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They originated as corporeal lifeforms of "substance", then evolved into a form of non-corporeal,
    massless "perceptive energy" that is visible (blue in color), and contains no elements that sensors
    can identify.  The atmosphere on their ship originally consisted of helium with traces of xenon..
    They can travel through an N2-O2 atmosphere and most solid objects, but not osmium alloy.
    They're compatible with some corporeal species, in that they can swap places with a body's owner,
    who then spends time as a similar (yellow in color) wisp-creature, immersed in realistic hallucinations
    (that are probably self-driven fantasies).  The possessed state is characterised by elevated acetylcholine
    levels in the autonomic nervous system.  They can force entry, unless the host has the mental-
    discipline of a Vulcan; and they can be expelled if the host is dead (even if briefly).  Compatible
    species include humans and Vulcans, but not Denobulans.  The wisp-aliens live in and travel through
    subspace, relying on their ship in some unspecified fashion;  they cannot survive in space (although
    they can apparently travel for a short distances through vacuum).  Archer believes this is the first
    time Starfleet has encountered such beings.
                                                                "The Crossing" [ENT]

2151:  With their ship is deteriorating, and no way to repair it, they came across Enterprise.  Since
    they couldn't survive in space, to save themselves 82 of the hundreds aboard their ship decided to
    make the "crossing" and take over the bodies of each of the crewmen on Enterprise.  The rest will
    try to find another vessel of corporeal beings.

The alien ship resembles a heavily-textured blue-grey manta ray, with a blunt lobed tail.  The forward
    hatch is ovoid, and splits into several pocketed sections; the surrounding hull forms a pronounced
    ventral "sill" with two projecting spines.  Enterprise cannot identify its hull composition.  Hoshi
    gets no response to her hails, and can't detect a transceiver.  The ship is stated to be at least 500 meters
    wide, and the doors (wide enough to easily admit Enterprise) are therefore around 200.  The interior
    bay is blue in color, basically rectangular, with many curved ribs on the side bulkheads, and curved
    details that may indicate an irregular deck, or interior features beneath a translucent surface.  It can
    travel at least at warp 6, but emits no perceptible-to-Enterprise warp signature, and has no warp-glows.
    It fires no obvious weapons or tractor beams.


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