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UESPA - Acronym seen on an Earth Starfleet plaque seen on a wall in the NX-02 Columbia.
                                                                "Divergence" [ENT]

Ulis - SEE:  Ferengi, Ulis

Ulysses - A work of classic literature by James Joyce.  While waiting for Enterprise to return, Reed
    pulled out a copy of this book.  Tucker snorts at the choice, and Reed haughtily explains that
    British schools have a "core curriculum"; while Americans probably spend all their time reading
    comic books and "those ridiculous science fiction novels".
                                                              "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]

Uniform - SEE: Uniforms, Ranks, & Insignia.

Uniform Patch - SEE: Uniforms, Ranks, & Insignia

Union Station  - Hoshi compared the Enterprise's traffic to this train station in Washington D.C. , Earth.
    She was trying to delay Captain Sopek while the Enterprise launched a shuttle to save Captain Archer
    and T'Pol.  They had been kidnapped and were in a hostage situation on Coridan.
                                                              "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

Universal translator - Highly advanced computer program onboard Earth and Federation starships;
    also integrated into communicators or combadges, to translate unknown alien languages into English,
    including those that have never previously been encountered.  The universal translator often doesn't
    work perfectly, requiring manual assistance by an experienced linguist.
                                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    New languages typically take several seconds to be translated.
                                                             "Unexpected" [ENT]
    The effects of the Ent crew's translators are invisible to Riaan.  Archer's translator is included in his
    communicator.  While skulking with Riaan, it breaks down, and her words suddenly come through
    unaltered.  To conceal his distress, he kisses her while fiddling with the controls.  (She does not object.)
                                                             "Civilization" [ENT]
    SEE: linguistic database, translation matrix, phonetic processor, communicator.

U'tani -  A merchant said that his Xindi customers had recently purchased two U'tani serpent women.
                                                                "Raijin" [ENT]

Utopia Planitia  -  Colony established on Mars by humans.
                                                                "Terra Nova" [ENT]


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