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The History of the Borg.

Origin - The Borg originate deep within the Delta Quadrant of the Galaxy.  The specific age and origin of
    the Borg race is unknown, but Guinan believed that the Borg Collective have been in existence and evolving
    for thousands of centuries.                "Q, Who?" [TNG]

    It is also unclear as to how and why the Borg evolved to their partially cybernetic state, although the
    Borg Queen has stated that the Borg were once completely organic lifeforms, flawed and weak, much
    like the human race, but that they evolved to include the synthetic.
                                                            "First Contact" [ST8]

ca. 1482:  The Vaadwaur are aware of the Borg and don't consider them much of a threat.  They've only
    assimilated a handful of systems so far.  The Collective's memory from this time is fragmentary.
                                                            "Dragon's Teeth" [VOY]

date unknown:  Given the Borg species numbering system, it is probable that the species originally giving
    rise to the Borg would have been designated as Species 1 (or possibly 0). The Borg Queen is a member

    of species 125 – meaning she is of an early species assimilated by the Borg. Thus, species 125, or that
    particular individual, was an ideal choice for Queen or she could have been bioengineered for this

    purpose.  The relatively low index number could mean a couple of things: either the Borg did not need

    a Queen for the early  part of its history, or they replaced their previous Queen when a superior one

    was found or engineered.

2063:  Borg travel back in time to try to prevent Earth's first contact with the Vulcans.  Their sphere
    is destroyed over Earth.  Debris from the destruction falls on Earth's polar region.  Two Borg drones
    survived the crash, however they are frozen for 90 years.
                                                             "First Contact" [ST8], "Regeneration" [ENT]

2145:  When they assimilate species 262, the Borg discovered the existence of Omega.
                                                            "The Omega Directive" [VOY]

2153:  Two Borg are thawed out, still programmed with the mission to transmit earth's coordinates back
    to Borg space, they attempt to complete their mission but are limited by the technology available to
    them.  They transmit the spatial coordinates of Earth via normal subspace which should take about
    200 years before the message reaches Borg space in the Delta quadrant.
                                                              "Regeneration" [ENT]

before 2293:  The Borg attack the home system of Guinan's race, the El-Aurians and although she
    was not present at the time there was little left of her people after the attack.
                                                            "Generations" [ST7]

ca. 2348, Stardate 25479:  Annika Hansen is born at the Tendara colony.  Later she will be assimilated
    and become Seven of Nine.                "The Gift" [VOY]

2352, Stardate 32611.4:  The Federation Council on Exobiology at last gives the Hansens their final
    approval.   Starfleet's still concerned about security issues but they've agreed not to stand in the
    way of the Hansen's research. The Hansens set off in the U.S.S. Raven and start chasing their
    theories about the Borg.                     "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

date unknown:  The Hansens are last recorded at a remote outpost in the Omega sector.
                                                               "The Gift" [VOY]

2353, Stardate 32623.5:  The U.S.S. Raven has been tracking stray readings for nearly eight months now,
    and there's still no sign of a Borg vessel. They begin to wonder if the Borg are nothing more than rumor
    and sensor echoes when a Cube makes its appearance.  They will track this Cube for three years before
    their final assimilation.                      "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

Stardate 32629.4:  After three months of tracking the Borg cube, the vessel entered a transwarp conduit.
    They followed in its wake all the way to the Delta Quadrant, the Borg's native territory.
                                                              "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

2356, Stardate 32634.9:  The Raven was hit by a subspace particle storm and took heavy damage.  Their
    multi-adaptive shielding went off-line for 13.2 seconds. Unfortunately, it was long enough for the Borg
    to perceive them as a threat.              "Dark Frontier" [VOY]
    Seven watches in fear as her parents are assimilated.  The Borg assimilate her and she will spend the
    next 5 years in a maturation chamber.  (Seven says she was assimilated 18 years ago in
    "Scorpion, part 2" [VOY]).              "Collective" [VOY], "Raven" [VOY]

2361:  Seven emerges from her maturation chamber.  The Hive Mind has restructured her synaptic
    pathways, and purged her individuality. The turmoil of her forced assimilation has been "replaced
    with order."                                     "Collective" [VOY]

2364, Stardate 41986.0: Science station delta zero-five and two remote outposts in Sector 3-0 and
    Sector 3-1 along the Neutral Zone are destroyed, appearing to have been scooped off the surface.
    The same thing has happened to some Romulan outposts, and on Tarod IX.  Later this is believed
    to have been the work of the Borg.   "The Neutral Zone" [TNG]

2365, Stardate 42761.3:  The official First Contact between the Borg and the Federation, when Q
    transported the Enterprise-D out of Federation space into system J25 in the Delta quadrant,
    some 7,000 light years off course, and into the flight path of a Borg vessel heading toward the
    Alpha quadrant.                                "Q Who?" [TNG]
    Q "introduced" the Borg to the races of the Alpha Quadrant.
                                                              "Deathwish" [VOY]

 2366, Stardate 43989.1 through 44001.4:  Following this "first contact", Starfleet began advance-
    planning for a potential Borg offensive against the Federation.  Lieutenant Commander Shelby
    was placed in charge of this project to develop both defensive strategy and weaponry.   One of
    the advanced weapons systems which was developed at this time was the starship U.S.S. Defiant,
    a heavily armored starship prototype.
                                                               "The Best of Both Worlds, part 1" [TNG]

Stardate 43994.1:  The Enterprise investigated Jouret IV, one of the Federation's outermost colonies.
    The Borg had scooped it off the surface of the planet.
                                                               "The Best of Both Worlds, part 1" [TNG]
    Three hours and 12 minutes after the USS Lalo departed Zeta Alpha Two on a freight run to
    Sentinel Minor Four, a distress signal was received at Starbase one five seven. The Lalo reported
    contact with an alien vessel described as cube-shaped.  It's distress signal ended abruptly.
                                                               "The Best of Both Worlds, part 1" [TNG]

    The Battle of Wolf 359:
    The anticipated attack came in late 2366, when a Borg vessel entered Federation space, heading for
    Earth.  Starfleet tactical planners had expected at least several
    more months before the Borg arrival, and thus were caught unprepared.   This early arrival
    demonstrated that the Borg possess vastly superior energy sources and means of faster than light
    travel.  Warp Drive is the standard method of faster than light travel normally utilized by the Borg.
    The Borg are capable of sustaining warp speeds in excess of warp factor 9.99 for an indefinite
    amount of time.  But it was later learned that the Borg can traverse vast distances of space utilizing
    artificially created wormhole-like channels known as "transwarp conduits".  Enterprise-D captain
    Jean-Luc Picard was captured by the Borg at the beginning of this offensive.  He was assimilated
    into the Borg collective consciousness and became known as Locutus of Borg, providing crucial
    guidance and necessary tactical information for the Borg's subsequent attack on the Federation fleet
    at Wolf 359.                                     "The Best of Both Worlds, part 1" [TNG]
    Starfleet massed an armada of some 40 starships in the hopes of stopping the Borg cube vessel at
    Wolf 359, but the fleet was decimated with the loss of 39 starships and over 11,000 lives.
                                                             "The Drumhead" [TNG]
    The U.S.S. Saratoga was also lost at the battle of Wolf 359.
                                                             "The Emissary" [DS9]

    As Locutus, Picard explained that the Borg purpose was to "raise the quality of life for all species" of
    the galaxy by providing other life-forms the benefit of being part of the Borg Collective.  Subsequently,
    an away team from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D was successful in capturing Locutus, and
    returned him to the Enterprise.  Utilizing Locutus' connection into the Borg Collective, in a last-ditch
    effort, the crew of the Enterprise were able to plant a disabling command into the Borg Collective,
    which resulted in the suspension of the attack on the Federation. This false command triggered a self-
    destruct program in the Borg cube ship, and the Borg vessel, which had made it all the way to Earth
    orbit, destroyed itself to prevent further access to their systems.
                                                             "The Best of Both Worlds, part 2" [TNG]

 Stardate 45854.2:  By 2368, at least two more Borg vessels are found  to be operating in Federation space,
Borg Invasive Program    when the wreckage of a small Borg scout craft was discovered on the
    surface of a moon in the Argolis Cluster.  The sole surviving Borg,
    designated Third of Five, was brought aboard the Enterprise-D for
    medical treatment and study.  This injured Borg drone, having been
    disconnected from the Borg collective, began to exhibit signs of
    individuality returning to him.  His new-found individuality was
    encouraged by the crew.  He was named Hugh by Chief Engineer
    Geordi LaForge, and was nursed back to health.  During his
    convalescence, the crew developed what they termed an invasive
    program, which, when introduced into the Borg Collective consciousness, was designed to cause a fatal
    overload in the entire Collective.  In the process, Hugh befriended Geordi LaForge, a friendship that
    provided an argument that this invasive program, in essence as weapon of mass murder, should not be
    used.  Hugh was thus returned to the crash site where he was found, and eventually rescued by another
    Borg Scout Ship which had been sent to retrieve the crashed Borg ship.
                                                               "I, Borg" [TNG]

Stardate 46982.1 through 47025.4:  Following the return of Hugh to the Collective, Hugh's new sense
    of freedom and individuality began to permeate the portion of the Collective which he came in contact
    with.  The results of this were dramatic: deprived of their group identity, individual Borg were unable
    to function as a unit.  The unexpected arrival of the android Lore changed this chaos.  Lore appointed
    himself the leader of those Borg, and promised them he would provide them with the means to become
    completely artificial life-forms, free of dependence on the organic portion of their bodies (it is
    important to note here that the Borg would consider an android as sophisticated as Lore, devoid of any
    of the flaws of organic tissue, to be the essence of the perfection they seek).  In 2369, Lore led his Borg
    in launching a major new offensive against the Federation.  Utilizing transwarp conduits, they
    penetrated Federation space in a ship of an unfamiliar design and attacked the outpost at Ohniaka III.
    In response to a distress signal from that outpost, the U.S.S. Enterprise-NCC-1701-D engaged this
    unidentified vessel orbiting the planet.  Upon transport to the colony, the away team found that it had
    been destroyed. Hostile Borg were encountered on the planet, and it was observed that they behaved
    significantly different from all previous encounters, moving more quickly and decisively, attacking with
    uncharacteristic anger, due to Lore's influence on them.  The Borg appeared to be driven by individual
    initiative, referring to themselves in the first person as individuals, and calling each other by name. One
    of these Borg was captured.  Calling himself Crosis, he eventually convinced Lt. Commander Data to
    escape with him and defect to the Borg. The offensive was halted when Lore was shot by Data with
    an energy weapon, killing him.  His brother, Data, then dismantled him.  The Borg group continued
    to be cut off from the collective.  Since that time, the activities of these non-collective Borg are unknown.
                                                                "Descent, parts 1 and 2" [TNG]

 Stardate 50537.2:   While trading with the Sakari Colonists for the mineral gallicite, Chakotay finds the
    remains of a Borg on the planet's surface when they were clearing away the Sakari ruins; they were
    the invaders who destroyed the Sakari colony.
                                                             "Blood Fever" [VOY]

ca. Stardate 50560:  Sisko mentions a "recent Borg attack".
                                                                "In Purgatory's Shadow" [DS9]

Stardate 50614.2:  A few weeks later in a region of space known as the Nekrit Expanse, In response to
    an alien distress signal,  Commander Chakotay of the Federation starship U.S.S. Voyager lands his
    shuttlecraft on a planet's surface and is immediately attacked.  He is swiftly rescued by a group of
    people which he soon discovers are formerly assimilated Borg that had somehow broken free of the
    Collective some five years earlier.   Unfortunately, in a free society, the former Drones reverted to
    destructive ethnic warfare.  Meanwhile, Captain Kathryn Janeway and the crew of Voyager find a
    Borg cube disabled and adrift in space.   They board the ship so that they can have the opportunity
    to learn about the Borg technology; all activity in the cube ceased abruptly 5 years ago; there are 1100
    Borg corpses on the cube; The Borg survivors ask the crew of Voyager to help them reactivate the
    derelict Borg Cube ship in order that a new "collective" could restore harmony to their society.  The
    members of the cooperative still have Borg neuro-processors implanted in their nervous systems
    because removing the implants would have killed them.
                                                             "Unity" [VOY]

2373, Stardate 50893.5:  The Borg launched a second invasion in an attempt to assimilate Earth.
    Although the Federation fleet was successful in thwarting the Borg attack, a single Borg Sphere
    escaped  into a temporal vortex to Earth's 21st century.  While in the past, the Borg attempted to
    thwart a pivotal moment in Earth history by preventing space pioneer Zefram Cochrane from making
    Earth's first faster-than-light spaceflight on April 4, 2063.  The crew of the newly commissioned
    Enterprise-E, following the Borg Sphere through the temporal vortex into the past, ensured that
    Cochrane was able to make his legendary first warp flight.  In doing so, the Enterprise-E crew
    destroyed the Borg Queen, an entity which was believed to be the central nexus of the Borg Collective.
                                                             "First Contact" [ST8]

 2374, Stardate 50984.3:   The starship Voyager approaches the heart of Borg territory in the Delta
    Quadrant; Borg space is vast, encompassing thousands of solar systems.  The Doctor says that he
    has examined every square millimeter of the Borg corpse and is closer to understanding how the Borg
    assimilation technology works.  The crew witness the destruction of several Borg cubes by an
    unknown alien lifeform which appears impervious to both Borg and Starfleet weaponry.  Kes has a
    premonition of a pile of Borg bodies.  An away team is sent to investigate one of the heavily damaged
    Borg cube ships discovered.  Kim finds a pile of dead Borg bodies when he, Tuvok and Chakotay
    beam onto the damaged Borg cube; They also investigated one of the mysterious alien lifeform's
    bio-ships, which was still attached to a hull-fragment of the decimated Borg cube.  The away team
    discovered that they were not alone aboard the crippled Borg ship, and moments before they could
    transport out, Ensign Harry Kim was attacked by one of the mysterious organic looking aliens.  As
    he lay in Sickbay, contaminated with alien cells that were transforming him, Kes had a terrifying
    premonition about this new enemy and Captain Janeway realizes that it is no longer the Borg which
    is a threat to them.  The EMH soon learns that these unknown aliens possess an extremely potent
    immune system, and thus Borg Nanoprobes are unable to assimilate them.  The Doctor is successful
    in modifying the Borg nanotechnology, allowing the alien cells in Ensign Kim's body to be destroyed.
                                                              "Scorpion, Part 1" [VOY]

2374, Stardate 51003.7:  In order to save Voyager, the Borg sacrifice their own cube by putting it into
    the path of fire from invading aliens, which the Borg designated Species 8472.  The Borg are losing
    the war with Species 8472.   They have been attacked over a dozen times in the past 5 months and
    the Borg have been swiftly defeated each time.  Still in danger of assimilation, Captain Janeway is
    forced into making an 'unholy alliance' with the Borg,  in which the Borg will allow Voyager safe
    passage through their space in return for Voyager's help to defeat their new enemy.  The Borg
    Collective agrees to this arrangement, and the two sides collaborate to create a biogenic weapon
    which could defeat the invading aliens.  The Borg select one of their own, Seven of Nine, to work
    with the crew of Voyager on the weapon.  Commander Chakotay and Captain Janeway struggle
    with opposing feelings about working with the Borg.  As time runs out for the very survival of the
    Borg, the Borg order Seven to seize control of Voyager and take it into the alien realm.  Seven says
    that the assimilation of Species 8472 would have greatly added to the Borg's perfection.  The alliance
    proves successful, with the biogenic weapon serving its purpose as a deterrent against Species 8472
    from further attacks on the Borg.  With Species 8472 defeated and no longer an immediate threat to
    the Collective,  Seven of Nine attempted to take control of Voyager, but she is separated from the
    Collective - her link to the Collective severed by Commander Chakotay utilizing Borg Neural Link
    technology.  Captain Janeway allows Seven of Nine to remain onboard Voyager, as they were
    responsible for severing her link to the Collective.   It takes about 2 weeks to remove all the Borg
    technology from Voyager's systems.  Janeway tells Chakotay to leave the Borg improvements in
    the power couplings on Deck 8 since they seem to work better than the original ones.
                                                                "Scorpion, Part 2" [VOY]

    Kes pushes Voyager safely beyond Borg space; the Doctor is able to extract 82% of the Borg hardware
    from Seven's body.                              "The Gift" [VOY]

date unknown:  When Voyager encounters the Caatati; Rahmin says that his people were assimilated by
    the Borg over a year ago and that only a few thousand of them escaped on 30 ships; Rahmin says that
    they need food, medicine, and thorium isotopes; before they were assimilated, the Caatati were a proud
    and accomplished people; Lumas says that they have not been welcome anywhere because they have
    no resources and are treated like vagrants or criminals; a Caatati ship takes Voyager's warp core when
    they find it floating in space; a fleet of 27 Caatati ships approach Voyager demanding food, weapons
    and Voyager's entire supply of thorium; they also want Seven so that they can repay one of the Borg for
    what was done to the Caatati people; they return Voyager's warp core in exchange for the energy matrix
    that Seven designed that will allow the Caatati to produce thorium isotopes in large quantities and
    become self-sustaining again.              "Day of Honor" [VOY]

    Kim jokingly tells Seven that he always wanted to learn Borg.
                                                             "Revulsion" [VOY]

    Seven starts to have flashbacks of being on a Borg vessel; she says that she wasn't traumatized by the
    Borg; she doesn't see them as threatening because she was raised by the Borg; while searching the
    Cargo Bay, Torres finds a Borg data-link that seems to be a succession of log entries written in Borg
    alphanumeric code; 13% of the Borg technology that the Doctor removed 3 weeks ago has regenerated
    in a matter of hours; every Borg ship is coded to emit a distinct resonance frequency to guide drones
    that have become separated from the collective.
                                                              "The Raven" [VOY]

     Seven says that the Borg are capable of reactivating drones as much as 73 hours after death;
     they have no fear of death; when a drone is damaged beyond repair, it is discarded but its
     memories continue to exist in the Collective consciousness; according to Seven, children
     assimilated by the Borg are placed in maturation chambers for 17 cycles.
                                                             "Mortal Coil" [VOY]

    Seven remembers Kovin performing a surgical procedure on her and extracting Borg technology
    from her body.                                  "Retrospect" [VOY]

     Alpha Hirogen says that the Borg are a worthy prey and he wants to recreate the notorious
     battle known as Wolf 359 after World War II simulation is over; the Doctor disables Seven's
     neural interface by remodulating one of her Borg implants to emit a jamming signal.
                                                             "The Killing Game, part 1" [VOY]

 Seven tells Janeway that she will enhance the holographic weapons using Borg technology;
 Paris says that the Nazis were the "Borg of their day" since the Nazis were bent on world
 conquest; Seven tells Turanj that despite their arrogance, one day the Borg will assimilate
 the Hirogen.                                         "The Killing Game, part 2" [VOY]

 Seven says that each drone's experiences are processed by the collective and only the useful
 information is retained; the Borg were able to create a single molecule of Omega and keep it
 stable for one-trillionth of a nanosecond before it destabilized and destroyed 29 vessels and
 600,000 drones; Seven says that to the Borg, Omega represents perfection; the Borg
 discovered Omega 229 years ago through the assimilation of 13 different species; every
 drone is aware of Omega and have been instructed to assimilate it at all costs.
                                                             "Omega Directive" [VOY]

 The Kyrians believe that the Warship Voyager had Borg drones as part of their crew; in the
 Kyrian simulation, Janeway initiates the Borg activation sequence and orders Seven of Nine
 to stop the Kyrians in the engine room; Janeway tells Seven to assimilate the two surviving
 Kyrians since Seven has been wanting to expand her Borg fighting force.
                                                             "Living Witness" [VOY]

 When Seven is hallucinating, she sees Borg on Voyager.
                                                              "One" [VOY]

 Stardate 51978.2:  A badly damaged encoded message received from Starfleet Command five months
    earlier is finally translated by Arturis, an alien passenger recently invited onboard whose species has
    a great affinity for language.  The directive brings the U.S.S. Voyager to a spacecraft, emitting a
    distinctive Starfleet warp signature, but totally unlike any Starfleet vessel known.  With a propulsion
    system faster than warp speed, the ship is capable of bringing Voyager to Earth - crossing 60,000
    light years - within just three months.  The ship is discovered to be an elaborate ruse on the part
    of Arturis, who seeks revenge against Voyager and her crew for their part in assisting the Borg to
    defeat Species 8472 which led to the survival of the Borg and assimilation of Arturis' people.
    Arturis planned to use this ship to transport the Voyager crew back into Borg space to be assimilated.
                                                               "Hope and Fear" [VOY]

Stardate Unknown:  Several months later, The crew of Voyager launches an ambitious, high risk mission
    to invade a  damaged Borg sphere to steal Borg transwarp technology.  The Borg quickly detect the
    plan, and swiftly access Seven's neutral transceiver to communicate to her an ultimatum: the
    destruction of Voyager and the assimilation of her crew if Seven doesn't rejoin the Collective.
    Seven of Nine is captured and returned to Unimatrix Zero One, where the Borg Queen reveals that
    Seven was intentionally left aboard Voyager in a scheme to further understand the nature of human
    resistance.  Seven does not comply with the wishes of the Borg Queen.  Meanwhile, Captain
    Janeway, mystified at Seven's apparent betrayal prepares an away team for a daring rescue. The
    rescue attempt leads to a vicious showdown with the Borg Queen.  To refine their tactics for the
    dangerous heist, the crew reviews data found in the field records of Seven's parents, researchers
    Magnus and Erin Hansen, before they and their young daughter Annika (later Seven of Nine)
    were assimilated by the Borg.  The crew of Voyager is successful in stealing a transwarp coil and
    escape assimilation.                            "Dark Frontier" [VOY]

Stardate Unknown:  Sometime later, the Federation Starship Voyager encounters a severely damaged
    Borg cube vessel with all adult drones aboard dead.  The only surviving crew of the cube is a handful
    of Borg children who had been prematurely released from their maturation  chambers.  The Borg
    children attempt to steal Voyager's navigational deflector in order to repair their damaged cube, and
    contact the Collective in order to return to the hive.  The crew of Voyager discover that a virus
    infected the cube, killing all adult drones aboard the vessel.  They also make the startling discovery
    that the Borg have dispatched a vessel to intercept the damaged cube - to destroy it rather than re-
    assimilate it, in order to prevent the deadly virus from spreading to the rest of the Collective.
    Seven of Nine convinces the Borg children to come aboard Voyager in order to save them from certain
    death at the hands of the Borg.  Aboard Voyager, the Doctor is successful in removing the Borg
    implants from the Children.                  "Collective" [VOY]

Stardate 54014.4:  Seven of Nine experiences what she believes to be a vivid dream, only to discover
    the existence of Unimatrix Zero - a virtual construct where Borg drones with a special mutation go
    during their regeneration cycles and can exist as individuals.  Seeing this as an opportunity to destroy
    the Borg from within, Captain Janeway orders Seven of Nine to re-enter Unimatrix Zero to contact
    the drones there.  Seven finds Axum, who informs her that Unimatrix Zero was created by a recessive
    mutation that began with the assimilation of a single drone and has since spread to thousands.  Axum
    has developed a nanovirus to hide the genetic marker from the collective, but it is only a matter of
    time before the Borg Queen figures out how to circumvent this and finds a way to destroy Unimatrix-
    Zero.   Axum asks Seven to help, and Captain Janeway agrees to assist the affected drones.  The crew
    of Voyager modifies Axum's nanovirus to allow the infected drones to retain their individuality after
    awakening from their regeneration cycles.  Captain Janeway, Tuvok, and B'Elanna Torres transport
    aboard a Borg vessel in order to deliver the virus to the Central Plexus - the device which links all the
    drones aboard to the Collective.  The away team appears to have failed and are assimilated, but the
    Borg Queen discovers their plan and attempts to convince Captain Janeway to coerce the occupants
    of Unimatrix Zero to surrender.  Janeway orders the destruction of Unimatrix Zero in order to preserve
    the resistance.   The away team is successfully rescued from the Borg and the newly liberated drones
    from Unimatrix Zero begin to gather their forces.
                                                             "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

Stardate 54973:  With the help of Admiral Kathryn Janeway from the future, the crew of the U.S.S.
    Voyager encounters a Borg Transwarp Hub and embarks on an ambitious plan to use it to return to
    the Alpha Quadrant and cripple the Borg in the process.
                                                              "Endgame" [VOY]


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