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Aenar   (pronounced EE-nar).

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Physical Appearance:
They are a rare, albino Andorian subspecies.  Each Aenar antenna has a small "V" shaped notch in the cup.
                                                "The Aenar" [ENT]

The Aenar are a kind of subspecies of Andorian.  SEE:  Andorian.
Blind ice dwellers.
BrainTheir brain wave patterns can be used to identify them.
They are quite adept Telepaths.
Only a few thousand of them left.       "The Aenar" [ENT]

Genetically compatible with Andorians (Shran and Jhamel had a child) although their offspring had a

            greenish skin color.                   “These are the Voyages” [ENT]

Homeworld & Places of Interest:
Andoria.   SEE: Andoria.

Almost mythical, the Aenar had been rumoured to dwell in the arctic subterranean caves on Andoria,
using old, abandoned Andorian abodes and tunnels. Their continued existence was confirmed by
scientists for 50 years before contact was reestablished. They now occupy only one ice-encrusted,
ancient, underground city.                            "The Aenar" [ENT]
Aenar city

Extremely secretive.  Pacifists.
                                                                "The Aenar" [ENT]

Guard costume – ultra soft fur, with leather tie accents, a honey comb covering veil, faceted mother

            Of pearl on leather belt finished with multi-sized and shaped clear and Aurora Borealis “jewels”.

            The costume is designed to camouflage blending into the ice, reflect light when properly lit, and

            Provide a source of warmth and protection.

                                                            “The Aenar” [ENT]

ca. 2104:  For most of their history, the Aenar were considered a myth - stories the Andorians told

their children.  But ca. 2104 they were discovered living underground in the Northern Wastes.

They are extremely secretive and even after their discovery for the next 50 years, only a few

(less than 5) Andorians had even seen them face to face.

                "The Aenar" [ENT]

ca. November 2153:  Since the special telepathic abilities of the Aenar make them ideal for the purpose
            of remotely piloting a Romulan designed experimental drone ship via telepresence, the Romulans
            kidnap the Aenar Gareb.  They tell Gareb that the Tellarites have exterminated his people and
            that he is the last of his kind.

November 2154:  Gareb pilots the drone ship for the Romulans who hope to start
an interstellar war
            between the Tellarites and Andorians.  When the drone ship is heavily damaged Gareb suffers
            from mental fatigue.  The Romulans use stimulants on him.  When the Enterprise and a fleet of
            allied ships become involved, Gareb pilots two drone ships in a new attack on this threat to the
            Romulan plans.  However, the Enterprise, with the help of Gareb’s sister Jhamel, were able to
communicate with Gareb.  He was told the truth.  Gareb used one of the prototype drones to
            attack the other one and thereby destroyed both ships.  He was executed by the Romulan Valdore,
            but his sister was able to telepathically comfort him in his dying moments.
                                                               “The Aenar” [ENT]


Individuals of Note:
Gareb (Scot Rinker, Glen Hambly) –

Gareb                                                            “Bable One”, “United”, “The Aenar” [ENT]

Jhamel (Alexandra Lydon) –

                             “The Aenar” [ENT]

Had a daughter with Shran.     "These are the Voyages…" [ENT]

Lissan (Alicia Adams) – Name is from original script and was not mentioned on screen. 


Talla – (half Aenar/ half Andorian).  Daughter of Shran and Jhamel.

Thelin -

Unnamed Guard #1 (Glen Hambly) – He, Lissan, and Guard #2 were the ones who found Shran after he

guard #1            was injured and took him to their physician for help.

                                                                        “The Aenar” [ENT]

Unnamed Guard #2 (Nathan Effron) –– He, Lissan, and Guard #1 were the ones who found Shran after he

guard #2            was injured and took him to their physician for help.

                                                                        “The Aenar” [ENT]

Unnamed Physician (Robert Schwertzer) - He attended to Shran’s injured leg and reported telepathically to

physician            Lisson that Shran would recover.          “The Aenar” [ENT]


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