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Antimatter - Matter with electrical charges which are the opposite of "normal" matter.   When a particle of
Evidence of Antimatter    antimatter is brought into contact with an equivalent particle of normal matter,
    both particles are annihilated, and a considerable amount of energy is released.

    The controlled annihilation of matter and antimatter is used as the power source
    for the warp drive systems aboard most starships.
                                "The Naked Time" [TOS]
    The swirling pinkish light behind the grill on the "control panel" side of the
    warp reactor is evidence of the collision of matter and antimatter.
                               "Cold Front" [ENT]
    Photonic torpedoes use antimatter warheads with a variable yield.
                                                                "The Expanse" [ENT]
    The Valakians didn't have the technical expertise to build a warp engine, nor any experience working
    with antimatter.  It is doubtful they realized how dangerous it is.
                                                                 "Dear Doctor" [ENT]
    Voyager's antimatter supply began to be drained when they hit some subspace turbulence after
    exiting a plasma drift.  It turns out that the subspace fluctuations actually duplicated all the matter
    in the ship, in effect creating another Voyager.  However, even though the effect duplicated all the
    matter, it did not duplicate the antimatter -- the two ships were forced to share the one source of
    antimatter.  The 2 Voyagers attempted to merge, but the duplicate Voyager's antimatter drain became a
    "hemorrhage" and would have been drained in 30 minutes unless they started the proton bursts again.
                                                                "Deadlock" [VOY]
    Dejaren says that it's too dangerous on the lower deck because it is flooded with antimatter radiation;
    Torres does a scan later and discovers that Dejaren is lying to them about this.
                                                                "Revulsion" [VOY]
    The Malon ship is loaded with over 90 million isotons of contaminated antimatter; the Malon have
    been using the Void as dumping ground for their antimatter waste; Torres says that Voyager's
    residual antimatter is processed in a transkinetic chamber where it is broken down on the subatomic
    level.                                                    "Night" [VOY]
    SEE Also: positron

Antimatter cascade - A chain reaction destruction of the antimatter-control devices on the ship.  Engineering
Antimatter cascade     suffers an "antimatter cascade" which started with an overload of
    the impulse relays, then the cylinders on the port wall of Engineering
    explode in sequence; the cascade stopped when it reached a
    damaged antimatter junction, otherwise it would have continued
    through the transfer conduit into the warp reactor and severely
    damaged the ship.
               "Cold Front" [ENT]

Antimatter container - Voyager ejects an antimatter container and then detonates it with a photon
 torpedo in order to disable the Vidiian ships and beam the antiviral serum on board.
     Resolutions [VOY]

Antimatter Constrictor Coils - Element of the warp drive system of an NX class starship.
                                                                  "Doctor's Orders" [ENT]

Antimatter Containment -
    When containment fields are failing, Adm. Forrest wondered if they could vent the antimatter.  When
    they could not, there was three minutes till a reactor breech.
                                                                  "In A Mirror Darkly, part 1" [ENT]
    In warp drive propulsion systems, antimatter containment refers to the use of magnetic seals and
    confinement fields to prevent antimatter from physically touching the surface of the storage pod or
    any other part of the starship.
    Failure of antimatter containment is a catastrophic malfunction, generally resulting in total destruction
    of the spacecraft.
    See also:  antimatter pod
    The starship Yamato was destroyed in 2365 when its antimatter containment failed because of the
    Iconian computer weapon.                                   "Contagion" [TNG]
    The Enterprise-D suffered several catastrophic losses of antimatter containment of stardate 45652
    when it repeatedly impacted the starship Bozeman while both vessels were trapped in a temporal
    causality loop.                                                      "Cause and Effect" [TNG]
    The Enterprise-D almost lost antimatter containment many times.
                                                                                "11001001" [TNG], Violations [TNG], Cost of Living [TNG],
                                                                                "Disaster" [TNG], and Force of Nature [TNG].
    The Enterprise-D lost antimatter containment in 2371 in a combat situation with a Klingon vessel.
    No crew fatalities resulted due to a successful saucer separation maneuver, but the ship's stardrive
    section was destroyed in a warp core breach.   "Generations" [ST#]
    In 2372, while the Defiant was in the Gamma Quadrant to observe a subspace inversion of the
    Bajoran wormhole, a power surge of the ship's warp core threatened to cause a breach.
                                                                                   "The Visitor" [DS9]

Antimatter converter - Tahna Los stole one from the Cardassians to use in combination with bilitrium
    to destroy the wormhole.                                           "Past Prologue" [DS9]
    Antimatter converter assembly - Component of starship warp drive systems, including those used in
    Constitution-class vessels such as the original U.S.S. Enterprise.

Antimatter fireworks - In the slipstream reality, they were used to honor chakotay & kim's return to
 the Alpha Quadrant  Timeless [VOY]

Antimatter Flow Regulators -
    A Klingon virus disabled the antimatter flow regulators, locking them open.  It caused a malfunction in
    the intermix chamber which made the plasma pressure rise to critical levels.
                                                                   "Affliction" [ENT]

Antimatter Inducer - Element of the warp drive system of an NX class starship. In an alternate timeline
    Captain Archer devised an improvement to the antimatter inducers which allowed Enterprise to travel
    farther on less fuel.                                "Twilight" [ENT]

Antimatter Injector - One of the Ferengi tries to pull loose the port antimatter injector, and jumps back
    from a flash-bang.  Later Krem directs Archer to the offending panel; explaining that "warp core parts are in
    high demand".  Archer tells him he'll have to shut down the "injection assembly" to remove the "antimatter
    injector".                                               "Acquisition" [ENT]
    Liana tells Tucker that they are ready to start realigning the antimatter injectors.
                                                                  "Oasis" [ENT]
    Enterprise lost 3 antimatter injectors during their fight with the Klingons.  Tucker said that if they loose
    any more that they would be in big trouble.
                                                                  "The Expanse" [ENT]
    Andorian antimatter injectors in use in the mid 22nd century used variable compression nozzles, a technology
    which NX class starships lacked.  Tucker asks Shran for one of their antimatter injectors with a "variable-
    compression nozzle."  Although that's sensitive technology, Shran agrees to give him one.
                                                                   "Proving Ground" [ENT]
    The Skaalar's ship was damaged and needed a new antimatter injector to repair it.
                                                                  "Bounty" [ENT]
    The antimatter injector on Voyager freezes; Seska says that there should have been a warning such as
    a drop in the core temperature or a magnetic constrictor alarm before this happened.
                                                                  "Basics, part 2" [VOY]
     The aliens steal 2 antimatter injectors from Voyager using their transporter beam.
                                                                   "Concerning Flight" [VOY]
     Janeway orders Kim to open the antimatter injectors to 120% to try to prevent Voyager from being
     pulled into the singularity.                         "Hunters" [VOY]

<>Antimatter Injector Port - In late 2375, when the USS Defiant was about to leave Deep Space 9
    for the Chin'toka system, Colonel Kira Nerys opened the ship's antimatter injector ports.
                                                                   "The Changing Face of Evil" [DS9]
    Species 8472 is able to access Engineering through the antimatter injector port.
                                                                    "Prey" [VOY]

Antimatter junction - Silik sneaks away, opens a panel on the underside of the port transfer conduit, and
Transfer Conduit    tears loose a cable.  Trip shows Archer that a conduit to the
    antimatter junction has been damaged.  The conduit was a two-inch
    fiber-filled cable that Silik snapped inside the rectangular transfer-
    conduit.  I'm guessing it is a means of computer control for the
    antimatter junction and when disconnected the normally open
    junction went closed.  The disconnection of the conduit prevented
    an antimatter cascade from reaching the warp reactor.
                                                    "Cold Front" [ENT]

Neutralizing Antimatter -  Antimatter can be "neutralized".
    Enterprise lost "potency" in their antimatter pods causing them to become completely inert.  At first,
    Scotty surmised that it might have had something to do with the abnormal electromagnetic field
    around the planet.  It turned out to be something like a beam or transmission from the surface of a
    type Scotty had never seen before.    Once Vaal was deactivated, potency began to return to the
    antimatter pods.                                   "The Apple" [TOS]
    According to a theory by Mortimer Harren, the tertiary product of stellar consolidation would be a
    comet-like assemblage of dark matter.  This dark-matter proto-comet would be attracted to any source
    of antimatter, but especially to the antimatter in the detonation chamber of a warp core, and neutralise
    it upon contact.                                         "Good Shepard" [VOY]

Antimatter Pod - SEE:  Antimatter Storage Pod.

Antimatter Reactor - Device that harnesses the collision of matter and antimatter to produce large quantities
Anitmatter Reactor    of energy.  Neutrino emissions indicate the possible presence of an antimatter reactor.
    The reactor turned out to be a self-contained cylindrical affair about 2-m tall.  Garos
    claimed that his antimatter reactor powered "a fabrication device" to make food and
    clothing.  Trip makes an offhand comment that it's overpowered for that purpose,
    and could clothe half the continent.  The Malurians were actually using it to power
    their underground mining operation on the Akaali homeworld.   Enterprise beamed
    the reactor into space to use as an explosive which disabled the Malurian vessel.
                                                           "Civilization" [ENT]
    Chakotay is able to sabotage the antimatter reactor which shuts down Voyager's warp drive.
                                                           "Displaced" [VOY]

Antimatter Relay - The mine foreman wanted a half liter of liquid platinum in trade to see the Xindi miner.
    Since the lining of the ship's antimatter relays are all coated with a platinum-cobalt alloy, Trip was able
    to strip them down and separate the metals.  It took 6 men half the night (till the afternoon of the next
    day) to strip more than 200 relays to get that half-liter of liquified platinum.
                                                              "The Xindi" [ENT]

<>Antimatter Storage PodsAntimatter pods are specialized forms of magnetic confinement pods.
    They are magnetized self-contained storage units which contain un-reacted antimatter fuel for a starship.
    Antimatter pods used an antimatter containment field to isolate the fuel within from contact with normal
    matter, thereby prohibiting catastrophic reaction. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual)

    Magnetic confinement bottle used for the storage of antimatter fuel in a starship.  Because of the highly
    volatile nature of antimatter, it has to be stored in special magnetic
    containment vessels, called antimatter pods, designed to prevent the antimatter from coming into physical
    contact with the storage vessel or any part of the spacecraft.  In an emergency, antimatter pods could
    be ejected from the vehicle.                "The Apple" [TOS]
    Antimatter is stored in "pods," but apparently is not fed "just-in-time" to the main reactor.  Instead,
    the active components of the warp drive contain a quantity sufficient to last at least a month.
                                                              "Anomaly" [ENT]

<>    In 2267, the antimatter pods of the USS Enterprise were slightly damaged by a surprise Klingon attack.
        At the time of the attack, the Federation starship was en route to Organia. (TOS: "Errand of Mercy")

    In 2365 the USS Yamato's antimatter containment field in their antimatter pods failed, causing the
        destruction of the ship. (TNG: "Contagion")

    In 2366 the non-corporeal Koinonians drained antimatter from the containment pods to use it as energy
    to create their replica of Marla Aster. This was stopped by increasing the shield harmonics to match the
    antimatter containment effectively severing the Koinonian beam. (TNG: "The Bonding")

    Later that year, radiation that had leaked from Doctor Nel Apgars station in orbit of Tanuga IV
        threatened the USS Enterprise-D's antimatter pod. If the radiation had surged in or near them, it
        would have destroyed the ship. (TNG: "A Matter of Perspective")

    In 2369, Commander Benjamin Sisko ejected the antimatter pod of the USS Yangtzee Kiang just
        before the runabout crashed on a moon in the Gamma Quadrant. (DS9: "Battle Lines")

    Later that year, while traveling back to the Enterprise by runabout, the starboard antimatter pod has
        been completely drained, despite the fact that there was no leak and all of the other engine systems
        were fully operational. It turned out that the runabout had entered a region of temporal fragments
        that made the antimatter pod work longer than the rest of the shuttle had. (TNG: "Timescape")

    In 2372, while Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay were trapped on a planet, Lieutenant
        Tuvok had to fight off several Vidiian warships. To do so, he released an antimatter pod and let it
        get close to the ships, and then fired a photon torpedo at it, casusing an explosion which severely
        damaged the enemy ships. (VOY: "Resolutions")     In late 2372, the crew of the Voyager escaped from a Vidiian attack by ejecting an antimatter pod,
    then detonating it with a photon torpedo. The resulting explosion was successful in disabling the
    Vidiian ships.                                      "Resolutions" [VOY]

    It was vital that antimatter pods be self-contained, so that their containment fields would continue to function
        even after being ejected from the starship. (VOY: "Resolutions")
    Starfleet Regulation 3287.0 compelled their use aboard Starfleet vessels. (TNG: "Night Terrors")

We can assume that antimatter pods are self-contained and survive some sorts of disasters aboard starships, such as the destruction of the starship, uncontrolled entry into an atmosphere, etc. This is because vehicles in the Star Trek universe do not consistently explode on every single occasion a vessel is catastrophically damaged. It is probably safe to assume that each pod has its own battery, or other power source to maintain the containment field, and/or some kind of post-exhaustion flush method. This way, it is believable that a free floating antimatter pod from a destroyed starship, or a pod remaining in a derelict hulk, could remain intact until such a time as all of the antimatter within was expended.

Antimatter Stream - The Enterprise faked a malfunction in which the antimatter stream was
    compromised, so that the Suliban would be convinced that a reactor breach was imminent and tow
    the ship away from the Helix.            "Shockwave, part 2" [ENT]
    The antimatter stream can be disrupted from junction 42 alpha.
                                                                "The Catwalk" [ENT]
    Tucker wanted to reroute the system taps to compress the antimatter stream before it reaches the
    injectors.  But you need to be traveling at warp 4.9 to get the plasma hot enough to compress the
    stream.  The stream compression has the effect of reducing warp field fluctuations dramatically.
    (which makes for a smoother and more stable ride at warp 5).
                                                                 "Similitude" [ENT]
    Firing up the antimatter stream is one of the last steps in restarting the warp reactor.
                                                                 "Divergence" [ENT]


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