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Y-500 Class Freighter - SEE: Freighter, Y-500 Class.

Y-class Freighter - SEE: Freighter, Y-Class.

Yalasat - Type of cactus that grew in the northern foothills on Zobral's planet that was turned into wine.
                                                          "Desert Crossing" [ENT]

Yarahla - SEE: Vulcan starships, Maymora class.

Yosemite Three - A small unarmed Earth orbital station..  It is a research post with usually 30 to 40
    civilians aboard.  Dolim destroyed it at the start of the Xindi-Reptilian attack on Earth.
                                                              "Zero Hour" [ENT]

Yrott - Article of clothing that was used to denote the minority of the caste system that existed on Zobral's planet.
    The day the system was abolished, there were celebrations where they burned the garments in the streets.
                                                              "Desert Crossing" [ENT]


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