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There also exists a subspecies of Andorian called the Aenar.  SEE:  Aenar.

[ Appearance ][ Physiology ][ Homeworld ][ Culture ][ Ships ][ History ][ Individuals of Note ]

Physical Appearance:
Blue skin color, with white, sometimes yellow tinted hair, twin blue antennae, and normal humanoid ears
    (often covered by their hair.  But some variations in Andorian appearance have been seen, perhaps
    representing different races:
 1) High, knobby antennae near the back of the head.  "Journey to Babel" [TOS]
 2) Diminishing antennae standing straight out from the forehead. "ST1:TMP"
 3)  Long, stiff antennae from the top of the head  "The Offspring" [TNG]
 4)  Smaller, tendril-like antennae emerging from the upper corners of the forehead, which is heavily
      creased with bony temple ridges and another ridge down the back of the neck.  The antennae are
      much more mobile, moving slightly to sense things in their environment.  The eyebrows are white
      (matching the hair), large and heavy, with a pronounced upward curve at the outer corners.  Visible ears.
                                                            "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Doctor Leonard McCoy mentioned that Andorians must rely on intramuscular injections.
    It is therefore likely that Andorians have a different circulatory system than most other humanoids.
                                                             "Whom Gods Destroy" [TOS]
Their blood is blue.                              "Proving Ground" [ENT]
Andorians seem more susceptable to Phase pulse infection or at least it seems to affect them in a harsher
    manner than other species.               "United" [ENT]
The loss of an antenna isn't critical but it will render an Andorian defenseless since they will be unable to
    maintain their balance.  It will take a day or two before they begin to compensate for its loss.   If left
    untreated, it will grow back in 9 months.  However, with electrical stimulation and brisk cranial massage
    it will only take half that time to grow back.
                                                               "United" [ENT]
Andorian metabolism is higher than humans'.
                                                               "United" [ENT]

Andoria The homeworld is referred to as "Andoria"
                                                             "Prophet Motive" [DS9], all episodes [ENT]
As well as "Andor"                                "Change of Heart" [DS9], "In the Pale Moonlight" [DS9]
Andor is located near Betazed, Vulcan, Tellar, Earth, and Alpha Centauri and was one of the
    founding worlds of the Federation.     "In the Pale Moonlight" [DS9],
It is a "neighbor" of Vulcan.                    "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]
It is an ice planet surrounded by rings and has at least one moon.
                                                               "The Aenar" [ENT]
Andorian Space -  It was expected that the Enterprise whose top speed is warp 5 would take five days
    to get from Tellar Prime to Babel which is on the far side of Andorian space.
                                                                 "Babel One" [ENT]
Andorian cities are built underground and are connected by tunnels thousands of kilometres long.
Typically, the temperature in the arctic region of Andoria is 28 degrees below zero. Elsewhere,
temperatures do go above freezing for several weeks at a time and heat waves have been known
every few years. Shran didn't see the sun until he was fifteen years old.
                                                               "The Aenar" [ENT]

Flora and Fauna:
Amoeba - During an incident on the lost Federation starship, USS Voyager, it was revealed that
    Andorian amoeba reproduce via symbiogenesis. Lysosomal enzymes in symbiogenetic creatures
    merge with another species to create an entirely new lifeform.
                                                                  "Tuvix" [VOY]
Bull - Keiko O'Brien complains that her husband is like an Andorian bull due to the way he broods
    and stomps around whenever he's disappointed.
                                                                "Fascination" [DS9]
Zabathu - Holographic Andorian riding animals called "zabathu" are a recreation program selection on
    the Enterprise-D holodecks.                "Pen Pals." [TNG]

[ Art and Music ][ Cuisine ][ Mating ][ Death ][ Religion ][ Society ][ Language ]
The Andorian emblem (blue in black) closes video transmissions.  It consists of a horizontal row of
    variously-sized adjacent and overlapping circles (a schematic of their home system?).
                                                                 "Proving Ground" [ENT]
Arts and Music:
Andor is known for its arts and crafts; Lieutenant Ezri Dax's mother, Yanas Tigan, imported new tiles
    for her solarium from Andor.  Norvo Tegan, Ezri's gifted artist brother, had hopes of attending the
    Andorian Academy of Art, which is considered "the best" of its type, but his application was rejected.
                                                               "Prodigal Daughter" [DS9]
A popular musical style is known as "Andorian blues".
                                                              "Unification" [TNG]
Morn, resident Lurien barfly at Deep Space Nine, never understands the punchlines of Quark's
    Andorian jokes, even the one that ended with '...then the Andorian said, "This is not my antenna!".
                                                               "Homefront" [DS9]
Andorian jewelry - Highly collectible and not usually available.  Quark wanted to advertise it on the
    station's monitors.                            "The Jem'Hadar" [DS9]
Andorian silk - Prized for its softness.  A suit of it was one of Quark's theoretical offers to Odo.
                                                              "Q-Less" [DS9]
Food and Drink:
Andorian Ale - ordered by Tiron in Quark's Bar on space station Deep Space Nine.
                                                              "Meridian" [DS9]
    Shran and Archer share a flask of Andorian Ale in the officer's mess.
                                                                "Proving Ground" [ENT]
Andorian Boiler - A cooking vessel Seyetik used in the recipe he gave to DS9's officers;
                                                               "Second Sight" [DS9]
Andorian Redbat - An incident recalled by Sisko and Dax involved Science Officer Kustanovich of the
    Livingston and 8 helpings of this.       "Invasive Procedures" [DS9]
Andorian "Tuber root" - Jadzia Dax enjoys Andorian "tuber root" more than Commander Benjamin
    Sisko.  She stole the last piece of it off Sisko's plate on the Promenade.
                                                               "Second Sight" [DS9]

Andorian females are far more aggressive than Earth females.  An overture could be considered an assault.
                                                                "Babel One" [ENT]
Four partners are usually required for an Andorian marriage.
                                                                "Data's Day" [TNG]

The Ushaan:
When a Guardsman dies far from home, his / her companions carry part of them (their blood) back to the
    ice of Andoria to the wall of Heroes.  But if their death is to be avenged, their blood is spilled on the
    hand of the one being challenged.  According to Andorian tradition, the one so challenged must meet
    the challenger in a ritualized duel to the death called the Ushaan.  The rules of the combat are part of
    the Code of the Ushaan.  There are 12,000 amendments to this honor code.  The combatants are linked
    together with a cable and fight each other with an ice-miner's tool called an Ushaan-tor.  The one being
    challenged makes the first move in the combat.  Refusing to fight is a grave insult, but another can be
    chosen to fight in one's place under the Right of Substitution.  Also, if there are no children to continue
    one's clan, either combatant can postpone a duel indefinitely.  However, this rule only applies if one
    is already married.  The Ushaan is settled when one of the fighters is rendered defenseless or killed.
                                                                "United" [ENT]

One of the many "faces of God" adopted by the evil entity, trapped at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy,
    was that of the Andorian God.  According to Sybok of Vulcan, the Andorian word for "Eden" cannot be
    pronounced by non-Andorians.           "The Final Frontier" [ST5]

The Andorians describe themselves as a "passionate" and "violent race."  the Andorians' warrior prowess
    is often underestimated due to their slender bodies and soft, lisping voices.  Andorians often listen with
    their heads slightly bowed presumably to better sense the speaker by using their antennae.  The
    Andorians were first seen in "Journey to Babel" (TOS)
                                                            "Journey to Babel" [TOS]
Thelin states that Andorians, typically, are not known for charity:  "A warrior race has few sympathies,
    but that one that they do have is for family."
                                                             "Yesteryear" [TAS]
Captain Lisa Cusak, late of the USS Olympia, tells the USS Defiant crew that she was once in a
    relationship with an Andorian civilian for six years.  She was stationed as an attaché' at the
    Federation Embassy on Andor.  He was working on Andor with the Agricultural Ministry and made
    her uncomfortable, at their first meetings, by always pointing his antennae at her.
                                                                "The Sound of Her Voice" [DS9]
Commander Worf considered mountain climbing on Andor as a honeymoon vacation, although his wife
    Jadzia Dax had other plans.                 "Change of Heart" [DS9]
They think Vulcans “smell of dust”.       "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Hoshi Sato notes that the frequency variations in the synaptic activity of the "Vox-sola" creature
    resembles features of certain Andorian dialects.
                                                                  "Vox Sola" [ENT]

In the few months before Nov 2154, the Andorians had lost six freighters along the border with the
    Tellarites.                                            "Babel One" [ENT]

Pel booked passage to the Gamma Quadrant from Deep Space Nine aboard an Andorian transport.
                                                              "Rules of Acquisition" [DS9]

"Kumari" Class Warship:
named for the first ice cutter to circumnavigate Andoria. [United.]
Andorian starships are blocky.  The class has an elongated
Kumari class ship    rectangular hull, with the nose consisting of two trapezoidal wedges placed base-to-
    base.  Two vertically-stacked blue-glowing rectangular engine throats cover the
    entirety of the hull's aft end.  The midhull sprouts a gullwing-bent wing, with a
    rectangular pod (warp nacelle?) at the elbow, and a pair of elliptical pods
    (weapons?) at the tip.        "Cease Fire" [ENT]
    The Andorian Imperial Warship _Kumari_ is of the same shape.  It's faster than Enterprise, has more
    advanced weapons and sensors, and has at least one cargo bay with force field capability.  The
    antimatter injector(s) use variable-compression nozzles, which are superior to (but compatible with)
    Enterprise's.  There are at least three cargo bays; Cargo Hold 3 is midships, and has a ventral hatch
    (two flaps).
    The bridge is a square, open area with a captain's seat on a raised dais, a two-seat arched console in
    front, four single-place standing consoles around it, and a viewscreen (nearly a semicircle, with
    upcurving sides) up front.  A relief-sculpture of the Andorian emblem is on the upper part of the
    aft bulkhead.   Captain's ready-room is port-aft.
                                                            "Proving Ground" [ENT]
    Crew complement: 86.                     "Babel One" [ENT]
    When the primary systems failed, it took two minutes for warp containment to breach which was
    enough time for at least 19 of the Andorian crew to make it to the escape pods.  The ship debris
    contained significant quantities of duranium alloy.  The memory core of the data recorder contains
    the sensor logs of the ship.  It can be retrieved after destruction of the ship.  A direct hit to a particular
    set of coordinates (the location of their shield generator) should damage their shields enough to give
    another ship a fighting chance against them.
                                                             "Babel One" [ENT]
    An Andorian transport pod belongs to Shran's Imperial War Cruiser Kumari.
"Proving Ground" [ENT]

Examples of ships of this class:
Name Comments Source
Kumari first ship of its class.
destroyed Nov 2154 while escorting Andorian ambassador to Babel.
Shran was its captain for 12 years.
"Babel One" [ENT]
3 unnamed involved with Vulcans in dispute over Weytahn. "Cease Fire" [ENT]
5 unnamed opposed the Vulcan invasion of Andoria. "Kir'Shara" [ENT]
unnamed cruiser carrying Andorian ambassador was destroyed Nov 2154 "Babel One" [ENT]
unnamed holographic projection by Romulans "Babel One" [ENT]
several unnamed have been reported missing over the years. "Babel One" [ENT]

Andorian hand weapons have no stun setting. "Cease Fire" [ENT]

2050:  A planet which the Vulcans call "Paan Mokar" and the Andorians "Weytahn", constitutes a front
    between their systems.  Weytahn is a class D planet, not much larger than earth's moon whose sole
    value is its strategic location.  It is settled by the Andorians who began terraforming it.  The Vulcans
    forcibly relocated the colonists and emplaced a surveillance satellite.  It stays deserted for nearly a
    century, but in that century they have nearly gone to war over it twice.
                                                           "Cease Fire" [ENT]

prior to 2063: The Vulcans, through ambassador V'Lar, negotiated the first territorial accords with Andoria.
                                                            "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

2089:  Talks begin on a Territorial Compromise.

2097:  After 8 years, a Territorial Compromise Treaty (1200 pages) is passed in which Weytahn is
    officially annexed by the Vulcans.     "Cease Fire" [ENT]

ca. 2104:  The Aenar are discovered living in the Northern Wastes.  For most of their history, they
    were considered a myth.                    "The Aenar" [ENT]

2112:  Border incursions occur in which Weytahn becomes a focus of dispute again.  Likely this is one
    of the times that the Andorians and Vulcans have almost gone to war over the planet.
                                                               "Cease Fire" [ENT]

2151:  First Contact was made with the Andorians when Captain Archer and an away team were caught
    in the middle of a hostage situation at P'Jem.  The raiding Andorians were members of the Andorian
    Imperial Guard which had long suspected that the Vulcans were hiding a spying station at the P’Jem
    monastery in violation of treaty.  In 2 previous raids of the monastery, they had failed to find it.  After
    an armed conflict, and with the help of Enterprise, they discovered that the Vulcans had indeed been
    using advanced sensor technology to spy on Andoria, and were able to bring back evidence of the Vulcan
    spy station to their people.
    As of 2151, they do not have transporter technology.
                                                            "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

    A short while later, Andorian commandos have destroyed the P'Jem sanctuary. A warning was given,
    thus no Vulcans were injured, but Vulcan High Command temporarily suspends joint Earth / Vulcan
    fleet operations. The Vulcans describe their Andorian neighbours as "a dangerous and aggressive species".
                                                            "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

    Shran and Tholos are on the planet Coridan because they had ties to the people rebelling against the
    government.   The Andorians' presence there is a violation of the Tau Ceti Accords.  Shran and Tholos
    believe that Vulcan is planning to declare war upon their race, and have monitored all Vulcan
    transmissions since confirming the use of P'Jem as a spy station. Shran rescues Archer from Coridan
    kidnappers and now considers that his debt to Archer, which has prevented him from sleeping, is now
    fully repaid.                                     "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

Late 2152: A military conflict erupts between the Vulcans and Andorians over the small terraformed
    planet, Weytahn, which both sides claim, the Vulcans announce they wish to discuss terms for a
    "cease fire".  Imperial Guard Officer Shran believes the only person he can trust to mediate such a
    negotiation is Jonathan Archer, so the captain and the Enterprise are called into the fray.
                                                             "Cease Fire" [ENT]

2154: An Andorian was attacked on Earth because of the xenophobia caused by the Xindi incident.
                                                               "Home" [ENT]

Stardate 43152.4:  A Starfleet Admiral once said that a group of renegade Andorians in the Triangulum
    system had completely disappeared from that system.  In actuality, they dismantled their ship and
    hid it.  Riker had some experience with Renegade Andorians as well.
                                                                "The Survivors" [TNG]

Stardate 43657.0:  Lal narrows its choices on gender and appearance to four, one of which is an
    Andorian female, which would be the only one on board the Enterprise-D.
                                                             "The Offspring" [TNG]

Stardate 43872.2:  The Andorians wish to bid for the shipment of Tellurian spices Kivas Fajo has
    offered; they've had four days, and interrupt Fajo when he is questioning Data.
                                                            "The Most Toys" [TNG]

When the Dominion invades the Federation planet of Betazed, grave fears are held for the future of so-called "safe"
    planets, including UFP founding worlds such as Andor, Vulcan, Tellar and Alpha Centauri.
                                                                "In the Pale Moonlight" [DS9]

Individuals of Note:
Chirurgeon Ghee P'Trell of Andoria, Doctor - Dr. P'Trell and Julian Bashir of Deep Space Nine were
    both unsuccessful nominees for the Carrington Award, Earthdate 2371. He had done amazing work
    in gerontological research, but was not as popular as Dr. April Wade.
                                                              "Prophet Motive" [DS9]

Erib - An Andorian which had been a Starfleet Medical School colleague of the future Doctor Bashir.
    Dr. Elizabeth Lense, of the USS Lexington, had their identities confused for many years, as a result
    of her mistaking Erib for Bashir at a party.
                                                             "Explorers" [DS9]

Keval (Jeff Ricketts) - Member of the Andorian Imperial Guard.
Keval                            "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Lal - While serving as a crewmember of the USS Enterprise-D, Lieutenant Commander Data created an
Lal     android child, Lal, which he encouraged to select its own appearance and gender.
    Lal almost chose the guise of an Andorian female.  As such, she would
    have been the only Andorian on the Enterprise-D.
             "The Offspring" [TNG]

Sarahd - Andorian ambassador who was appointed Vice President in 2161 to the first Federation President in 2161.     "Generations" [ST7]

Shran, Thy'lek (Jeffrey Combs) - Member of the Andorian Imperial Guard.
Shran   date unknown:  When a boy, he stumbled into a large den of ice-bore worms, and
    wound up with third-degree burns over half his body.
                                         "The Aenar" [ENT]
    date unknown: He lived all of his boyhood in the underground cities of the
        Andorians and didn't see the sun until he was 15 years old.
                                          "The Aenar" [ENT]
    2142:  Becomes captain of the warship Kumari.
                                          "Babel One" [ENT]
    To get to the proving ground of the Xindi weapon prototype, Enterprise has to
    move through a field of anomalies and takes heavy damage in the process, but is
    saved by an Andorian ship under Shran's command. Shran offers Archer
    assistance in the battle against the Xindi and both work together to take the
    Xindi weapon prototype. However Shran planned to keep the weapon.  Archer
    would not let him and detonated it.  Shran barely jettisoned it in time to save his
    ship.                         "Proving Ground" [ENT]
    Nov 2154:  Kumari is destroyed by Romulans posing as Tellarites.
                                                                "Babel One" [ENT]
    ca 2156:  Has a daughter by Jhamel.
    ca. 2157:  Shran retires from the Imperial Guard as a hero.  He enters civilian life in order to raise
        his family.
    ca. 2158:  Shran made some poor choices and picked the wrong friends... people involved in
        questionable business ventures.  They thought he took something that belonged to them.  Feeling
        that it was essential that they think that he had met his demise, Shran faked his death with the
        help of some old colleagues from the Imperial Guard.
    2161:  Shran's "former associates" found him and he had to go on the move for about six months.
        Finally, one night, they kidnapped his daughter.  They threatened to kill her unless he gave them
        what they wanted.
    A week later and 3 days before signing of Federation Charter:  Shran decided to contact Enterprise.
        Enterprise had believed he was dead for 3 years.  Enterprise helped him and he recovered his
        daughter.                                       "These are the Voyages" [ENT]
    In an alternate future, Captain Trip Tucker refers to Shran as having the rank of General.

Shras, Ambassador (Reggie Nalder) - Andorian Ambassador appointed to participate in the negotiations
Shras     to admit Coridan into the Federation.
                           "Journey to Babel" [TOS]

Shres - The novelization by Vonda N McIntyre featured additional computer questions for Spock during
    his retraining.  One question concerned an Andorian scientist named Shres, who had created a four-
    dimensional time gate.                     "The Voyage Home" [ST4]

Talas (Molly Brink) - female.  Lieutennant.  Tactical officer aboard the Kumari.
                                                            "Proving Ground" [ENT]
    Talas came from a priviledged and wealthy family.  Her mother was a commander in the Andorian Imperial
    Infantry. She could've chosen any career, and never known discomfort, but she felt the call of duty and
    pledged her life to the Imperial Guard.  She also could have had her choice of mates but chose Shran.
                                                            "United" [ENT]

Tarah (Susie Plakson, stunts by Katie Rowe) - female.  Lieutenant.  Officer of the Imperial Guard.
     Shran's second-in-command.
                                        "Cease Fire" [ENT]

Telev (Christopher Shea) - Captain of the lead ship of one of three ships that came to aid Shran on Weytahn.
Telev                                                             "Cease Fire" [ENT]

Thelev (William O'Connell) - A minor aide in the ambassadorial party which journeyed to the Babel
Thelev     Conference of 2267.  He murdered the Tellarite Ambassador Gav, implicating
    Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan in the plot. He then attempted to assassinate
    Captain James T Kirk of the USS Enterprise. Thelev was subsequently
    revealed to not be an Andorian at all, but was an Orion spy on a suicide
    mission and had been surgically altered to pass as an Andorian. A
    transmitter was hidden inside one of his false antennae.
          "Journey to Babel" [TOS]

Thelin, Commander (voiced by James Doohan) - the alternate timeline replacement for First Officer Spock,
     created when the normal timeline was broken. He vanished again when Spock
    traveled back through the Guardian of Forever.
                                          "Yesteryear" [TAS]

Tholos (Steven Dennis) - Member of Andorian Imperial Guard.
Tholos                       "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]; "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

Thon (Gregg Sargeant) - A member of the Andorian Imperial Guard.
Thon                            "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Tlollu (Richard Geary) - Inmate of Elba II, a rehabilitation outpost for the criminally insane.  He is seen
Tlollu    wearing clothing that is atypical of Andorians, meanwhile, one of the human
    patients of the facility can be seen wearing a traditional Andorian
    suede tabard.  Although unnamed in the episode, in the short story
    collection, adapted by James Blish, this Andorian was referred to as
    "Tlollu" by Lord Garth.
                                          "Whom Gods Destroy." [TOS]

Unnamed Councilors at the trial of James T Kirk - Two Andorians served as councilors at this trial of Kirk
     and his bridge crew which followed the destruction of the USS Enterprise at the
    Genesis planet. One of the Andorians had a traditional appearance, but the
    other, an Admiral, was seen with humanoid ears, balding hair and white
    eyebrows.                     "The Voyage Home" [ST4]

Unnamed Crewmembers - After its first five-year mission, new crew sign aboard the refitted USS Enterprise,
     many of which are supposed to have been Andorian.
              "The Motion Picture." [ST1]

Unnamed Drill thrall (Dick Crockett) - "knocked out" in battle by Captain James T. Kirk of the
    USS Enterprise while they, and numerous other humanoids, were the property
    of the Triskelions.  In James Blish's short story adaptation, and
    presumably the original script, this thrall was not an Andorian.
    Instead, it was described as a bald, purple-skinned "thing", with
    its nose-holes covered by flaps of loose tissue.
                                                              "Gamesters of Triskelion." [TOS]

Unnamed Elysian Council Member - in the "Sargasso Sea" region of space known as the Delta Triangle.
                                                              "The Time Trap" [TAS]

Unnamed General (Granville Van Dusen) - male.  General who gave orders to Shran to steal the Xindi
    weapon.                                              "Proving Ground" [ENT]

Unnamed Members of the Imperial Guard - Group of Andorians led by Shran.
            "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

Unnamed Researchers - were killed on Memory Alpha by The Lights of Zetar.
        "The Lights of Zetar" [TOS]

Unnamed Soldiers - Part of Shran's regiment on Weytahn.
    (Zane Cassidy)   "Cease Fire" [ENT]


Unnamed Tourist - A male tourist was on Risa at the same time as Captain Picard and Vash.
Andorian tourist                                "Captain's Holiday" [TNG]


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