VOY]

Neural Relays - In a holo-simulation of a Cortical Node replacement on Seven, her neural relays failed.
    Later Icheb reprogrammed an alcove to disconnect his neural relays to prove he could survive without
    his Cortical Node.                             "Imperfection" [VOY]

Neuro-processor - A memory circuit implanted into a Drone which contains all instructions the Drone has
    received from the Collective.              "First Contact" [ST8]
    The members of the cooperative still have Borg neuro-processors implanted in their nervous systems; they
    use the neuro-processors to activate a neuro-electric field to heal Chakotay's damaged neural tissue.
                                                             "Unity" [VOY]

Neuro-Processing Adjunct - An implant placed behind the ear of drones.  The Neuro-Processing
    Adjunct is designed to increase the synaptic efficiency of the drone.
                                                             "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

Ocular / Occipital implant - The Ocular Implant is also called an Occipital Implant.  Its installation
    was one of the most painful experiences of Seven's life.  It's difficult for her to talk about because as
    a Borg she forced others to undergo the same procedure.
                                                              "Repentance" [VOY]
    An enhanced visual receptor implanted directly into the optical centers of the drone.  These prosthetic
    eyepieces are capable of granting a drone the ability to see far more than an organic eye.   Optical
    enhancements include a type of holographic imaging system, which provides the drone with complex
    visual information that increases spatial acuity, i.e. the ability to analyze complex three-dimensional
    shapes.                                              "I, Borg" [TNG]
    According to Seven, Kovin removes her ocular implant using a micro-caliper.
                                                             "Retrospect" [VOY]
    The ocular node is connected to the Sensory Node.
                                                             "Equinox, part 2" [VOY]
    SEE Also:  Cranial Implant

Power / Feeding Coupling -  The Borg don't eat.  Instead, a Borg's arm contains a coupling used to
    connect to an access terminal which supplies a power flow regulated to a specific frequency.  The
    energy is used by a Borg's implants to synthesize any organic molecules needed by the Borg's
    biological tissues.                               "I, Borg" [TNG]

Reticular Node - The Cortical Node is connected to this one, and in turn it is connected to the
    Occipital Node.                                "Equinox, part 2" [VOY]

Sensory Nodes- The Doctor discovered that the subnucleonic radiation from a nebula that Voyager
    was passing through was altering the neurotransmitter levels in Seven's sensory nodes.  It was causing
    her to hallucinate.  It was also producing a degradation in the synaptic relays of the gel packs and even
    the briefest exposure to it would be devastating to organic tissue.
                                                             "One" [VOY]
    To try to detect the presence of alien intruders on Voyager, the EMH used a Type 4 micro-inducer
    to set Seven's Borg sensory nodes to a phase variance of  0.15.  The procedure was successful and
    allowed her to see them.                    "Scientific Method" [VOY]
    The Sensory Node is connected to the Cortical Node.
                                                              "Equinox, part 2" [VOY]

Shield, Personal - An energy emitting device used to shield against defensive energy weapons.
    These shields cannot repel energy discharges of a frequency not previously encountered, but can
    quickly adapt once the attacking frequency has been analyzed.
                                                              "Q Who" [TNG], "Best of Both Worlds" [TNG],
                                                              "First Contact" [ST8], "Scorpion" [VOY]

Synaptic Relays - Four of Nine sells some Borg Synaptic Relays from their original unimatrix to Seven.
Synaptic Relays            "Survival Instinct" [VOY]

Thoracic Assembly - A collection of tools and instruments found along the forearms and hands of
    Borg drones.  These instruments assist drones in utilizing and removing their native technology as well
    as aiding in their combat effectiveness.
                                                             "Revulsion" [VOY]

Transceiver, Cranial - The Hansens find that a drone has been in direct contact with the Queen
    through its Cranial-Transceiver log.   "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

Transceiver, Neural - A small transmitting device implanted into the spinal column which serves as
    the connection of a Drone to the Collective.
                                                                "Unity" [VOY]
    The Borg want to implant a neural transceiver into Janeway and Tuvok; they say that this transceiver
    is required for maximum communication; Janeway doesn't allow them to do this and insists that the
    Borg choose a representative that they can work with instead.
                                                               "Scorpion, Part 2" [VOY]
    Janeway tells the Doctor to neutralize the neural transceiver in Seven's upper spinal cord in order to
    sever her link to the collective.           "The Gift" [VOY]
    It was only through an advanced technique, known as multimodal reflection sorting, which was used
    to process subspace sensor data, that the interactive subspace signals which connect the Borg into the
    hive mind were detected.  Multimodal reflection sorting was used to detect the exchange between
    Locutus and the Borg collective consciousness after Picard had been rescued from the Borg in early
    2367.                                            "The Best of Both Worlds, part 2" [TNG]

Transceiver, Proximity - Implant which is half submerged in the region of the lower neck on a drone.
    When active, the implant transmits a Borg proximity signal to the Collective.  This implant is not
    easily suppressed.  In some instances, the cranial implants have been known to adapt to any form of
    suppression and create a secondary transceiver.
                                                             "Drone" [VOY]

Transporter nodes, Internal - (borg/ufp): one "Drone" [VOY]

Vocal Subprocessor - Borg implant placed near the esophageal aperture in the neck of a drone.  This
    implant is designed to facilitate the sonic interface with Borg transponders.  It also enables its user to
    have "perfect pitch" in speech and other forms of communication.
                                                             "Someone to Watch Over Me" [VOY], "Collective" [VOY]
    B'elanna was fitted with a subvocal processor when she was assimilated by the Borg.
                                                             "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

[ The Collective ][ The Drone ][ Assimilation ][ Maturation ][ Regeneration ][ Adaptation ][ Perfection ]
[ Technology ]

What it means to be Borg:
    The unity of the collective, common goals, the quest for perfection.
                                                               "Collective" [VOY]

The Collective:
    Also referred to as the "Hive Mind" or "Collective Consciousness"; It refers to the group consciousness
    of the Borg civilization.
    Implants are used to link each drone's mind to the collective consciousness.  Every Borg member, or
    "Drone" is connected by a sophisticated subspace communications network, which forms a link to
    the collective consciousness.  With this connection, the entire Borg species operates as one gigantic
    organism.  Its as if the Borg Collective were one huge entity and the individual drones and ships
    merely components of the greater whole.
    Being part of the Collective offers significant biomedical advantages to the individual Drones.  The
    mental energy of the group consciousness can help an injured or damaged Drone heal or regenerate
    damaged body parts or technology.  This is instrumental in the Borg ability to adapt with great speed
    to defensive tactics used against them.
    Within this shared consciousness, the ideas of individuality, freedom and self-determination are nearly
    meaningless concepts.

The Drone:
    A single unit in the Borg collective.  Drones are incorporated into the Borg Collective through the
    process of assimilation.   Each Drone is cybernetically enhanced and biologically modified during
    initial assimilation, granting them several advantages over ordinary biological beings.  For example,
    the typical Borg Drone has superior physical strength and intelligence, the ability to survive the
    vacuum of space without protective gear and various other enhancements.
    Each Borg Drone is integrated into a single hive consciousness via Borg neural-transceiver technology.
    With each drone tied together through the Collective, decisions are made quickly and efficiently.
                                                           "First Contact" [ST8], "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG],
                                                           "I, Borg" [TNG], "Descent" [TNG], "Drone" [VOY]
    Each drone's experiences are processed by the Collective.  Only useful information is retained.
                                                            "The Omega Directive" [VOY]

Designation - The general equivalent of a Borg name.  Borg Drones do not refer to themselves in the
    first person (i.e. "I" or "me"), rather in the plural, such as "we are Borg".  Individual Drones do not
    have names in the common sense, rather they are designated into numerical groups, such as
    "Third of Five" or "Seven of Nine" and so forth.  If a drone's function is changed, it is given a new
    designation.  The designation specifies the position of the drone aboard a vessel or station, as well
    as identifies the numerical group the drone is assigned to.  The designation of a drone can be re-assigned
    when a drone is moved to different functions.
    An example of the way Borg Designations work is: "Seven of Nine - Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix
    Zero One".  It can be broken down as follows:
     Seven of Nine - Designates that this drone is the seventh member within a group of nine.
     Tertiary Adjunct - Designates the sub-command level which this drone is assigned to.  In this case,
        level three.
     Unimatrix Zero One - Designates the specific command center which this drone is assigned to.
                                                              "I, Borg", "Descent" [TNG], "Drone" [VOY]
    The Borg also have numerical designations for each significant species they've encountered.
        SEE: Borg Species Designations

Assimilation Process:
The Borg do not "seek out new life and new civilizations" in the ordinary sense.  Rather than expending
    time and resources to communicate diplomatically with alien races they encounter, the Borg operate
    by conquering entire worlds through a process known as "assimilation".  The process of assimilation
    involves capturing members of other races and transforming these individuals into Borg drones by
    grafting cybernetic devices on to them and linking them into the collective consciousness.  All races
    that are assimilated are altered both physically and mentally when turned into a Borg drone.  This
    serves to strip the victim of their individuality.  Through the assimilation process, the Borg are able
    to absorb the knowledge and experience of a chosen civilization and its technology.   It is important
    to note that the Borg select only those worlds which will augment their "perfection", and simply
    destroy or ignore the inferior civilizations they encounter.
    Thousands of species and thousands of worlds across the galaxy have been incorporated into the
    Collective in this fashion.  Entire races have had their worlds devastated by Borg raids.  Many
    species in the Delta Quadrant, like the Farn and the Sakari, have been depopulated almost to
    extinction.   The Borg were also responsible for the near-extinction of Guinan's people, the El-Aurian
    race circa the late 23rd century.

 Assimilation is a very complex process and is comprised of two stages:
Cellular Assimilation - The first stage in the assimilation process if resistance is encountered.  In this
    stage, nanoprobes are injected into the victim's blood stream via an injection tubule.   This stage
    is really only necessary in the presence of resistance, even though all drones will inherently receive
    nanoprobes during the assimilation process at one time or another.  This is because once nanoprobes
    are injected into a victim, they will become more cooperative during the process.  Once injected,
    the nanoprobes act as viral agents in the host body, attaching themselves to the body's cells and
    begin assimilation by inserting a new set of DNA.  The result is the continued replication of
    assimilated cells.  The entire process proceeds rapidly, the results of which are generally seen in
    seconds.                                            "First Contact" [ST8], "Scorpion" [VOY],
                                                              "Dark Frontier" [VOY], "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]
Extraction/ Augmentation - The second phase of assimilation.  If no resistance is encountered, this "second" phase is actually
    done first.  During this phase, the drone-to-be is taken to a Primary Assimilation Chamber,  where non-essential exterior
    organs are removed and replaced with cybernetic technology.
    Generally, an eye and/or arm of a victim is removed and replaced with an ocular implant; the base
    of the arm is extracted and replaced with a thoracic assembly.  Other limbs and organs are replaced
    with cybernetic devices which the drone will utilize in its new service to the Borg.  The exterior
    form of the individual is then augmented with further cybernetic technology.  This typically includes
    exoplating or any other prominent implant present on the exterior,  such as body armor.
                                                            "Best of Both Worlds" [TNG], "First Contact" [ST8],
                                                            "Scorpion" [VOY], "Dark Frontier" [VOY], "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

    Once the assimilation process is complete, a Borg drone employs a variety of technological components
    to augment its functions, allowing it to operate at peak efficiency and to receive constant instructions
    and guidance from the Collective.  This technology can be either internal or external to the physical
    body of the drone.
Reversing/Undoing the Assimilation Process:
    It is important to note that the assimilation process can be reversed under certain conditions.  As
    time progresses, the physiological systems of the assimilated individual grow more dependent upon
    the newly implanted Borg technology and it can not be removed without killing the host.  However,
    if a newly assimilated drone is first disconnected from the Collective, their implants can be surgically
    removed in full with little or no long lasting effects.  The specific length of time before implants become
    permanent is unknown.                 "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG], "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

    Seven says that the Borg have no need for seduction or single-cell reproduction since they just assimilate
    any species that they want.             "Revulsion" [VOY]
    There are "nurseries" aboard Borg vessels, used for holding infants while being prepared for insertion
    into maturation chambers.                 "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG]
    Maturation chambers are Biomedical chambers utilized for the rapid maturation and accelerated growth of infant
Maturation Chamber    specimens of an assimilated world.  It is necessary for complete
    neo-cortical development.
                                                             "Infinite Regress" [VOY]
    Infants and children are placed in these chambers for 17 cycles until matured and capable of
    independent biological operation.       "Mortal Coil" [VOY]

    There also exist incubation pods.      "Collective" [VOY]
Incubation Pod

    In 2375, when a transporter malfunction fused Borg nanoprobes from Seven of Nine with the Doc's 29th century
    holoemitter, the resulting Borg construct formed a Maturation Chamber which was capable of generating an adult Borg
    Drone within a matter of hours from a single sampling of the DNA of a Voyager crew member.
                                                               "Drone" [VOY]
    The Hansens hid in a maturation chamber with neo-natal drones.
                                                                "Dark Frontier" [VOY]
    Icheb virus caused a malfunction of the maturation chambers resulting in the premature release of neo-natal drones.
                                                                "Collective" [VOY']

    The Borg process of re-powering and repair.  Regeneration can be used on vessels, space stations or
    individual drones.
Regeneration, Drone - The process of regeneration of individual drones.  Like most other beings, the
    Borg exert energy as they perform their assigned functions.  Rather than normal sleep, Borg drones
    regenerate to supply energy to their bodies.  This is important since the Borg do not eat.  However,
    their implants have the capability of replicating organic material which their biological organs require.
    Regeneration can assist in rapidly repairing a damaged drone.  On average, a single drone will regenerate
    for approximately six hours per day.  SEE: Alcove
                                                             "Q-Who?" [TNG], "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG], "I, Borg" [TNG],
                                                             "Dark Frontier" [VOY], "Drone"[VOY]
Regeneration, Vessel  - The process through which the Borg repair vessels or space stations.  Additional
    power is routed through power distribution nodes to assist in the process.
                                                              "Q-Who?" [TNG], "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG],
                                                               "Dark Frontier" [VOY]
Autonomous regeneration sequencers - Technological devices utilized to automatically regenerate damaged
    components of Borg technology, or those that have been removed or disabled by non-Borg means.
    This particular component of technology was assimilated from species 259.  Autonomous regeneration
    sequencers were among the Borg hardware implanted into the starship Voyager in 2374, making their
    later removal difficult for Voyager personnel.  Seven says that they function to counteract resistance and
    that they must be removed in order to keep the Borg technology from regenerating.
                                                              "The Gift" [VOY]

    The process through which the Borg render the offensive weapons of another species useless.   The
    Borg exhibit a high degree of intelligence and adaptability in their tactics.  Most successful means of
    defense or offense or any other type of resistance against them are usually found to work only a few
    times, almost immediately after which the Borg developed a countermeasure.  Adaptation operates
    on two levels; that of the drone and that of space vessels or stations.
    Individual drones have the ability to adapt to various offensive weapons after only a few attacks.
    The effect of the weapon is analyzed, and Borg shields are modified to counter that weapon.
    On vessels and space stations, the process of adaptation is similar.  Since drones are linked to their
    vessel through the Collective, drones are able to analyze weapons discharged against them and alter
    the defensive capabilities of their vessel so little or no damage is suffered.
                                                               "Q-Who?" [TNG]

Omega - SEE: Omega Particle

[ Alcoves / Access Terminals / Data Handling ][ Communication ][ Power Distribution ][ Time travel tech ]
[ Transwarp ][ Weapons ]

Alcove - A port located in a Borg vessel which individual Drones can attach themselves to.   These
Alcove    terminals serve a wide variety of functions, such as; serving as a direct link to
    the Collective; Absorption of power; Regeneration of damaged components;
    Access to library databank information.  These Alcoves contain access
    terminals and serve as the functional duty stations for the Borg Drones that
    are located aboard Borg spacecraft.
         "I, Borg" [TNG], "Scorpion" [VOY], "Revulsion" [VOY]
    An alcove requires a lot of power. (over 30 megawatts).
                                                                   "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

Access terminal -  A small systems connector port located in a Borg Alcove which individual Drones
    can attach themselves to.   These terminals serve a wide variety of functions, such as: serving as a
    direct link to the Collective; Absorption of power; Regeneration of damaged components; Access
    to library databank information.  Alcoves and access terminals also serve as the functional duty
    stations for the Borg Drones that are located aboard Borg spacecraft.
                                                               "I, Borg" [TNG], "Revulsion" [VOY]

Access node - Torres wants to get one of the Borg's access nodes operational so that she can tap into
    the Borg's main data systems.              "Unity" [VOY]

Alphanumerics - The equivalent of the written language of the Borg, similar to binary computer sequences.
    These alphanumeric characters can be found on various control interfaces, readily changing in accordance
    to the input of the drone.   All information within the Collective is transmitted and stored in this
    alphanumeric sequencing.                   "First Contact" [ST8]; "Revulsion" [VOY]

Control interface - User-operated panel permitting input into a computer or other system.  A control interface,
    such as those found on a Starfleet food replicator, for example, generally permits display of feedback
    information to show the results of the inputted command.  Control interfaces vary very widely with
    different cultures, and are based heavily on their technological capabilities and system needs, and could
    include vocal, visual, and sensor-based commands and output.  A Borg Control Interface, much like
    other races of the galaxy, utilizes tactile computer control interfaces in conjunction with their neural link
    to the Collective.  These user operated panels permit a Drone to input data into the central computer or
    other systems of a Borg vessel.  A control interface such as those found on Borg vessels generally permit
    the display of feedback information or to show the results of an inputted command sequence.  These
    control interfaces vary in function, based on the technological capabilities and system needs which the
    individual interface terminal is applied to.  These terminals are capable of a wide variety of output,
    including;  vocal, visual and sensor-based commands from the Collective.
                                                             "First Contact" [ST8]

Data-Link - A component used in monitoring and storing information on individual Drones of the Borg Collective.
                                                             "The Raven" [VOY]

Data nodes - Seven cuts her hand on one when she & Kim remove it from cargo bay 2.
                                                             "Revulsion" [VOY]
In the neo-natal borg cube, Kim placed 9 of diamonds on one as a trail marker;  Seven removed one and
    took it back to Voyager for analysis.
                                                             "Collective" [VOY]
The one found in the probe ship wreckage contained a drone manifest, and tactical information.
                                                              "Dark Frontier" [VOY]
 Seven uses them to educate One.         "Drone" [VOY]
 Seven's personal logs are on one; Kim deciphers them.  The node uploads information from
     her cortical processing sub-unit.       "Raven [VOY]

Distribution node - Part of the technology utilized in the information distribution system aboard Borg
    vessels.                                               "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG], "Scorpion" [VOY]
    Chakotay tells Kim to find a Borg distribution node so that he can download the Borg's tactical database
    since it might contain a record of what happened to the Borg ship.
                                                                 "Scorpion, part 1" [VOY]

[ Interplexing Beacon ][ Vinculum ][ Central Plexus ]

communication beacon (borg) - unimatrix 01: creates using drone parts
                                                                 "Survival Instinct" [VOY]

translink frequency (borg): seven of nine  "Timeless" [VOY]

Interplexing beacon - Type of subspace transmitter.  While in Earth's past in 2063, a group of Borg
    attempted to convert the Enterprise-E's navigational deflector dish into an interplexing beacon with which
    they planned to communicate with their collective in the Delta Quadrant.
                                                             "First Contact" [ST8]
    When the Borg children's communication system was damaged, they attempted to take Voyager's deflector
    to repair it.  It is assumed they were also trying to build an interplexing beacon.
                                                             "Collective" [VOY]
    It is used for drone communication  "Timeless" [VOY]

modulation, lower subspace band energy signal (borg): borg drones: integrates minds
     "Infinite Regress" [VOY]

    Neuro-electric - The cooperative helps heal Chakotay by activating a neuro-electric field that repairs his
 damaged neural tissue.   (Unity)
    Neuroelectric generator - Riley wants Janeway to reactivate the neuroelectric generator on the Borg
 cube so that they can re-establish the neural link among the Borg to help unite the people
 on the planet; Janeway won't activate the generator since this will create a new collective
 and impose a choice on thousands of others with no choice; the cooperative re-links with
 Chakotay forcing him to divert the shuttle to the Borg cube and reactivate the generator.
                                                                "Unity" [VOY]
    Neuroelectric iso-pulse - Seven and the Doctor revive Neelix by using nanoprobes to reverse cellular
 necrosis while they stimulate his cerebral cortex with a neuroelectric iso-pulse; the iso-pulse
 is set for 1 second intervals.                  "Mortal Coil" [VOY]
Neuro-Interlink Frequency - A frequency that interconnects the minds of Borg drones.   This signal is
 reinforced by a vinculum which also has the power to reintegrate the minds of separated
 drones back into the collective consciousness.
                                                                 "Infinite Regress" [VOY]
Neuro-peptides - The Doctor reports that Chakotay's neuropeptides levels have returned to normal and there
 are no residual traces of the link.             "Unity" [VOY]

Resonance frequency - Every Borg ship is coded to emit a homing signal at a distinct resonance frequency
    to guide lost drones or vessels that have become separated from the Collective back to an area of Borg
    space where they can reestablish their link to the Hive Mind.  The Borg set up a resonance signal on the
    Raven which remained active since the ship was assimilated.
                                                                 "The Raven" [VOY], "Drone" [VOY]

Vinculum - Device located at the heart of every Borg vessel.  The Vinculum is the central point at
Vinculum    which Borg Drones are locally tied to the Collective.  It is responsible for providing
    the neural links and inter-connection between the minds of all the drones on
    the ship.  More than a simple conduit, the Vinculum also actively searches
    for  signs of individuality among Borg drones, and serves to purge individual
    thoughts from the multitude of Drones aboard Borg vessels.  It harmonizes
    them into the single group mind of the Collective.  The device, in essence,
    brings "order to the chaos" of the group mind, weeding out all individual
    thoughts and disseminating only information relevant to the Collective.  As
    well as managing information, the Vinculum also has the ability to identify
    errant drones or those who have left the Collective (like Seven of Nine).
    Once identified, the Vinculum implements procedures to re-integrate the
    drone into the Collective.  This is achieved by establishing a subspace link to the drone's cortical implant,
    and realigning the neural patterns within.  The link cannot be severed without permanent and chronic
    neural damage to the drone, meaning that the only way to interrupt the process is to take the Vinculum
    offline.  However, as is the case with most important Borg technology, the Vinculum is especially hard
    to de-activate. It is equipped with many safeguards, including the ability to re-route its internal circuitry
    to foil intrusive interference.           'Infinite Regress' [VOY]

Central Plexus - Similar in function to the Vinculum, the Central Plexus operates on a far larger scale.
Central Plexus    Every Borg vessel has a Central Plexus.  Its primary function is to tie
    the local hive mind (i.e. drones aboard a particular Borg
    cube) to the entire Collective Consciousness.  It links
    every Borg vessel with every other.  On a class 4 Tactical
    Cube the Central Plexus is protected by multi-regenerative
    security grids.  Torres uploaded a nanovirus to the Central
    Plexus which spread it throughout the entire collective.
     "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

Power Distribution Systems:
Power Distribution Node - Part of the power distribution system aboard Borg space vessels that serves
    to transfer power and the mental energy of the Collective throughout the ship.  These distribution nodes
    are an integral part of the Borg ability to adapt in combat scenarios, and allow a Borg ship to function
    even if seventy percent of the ship is destroyed.
                                                             "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG]

Sub-Junction - The Borg designation for a deck or section of a deck within a vessel or station.
 Sub-Junctions are used to identify specific parts of of their surroundings.
     "Scorpion" [VOY]

Grid 92 of Subjunction 12 - Janeway and Tuvok are taken to this workspace near the center of the Borg cube.
                                                           "Scorpion, Part 2" [VOY]

Unimatrix - Relative term identifying an area where drones interact, possibly the designation of a space-
    station or region of space.  The term has other forms as well, such as Trimatrix.
                                                            "Dark Frontier" [VOY] , "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

multi-polar analysis (ufp): seven: uses on borg synaptic implants "Survival Instinct" [VOY]

poly-thermal imaging (borg): subterranean geography: mapping
     "Once Upon A Time" [VOY]

poly-trinic alloy (borg): borg probe ship wreckage   "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

Time Travel Technology:
temporal transceiver - (borg, salvage component 36698, slipstream timeline): Communication device
    which sends transmissions back or forward through time.  A Borg temporal transceiver was stolen
    by Kim, Chakotay and Omand in an alternate timeline, around 2390, and used to send a transmission
    into the past to the Borg interplexing beacon of Seven of Nine. This prevented Voyager from crashing
    on an class-L ice planet when they were kicked out of the slipstream.
               "Timeless" [VOY]

Temporal Vortex - A time spanning conduit created by the controlled emission of chronometric
     particles.  The temporal vortex is the method of time travel utilized by the Borg. (reference "Star
     Trek First Contact")

time index (borg): stardate equivalent  "Timeless" [VOY]

The fastest means of travel for the Borg.

transwarp coil - Janeway & Seven steal one from a probe ship's wreckage
                                                             "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

Transwarp Conduit  -  Artificially created "tunnel" through space.  Transwarp conduits allow the Borg
    to travel at speeds far beyond normal warp, much like that of a worm-hole.
    They are primarily used to travel vast distances in a short length of time.  Temporary transwarp conduits can be opened
    by emitting a specialized high-energy tachyon pulse.  Transwarp conduits are known to be disruptive to subspace, often
    making it impossible for other ships to engage warp drive in their vicinity.
                                                             "Descent" [TNG], "Scorpion" [VOY], "Day of Honor" [VOY],
                                                             "Dark Frontier" [VOY],"Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]
    Seven offers to try to create a transwarp conduit to help Voyager travel faster than warp speed.
    The crew of Voyager tried to create a Borg transwarp conduit, which would make the journey back
    to the Alpha Quadrant a lot faster.  Unfortunately, the experiment failed because of tachyons leaking
    into the dilithium matrix.                    "Day of Honor" [VOY]
Transwarp conduit threshold - The borg queen's yacht is destroyed when Voyager collapses the threshold
    to a transwarp conduit it was emerging from.
                                                               "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

Transwarp Hub - A series of massive constructs, Also known as a Transwarp Network.  It serves
The Seventh Transwarp Hub    to generate and connect a complex set of artificially generated
    transwarp conduits utilized by the Borg.  There are only six
    transwarp hubs known to exist within the galaxy.  A seventh
    transwarp hub was located at the center of a nebula.  Voyager
    detected it on long range sensors when they were about 3 light-
    years from the nebula because of its extremely high neutrino
    emissions and intermittent graviton flux.  It was as if the center
    of the nebula contained hundreds of wormholes.  Of all the
Galactic map showing location of transwarp hubs    Borg's tactical advantages the hub could have been the most significant.
    The hub connected thousands of transwarp conduits with
    endpoints in all four quadrants of the galaxy.  It would have
    allowed the Collective to deploy ships almost anywhere in
    the galaxy within minutes.  One of the hub's apertures (#823,
    at coordinates 346 by 42, through transwarp corridor 09),
    led to an exit-aperture less than a light year from earth.

interspatial manifold    The hub was supported by a series of interspatial manifolds.
    Theoretically, if enough of the manifolds could be disabled, the
    transwarp hub would collapse, but the shielding on those
    manifolds was regulated from the Central Nexus, by the Queen
    herself.  Someone might be able to damage one of them, maybe
    two, but by the time they moved onto the third, she'd have
    adapted.  To disable the hub, they would need to be taken
    down simultaneously.  This could not be accomplished from
Aperture 823    the Alpha quadrant side since there are only exit apertures there.
    It can only be done from inside the hub.   A spread of transphasic
    torpedoes detonated simultaneously would cause the collapse of
    the conduits in a cascade reaction, if only it could penetrate the
    shielding.  Even after that, any ship inside the hub would have less
    than 10 seconds to exit or it would be crushed by the resulting
    shockwave.  Despite the difficulties, this seventh transwarp hub
    was successfully destroyed by the Federation starship Voyager.
    They infected the Borg queen with a neurolytic pathogen which disrupted her control of the conduit-
    shielding.  When the shielding destabilized, it allowed them to fire a spread of 3 transphasic torpedoes
    which destroyed the hub.                 "Endgame" [VOY]

Cutting Laser - An energy beam utilized by the Borg for slicing segments of a captive vessel for examination.
                                                            "Q Who?" [TNG]
    This also appears to be the same basic technology that is used to "scoop" installations off the surface
    of planets since it has the same magnetic resonance signature.
                                                           "The Best of Both Worlds, part 1" [TNG]

Magnetometric-guided charges   -  'Depth-charges' used by the Borg
                                                           "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG]

Multikinetic neutronic mine - A Borg weapon of mass destruction.
 Seven wanted to create a multikinetic neutronic mine with a 5 million isoton yield to disperse
 the nanoprobes over a radius of 5 lightyears; Janeway doesn't want to do this since it could
 affect an entire star system and endanger innocent worlds; it would take 50 trillion nanoprobes
 to arm this mine and would take several weeks for the Doctor to replicate enough nanoprobes.
                                                             "Scorpion, Part 2" [VOY]

Shield Generator - Buried deep inside the cube.
Shield Generator          "Collective" [VOY]

Tractor beam  - An energy beam that is used to seize another vessel and hold it in place.
     Borg tractor beams also possess the ability to drain power from the protective shields of another vessel.
                                                          "Q Who?" [TNG], "The Best of Both Worlds" [TNG]
    Neo-natal borg cube: attempts to tear the deflector from USS voyager using a tractor beam - traps delta flyer
                                                          "Collective" [VOY]

History:  SEE: Borg History.

Ships and Space Stations:
[ unicomplex ][ large cube ][ small cube ][ tactical cube ][ probe ][ Queen's Yacht ][ sphere ]
Borg Ships of Unknown Type ]

When a Borg vessel is critically damaged all of its vital technology self destructs.
                                                               "Dark Frontier, part 1" [VOY]
Every Borg ship is coded to emit a distinct resonance frequency to guide drones that have become
    separated from the collective.             "The Raven" [VOY]

Unicomplex - Although in the extensive Borg space there are probably many similar space structures,
Unicomplex    especially with regard to the decentralized structure of
    the Borg Collective.  The Unicomplex seems
    to be the largest and most important Borg structure.
    It is believed that the Unicomplex known as
    Unimatrix Zero One located in the heart of Borg space
    is the central location from which the Borg are controlled.
    From this location, the Borg Queen oversees all Borg
    activities.  A typical Borg Unicomplex, which appears
    chaotic at first glance, is designed for maximum
    efficiency, consisting of millions of integrated sub-structures populated by trillions of Borg drones.
    Sub-structures are equipped with the same technology and weaponry found on Borg space vessels:
    alcoves, Collective support systems and both offensive and defensive weapon systems.
    Unicomplexes are generally interconnected by a transportation infrastructure that can transport drones
    from one place to another very quickly.  "Dark Frontier" [VOY], "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

Standard Cube, Large Variant -
Height, Length, & Width 900 feet / 3048 meters
Crew 1,000,000 Drones
Cruise Speed warp 9.9
Max Speed Transwarp

Cube ship

    This huge cube-shaped spacecraft was first encountered by
    the Enterprise-D near System J-25 in 2365.  They have a
    highly decentralized design and Enterprise-D personnel
    reported finding no specific bridge / operations center,
    engineering, or living areas.  Combat experience showed
    the ship to be equipped with powerful offensive and
    defensive weapons systems.  Repairs to damaged Borg
    Cubes are carried out by the Collective's mental energy,
    since this cube has more drones on board than the smaller
    variant, they are not only much harder to damage, but
    any damage incurred is repaired much faster, including
    the impact of direct phaser and photon torpedo hits.
    The vessel's external structure was seen to regenerate near-
    instantaneously after much of it had been destroyed by
    the Enterprise's weapons.  These Borg Cubes are capable
    of travel at impulse, and at high warp for extended periods of time.
                                                            "Q, Who?" [TNG]

Study revealed that there is a manipulation effect in the Borg ship's subspace field... a definite pattern --
    at four-point-eight minute intervals that was recorded during the Enterprise's first confrontation
    with them.  Geordi thought it might indicate high-output auxiliary generators kicking in.  The likeliest
    theory is that their systems are decentralized with redundant power sources located throughout the
    ship.  Borg technology has given each member of their society the ability to interface and function
    collectively. It is likely they would construct their ship with the same philosophy.  If you knock
    out one generator another takes over without interruption.  Projections suggested a Borg ship like this
    one could continue to function effectively even if seventy-eight percent of it was inoperable.
                                                            "The Best of Both Worlds, part 1" [TNG]

One of these cubes attacked the Federation for the first time in 2366-2367 at Wolf 359 and destroyed
    39 Federation starships.  A malfunction in the Regeneration subsystem caused a power overload
    which resulted in this cube's self-destruction in Earth orbit.
                                                            "The Best of Both Worlds, part 2" [TNG]

A Cube was destroyed by the Starfleet armada.
                                                            "First Contact" [ST8]

Standard Cube, Smaller Variant -
Length, Width, & Height 3040 meters
Volume 28 cubic km
Crew Compliment 64,000 to 129,000
Cruise Speed
Max Speed

Voyager came across a Cube deactivated five years ago by an electro-kinetic storm.  Each Borg Cube may contain a
    compliment of around 91,000 Borg Drones.  Note: The approximate figure of 91,000 Drones is derived from the
    11,000 drones on the Cube and the 80,000 beings on the planet.  When reactivated, the cube self-destructed.
                                                            "Unity" [VOY]

2 Cubes were destroyed by Borg designated Species 8472.
Cubes from Scorpion                            "Scorpion, part 1" [VOY]

 The Starship Voyager encountered at least 15 Borg Cubes rushing somewhere to battle in late 2373.
Cubes from Scorpion    As one passes, it stops and scans Voyager with a polaron beam.
    Later they are all found destroyed by Species 8472.  The Borg
    cube was the backbone ship of the war with Species 8472 in
    2373-2374. Borg Cubes have the ability to adapt to all kinds of
    weapons and regenerate their ships even if 70% of it is destroyed.
                                 "Scorpion, part 1" [VOY]

2 Cubes destroyed by a planetary explosion.
                                                             "Scorpion, part 2" [VOY]

Cube destroyed in a collision with Species 8472 bioship.
                                                             "Scorpion, Part 2" [VOY]

Over 6 Cubes destroyed by Species 8472.
                                                             "Scorpion, Part 2" [VOY]

4 Cubes surround and assimilate "USS Dauntless".
                                                             "Hope and Fear" [VOY]

A Cube self-destructed due to introduction of viral agent by Species 6339 "three days ago".
                                                             "Infinite Regress" [VOY]

 3 Cubes                                                "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

      (first Federation encounter of the Borg by USS Raven three months prior to Stardate
      32629.4; 28 cubic kilometers in volume, 129,000 lifeforms)
                                                             "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

 Cube [ 15+ ]                                          "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

      Heavily damaged
      Crew killed by unknown pathogen
                                                               "Collective" [VOY]

Pathogen introduced by the assimilation of a genetically engineered Brunali child
                                                               "Child's Play" [VOY]

 Cube (Designation 461)                        "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

 Cube (Designation 630) with compliment of 64,000 drones is ordered to self-destruct in Spatial Grid 94
    by the Borg Queen.                            "Unimatrix Zero, part 2" [VOY]

Cube (Designation 1184)                       "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

Cube [ 6+ ]                                            "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

            "Unimatrix Zero, part 2" [VOY]

Borg Debris field     Reduced to a debris field outside of the Ontasa Expanse
            "Imperfection" [VOY]

 Cube [ 3 ]                                            "Q2" [VOY]

 Cube [ 2 ]
      One of at least 47
      Destroyed by SC-4 (alternate future shuttlecraft, 26 years hence)
                                                               "Endgame" [VOY]

 Cube [ 45+ ]                                          "Endgame" [VOY]

Tactical Cube
A variant of the smaller Borg cube, the Tactical Cube is slighter in scale, yet heavily armed with a
Tactical Cube     powerful array of weaponry, shielding and ablative armor.
    Class 4 Tactical Vessel #138
           "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]
      Ordered to self-destruct by Borg Queen
            "Unimatrix Zero, part 2" [VOY]

Sphere, Larger Variant  -
Identified as a "Long-range Tactical Vessel" by Seven.  - The larger of the Borg sphere vessels,
    Tactical Spheres are heavily armed with various types of re-modulating weaponry.
                                                            "Drone" [VOY], "Dark Frontier"  [VOY]

 Sphere with ablative hull armor destroyed within proto-nebula core.
                                                            "Drone" [VOY]

Sphere severely damaged by an ion storm.
                                                            "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

Sphere crash landed eight years ago.
                                                            "Survival Instinct" [VOY]

Holographic representation of a Sphere destroyed by a holographic USS Voyager in the Doctor's
    daydream.                                        "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" [VOY]

Sphere - Heavily damaged by USS Voyager
                                                            "Child's Play" [VOY]

Sphere (Designation 634)  that followed Voyager into the transwarp channel was destroyed by them
    in the Alpha Quadrant appears to have been one of the larger spheres.
                                                             "Endgame" [VOY]

Sphere (Designation 878) which was ordered to self-destruct in Spatial Grid 091 by the Borg Queen
    had a crew compliment of 11,000 which also points to it being one of the larger sphere variants.
                                                              "Unimatrix Zero, part 2" [VOY]

Sphere, Smaller Variant -
     It serves  as an independent vessel or as a lifeboat for the smaller cubes and is capable of
     generating a temporal vortex by the emission of chronometric particles..  This particular
     vessel is much smaller than the common sphere and not as heavily armed.   A sphere was
    destroyed by USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E.  Its diameter was estimated to be 600m, based
    on the radius of the wreckage.       "First Contact" [ST8], "Regeneration" [ENT]

Sphere - Liberated by Assimilated Klingon General Karok
                                                            "Unimatrix Zero, part 2" [VOY]

Sphere                                                 "Survival Instinct" [VOY]

"Queen's Yacht"
Commonly referred to as the Borg "Diamond", the Borg Queen's Vessel is designed to carry the Borg Queen and her drones.
    When not in use, the Borg Queen Vessel is afforded maximum protection deep inside the heavily armored Borg space
     station known as Unimatrix One.  While smaller in scale than a Borg Cube, the Borg Queen
     vessel is highly maneuverable.  It is comprised of an elaborate and elegant framework that
     connect a number of modules together.  Inside the outer framework is a spherical inner
     structure that houses the Queen's central chamber.  This well protected interior keeps a
     vertical alignment at all times.  The sharply angled apexes at each corner give the vessel the
     illusion of having a diamond shape, and the surface details consists of typical Borg
     components.  Designed with transwarp technology and extensive Borg weaponry, the Borg
     Queen Vessel is a formidable offensive weapon on its own.  It is usually escorted by other
Destroyed by collapsing transwarp conduit.
                                                            "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

 A relatively small craft by Borg standards.  At under 200 meters long, the Borg Probe
Probe ship   is dwarfed by a Borg Cube.  These are manned vessels,
    and their interior is identical to that of other
    Borg vessels.  Despite the small size of these
    vessels, the crew will attempt to assimilate
    larger vessels.  The Probe is equipped with
    all the standard Borg technology, including
    transwarp drive and a variety of weapons.
    The USS Voyager managed to destroy one
    by transporting a photon torpedo aboard that
    detonated near their power matrix.
                            "Dark Frontier, part 1" [VOY]

Scout Vessels -
     Scout Ship (Borg cubic variant) - Small-scale scouting variant of the Borg Cube.  The approximate
        number of Drones aboard a scout vessel is five. One such ship was discovered crashed on a moon
        in the Argolis Cluster in 2368.  Another, "similar" Borg vessel was mentioned, but this one was
        supposed to have a mass of 2.5 million metric tons.
                                                              "I Borg" [TNG]

Unknown Class / Type

 <Unnamed> [ 312 ]
      Disabled by Species 8472.               "Scorpion, Part II" [VOY]

 <Unnamed> [ 29 ]
      Destroyed in Omega molecule experiment
                                                                "The Omega Directive" [VOY]

      Wreckage found in Beta Quadrant (alternate timeline, revealed 15 years hence)
                                                                "Timeless" [VOY]

Mine Deployment Vessel  -
Height 1400 meters
Length 1200 meters
Width 1319 meters

Mine Laying Vessel

The multikinetic neutronic mine is a powerful weapon that was considered as a defense against
    Species 8472 in 2374.  The multikinetic mine appeared on a display on the USS Voyager.
                                                             "Scorpion" [VOY]
It is likely that the display actually depicted the mine laying vessel since it clearly shown to be the same
    design as the Renegade Borg ship used by a rogue group of Borg controlled by Lore in an assault
    on Federation colonies between 2369 and 2370.
                                                            "Descent" [TNG]

Individuals of Note:
Axum - 5 of 12, secondary adjunct of trimatrix 942.  He brought Seven to Unimatrix Zero and designed
 the nanovirus to mask the biochemical signature of the mutation that made Unimatrix Zero
 possible.   "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

Cardassians - There are some Cardassians among the people that were abducted by the Borg.
                                                             "Unity" [VOY]

First - The leader of the Borg children.  "Collective" [VOY]
First (Leader of the Borg Children)

Frazier, Riley (Lori Hallier) - Riley sends the distress call to Chakotay's shuttle; she tells Chakotay that
    about 7 or 8 years ago when she was the Science officer on board a vessel in the Bolian sector, their
    ship was overpowered within minutes by someone; she and the other survivors were put into some
    kind of stasis and taken to the planet they're on now; she is one of the few 100 or so that established
    a cooperative; she has reoccurring dreams about her mother's famous Texas barbecue; after Chakotay
    discovers that she was a Borg, Riley tells him that she was assimilated at Wolf 359 when she was
    serving as Science officer on the Roosevelt; Orum created a prosthetic arm for Riley after she removed
    her Borg appendages; her favorite flowers are bluebonnets; she picked them back home in Texas with
    her grandfather.  After Chakotay is linked to the cooperative, Riley tells him that she wants to be closer
    to him and wants them to know everything about each other.
                                                               "Unity" [VOY]

Hansen, Annika (Erica Lynne Bryan) - This was Seven's name before she was assimilated by the Borg.
                                                            "The Gift" [VOY]
    Seven has flashbacks to when she was Annika Hansen and the Borg attacked the ship she and her
    parents were on; she remembers that she had her 6th birthday on the Raven.
                                                            "The Raven" [VOY]

Hansen, Mr. (David Anthony Marshall) - Seven sees a flashback of when the Borg attacked their ship
    and her parents scream at her to run and hide; the name of their ship was The Raven; her father did
    important experiments on the ship and had to travel a long way to get there.
                                                                "The Raven" [VOY]

Hansen, Mrs. (Nikki Tyler) - Seven sees a flashback of when the Borg attacked their ship and her
    parents scream at her to run and hide.   "The Raven" [VOY]

Hugh (Jonathan Del Arco) - Adolescent Borg, designated Third of Five, rescued by t he Enterprise-D
Hugh    crew from the wreck of a Borg scoutship in the Argolis Cluster in 2368.
    Aboard the Enterpise-D, Third of Five was restored to health,
    and dubbed "hugh" by Enterprise-D personnel who discovered
    that once removed from the Borg collective, Hugh began to
    exhibit signs of individuality.  During Hugh's convalescence, a
    plan was developed to create an invasive computer program
    that would be introduced to the Borg collective through Hugh.
    The invasive program would be designed to cause a fatal over-
    load in the entire Borg collective.  The plan was vetoed by
    Captain Picard, who felt it unethical to use Hugh as a weapon
    of mass destruction.  Hugh was later returned to the crash site,
    where he was reassimilated into the collective.
                                                                "I, Borg" [TNG]

Icheb -

Lansor -

Locutus -

Marika -

Mezoti -

Orum (Ivar Brogger) - Romulan male; he had been assimilated by the Borg and ended up on the planet
    with Riley and the others when the link to the collective was severed. Orum created a prosthetic arm
    for Riley after she removed her Borg appendages.
                                                                 "Unity" [VOY]

P'Chan -

Queen, Borg - The central locus and personification of the Borg Collective who brings order to the
The Borg Queen    legion of voices within the Hive Mind and provides a common
    direction - much like the queen of an insect colony.
    She resides primarily at Unimatrix One in the Delta Quadrant, but will often leave this
    home base to participate in assimilation efforts of a special nature.  The Borg Queen
    has a unique personality and a sense of individuality that normal Borg drones are not
    allowed. She is usually the one who "speaks" for the Collective in situations where
    contact with outsiders is best conducted by an individual. But for the Borg Queen the
    concepts "I" and "we" are interchangeable. In her own words, she is the "one who is many."
    The Queen spends much of her time in her "lair" with her head and spinal column residing
    in a special alcove. When she emerges, she will "re-assemble" herself into a predominantly artificial body - the arms, legs,
    and torso appearing to be entirely synthetic, while the head and shoulders seeming to be organic, but with substantial
    cybernetic implants.  Apparently the Borg Queen has been destroyed on a number of occasions, but another queen
    always seems to take her place. (It is not clear whether more than one queen exists simultaneously, or if a new queen is
    created when the old one dies.) The Borg's collective nature makes it likely that each Borg Queen has all her
    predecessors' (and/or counterparts') qualities and memories. Therefore when she speaks as "I," she is presumably
    referring to all previous manifestations of the Queen, going back probably thousands of years.  The Borg Queen has
    long sought a counterpart with a mind of his or her own to help bridge the gulf between humanity and the Borg —
    someone to be more than just another drone.
    Late 2366:  During the Borg incursion that culminated in the costly battle at Wolf 359, the Queen wanted Captain Jean-Luc
        Picard to give himself freely to the Borg.  He was transformed into Locutus, but he resisted and was soon separated
        from the Collective, however.
    Seven years later, during the Borg's temporal incursion to Earth in the year 2063, the Queen tried to similarly seduce the
        android Data, by giving him organic components and by appealing to his emotions, but again, resistance proved to be
        not futile.
    2373:  The Borg Queen spearheaded the Collective's attempt to alter Earth's history in order to make humanity easier to
        assimilate. However, due to interdiction by the U.S.S. Enterprise-E, not only did the plan fail, but the Queen and all other
        Borg involved — who were occupying the Enterprise at the time were killed when plasma coolant liquefied her
        organic components.
    2373:  Her successor later "allowed" the drone Seven of Nine (who had been the daughter of the Hansens — probably
        the first humans ever assimilated) to be separated from the Collective by the U.S.S. Voyager, in order for her to gain
        experience as an individual.  This Queen was soon replaced by another, almost identical one — a drone assimilated
        from Species 125 — who encountered the U.S.S. Voyager in the Delta Quadrant when that Federation crew
        attempted to procure a transwarp coil. The Borg Queen Vessel was destroyed during that incident; however, it is not
        clear if the Queen herself was still aboard at the time.
    2375:  Almost two years later, the Queen attempted to lure Seven of Nine back into the Collective — again, by having
        her give herself voluntarily to the goal of Borg "perfection" while remaining an individual within the Hive. After
        refamiliarizing Seven with assimilation procedures during an attack upon Species 10026, the Queen ordered her to
        program nanoprobe viruses that would be used surreptitiously upon Species 5618 — the human race. In spite of the
        Queen's seductive appeals to the former drone, Seven of Nine refused to assist in the destruction of yet another race,
        especially the one she had come from and was now living among. The Queen even brought in the Magnus Hansen
        drone to convince Seven that her "family" was the Collective. These temptations ultimately failed, and Seven was
        rescued by Captain Janeway and the U.S.S. Voyager, to the Queen's chagrin.
    2376-2377:  Voyager once again encountered the Borg Queen at a time when the so-called "Unimatrix Zero"
        phenomenon threatened the integrity of the Collective.  The Queen was engaged in an obsessive quest to uncover the
        interlink frequency that bound certain drones in a dreamstate realm called Unimatrix Zero while regenerating. She
        wished to terminate this realm, because in it drones were able to regain their identities as individuals, and even though
        they would awaken from it without any memory of the experience, the Queen considered it a threat to her control over
        the Hive. Thanks to intervention by Voyager, the Queen actually got her wish, but not quite how she wanted:
        Unimatrix Zero was shut down, but the drones who occupied it regained their individuality in the physical world and
        began a resistance movement to undermine the Collective.
                                                                "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]
    2378:  The Queen once again had a fateful encounter with Voyager when a future version of Kathryn
        Janeway came back in time from the year 2404 with technology that could help the lost starship
        resist the Borg while using a Transwarp Hub as a shortcut home. The Queen was actually approached
        by Admiral Janeway with an "offer" - to help the Queen prevent Voyager from destroying the
        Transwarp Hub in exchange for the ship's safe passage to the Alpha Quadrant.  But the Queen
        wanted more — she wanted to assimilate the technology from the future. The Queen thought she
        had the upper hand when she attempted to assimilate the admiral, but the older Janeway was
        carrying a neurolytic pathogen that proceeded to infect the Collective.  That pathogen brought
        chaos to the Collective, and wreaked havoc on a massive scale.  It appears that the Queen died
        and that Unimatrix One was destroyed. The extent of the damage to the Borg as a whole, or
        whether they even survived at all, and their status as a continued threat to the galaxy, remains
        unknown at this time.                  "Engame" [VOY]

Second - SEE: Icheb.

Seven of Nine - Annika was Seven's name before she was assimilated.
Seven of Nine     Scorpion, Part 2 [VOY]
    Seven says she has an eidetic memory and requires only seconds to commit what she sees to memory.
   "Vis A Vis" [VOY]

Three of Five - Three of Five, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix 1 was the drone that the Hansens removed
Three of Five    from its cube while it was regenerating in order to analyze it.
    From his cranial readings, the Hansens surmised
    that he used to work near the Borg Queen.  They
    placed a tracer on him, so that if he ever went back
    there they could track him.
                            "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

Twins - Two of the Borg children.        "Collective" [VOY]

Unnamed Borg Baby -                            "Collective" [VOY]
unnamed Borg Baby


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