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Xyrillians.  Alien species.
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On average, they are a little shorter than humans.
They have dermal plating on their bodies that allows them to detect other people's moods.
When reproducing, the Xyrillians only utilize the genetic material of the mother.  The males simply
    serve as "hosts."

Homeworld:  Thera

Alien Contact: They are very familiar with meeting other cultures and have developed a decompression
Airlock    process to acclimate most humanoids to their atmosphere. The
    decompression process normally takes 6 hours, but 40 mg of Mirazine can
    cut this time in half.

Holographic Technology: Xyrillians have advanced holographic tech that uses "resequenced"
    photons to create matter.  They gave the technology to the Klingons in order to prevent their ship
    from being destroyed.

Granules: They play a game using a pyramidal basin filled with crystalline "granules".  Each player
    inserts both hands, creating a low-level telepathic link, the two people then may exchange thoughts
    and extract personal trivia from the other.  The granules allow genetic material to be passed to
    Tucker which causes him to be impregnated with the offspring growing between his 6th and 7th
    intercostal ribs.

Kaja lakala royj kaiti  =  We ask you not to harm us.  We are complying with your request.

Ship  Crew Compliment:  36

    Fuselage:  The vessel had a tapering main hull with two nacelles
        on trailing arms and what appears to be a sensor array
        mounted between them.

    Stealth Technology:  The Xyrillian vessel can hide within the
        plasma wake of another ship.  By doing this they can use the
        plasma wake to power their engines.  However this restricts
Ship interior           the flow of the plasma exhausts of the ship they are hiding
           behind, causing various power drops and surges.

    Propulsion: Their engines use teraphasic warp coils that seem to be
        somewhat fragile.  The plasma exhaust of other ships can be used
        to replenish the terraphasic coils.

    Environmental Systems:   Their ships seem to be partially organic as
        green grass grows on the floors that releases a vapor that helps
        them metabolize their food.  The food grows all over the walls.
        the walls are glowing with bioluminescent moss, the consoles
        operate with viscous fluids and electrical arcs, there's an aquarium
        holding hundreds of undulating eels.
                    "Unexpected" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Ah'len (Julianne Christie) - A Xyrillian female that is engineer of the ship Commander Tucker
Ah'len    boarded to aid in repairs.  When she used granules with Tucker to see if they could
    read each other’s minds, it caused an unintentional exchange of genetic
    material which impregnated him.
                                          "Unexpected" [ENT]

Trena'L (Randy Oglesby) - The commander of the Xyrillian ship Tucker helps to repair.
Trena'L                                              "Unexpected" [ENT]


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