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Xanthan marmots - A vendor at a trading outpost introduced the Enteprise away team to Xanthan marmots,
    a part of the local wildlife.  According to him, they make excellent pets and their flesh is quite succulent
    when prepared properly.                  "Raijin" [ENT]

Xantoras - A planet whose government had been politically unstable for years.  It was taken over by a
    militant faction that demanded that all off-worlders leave.  Enterprise had to pick up a Denobulan
    geological team there.                       "The Breach" [ENT]

Xarantine ale - Drink that was a commodity for the Xaarantine people.  The Klingon scout Somraw raided a Xarantine
    outpost, stealing some of this ale, which was later found to be infected.
                                                            "Sleeping Dogs" [ENT]

Xarantine outpost - Outpost for the Xarantine people that was successfully raided by the Klingon scout Somraw.
                                                            "Sleeping Dogs" [ENT]

Xenobiology - The IME asked Phlox to become the Director of Xenobiology.  He was considering it
    but had become rather fond of his shipmates and so did not want to leave them just yet.
                                                              "Affliction" [ENT]

Xenopolycythemia - Presumably, the alien version of polycythemia, which is an honest-to-goodness blood disease.
    Phlox uses the ruse that Archer is suffering from xenopolycythemia in order to be permitted to visit him in his cell.  He
        causes the cell guard to move out of earshot by mentioning how xenopolycythemia is highly contagious.
                                                              "Judgment" [ENT]
    The disease which McCoy caught.      "For The World Is Hollow And I have Touched the Sky" [TOS]

Xindi - SEE: Xindi

Xyrillians - SEE:  Xyrillians


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