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The Six Xindi Species:
All Xindi, regardless of species, appear to share characteristic ridges on their cheekbones.
All Xindi have a genetic profile that are nearly identical to each other.  Their base pair sequencing is
    much closer than humans and chimpanzees, more like humans and neanderthal.
                                                            "The Xindi" [ENT]

The Xindi are comprised of five different species (and a sixth extinct species):
[ Primate ][ Aquatic ][ Reptilian ][ Insectoid ][ Arboreal ][ Avian ]

1. Primate / Humanoid  - They have forehead and cheek ridges, and a big chin.  Rounded horizontal ridges
    arch between a V-shaped pair leading downward to pronounced eyebrow ridges, which curve around
    the eyes and down to the cheeks; these side-ridges are lined with a half-dozen tooth-like points.
                                                                "The Xindi" [ENT]
    The primates have always been fair and truthful in their relations with the Arboreals.
                                                                "The Shipment" [ENT]

2. Aquatic - unintelligible vocalizations.  When Aquatics use the past tense, they switch to sonar.
    There's a saying: "It's easier to count the stars in the sky than it is for an Aquatic to reach a decision."
    Aquatics respect boldness and confidence.  They view hushed tones with suspicion.  The Aquatics have
    an innate distrust of the spoken word.  They respond more strongly to visual stimuli.  Because of this
    they developed the technique of using biometric holograms.  It is also used to train physicians.
                                                              "The Council" [ENT]
    The Aquatic language is difficult to master.  Cmdr. Dolum had heard it spoken his entire life and still
    it did not come easily to him.            "Countdown" [ENT]

3. Reptilian - cranial stalks.
    The Reptilians are untrustworthy.   "The Shipment" [ENT]
    Reptilians prefer to be near the ground.
                                                              "The Council" [ENT]

4. Insectoid - unintelligible vocalizations.  Insectoids live for only about 12 years.  They are genderless
    and all insectoids are capable of laying eggs.  The eggs have an unusual defense mechanism - they
    spray a substance on anybody who approaches which causes that person to become "imprinted"
    on the eggs and develop a highly exaggerated sense of protectiveness toward them.
                                                               "Hatchery" [ENT]
    Their names grow longer the older they get, so they become a little difficult to pronounce.  In many
    ways, the Insectoids are the opposite of the Aquatics.  They're quick to take sides.  Their language
    has 67 dialects, some of which were easier to master by Hoshi than others.  The Insectoids interpret
    raised voices as a sign of hostility.    "The Council" [ENT]

5. Arboreal / Sloth - a furry ape-like humanoid.

6. Avian - As far as Gralik knows none of them fled before their homeworld was destroyed and so their
    species is now extinct.   His grandfather told Gralik of places where the sky was filled with Avians.
                                                               "The Shipment" [ENT]

Places of Interest:
Azati Prime - A Xindi colony of Primates resided there at one time, and it was the site for the
    construction of a Xindi weapon of mass destruction.   The coordinates of Azati Prime are
    1127.4 by 4052 by 3901.1.

Calindra system - site of the weapons test of a prototype planet destroying weapon.

The Delphic Expanse - A mysterious region some 2000 ly across where the laws of physics don't apply.
                                                            "The Expanse" [ENT]

Xindus: The Xindi homeworld - A Xindi humanoid miner told the Enterprise the coordinates of the Xindi
    homeworld but when they arrived there, they only found debris strewn across 80 million kilometers
    from a planet that was destroyed approximately 120 years ago.
                                                            "The Xindi" [ENT]
    The Xindi's homeworld had an unstable geology, so when the Reptilians and Insectoids, during a war,
    detonated massive explosions beneath the eight largest seismic fissures, the planet was destroyed.
                                                             "The Shipment" [ENT]

Council Meeting place - The meeting place is 50 ly's from Earth.  In the Council chamber, the land-based
    races are seated at a large round table in the center of the room, while the aquatics stay in a large tank
    adjoining the chamber by a window. The chamber has built-in equipment for holographics and a
    viewscreen for telemetry.                    "The Xindi" [ENT]
    The Council chamber is located on a planet 11.6 light-years from Azati Prime.
                                                               "E2" [ENT]
    The chamber itself was actually a stronghold built by the Xindi-Avians before they became extinct.
        According to Xindi archaelogists it is over 4,000 years old.  It is 2 km up from the planet's surface
        and the only way in is from the air.  It is perfectly concealed by cloud layers which are present
        throughout the year.                       "The Council" [ENT]

The Orissin Distortion Field - lies somewhere between the destroyed homeworld and the Council meeting
    place.                                               "The Xindi" [ENT]

The Council:
The Xindi are ruled by a Council which has representatives from each of the different species there.
The Xindi Council was formed after the destruction of the Xindi homeworld in the 2030s. It consists
of all Xindi species: arboreals, aquatics, insectoids, primates, and reptilians. Each race has two
representatives. It was formed to find a new homeworld for all the Xindi races. However, although
they found a few suitable planets, they could never agree on a final choice.  All the different species
seem to vie for control of the others.

Circa 2150, the council discovered that humans were going to destroy them in four hundred years.
In a panic, they assigned a primate, Degra, to construct a weapon to destroy Earth.
                                                                "The Council" [ENT].

The names of the Council members:

Arboreals: Jannar, Narsanyala
Aquatics: Kiaphet Amman'sor, ??? (Qoh)
Insectoids: ???, Shresht
Primates: Mallora, Degra
Reptilians: Dolum , ???

date unknown:  The 6 species of Xindi all evolved on a single planet.  They develop a complex relationship
    over time with alliances forming and shifting constantly.  Wars between two or more members were not
    unknown.                                               "The Shipment" [ENT]

ca 1933:  A war begins that went on for nearly a hundred years.  The sides changed, alliances were forged,
    then broken.  By the time it ended, it is doubtful that any of the six species remember what started it.
                                                                "The Shipment" [ENT]

ca 2033:   In a final desparate act of the war, the Insectoids and Reptilians detonated massive explosions
    beneath the 8 largest seismic fissures of their planet.  It resulted in the destruction of their homeworld
    and the extinction of the Avian species.  (Date is from the analysis of the debris left of their planet...
    judging by the field dispersion it happened approx. 120 years ago.   "The Xindi" [ENT]).
                                                              "The Shipment" [ENT]

shortly after 2033:  The Great Diaspora begins with Xindi scattering throughout the Expanse.  The
    Sphere-Builders saved the Xindi from extinction.  When their homeworld was destroyed, the
    Sphere-Builders began appearing to the survivors.  They'd guide them to habitable planets.  Show
    them the location of valuable resources.  They're practically worshipped by the Xindi who call
    them "The Guardians."                        "The Council" [ENT]
    After their homeworld was destroyed a Xindi Council was created to find a new homeworld for all
    Xindi.                                                  "Strategem" [ENT]
    The Council was formed to prevent other Xindis from sharing the fate of the Avians (extinction).
    In the days following the founding of the Council there were some difficult sessions.
                                                                "The Council" [ENT]
    The Council once needed to resolve a simple logistical matter.  It took the Aquatics six days to agree
    to attend the meeting.  Their prudence was usually the only thing that kept the Council from dissolving
    in the chaos of those days.                    "Countdown" [ENT]
    After years of searching, the Council found a few suitable locations for a new homeworld, but as usual,
    couldn't agree on a final choice.            "Strategem" [ENT]

2103:  Degra is born.

ca 2141:  Xindi council are told by the trans-dimensional Sphere Builders that their world would be
    destroyed by humans 400 years in the future.
                                                                "The Expanse" [ENT]
    The Aquatics weigh every argument in excruciating detail.  For a long time, they were against building
    a weapon to destroy Earth before Earth destroyed them.  They changed their minds when the Guardians
    addressed the Council, and presented what was claimed to be a visual record taken from the future.
    It showed mankind destroying the Xindi's new home world.  This powerful evidence convinced the
    Aquatics.                                            "The Council" [ENT]
    The Council's plan for reunification and search for a new homeworld was put aside when they learned
    of the threat from Earth.  Degra was ordered to begin designing the weapon.  He devoted years to it.
                                                               "Strategem" [ENT]
    Date is based on the quantum dating of pieces of the first Xindi weapon as 12 years ago (from 2153)
                                                                "The Expanse" [ENT]
    Because he didn't want the Reptilians or Insectoids to have too much control, Degra has the Aquatics
    do the actual building of the weapon.     "Countdown" [ENT]

early 2153:  A Reptilian pilots the prototype weapon that kills seven million people on Earth.
    Enterprise NX01 is reassigned to search the Delphic Expanse for the Xindi responsible for the
    attack.                                                "The Expanse" [ENT]

2153:  The Xindi become aware that an Earth ship has entered the Expanse looking for them.  The leaders of
    the Xindi meet and debate whether or not the arrival of the Enterprise is a sign of invasion.  An insectoid
    member demands that Enterprise be destroyed, but other species argue for tests and observation.  The
    Xindi Council finally decide to keep an eye on Enterprise for a while.
                                                                "The Xindi" [ENT]

mid-2153:  An accident at Degra's research facility destroys much of lab and kills three researchers,
    putting weapon project behind schedule. Council manages to obtain human biometric-scans for a
    bio-weapon, but bio-weapon is rejected.
                                                                "Rajiin" [ENT]

mid-2153:  Three reptilians travel back in time to 2004 Detroit and attempt to build a bio-weapon
    based on human blood types. This plan is foiled by Archer and T'Pol.
                                                             "Carpenter Street" [ENT]

December 2153:  Degra's prototype weapon test in Calindra system is observed by Enterprise and
    Andorian warship Kumari.             "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Shortly afterwards:  Degra is captured by Enterprise and reveals location of Xindi weapon.

Jan 2153:  Enterprise reaches Azati Prime. Archer disembarks on suicide mission to destroy weapon,
    but is captured. Enterprise is severely damaged by a Xindi attack.

The Xindi have been lied to and manipulated by the Guardians, They have extensively studied the
    spheres for decades and know them to have harmful effects on space but have never been able to study
    their interiors.  They were unaware that the Guardians and the Sphere-builders are the same race.
                                                                "The Council" [ENT]

ca. 2554:  There are Xindi serving together with Humans aboard the Enterprise-J as part of the Federation.
                                                                "The Council" [ENT]

Bio-weapon - Rajiin was planted on the Enterprise to collect data on the humans for development of the
    weapon.                                                "Rajiin" [ENT]
    The council rejected the proposal to build the bioweapon.  So the Reptilians began to secretly develop
    it in Earth's past.  The weapon was based on the 8 different blood types of humans.
                                                                "Carpenter Street" [ENT]

Parasites - Reptilians use them on Primates.  After injection, they invade the neocortex.  Once they begin
    reconfiguring the synaptic pathways, it makes the victim complient.  Humans, or at least Hoshi, are
    quite resilient.  She needed two treatments with the parasites before she would cooperate with the Reptilians.
    But the severe neural trauma she underwent was able to be repaired by Phlox's osmotic eel and cortical
    treatments.                                           "Countdown" [ENT]

Rifle, Xindi Reptilian - Enterprise obtained one from the boarding party that attacked the ship.
                                                                "Rajiin" [ENT]
    It has the same quantum imprint as the Xindi probe that attacked Earth and the kemocite that
    is being manufactured at a Xindi colony.  Phlox and Tucker examine the rifle.  They discover the rifle
    has biological components that are alive and can reproduce.  Phlox has discovered that the organic
    component of the Xindi rifle modulates the rifle's power output.  Phlox has been trying to find a
    way to destroy it.  He's found that delta radiation does the trick but that it would take large amounts
    to work and that this would be dangerous to humans.  Omicron radiation has the opposite effect and
    causes the biological components to breed faster.  When Trip tries to test the rifle it overloads and
    he had to beam it out into space before it exploded.  Evidently it was some sort of  antitampering
    feature.                                                "The Shipment" [ENT]

Seekers - Devices that are used by the Reptilians for tracking.  They were being used to find Gralik.
    Reed and the others destroyed one before it got a good look at them.  Gralik suggested that they go to
    a nearby cave where the walls are lined with topaline so they will be safe from the seekers.
                                                                "The Shipment" [ENT]

Probe / Sphere Super-Weapon -
    Prototype weapon:   The prototype weapon cut a swath on Earth 4,000 km long from Florida to
        Venezuela and killed over 7 million people.  A Vulcan transport located the pod in central Asia.
        They retrieved it and brought it to Starfleet HQ.  There was a pilot who was killed on impact.
                                                                "The Expanse" [ENT]
        The E2 tried unsuccessfully to stop the probe from entering the vortex for Earth.
                                                                "E2" [ENT]
    Second prototype:   A Xindi weapon which resembled the first.  It is small enough to fit in
        Enterprise's Launchbay.
    It must be remote-operated, because it emits lethal amounts of radiation.  Its intended output
    (orange beam) is enough to destroy a spherical moon (rocky celestial bodies don't assume a spherical
    shape until they reach several hundred miles in diameter).  Its "launch platform" is a square that fits
    around the sphere's equator, with a wide rectangular feature (engine?) aft and a narrow one (controls?)
    When the prototype overloads, it first spins and its surface ruptures, spilling blue light.  The explosion
    is blue, with a spherical central component and a toroidal component that expands faster.
                                                                  "Proving Ground" [ENT]
    Final Weapon:   When trying to disable the weapon, ships aimed at the primary generators - six meters
        under the aft thruster. The generator may be a necessary part of the process of opening a vortex since
        it seemed the Reptilians had to wait for it to reach max power before the order was given to open one.
                                                                "The Council" [ENT]
        The propulsion system has to be offline in order to arm the weapon.
                                                                "Countdown" [ENT]
        Degra kept his schematics for the weapon encrypted.  It was determined that the only
        way they could destroy the weapon was from the inside.  They weren't able to transport directly
        onto the control platform since it was too heavily shielded.  They had to beam in and out to a
        peripheral platform.  To destroy the weapon, Archer had to disable its reactor at a specific point
        during the inversion sequence.  If this is not done in the right order, the internal safeguards kick in,
        making it impossible to create an overload.  The inversion sequence is third from the left, second
        from the right, first one on the left, fourth from the left, and the remaining fifth one is to be inverted
        after the reactor is disabled.               "Zero Hour" [ENT]

   Arboreal Shuttle - Abandoned on Loque'eque homeworld two weeks ago.
                                                                  "Extinction" [ENT]
   2 Arboreal Ships - Part of Enterprise's escort.
                                                                  "The Council" [ENT]
   5 Arboreal Ships - Part of an 18 ship attack force.
                                                                  "Countdown" [ENT]
   Arboreal Ship
          Part of 18 ship attack force
          Destroyed by anomaly
          + ENT "Countdown"

   5 or more Aquatic Patrol ships
          + ENT "Azati Prime"
   4 Aquatic Ships - Trident
          + ENT "Azati Prime"
   Aquatic Cruiser
          + ENT "Azati Prime"
   Aquatic Ship
          + ENT "Damage"
   Aquatic Pod  - Delivered to Enterprise
          + ENT "Damage"
   Aquatic Cruiser
          + ENT "E^2"
   Aquatic Cruiser - Presumed destroyed by anomaly
          + ENT "Countdown"
   5 Aquatic Ships - Part of 18 ship attack force
          + ENT "Countdown"
   Aquatic Ship
          Part of 18 ship attack force
          + ENT "Countdown"
   Aquatic Cruiser
          + ENT "Zero Hour"

   Insectoid Ship - Part of six-ship attack force
          Twelve years after new timeline formation
          + ENT "Twilight"
   Insectoid Ship [ 2 ]
          + ENT "Stratagem"
   Insectoid Ship [ 100s ]
          (simulation backstory)
          + ENT "Stratagem"
   Insectoid Hatchery Ship  - Forced to land on unnamed planet due to fractured nacelle
          + ENT "Hatchery"
   Insectoid Shuttle  - Assault vehicle aboard Hatchery ship
          Taken by Enterprise
          + ENT "Hatchery"
          Air and water capable
          Captain Archer
          Retaken by Xindi
          + ENT "Azati Prime"
   Insectoid Ship
          Destroyed by Enterprise
          + ENT "Hatchery"
   Insectoid Ship [ 2 ]
          + ENT "Azati Prime"
   Insectoid Ship [ 5 ]
          Part of Xindi weapon escort
          + ENT "The Council"
   5 Insectoid Ships - Part of Xindi weapon escort
          + ENT "Countdown"
   Captain Degra
          + ENT "Proving Ground"
          Taken by Enterprise
          + ENT "Stratagem"
   Shuttle from Degra's ship
          + ENT "The Council"

Degra's Ship -  His ship is fast (fast enough to catch the weapon) but not well-armed.
                                                                  "Zero Hour" [ENT]
   2 Primate Ships - Part of Enterprise escort
                                                                  "The Council" [ENT]


   2 Reptilian Ships - (one smaller than the other)
          + ENT "Rajiin"
   Reptilian Shuttle
          + ENT "The Shipment"
   Reptilian Ship [ 2 ]
          Disabled by Enterprise collision
          "Several months" after new timeline formation
          + ENT "Twilight"
   Reptilian Ship [ 2 ]
          Probe escorts
          "Several months" after new timeline formation
          + ENT "Twilight"
   Reptilian Ship - Part of six-ship attack force
          Twelve years after new timeline formation
          + ENT "Twilight"
   Reptilian Ship - Part of six-ship attack force
          Twelve years after new timeline formation
          + ENT "Twilight"
   Reptilian Ship
          Destroyed by Degra
          + ENT "The Forgotten"
   Reptilian Ship [ 10 ]
          Part of Xindi weapon escort
          + ENT "Countdown"
   Reptilian Ship
          "Captain" Dolim
          + ENT "Countdown"
          Destroyed by Kumari
          + ENT "Zero Hour"

  Other Class/Type
   Garbage scow
          "Weeks later" after new timeline formation
          + ENT "Twilight"
  Unknown Class/Type
          Raided by Osaarian pirates
          Adrift for less than two days
          + ENT "Anomaly"
   Ship [ 2 ]
          Disabled by Enterprise
          + ENT "Proving Ground"
          + ENT "Proving Ground"
          + ENT "Stratagem"
   Ship [ 2 ]
          + ENT "Azati Prime"

Individuals of Note:
Damron (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) - (deceased) Xindi-Reptillian.  A colleague of Degra's.  He made a
    proposal to the Council to develop a bio-toxin to destroy earth.  Damron and his team disappeared
    shortly after his proposal was rejected.  They decided to go ahead with the plan without the Council's
    permission and with the help of the Sphere-builder went back to Earth's past to develop it.  They
    were stopped by Archer and T'Pol.    "Carpenter Street" [ENT], "The Forgotten" [ENT]

Degra (Randy Oglesby) - Xindi-Humanoid/primate. male.
    2103:   He was born in the Delphic Expanse. He was a representative in the Xindi Council.
    Although he was a politician, Degra was also a scientist. He studied the mysterious spheres in the
    Expanse. Degra also helped design the power systems on the Xindi-Reptilian warships. He also
    developed several theories for planet-destroying weapons.
    He had a wife named Naara. Their two children are named Piral and Jaina. Sadly, three months into
    Naara's third pregnancy, she contracted an aprolean fever, causing her to have a miscarriage and the
    child was lost. Had the child survived, Degra and Naara would have named it Trinia. Degra loved
    his children and would do anything to protect them.
    ca 2141: the Xindi Council learned from the trans-dimensional Sphere Builders that humans were
    going to destroy them in the 26th century. Degra agreed to design the prototype weapon, devoting
    years to it.
    2153:  Degra and his team completed the first stage of the planet-destorying weapon project. When
    the first weapon arrived in the Sol System, Degra and the other council members watched as the
    Reptilian pilot fired the weapon, killing seven million people. As he watched the telemetry, Degra
    asked himself, "How many of those seven million were children?".
    Several months afterwards:  Degra and his colleagues constructed the second weapon and planned to
    test it in the Calindra system. The test appeared to be successful, but the weapon failed to destroy
    one of the system's moons. Degra's hope to see what went wrong was dashed when the weapon was
    taken by an unknown ship.                "Proving Ground" [ENT]
    Shortly afterwards:  Degra and his crew were captured by the starship Enterprise, NX-01. While on
    board, Captain Archer launch an elaborate ruse to trick Degra to reveal the location of the weapon.
    Degra gave them the coordinates of the star system Azati Prime, but he was tipped off. Archer then
    launched another ruse, making it seem that Enterprise reached Azati Prime. Degra yelled that "their
    defense perimeter will destroy them", exposing the location of the weapon. Right afterwards, Degra
    and his crew's memory were erased.
    Three weeks later:  Capt. Archer reached Azati Prime on a suicide mission to destroy the weapon,
    but was captured. He tried to convince Degra that the weapon's purpose was false.
    Three days later:  Degra and Janar boarded Enterprise to find evidence that they were mislead. During
    this time, a Reptilian warship and demanded that Degra undock. Degra and Enterprise succeeded in
    disabling the ship. However, to prevent the exposure of their alliance, Degra destroyed the Reptilian
    ship, killing all 22 crewmembers.
    This incident led to the end of Degra's life. When Archer confronted the Council, the Primates, Arboreals,
    and Reptilians voted and agreed to postpone the weapon launch. Shortly afterwards, Com. Dolum met
    Degra in his quarters and stabbed him. As Degra died, Dolum vowed that "when the humans have been
    eliminated, when the council is replaced by Reptilian rule," he will find Degra's family and kill them.
                                                                "The Council" [ENT]

Guruk Dolim (Scott MacDonald) - Reptilian male.  Council representative, Regimental Commander.
    There's a story about him which may or may not be true that his daughter gave birth to a son which
    had a deformity in his right arm... Not life-threatening, but enough to preclude his ever joining the
    military and that Commander Dolim had his own grandson poisoned.  Com. Dolim met Degra in his
    quarters and stabbed him. As Degra died, Dolim vowed that "when the humans have been eliminated,
    and the council is replaced by Reptilian rule, he will find Degra's family and kill them.    (The name
    Guruk was never given on screen, but comes from the novelization by J.M. Dillard).
                                                               "The Council" [ENT]

Gralik Durr (John Cothran Jr.)-  Xindi-Arboreal/Sloth. male. The chief technician of a kemocite
    refinement facility for 42 years. Archer interrogated him, only to learn that he knew nothing about
    the attack on Earth.  Surprised by what has  happened, Gralik decided to help delay the weapon's
    progress.                                               "The Shipment" [ENT]

Jaina  - Primate, youngest child of Degra and Naara.

Jannar (Rick Worthy) - Arboreal/Sloth Council representative.  When the Council learned that humans
    were going to destroy them in the 26th century, and Degra was assigned to build a weapon to destroy
    Earth, Janar agreed that the humans had to be destroyed.  But like several other council members, Janar
    voted against the creation of a bioweapon.
    Late in the weapon's construction, Degra started to have second thoughts about building it. Janar kept
    assuring Degra that it was necessary. However, he also started having second thoughts shortly afterwards.
    He and Degra went aboard Enterprise, to see the evidence that Captain Archer claimed to have about how
    they were manipulated to attack Earth. Although Janar didn't seem to believe Archer, he still admitted
    that his evidence was compelling.
    He's fair-minded; a scientist.  He'll listen to facts.  Degra counts him as a friend.
                                                                "The Council" [ENT]

Kessick (Richard Lineback) - (deceased) Primate, enslaved on Trellium-D mining colony.
                                                                 "The Xindi" [ENT]

Kiaphet Amman'sor - Aquatic Council representative.  She is a member of the Ibix dynasty-- a very
    wealthy, very powerful family.  Her opinions carry considerable weight when she arrives at them.
                                                                "The Council" [ENT]

Kolo (Andrew Borba) - Commander.       "The Council" [ENT]
    Reptilian Commander ordered by Dolim to stay behind with his squadron and guard the weapon as he went
    to intercept the ships coming to stop him from launching it.
                                                                "Countdown" [ENT]
                                                                "Zero Hour" [ENT]

Mallora (Tucker Smallwood)  - Primate Council representative

Naara - Primate female, wife to Degra and mother of two children.  She made many sacrifices so the Xindi
    weapon could be built.                        "Strategem" [ENT]

Narsanyala  - Arboreal/Sloth  Council representative.  (This name was never given on screen, but
    comes from the novelization by J.M. Dillard).
                                                                  "The Xindi" [ENT]

Piral - Primate, eldest child of Degra and Naara.

Shresht- Insectoid Council representative. (This name was never given on screen, but comes from
    the novelization by J.M. Dillard).

Thalen - Primate, Degra's assistant.

Trenia - Primate.  Child of Degra which didn't live.

unnamed Captain (Bob Morrisey) - Reptilian.  "The Forgotten" [ENT]

unnamed pilot - Reptilian.  The pilot of the attack probe sent to Earth was apparently a member of the Reptilian
Xindi Probe pilot    species of Xindi.
           "The Xindi" [ENT]

unnamed Soldier - the Reptilian who died had committed suicide by activating a "suicide gland" which
    Phlox said was not natural.  It was genetically engineered.
                                                                  "Rajiin" [ENT]

unnamed Soldier (Bruce Thomas) - Reptilian.

unnamed Technician (Paul Dean) -            "Countdown" [ENT]

unnamed Technician (Jack Alsted) -          "The Shipment" [ENT]

unnamed Technician (Sam Witwer) -          "The Shipment" [ENT]


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