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Borg Species Classifications.

Species 116
Humanoid (Delta quadrant)
Remarks: A highly intelligent race.  They perfected quantum-slipstream drive.  Members of this species
    were gifted linguists, some knowing several thousand languages.  The Borg first tried to assimilate them
    centuries ago, but they managed to outwit them, always staying one step ahead.  A few years before
    2374, the Borg managed to weaken their defenses.  They were closing in and species 8472 was their
    last hope to defeat them.  Voyager took that away from them.  Their outer colonies were the first to fall,
    23 in a matter of hours, their sentry vessels were tossed aside, providing no defence.  By the time the
    Borg surrounded their star system with hundreds of cubes, they had already surrendered to their own
    terror.  About 10 to 20 thousand managed to survive.
Example: Arturis (He had escaped assimilation with a vessel, alone but alive.  He was eventually captured
    by the Borg after his plans to lure the U.S.S. Voyager to the Borg failed).
Episode: Hope and Fear [VOY]

Species 125
   Remarks: Original species of the Borg Queen
    Episode: Dark Frontier, part 2 [VOY]

Species 149
Remarks: Civilization assimilated by the Borg that had advanced medical technology, including a method
    to enable the Borg to use modified nanoprobes for reversing cellular necrosis, thus allowing them to
    reactivate drones as much as 73 hours after "death."  This technique was used by Seven of Nine aboard
    the U.S.S. Voyager to revive Neelix.
Episode: Mortal Coil [VOY]

Species 180
Ferengi (Ferenginar, the Alpha quadrant)
   Remarks: It is not known why the Ferengi has such a low species number, which
        would imply that they were encountered and catalogued very early in the Borg's
        existence.  This was one of the personalities that took over Seven.
    Episode: Infinite Regress [VOY]

Species 218
Talaxian (Talax, Delta quadrant)
Remarks: Easily Assimilated. Their dense musculature made them excellent drones.  First catalogued by
    the Borg when a small freighter with a crew of 39 was taken in the Dolmine Sector.
Examples: Neelix, Wix Aban
Episode: The Raven [VOY]

Species 259
Omnicordial life-form (from Galactic cluster 3)
Remarks: The Borg use an autonomous regeneration sequencer, designed to counteract resistance,... It is
    technology assimilated from Species 259 that automatically replicates any Borg circuitry that is
    removed or disabled by non-Borg means.  Galactic cluster 3 is a transmaterial energy plane intersecting
    22 billion omnicordial life forms.
Episode: The Gift [VOY]

Species 262
(Delta quadrant race)
Remarks: Primitive race assimilated in 2145. (229 years before this episode).  Their oral language referred
    to a powerful substance which could burn the sky.  This lead the Borg to 13 more species (including 263)
    before finding one with useful scientific information about Omega.
Episode: The Omega Directive [VOY]

Species 263
(Delta quadrant race)
Remarks: Primitive race which believed that Omega was a drop of blood from their creator.
Episode: The Omega Directive [VOY]

Species 312
(Delta quadrant race)
Remarks: Assimilated by the Borg hundreds of years ago. Species 312 developed tetrion-flux-technology
    based shields that they erected around endangered cultures, very much like the energy barrier that was
    found on the planet Ledos over the southern sub-continent which protected the primitive Ventu people
    from intrusion by the more advanced Ledosians. This energy barrier was undetectable by conventional
    sensors, and impenetrable by the Ledosians until crewmembers from the U.S.S. Voyager found a way
    to break through it.
Episode: Natural Law [VOY]

Species 329
Kazon (Delta quadrant)
Remarks: Nomads in stolen Trabe ships; they are formed into factions, which are usually at war with
    each other, and don't seem to have a single homeworld.  The Borg encountered a Kazon colony in the
    Gand Sector, grid 6920; the Kazon's biological and technological distinctiveness was unremarkable
    and unworthy of assimilation.  Their assimilation would have detracted from perfection.
Example: Jal Culluh
Episode: Mortal Coil [VOY]

Species 521
Shivolian (Delta quadrant)
Remarks: A female member of this reptilian species visited the U.S.S. Voyager while the ship was
    docked at the Markonian Outpost in 2376.
Episode: Survival Instinct [VOY]

Species 571
Remarks: Vertical line down forehead.  Their species worships the supernatural deity Brothara, who
    frowns upon the desecration of dead bodies.
Examples: P'Chan, whose Borg designation was 4 of 9. (Yes, that's 9 as in 7 of 9... he was one of the
    interconnected ex-drones)
Episode: Survival Instinct [VOY]

Species 689
Norcadians (Norcadia Prime, Delta quadrant, Spatial Grid 2369)
Remarks: Mezoti's species.  Norcadia Prime is a theta-class planetoid, with a population of 260 million,
    and binary suns.
Episode: "Ashes to Ashes" [VOY], "Collective" [VOY]

Species 2461
The Brunali (Delta quadrant)
Remarks: Their world was located near a Borg transwarp conduit and had been attacked three times in
    10 years; each time the Borg wiped out the society they had worked hard to rebuild.  This race had
    developed sophisticated techniques in agricultural genetics to allow them to grow crops in inhospitable
    environments, and they used the same science to engineer an anti-Borg pathogen that they
    implanted into the genetic code of some of their children.
Examples: Icheb (one of the children with the pathogen)
Episode: Child's Play [VOY]

Species 3259
Vulcan (Vulcan, the Alpha quadrant)
   Remarks: The enlarged neocortex produces superior analytical abilities.
    Examples: Tuvok, Sarek
    Episode: The Raven [VOY]

Species 4228
Hazari (Delta quadrant)
Remarks: "Technologically advanced, extremely violent. They make excellent tactical drones."  Other
    races often hire them as bounty hunters.
Episode: Think Tank [VOY]

Species 5174
(Delta quadrant race)
Remarks: A spacefaring race. The Borg once encountered a small ship of this species where the
    occupants were "gutted" in the same manner as another humanoid that Voyager found (a complete
    osteomy, their entire skeletons surgically removed along with musculature, ligaments, tendons and
    internal organs).  The Borg never determined the perpetrators, considering it irrelevant, but the
    responsible parties were apparently the Hirogen.
Episode: Hunters [VOY]

Species 5618
Human (Earth, the Alpha quadrant -- Origin: Grid 325)
Remarks: Warp-capable. Physiology: inefficient.  Below-average cranial capacity. Minimal redundant
    systems.  Limited regenerative abilities. The Hansens may have been the first humans assimilated
    in 2356 while studying the Borg in the Delta Quadrant. This may have also led to the Borg's first
    scouting missions to the Alpha Quadrant where they attacked outposts along the Romulan Neutral
    Zone in 2364.
Episode: Dark Frontier, part 2 [VOY]

Species 5973
A non-corporeal, multispectrum particle lifeform (from Galactic cluster 8).
Episode: Haunting of Deck Twelve [VOY]

Species 6291
Yridian (Alpha quadrant)
Remarks: All but wiped out by the Borg, everyone, including the Borg, thought they were extinct, but
    Ransom found a few survivors and made first contact with them in his days as an exo-biologist.  He
    was promoted to captain and given command of the Equinox as a result.
Episode: Equinox, part 1 [VOY]

Species 6339
Humanoid. (Origin: Grid 124, Octant 22 Theta).
Remarks: Warp-capable. They first encountered the Borg about 2371, and in approximately 4 years,
    11 billion individuals had been assimilated.  They created a biological agent that could be carried
    within their bodies to be used to retaliate against the Borg.  In 2375 the Collective intercepted one
    of their shuttlecraft and assimilated the 13 individuals aboard.  Those 13 were sacrificing themselves,
    as they carried the agent in their bodies.  When assimilated, the biological agent mutates into a synthetic
    pathogen which spreads to, and attacks the programs within the Vinculum of Borg vessels just as a
    virus attacks living cells.  The pathogen caused the drones on a Cube to randomly manifest hundreds of
    thousands of personalities, leading to chaos among the drones and ultimately the destruction of their
    Cube. The intention was that after the destruction of the Cube, the Borg would salvage the Vinculum
    and spread the virus to other vessels in the Collective.  Their plan went awry because USS Voyager
    was in the vicinity and the infected Vinculum identified Seven as an errant drone.  It tried to reintegrate
    her into the Borg Collective. It sent erratic commands to Seven's cortical implant via an interlink
    frequency.  This caused her to exhibit the personality traits of certain individuals in whose assimilation
    she was involved during her time as a Borg drone.  Eventually Torres developed successful measures to
    counteract the Vinculum's ability to adapt and stave off attack, by using a remodulated dampening field
    designed to constantly compensate for the Vinculum's own adaptations, and as a result the Vinculum
    was shut down.  Voyager beamed it into space so that Species 6339 could recover it.
Example: Ven
Episode: Infinite Regress [VOY]

Species 6961
Ktarians (Alpha quadrant)
Remarks: A drone originating from this species was studied close up
 on a Cube by Magnus Hansen. They have an 8 chambered heart.
Episode: Dark Frontier, part 2 [VOY]

Species 8472
Lifeform (from an extra-dimensional realm of fluidic space -  fluidic space can be accessed by creating a
    singularity using deflector technology)
Remarks: Encountered by the Borg in late 2373. They are a Telepathic species.  Their DNA is 100x more
    densely coded than human DNA.  They cannot be assimilated because of an extraordinarily powerful
    immune system - any chemical, biological, or technological attempts to penetrate their cell membranes
    are instantly destroyed.  Their bodies generate a bioelectric field that can't be scanned through.  The
    thoracic crest appears to be its most vulnerable spot.  The Borg learned that Species 8472 possessed
    organic spacecraft and a biogenically engineered weapons technology that was superior to anything
    known to them.  Their assimilation would have greatly added to the Borg's perfection.  So, seeking to
    assimilate this civilization and its technology, the Borg launched an attack on fluidic space, only to be
    repulsed by Species 8472. They are the only species to have ever offered true resistance to the Borg.
    8472 launched a retaliatory strike, sending hundreds of powerful bioships into the Delta Quadrant
    with the goal of eliminating all lifeforms from the galaxy.  They destroyed over 4 million drones and
    hundreds of worlds and fleets of ships in Borg-occupied space.  8472's assault was ended when the
    U.S.S. Voyager collaborated with the Borg to use new nanoprobe technology which they had developed,
    a weapon against which 8472 had no effective defense. It was in the midst of the Borg / 8472 battle
    that Seven of Nine came aboard Voyager and was later severed from the Collective.
Episode: Scorpion, part 1 [VOY], In the Flesh [VOY]

Species 10026
Humanoid race (from grid 532)
Remarks: Assimilated in mid 2375.  Their vessels lack maneuverability, but they developed a modulating
    phaser pulse that could penetrate Borg shields. The Borg easily adapted by triaxialating their shield-
    matrix.  The Borg Queen assimilated all of them (392,000) to make a point to Seven, and tried to force
    Seven of Nine to help, but instead Seven arranged the escape of 4 individuals.
Episode: Dark Frontier, part 2 [VOY]