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Humanoid.  They are bald and have wrinkled skin with an indented ridge that runs along the top of their
    heads and extends down their nose.  They also have large rodent-like pointy ears but small eyes and
    noses.  They have no thumbs, and possess only four fingers on each hand.  The place where the index-
    finger and thumb would be in a human, appear to be one large finger in a Yridian. 
A sub-species of Yridian is represented by two individuals, Ashrok, and Yranac.  They have five fingered
    hands, and black or brown curly hair and a darker complexion.

Known as interstellar traders of information.
Food and Drink:
Brandy -  Worf had a bottle of Yridian brandy he was saving for a special occasion which they drank when
    he met Kor and they embarked on a quest for the sword of Kahless.
                                                               "The Sword of Kahless" [DS9]

2153:  They are listed in the Vulcan database.
                                                               "Twilight" [ENT]
before the 2360's:  The Yridian race goes extinct.  This disappearance was so total that it even convinced
    the Borg (who designate Yridians as species 6291) that Yridians were extinct. However, Rudolph Ransom,
    a Starfleet exobiologist, discovered that there were some still alive and carried out the First contact. For
    this he was awarded the post of Captain of the USS Equinox.
                                                                "Equinox, part 1" [VOY]

    Yridian agents working for Cardassian interests, in an effort to steal his research data, were responsible
    for the murder of archaeologist Richard Galen.  The Romulans intercepted communications between
    the Yridians and the Cardassians, making the Romulans aware of the importance of Galen's work.
                                                                "The Chase" [TNG]
    Jaglom Shrek traveled to Deep Space 9 and sold information on the fate of Mogh to Starfleet Lieutenant
    Worf, son of Mogh. Shrek claimed that Mogh was still alive 25 years after the Khitomer Massacre, and
    transported Worf to a Romulan prison camp in the Carraya sector in his shuttlecraft. However, Mogh was
    not among the survivors in the prison camp. <>
                                                                "Birthright, part 1 &2" [TNG]
    Sisko mentioned them as the race through whom the Cardassians had armed the Circle; He mispoke, it
    was actually the Kressari.                  "The Maquis, part 1" [DS9]

    A group of Yridians bought magnesite ore, stolen from a Pakled mining colony in the Kalla system, from the Duras sisters.
                                                                 "Firstborn" [TNG]
    Quark came into possession of fourty-two of the rings of Paltriss.
                                                                  "Melora" [DS9]

late 2370:
    The Yridians were known to be targets of Maquis raids (since Starfleet put together a Yridian convoy as lure for a Maquis attack.)
    The convoy of six ships left Deep Space 9 for the Demilitarized Zone, destined for Cardassian space, carrying a supply of isomiotic
    hyposprays, plasma flares and quarantine pods.  This also indicates that it was not uncommon for the Yridians to carry supplies
    through the DMZ and that they had a political relationship with the Cardassians.
                                                                 "Preemptive Strike" [TNG]

    Garak speculated that a Yridian, who he owed money to, would want him dead, and was possibly
    responsible for the explosion in his shop.
                                                                 "Improbable Cause" [DS9] <>

    Two Yridians used a gravimetric scanner to cheat on Quark's dabo table.
                                                                 "Nor the Battle to the Strong" [DS9]
    A Yridian worked for Quark.                 "Business as Usual" [DS9] <>

early 2374:
    During the Dominion occupation of Deep Space 9, a Yridian was seen in Quark's.
                                                                 "Sons and Daughters" [DS9]

          Warp-capable tradeship
                  "Birthright, Part I" [TNG]
          Destroyer - Destroyed by USS Enterprise
                   "The Chase" [TNG]
                   "Firstborn" [TNG]
          Shuttle  - Captured by Enterprise  Twelve years after new timeline formation
                   "Twilight" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Ashrok (Don Stark) -  Business acquaintance of Quark's.  In 2370 Ashrok contracted to purchase
    forty-two of the Rings of Paltriss from Quark. Unfortunately, Ashrok was killed while attempting
    to complete the transaction.                 "Melora" [DS9]

Jaglom Shrek (James Cromwell) - Shrek sold Worf information that his father, Mogh, might be still alive,
    25 years after the Khitomer massacre.  Shrek transported Worf to a Romulan prison camp in the
    Carraya System, but Mogh was not among the survivors there.  Shrek's ship was a reuse of Dirgo's
    shuttle from "Final Mission" [TNG].  The registry number of Shrek's ship was YLT-3069.
                                                                 "Birthright, part 1" [TNG]

<>Paltriss - Paltriss created eighty rings, that later became known as the Rings of Paltriss. They became extremely
    valuable and, as such, were removed from the Yridian homeworld over time.  The Yridians spent many years
    trying to track them down. In 2370, Quark came into possession of forty-two of Paltriss' rings. He attempted
    to sell them to the Yridian Ashrok.
                                                        "Melora" [DS9]

Yedrin Koss - SEE: Yerdrin Lek.

Yerdrin Lek (Brett Rickaby) -  An information dealer in the 22nd century.  In the alternate timeline
    where the Xindi destroyed Earth, Yedrin Koss was hired by the Xindi to help find the last colony
    of humans. They paid him to follow Doctor Phlox when he left Denobula Triaxa, which he did in
    2165 to treat Jonathan Archer. Koss tailed Phlox to the Ceti Alpha system, and informed the Xindi
    of its location. Though he was captured by Enterprise (where he tried to pose as a dealer in Rigelian
    flamegems), it was too late. Following his signal, the Xindi attacked Ceti Alpha. Koss presumably
    died in Enterprise's brig when the ship was destroyed in a subspace implosion. 
The character's name was never mentioned in the episode as aired.  The final draft script for
    "Twilight" dated 11/06/2003 gave this character the name of Yerdrin Lek. Earlier drafts called
    him "Yedrin Koss".  The name was changed because there were other Star Trek
characters with
    similar names.)

                                                                "Twilight" [ENT]

Yog (Joel Swetow) -  2370: The Duras sisters planned to rendevue with him in the Ufandi system to
    sell him the magnesite ore that they stole from a Pakled mining operation on Kalla three.  Riker
    tricked Yog into giving him the 500 kilograms of magnesite ore in his hold by trading one-half gram
    of Anjoran biometic gel for it, saying that Yog would get payment once its purity had been verified.
    Riker then beamed the ore into space and destroyed it.  The dispersing ore exposed the cloaked ship
    belonging to Lursa and B'Etor.           "Firstborn" [TNG]

Yranac - (pronounced yuh-RAN-ick)  Worf met him in a bar and made up a story about looking for a
    man that impregnated Riker's sister.  He wouldn't admit to having seen the Captain (who was the
    person they were really looking for).  But he did say that anyone who visited the ruins of Nafir
    would probably come to the bar eventually...  When Riker questioned him, Yranac claimed he had a
    sister too and if this happened to her he would pay anything to find the one responsible - Yranac
    wanted 5 bars of gold pressed latinum for his information.  When the Bartender threatened him, he
    changed his terms to safe passage aboard Riker's ship.  Yranac had seen the captain several weeks
    ago.  As far as he knew the captain was attacked and vaporized by a hand energy weapon.  Later,
    aboard ship, Riker threatened him with prison time for his twelve outstanding arrest warrants for
    fraud and petty theft in the Klingon empire if he didn't give him information he could use to track
    down who "killed" Picard.  He told him that the aliens had been operating in the sector for 6 months
    and had mentioned heading to the Barradas system.
                                                                  "Gambit, part 1" [TNG]


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