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Uniforms, Ranks and Insignia. 

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Earth Starfleet uniform

[ Standard Duty ][ Flag Officer ][ Dress ][ Excursion ][ Provisional ][ Adapted ][ Medical ][ Active ][ EV Suit ]

Designed by veteran
TNG/DS9/VOY costume designer Robert Blackman, the Earth Starfleet duty uniform
first appeared in "Broken Bow", and was used for the entirety of
Star Trek: Enterprise. Intended to be a
precursor to the uniforms designed by
William Ware Theiss seen on The Original Series, the uniforms strongly
resembled the flight suits worn
by US and NATO military aviation and missile personnel of the present.
The uniforms also resembled those
worn by Zefram Cochrane and the mission crew of the warp-ship
Phoenix during their historic mission seen in Star Trek: First Contact.

Standard duty uniform

[ 2150s ][ 2160s ]

2140s - 2150s

Captain Jonathan Archer in a command division duty uniform, 2154.

The jumpsuit design was adopted as early as 2143.
                                                                "First Flight" [ENT]

The basic duty uniform for Starfleet personnel - Field, or Line officers
and crewmembers in service aboard starships and outposts, including
those at Starfleet Command on Earth, consists of a dark blue or purple
single piece NASA-like jumpsuit.  Men and women wear the same type
of uniform.
In the episode "A Night in Sickbay", Captain Archer can be seen wearing what appears to be the bottom half
only of the uniform jumpsuit. While all evidence seems to indicate that uniform is strictly a jumpsuit, a two-piece
variant may have existed.

Shown in the form of colored piping at the shoulders, Earth Starfleet divisions were displayed in the following code:

    Gold – Command division (includes flight control, helm officers)

    Red – Operations division (includes Engineering, and Security)

    Turquoise Blue/Green – Sciences division (includes Medical, and Communication officers)

    Red and silver/white – Admiralty The Earth Starfleet uniform also bore several distinctive features not present in uniforms of the later
Federation Starfleet - the most prominent being several zippers and pockets.
While Gene Roddenberry had dictated that zippers, buttons and other "modern" closures would be
antiquated by the time of the 23rd and 24th centuries, costume designer Blackman utilized an abundance
of zippers and buttons in his costume designs for Enterprise indicating its position in time before the
Star Trek.

Also there was an assignment patch worn on the left upper arm sleeve.  The assignment patch is based on the
wearer's home assignment - in the case of the NX-01 crew it would be an Enterprise emblem patch.
Later uniforms would have a United Earth Starfleet patch (featuring the stylized arrowhead emblem) on the
right upper arm.  Rank insignia on duty uniforms are worn on right side of shoulders only, but rank insignia
on dress uniforms and flag officers uniforms are worn on both sides.

The uniforms were made out of a flame retardant material.
                                                              "Cease Fire" [ENT]

Fitted close to the body, the uniform closed at the front in addition to zipping at the cuffs and pant legs. The uniform
was also marked by several pockets, lining the legs, arms and chest. The rank insignia, presented as silver,
rectangular pips, was displayed on the right chest, set within the division color piping. The uniform jumpsuit was worn
over a black, button-up mock turtleneck, with heavy black, leather-like boots.
                                                                (ENT: "Broken Bow", "First Flight")

The garment worn by all active duty Starfleet personnel is similar to an overall or jumpsuit, but it has a series of vents
and cuffs that allows it to be altered into a more fitted outfit. The advantage of the one-piece style is that it can be
mass-produced easily in a number of sizes, and then altered to fit by the wearer once he or she has pulled it on.

A long, frontal, centrally mounted zipper runs from the top of the straight slightly raised collar all the way down
to the lower abdomen. This allows the uniform to be taken off quickly, or put on swiftly, simply by stepping into
the trousers, placing the arms into the upper section and the pulling the upper half up and over the shoulders until
it is correctly fitted on a male or female crewmember. The zip can be worn high or low for additional comfort
round the neck. The colour of the uniform is blue, and is manufactured from a hard wearing mixture of materials
that provides some protection to the wearer during normal duties, as well as warmth and comfort. The sleeves
feature long zips built into the forearms just behind the cuffs, which fold over the wrist to create a relatively
close fit above the hands. This combination is particularly useful for engineering personnel or those carrying out
maintenance, as the close-fitting sleeves will not get in the way of potentially sensitive equipment while carrying
out their duties, and leaves the hands completely exposed while working. If the crew members need to have
their upper arms completely exposed when working in wet or extremely hot conditions, the cuffs can be quickly
opened with the zips, and the entire lower section of the sleeve rolled up over the bicep.

The right sleeve of the uniform includes a small zipped pocket on the outside of the garment, and is large enough
to hold small tools. Pockets are a significant feature on the uniforms of 2151 - the upper chest of the uniform
includes a horizontal pocket on the right breast just below the identification piping, along with three narrow vertical
stitched flaps into which can be placed narrow tools or implements for immediate access. There is a longer vertical
pocket positioned on the left side of the uniform's front, along with two large pockets located on the upper left and
right thighs of the garments. This combination provides great opportunity for the crew to carry a number of items
with them at all times, with the accessibility of the uniform's design reflecting a need for the carriage of additional
equipment within the highly experimental environment of the Enterprise.


Debuting during the second season of Enterprise, "new" uniforms were introduced, dyed a slightly lighter blue.
Initially worn only by the regular cast members, the uniforms were eventually used by the entire crew (though
some background performers could still be seen wearing the older, darker version through the run of the series).

Interestingly, despite being set nearly ten years earlier, the light-blue versions were worn in the episode "First Flight".

Ensign Hoshi Sato in a sciences division duty uniform, 2161

By the year 2161, several modifications were made to the Earth Starfleet duty uniform. New additions to the
uniform included epaulets on the shoulders as well as an additional mission patch displaying the Earth Starfleet
logo worn on the right sleeve, and a name tag worn on the left shoulder.

According to interviews, designer Robert Blackman had hoped producers would allow him to add
name tags to the duty uniforms during the early design stages of
Enterprise. While this desire went
unfulfilled, he seemed to get his wish... at least for one episode.

Flag officer uniform

Commodore Maxwell Forrest in uniform, 2143

Similar to the duty uniform, a separate uniform was in service for Earth Starfleet's higher-ranking flag officers,
including admirals and commodores. Bearing the same style division piping (though restricted to red and white in color),
the flag officer's uniform was a navy-blue, two-piece style uniform, far more formal than the standard duty jumpsuit.
Displaying the wearer's rank insignia on both shoulders, the uniform also featured wide red and white piping on the cuffs.
                                                                        (ENT: "Broken Bow", "First Flight")

While it is possible other officers wore this uniform, only flag officers such as Commodore, then Admiral
Maxwell Forrest were seen wearing it. Resembling the current "Class A" service uniforms worn by the
US Air Force, this uniform was not altered for its appearance in 2161 in "These Are the Voyages...".
Nevertheless producer Manny Coto can be seen as an extra in that episode wearing a version of this
uniform that sports an
Enterprise mission patch, as well as more TOS-like rank insignia.

Notice higer ranking officers in audience.
                                                                      "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Dress uniform

Captain Jonathan Archer in a dress uniform, 2161

On certain occasions, such as diplomatic or other formal functions, a dress uniform was also available to Starfleet
personnel as early as 2161. Also bearing the same style division color piping around the shoulders, but lacking
the zip-up pockets, the dress uniform was a brighter blue than the standard duty uniform and a more formal,
two-piece jacket and trouser set. Similar to the flag officer's uniform, the dress uniform also had stripes around
the cuffs indicating rank which was also displayed on both shoulders. Worn over a white tunic with a mandarin collar,
the dress uniform was marked by two mission patches – one bearing the Earth Starfleet logo on the right sleeve,
and one bearing the individual assignment patch on the left.
                                                                    (ENT: "These Are the Voyages...")

The Earth Starfleet dress uniform made only one appearance, in the final episode of Enterprise, worn by
Captain Jonathan Archer. Oddly, the sleeve stripes appear to be nearly identical to the type worn by
commodores in the 2140s (see Flag Officer's uniform above), though his shoulder pins clearly identify
him as a captain still. However, since Manny Coto's appearance in the same episode introduced a more
TOS-like flag sleeve stripe, it is possible that the previous design used for commodores is now used for
captains, with commodores adopting the thicker, braided TOS-style look. Of course, it is also possible
that the mix-up is a result of the 24th century holodeck being incorrect in its historical details.

Excursion uniforms

Desert Uniform

Captain Jonathan Archer in desert attire, with sunglasses and uniform cap

For use in desert or other more inhospitable terrains, specialized uniforms were available to Starfleet personnel
serving aboard starships. Consisting of a tan long-sleeve shirt, trimmed in black piping and
zipping at the collar, the uniform was worn over khaki pants similar to the trousers of the standard duty uniform.
Also worn with a black belt, the uniform displayed the ship's assignment patch on the left shoulder and the
wearer's rank insignia on the right collar. Optional sunglasses were also available.

Desert UniformDesert Uniform

                               "Desert Crossing" [ENT], "Kir'Shara" [ENT]

First seen used in the harsh desert conditions of "Desert Crossing", the uniform was also used by
Malcolm Reed, Travis Mayweather and "Trip" Tucker during a rock climbing expedition in "The Breach",
suggesting that it may simply be a all-purpose "excursion" least one that provides more
comfort and flexibility than the confining jumpsuit duty uniform.

Arctic gear

Admiral Forrest in Starfleet arctic gear, 2153

Like the excursion uniform, a heavy jacket and trouser set was available for use in freezing or harsh cold conditions.
Consisting of a thick, dark-green hooded jacket, pants and boots, this uniform was in use as early as 2153 and
available to officers serving aboard Earth Starfleet starships and at Starfleet Command on Earth.
                                                                 (ENT: "The Seventh", "Regeneration", "The Aenar")

Excursion jackets

[ Type A ][ Type B ][ Type C ]

 Excursion jackets were issued in a variety of colors and materials, maintaining the familiar division color stripes
and uniform patches of the duty uniforms. Some, but not all, of the jackets featured rank insignia.
                                                                (ENT: "Broken Bow", "These Are the Voyages...")

Type A

Ensign Travis Mayweather wearing a command division officer's excursion jacket, 2151  Ensign Travis Mayweather wearing a command division officer's excursion jacket, 2151.

  Available as early as 2151, a heavy, quilted uniform jacket, blue-gray in color
  was used in colder climates.  Worn over the standard duty uniform, this heavy
  jacket is zipped at the front. It features a traditional thick turn-down collar, and
  possesses the coloured piping to indicate departmental function.  Like the standard
  outer garment, it has a zipped breast pocket, and the vessel's mission emblem on
  the upper left sleeve.

                "Broken Bow" [ENT], "Oasis" [ENT]

According to co-creator Brannon Braga's audio commentary for "Broken Bow",
this version of the
excursion jacket was replaced early during Enterprise
season one at the request of Paramount Pictures execs, who for some reason
did not approve of the quilted look.

Type B

A command division officer's excursion jacket, 2153

A second jacket option was also available aboard Earth Starfleet vessels and shuttlepods in the 2150s.
Gray in color, the jacket was essentially a thinner version of the previous design, retaining the same
division color and pocket configuration, but abandoning the quilted look.

By the year 2161, the jacket was modified slightly. Coinciding with the alterations made to the standard duty
uniform, the excursion jacket gained a second mission patch (on the right sleeve) and a nametag (worn on the
left breast).                                             (ENT: "Shadows of P'Jem", "These Are the Voyages...")

Created to replace the previous jacket design, this new version first appeared in "Shadows of P'Jem"
and lasted through the entire run of the series. At least two of these jackets appeared to be stowed
Shuttlepod 1 in the appropriately-titled episode, "Shuttlepod One".

Type C

Captain Jonathan Archer wearing the excursion long coat, 2154.

In use aboard starships such as the NX class Enterprise as early as 2154, a third jacket option was available
for excursions into hot, dusty or desert terrain. Worn over the khaki excursion uniform, this long jacket was tan
and featured black piping around the shoulders where the division color piping would be located on a
standard duty uniform or excursion jacket. This jacket also had pockets, one on each side of the chest.
Unlike the other two jacket designs, this version did not display a mission patch.
                                                                            "The Forge" [ENT]

Provisional uniform

Sim wearing a provisional uniform, 2153

Similar in design to the standard duty uniform, a gray jumpsuit was available to personnel serving aboard,
or visiting, Earth vessels in the 2150s. Featuring none of the familiar mission patches, rank insignia, or
division color piping, this plain jumpsuit bore a high collar that zipped all the way at the front. It also
featured several pockets on the chest, arms, and legs of the jumpsuit and was worn with the same black boots
that were worn with the standard duty uniform. (ENT: "Similitude", "Cold Station 12")

Clearly created from the same basic materials as the standard jumpsuit, this uniform was most likely
comparable to the "utility uniforms" seen through the runs of Star Trek: The Original Series and
Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was seen, though, in only two episodes, worn by "visitors" Sim and Udar.
According to the It's A Wrap! sale and auction, the front pockets of this uniform are faux.

Adapted uniform

Commander T'Pol in an adapted uniform, 2154

After receiving a Starfleet commission in 2154, Vulcan Commander T'Pol wore a uniform design adapted from
her civilian jumpsuits during her service aboard Enterprise. Retaining the same basic appearance, her jumpsuits
gained division color piping at the shoulders, rank insignia on the right breast, and an Enterprise assignment patch
worn on the left sleeve.

By 2161, T'Pol's uniform also gained a name tag and Earth Starfleet mission patch worn on the right sleeve, per
the alterations made to the standard duty uniform. (ENT: "Borderland", "These Are the Voyages...")

While T'Pol had been seen in the standard Starfleet jumpsuit in episodes like "Twilight" and "Hatchery",
the producers opted not to give her a uniform of her own following her promotion. Perhaps to retain
sex appeal that might have been lost had she donned the less-revealing Starfleet uniform, they instead
made cosmetic changes to her existing wardrobe.

Medical wear

A Denobulan doctor in a Starfleet lab coat, 2154

Several options were available to enlisted and civilian medical doctors in the service of Earth Starfleet during the
2150s. Denobulan and Human doctors wore civilian clothing beneath stark, white lab coats at locations including
Cold Station 12. These lab coats featured pockets on the left chest and mission-specific assignment patches on
the left sleeve.                                                     (ENT: "Cold Station 12")

In surgical situations requiring sterile conditions,
silver, rubber-like scrubs were available aboard
starships as early as 2151. These scrubs did
not include masks, but did include similar silver
gloves and covered the wearer from neck to toe.
       (ENT: "Broken Bow", "A Night in Sickbay")

Even though it was clearly stated that surgical
masks and sterile gloves were still in use
during Berlinghoff Rasmussen's trip to the
22nd century, neither Dr. Phlox nor any
other medical officer has ever been shown
                                                                                                     wearing a mask during the entire run of
                                                                                                             "A Matter of Time" [TNG]

Active wear

Commander Jonathan Archer in Starfleet active wear, 2143

For use in more casual circumstances or during physical exercise and training, active wear was available to
Earth Starfleet officers serving at Starfleet Command on Earth as early as 2143. Among the options was a
light-gray long sleeve shirt with dark-gray trim at the sides and beneath the arms. The shirt was marked by
a name tag adorning the right breast and an Earth Starfleet mission patch worn on the left sleeve. This tunic
was sometimes worn over standard duty uniform trousers. (ENT: "First Flight")

EV suit

Pressure suit

A typical EV pressure suit

In use aboard Earth Starfleet vessels during the early 2150s, the typical environmental suit (or "EV suit") featured
an independent air supply and gravity boots. Distinguished by a copper-colored, rubber-like material, these uniforms
featured helmets connected by thin material that allowed a wide range of movement. Featuring a heavy chest place
sitting on the shoulders, these suits were worn with tight-fitting gloves (with zipper connections) and shoe-like boots,
with heavy, ridged soles.

The helmets were illuminated from within, casting a blue light on the wearer's face, with lamps mounted on either side
of the head to illuminate the surrounding area (if needed). Air supply gauges were located on the back of the suit,
as well as on the sleeve. Identifying name tags and mission patch logos were located on the chest plate, alongside
a built-in communicator, tied into an ear piece. (ENT: "Fight or Flight", "Sleeping Dogs", "Minefield")

Under suit

The EV under suit

Worn beneath the standard environmental suit was a distinct under suit. This form-fitting uniform was dark-gray
in color and featured ribbing along the sides and chest, zipping at the front. The suit could be worn with a
belt capable of holding a sidearm and various other pieces of equipment. It was also worn with booties that fit
within the gravity boots of the outer EV suit.             (ENT: "Sleeping Dogs")

Other uniform features


Ensign Hoshi Sato and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed in their underwear, 2151

Archer in underwear
For use beneath their uniforms, Starfleet personnel (22nd century) had at their disposal specific under garments
for wear as early as 2151. These underwear consisted of bright blue garments, trimmed in black. Both men
and women wore boxer-brief-style shorts and tank tops.
                                                                        (ENT: "Broken Bow", "Sleeping Dogs", "Acquisition")

The characters in Star Trek: Enterprise appeared in their underwear several times over the course of
the series, with "Acquisition" keeping Commander Tucker in his underwear for the better part of an
entire act. Appropriately, Dr. Phlox and T'Pol wore non-regulation underwear in "Bounty" though
T'Pol's may have been Vulcan issue.


In addition to the basic outer uniform, all personnel up to the rank of captain wear a black undershirt fastened by buttons.
Archer putting on the shirt that is
worn over the underwear and outer garment
Archer wearing, unbuttoned, the shirt that is
worn over the underwear and under the outer garment

The flag officer's uniform was usually worn over a white,
button-up dress shirt and navy-blue tie, but may optionally
be worn over the black shirt.
                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]

Head gear
Available for use with the excursion uniform and standard duty uniform was a black hat,
embroidered onto the front in red and silver lettering with the specific registry number
of the wearer's home assignment. Made of stretchable material, these hats were essentially
one-size-fits-all "baseball caps." While these caps were generally worn during away missions,
some officers wore theirs aboard ship (often seen in engineering).
                                             (ENT: "Broken Bow", "Desert Crossing", "Hatchery")

One of the more contemporary aspects of Enterprise, the NX-01 ball cap was first seen worn by an
engineering crewman in "Broken Bow" and was last seen on an incognito T'Pol in "Hatchery".
Though the hats were common in early episodes, it had fallen into disuse (aboard
Enterprise at least)
by season three, although Jonathan Archer wore a hat while crossing Vulcan's Forge in season 4.

                                                                             "The Forge" [ENT]

The nature of the Enterprise's interior construction also calls for comfortable and protective footwear due to
the large number of exposed metallic surfaces and ladders, so all personnel wear the same thick soled
black zipped ankle boots around which the lower part of the uniform's trouser is fitted to prevent the leg of the
uniform being caught while climbing or walking.

 Mission Patches -

  Enterprise logo/crew patch -Clearly mounted on the upper left sleeve of the
  uniforms is the vessel's mission badge or emblem, it’s a styilized version of the
  ship as seen from above over a starfield with the word “Enterprise” on the side
  (shown here on a black background).  It's a tradition that is continued from the
  early missions of space exploration undertaken by NASA, and dating back to
  the 20th century.  The patch of the Starship Enterprise first appeared in the pilot
  "Broken Bow".

  In a later uniform revision of the 2150s or 2160s, personnel wore the Starfleet
  patch on their right shoulder as well as the left shoulder assignment patch.
 "First Flight" [ENT], "These Are the Voyages..."[ENT], "The Royale" [TNG]
 This patch shows backward-conformity as regards image content and
 styling by the show's producers - it is established in the first pilot for TOS
 called "The Cage" that United Earth is the authority under which the
 USS Enterprise NCC-1701 operates, and a United Earth patch (a
 variant on the one in [Enterprise]) is worn by certain crewmembers
  in that pilot including Dr Boyce, a main character. 


  The patch of the Starship Columbia first appeared in the episode "Home".
  The ship's motto is Latin for "Fortune favours the bold".

The patch of the Starship Intrepid appeared in the episode "The Expanse".
It was created by Mike Okuda and pays homage to the patch of the
United States Navy Essex-class carrier USS Intrepid CVS-11. The ship's
motto is Latin for "In the Sea In Heaven".

 The patch of the ECS Fortunate appeared in the episode "Fortunate Son"
 where it was worn on the right upper arms of the crew jackets.

 The patch of the ECS Horizon appeared in the episode "Horizon".
  Like the Fortunate patch it was worn on the crew jackets.

  The patch of Coldstation 12 appeared in the episode "Borderland".

The patch of Starfleet's Security Division appeared in the episode "Affliction".

  The patch of the United Earth Diplomatic Corps appered in the episode "The Forge".

The patch of the Mission Control Center appeared in the episode "Silent Enemy"
where it was worn by a friend of Lt. Malcolm Reed. Mike Okuda originally created
this logo for the Mission Control Center of NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston.

Several assignment patches were on display in the 602 Club.

Composite screenshot is from the ENT Season 2 DVD special features.

The NX Project patch appeared in the episode "First Flight" and was
worn on the pressure suits.
Several assignment patches were on display
in the 602 Club. Because of the central placement of the NX Project
patch in this display it might be assumed that the other patches represented
organizations that in some way contributed to, or were related to the
NX-01 development.
                                            "First Flight" [ENT]

Patches pictured, from top, clockwise:

Tycho Base - Sol region NA-01.  The patch of Tycho Base appared in the
episode "First Flight". It was seen in a display on a wall in the 602 Club.

Starfleet Command patch - The design of this motif, although it develops
over the next few centuries, will stay basically the same as regards general
colour scheme, the circle, its wide border, stars being included in the
design, and the arrowhead.  Like other Enterprise patches, the
Starfleet Command patch was designed with backward-conformity
in line with
later Starfleet Command logos.  The Starfleet Command
logo first appeared in "Shadows of P'Jem" on a flag outside of Starfleet
Headquarters. It was first used on a patch in "First Flight". In the 2160s,
all Starfleet personnel wore the Starfleet Command patch on the right upper
arm as seen in "These Are the Voyages...". The Latin motto translates as
"To the stars through hardships". Patch design and motto pay homage to the insignia/motto of NASA.

First to Saturn - Christopher, Fontana, O'Herlihy.

This mission patch comemorated the Earth-Saturn Probe which was the first
manned mission to Saturn.  The expedition was led by Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher.
Other crewmembers included Fontana and O'Herlihy.  Astronauts Fontana and O'Herlihy
are named after writer D.C. Fontana and director Michael O'Herlihy.
"Tomorrow is Yesterday" [TOS]


Starfleet Mission Control - The Starfleet Mission Control patch
appeared in the episode "First Flight" and were worn on the pressure
suits. The Latin motto
Mission Control patch translates as "Achievement through excellence".

Phoenix - Faster than light - Zefram Cochrane


 NX Project - L5 Test Station

patch - This patch shows backward-conformity as regards
 image content and styling by the show's producers - it is established
 in the first pilot for TOS called "The Cage" that United Earth is the
 authority under which the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 operates, and
 a United Earth patch (a variant on the one in [Enterprise]) is worn
 by certain crewmembers in that pilot including Dr Boyce, a main

Starfleet Mission Operations

Mirror Universe Patches

Rank insignia

[ Flag Officers ][ Line Officers ][ Crewmen ][ MACO ]

The early Starfleet ranks had at least three enlisted position, four officer ranks, and three ranks for use by flag officers.
This represents the rank insignia seen on screen throughout these uniforms' appearances.
It is possible that ranks that weren't seen here could exist, and have insignia that we haven't seen.
For the record, the ranks referenced in other Starfleets, but
not referenced in the Earth Starfleet organization,
are: petty officer, chief, lieutenant junior grade, lieutenant commander, and fleet admiral.
Lieutenant j.g. and lieutenant commander were specifically mentioned in an interview in
Star Trek Monthly
not to be included in Robert Blackman's costume design.

In the mirror universe, however, the Terran Empire counterparts did have a lieutenant commander grade,
as well as fleet admiral and at least one grade of non-commissioned officer (where the "regular universe"
had none, only having crewmen representing their enlisted complement).

Rank is indicated by a series of small rectangular silver pips.  Rank insignia on duty uniforms are worn on
right shoulder flash only, but rank insignia on dress uniforms and flag officers uniforms are worn on both the
left and right shoulder pads.

Flag Officers
Fleet admiral
Fleet Admiral
The most senior flag rank in Starfleet. 
This rank never appeared on camera and thus is not considered canon.
File:Ent adm.png  
The second most senior flag rank known to exist in Starfleet.
Dialog from Star Trek Enterprise indicated that the "four star" rank of admiral also existed in the
Earth Starfleet, but no one holding this rank was ever seen on camera.

Vice admiral 
Earth Starfleet vice admiral insignia      
Starfleet flag rank immediately inferior to full admiral, but superior to a rear admiral.
Rear admiral

Earth Starfleet rear admiral insignia          
The lowest grade of admiral in Starfleet. It is inferior to a vice admiral, and superior to a commodore or captain.

Earth Starfleet commodore insignia                   
Commodore pips   Commodore stripes
Superior to Captain, inferior to Rear Admiral.
Line Officers

Earth Starfleet captain insignia    
Captain pips            Captain stripes
    The most senior regular line rank in Starfleet. It is most often held by starship and starbase commanders,
     as well as adjutants and executives serving beneath admirals. This rank is usually considered a big transition,
    because it is often the first rank in which officers run a base of operation (for example, a starship) more or
    less by themselves. The equivalent ground forces rank to Starfleet captain is colonel.

In the modern US Navy, captain is a four-stripe officer rank. This insignia style was used in ENT all
TNG era productions. During TOS and the movies, it had differing insignia. The TOS captains wore
one full braid, a broken braid and another full braid. However, in the pilot "The Cage", Captain Pike
wore only a single rank strip, so it was not clear how other officers were differentiated from captains.
By "Where No Man Has Gone Before", Kirk was the only officer with two stripes, but that system didn't
differentiate any other officer grades below captain except for no-stripe ensigns.

Earth Starfleet commander insignia
The Starfleet line rank immediately inferior to captain. Officers at this rank typically hold positions such as
space station commander (for example Sisko prior to 2372) or first officer of important starships (for example
Riker, on the USS Enterprise-D and -E from 2364 – 2379). Line officers reaching this rank typically have
between ten and fifteen years of experience in Starfleet. The rank of Commander is also used by some
Chief Medical Officers, including Beverly Crusher and Katherine Pulaski. Promotion to this rank involves
passing the Bridge Officer's Test.
Earth Starfleet lieutenant insignia
The Starfleet line rank immediately inferior to lieutenant commander. Officers at this rank typically have
some command experience, and are occasionally appointed department heads on starships. Typically
they are shift commanders in a department under a lieutenant commander; for example, a lieutenant commander
will be chief of engineering and will also be commander of A shift, and there will be a B and a C shift, each under a lieutenant.
The United States armed forces have various programs for service members to begin their careers as officers
in higher pay grades than second lieutenant or ensign, with commissioning in the rank of Lieutenant common
for such United States Navy occupations as Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG), Chaplains, Medical and
Medical Service Corps, as well as the Navy Dental Corps. Whether Starfleet utilizes a similar policy for
commissioning officers in the medical and science fields is unknown, although highly likely given Counselor
Deanna Troi's rapid rise to lieutenant commander after her advanced studies on Betazed. This may also explain
how Saavik of Vulcan was both a cadet and a lieutenant in
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
Earth Starfleet ensign insignia
The most junior Starfleet line rank. (the lowest rank; in the British navy the equivalent is midshipman). 
It is the rank bestowed on newly-commissioned officers when they graduate from Starfleet Academy.
Ensigns typically begin their careers as the most junior officers in the department of their chosen specialty.
Ensigns who have strongly distinguished themselves in their academy class or on duty may sometimes be
given posts as main-shift bridge officers (for example Ensign Harry Kim).   A typical officer spends
approximately three years at the rank of ensign. (TNG: "Datalore")

Crewman first class
Earth Starfleet 1st crewman insignia
Crewman second class
Earth Starfleet 2nd crewman insignia
Crewman third class
Earth Starfleet 3rd crewman insignia

MACO Ranks

The rank system used by the MACO military force of 22nd century Earth are based on traditional army ranks
from previous Earth ranking systems, particularly those of the United States of America' armed forces.
It could be assumed that the other ranks of such a system also exist, although they were not used on screen. The producers
of Star Trek apparently avoided the army ranks that sound naval (lieutenant, captain, etc.) to avoid confusion.


The flag officer rank of general was used by General Casey, the commanding officer of the MACOs who were
assigned to the Enterprise NX. This rank is approximately equivalent to an Earth Starfleet Admiral. (ENT: "The Expanse")
It was not revealed if the MACO infrastructure uses any separate grades of general rank, and no general's rank insignia
was ever made for the series. Based on the rank insignia that was shown, a 'general' would be one, two, three, or four stars.

MACO major patch

The rank of major was used by MACO field officers commanding larger groups of soldiers on special assignments.
The insignia was a gold oak leaf on a blue shoulder patch. The oak leaf insignia appears to be carried over from
the USA system insignia for major.

Major J. Hayes commanded the MACOs aboard Enterprise. Traditionally, a major is equivalent of a naval
lieutenant commander, however Earth Starfleet had no such rank at the time. Though Hayes may have technically
outranked Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, the MACO team was still subordinate to the ship's chief of security.

From the fact that Hayes named a corporal as his successor in ENT: "Countdown," it could be assumed
that he was the only MACO officer aboard


MACO major patch

The sergeant insignia was three white chevrons on a blue shoulder patch.


MACO major patch

The corporal insignia was two white chevrons on a blue shoulder patch.

Several corporals were seen assigned to Enterprise, and also posted at other Starfleet assignments.


MACO major patch

The private insignia was a single white chevron on a blue shoulder patch.

While the insignia was plainly seen, the term "private" was not used in any dialog, the
troopers in question were simply referred to as "MACOs."


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