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Vulcan Mental & Psionic Disciplines:

Image Generation & Projection:
All Vulcans have a highly developed imagination.  In other words, they have the ability to spontaneously
    generate images in their mind.            "Alter Ego" [VOY]
    This ability is apparently used to generate images which facilitate mind-melds and meditations.

Tarul-etek - A discipline which uses disturbing images to provoke an emotional response to test how well
    someone can suppress emotion.  This was the closest Vulcan parallel T'Pol could think of to the human
    penchant for scaring themselves by watching horror movies.
                                                               "Horizon" [ENT]

Vulcans meditate each night to control their emotions.
                                                             "Fusion" [ENT]

Meditation Aides:
Candles -

Lamps - Janeway was with Tuvok when he bought his meditaion lamp. The Vulcan who sold it to Tuvok
    increased the price when he noticed their Starfleet insignia. Kes thinks that
    to a Vulcan it would have seemed the logical thing to do.  Kes was able to
    make its flame increase and decrease.  She was able to manipulate the flame
    at the subatomic level, and said that she was able to see beyond the
    subatomic into a new level of reality.  After her transformation, Tuvok put
    the meditation lamp in his cabin window in memory of her.
                     "The Gift" [VOY]
    Tuvok is helping Torres to control her emotions through meditaion.
                      "Barge of the Dead" [VOY]

    Tuvok uses it to meditate in astrometrics in preparation for mind meld with Seven.
                                                                  "Night" [VOY]
   Tuvok kept it in his quarters; Neelix: brings it to sickbay after ba'neth attack .
                                                                   "Riddles" [VOY]
   He used it to try to teach Torres meditation.
                                                                   "Juggernaut" [VOY]

Keethara - a Vulcan term approximately translated as "structure of harmony".  It is a meditational aid.
     Building it requires precise balance and spatial acuity. It helps to focus
    thought and refine mental control.  While building it one meditates and
    recites the words "Structure.  Logic.  Function.  Control.  The structure
    cannot stand without a foundation. Logic is the foundation of function.
    Function is the essence of control. I am in control. I am in control."  A
    special set of building blocks is used to build the structure.  The form of
    the construction is not predefined but reflects the state of mind of the
    builder.  Thus, it is different each time.
                                                             "Flashback" [VOY]

Kwi'lari - The Vulcan name for the focal points of the body's bioelectric field, at the sides of the skull; what
    the ancient Indians on Earth called the chakras.
                                                             "The Muse" [DS9]

Fullara - an obsolete Vulcan ritual where the memory of an event is repressed along with the emotions
    associated with it.  The Fullara was performed on T'Pol by an Elder at the Sanctuary of P'Jem in 2135 to
    repress her memory of killing the renegade Vulcan agent, Jossen, as well as her memory of having
    undergone the ritual itself.              "The Seventh" [ENT]

Touch-telepathy - Many Vulcans have an inherent telepathic ability. Almost all Vulcans are natural
    touch-telepaths, though considerable training is required to utilize this ability fully.

Non-contact telepathy - Occasionally Vulcans have emerged whose telepathic abilities are stronger than the
    norm and are capable of non-contact telepathy, usually over short distances and in a limited fashion.
    Spock once felt the death screams of 400 Vulcan crew members of the Starship Intrepid across
    interstellar distances.                       "The Immunity Syndrome" [TOS]

Emotional Compulsion - Through the sharing of deep seated pain, coupled with psychic image projection,
    people are influenced.  Sybok had this ability but its practice is considered a taboo in Vulcan culture.
                                                            "The Final Frontier" [ST5]

Psychic image projection - Sybok also had this ability, also considered a taboo in Vulcan culture.
                                                            "The Final Frontier" [ST5]

Premonitions, lack of - It would appear that the Vulcan esper capacity doesn't normally include
    premonitions about the future.          "Fury" [VOY]

Mind-probe (also called Mind-touch) - A lighter form of mind-meld.  Phyysical touch is not necessary
    in this form of telepathy although it does facilitate the process.
    It was used on Gill to enable him to speak and tell his side of the story.
                                                            "Patterns of Force" [TOS]
    Spock occasionally used his mind-probe skills to provide a telepathic distraction to an adversary,
    as at Eminiar VII.                        "A Taste of Armageddon" [TOS]
    and the Kelvans.  When mind-melding with the Kelvan named Kelinda, Spock was able to glimpse
    the apparently humanoid creature's true form: an immense being with hundreds of tentacles.
                                                        "By Any Other Name" [TOS]
    Spock performed a mind probe on Nomad to find out about it, what made it operate and its compulsion
    for perfection.                                 "The Changeling" [TOS]

Mind-meld -
    A small minority of Vulcans are born with the ability to initiate a mind-meld (a very intimate form of
    telepathy which gives them the ability to transfer thoughts, memories, and emotions to others) but even
    though only members of the minority can initiate a mind-meld, all Vulcans can be the recipiant of one.
    Melds are only practiced by a subculture, called "melders".  They are a small percentage of Vulcan's
    population, who are considered to be genetic aberrations.  Vulcans take pride in containing emotions, and
    the sharing of them is offensive so, in the view of many Vulcans, mind-melds are an unnatural behavior,
    neither condoned, tolerated nor sanctioned.  Anyone who chooses to perform a mind-meld is considered
    worthy of contempt.  Melders seem to defy everything that Vulcan society stands for.  They are seen as
    a threat and are considered an undesirable segment of Vulcan's population.  The intolerance toward melders
    has grown over time so that there is more intolerance and prejudice toward melders in 2152 than there
    was a thousand years before that.   The names of known melders were kept track of.  And if it became
    known that someone was a melder or approved of their behavior, it could jepardize their position or career.
    If one was in the military, and the Vulcan High Command found out they were one, or approved of
    melders, they could be recalled as being unfit for duty.  Many kept the fact that they are part of this
    minority a secret.  Dr. Yuris was one of these, but when he admitted to his affiliation with the melders,
    his position in the Medical Exchange program was suspended.
                                                            "Stigma" [ENT]

    It is an ancient Vulcan ritual in which two persons are telepathically linked, sharing each other's
     consciousness.  Tolaris offered to use a "mind-meld" to help T'Pol rediscover
    repressed emotions, as opposed to "a more traditional form of guided meditation"
    which won't be as effective.  T'pol is not familiar with the mind-meld; Tolaris
    explains it was a lost art "abandoned centuries ago" but they'd "discovered it can
    help us access our emotions."      Tolaris puts his left hand to T'Pol's face, and
    begins the incantation: "My mind to your mind... Your thoughts to my thoughts.
    Our minds are merging.  Our minds are becoming one."  T'Pol's anxiety and
    emotions begin to break to the surface, causing discomfort.  She asks to break
    the meld, but Tolaris refuses.  T'Pol breaks the meld herself, physically
    pushing him away, and ends up in sickbay with possible neurological damage.
                                 "Fusion" [ENT]

    It is an ancient Vulcan technique.  It is not hypnosis, but like hypnosis is used to probe into another's
    mind.  It's a hidden, personal thing to the Vulcan people, part of their
    private lives.  It could be dangerous in that it requires one to make
    pressure changes in the nerves, and blood vessels.  It only affects the
    person who is touched in this way.  Physiological readings are
    affected first and then begin to stabilize, then comes a feeling of a
    strange euphoria, like the body is floating.  It is facilitated by the
    subject opening their mind, so that the two minds move together,
    sharing the same thoughts.  Spock's first time using the mind-meld
    on a human was in 2266 to determine the truth of Dr. Simon Van Gelder's apparently wild claims that he
    was the director of the Tantalus V penal colony. (This was the first time the mind meld was used.)
                                                            "Dagger of the Mind" [TOS]

    The techique - The technique for performing the mind meld varies depending on the persons performing
    it and the circumstances surrounding the meld.  Sometimes it is done with one hand, at times the left and
    other times the right, and many times with both hands, and often with differing incantations.

    Spock uses the mind meld on Kirk to help him remember who he is.
                                                           "The Paradise Syndrome" [TOS]

    Spock melds with Kollos (fusion), Miranda Jones joins with Spock telepathically, guiding him and
    helping him back to awareness and sanity.  Miranda melds with Kollos (fusion - true mind link).
                                                            "Is There In Truth No Beauty?" [TOS]

    Spock has come to the conclusion that the events they are experiencing are not real but are being
    placed in their minds by the alien Melkotians. He performs mind-melds with Kirk, Scotty, and McCoy,
    convincing them of the lack of reality in the situation and allowing them to believe that they will be
    immune to the imaginary bullets. And indeed when the shootout occurs, the Earps' gunfire leaves
    them unharmed and the scenario around them disappears.
                                                             "Spectre of the Gun" [TOS]

    During the fight between Cpt. Tracy and Kirk, Spock uses mind control on a Yang female to make
    her activate a communicator.          "The Omega Glory" [TOS]

    Spock melded with the Horta.        "The Devil in the Dark" [TOS]


    Spock melded with NOMAD.         "The Changeling" [TOS]


    The Mirror universe Spock mind melded with Dr. McCoy.
                        "Mirror, Mirror" [TOS]

    Spock melds with Kirk to help him forget Reyna.    "Requiem for Methuselah" [TOS]

    Spock mind melded with "Janice Lester" to find out the truth about whether she was really the captain.
                                                                "Turnabout Intruder" [TOS]

    The Vulcan master melded with Spock, and Spock melded with V'Ger.
                                                             "The Motion Picture" [ST1]

    Spock transfered his katra to McCoy.   "The Wrath of Khan" [ST2]

    When Sarek melded with Kirk he used his right hand to the left side of Kirk's face and did not say
    any incantation.  Instead proceding directly to Kirk's last memories of being with Spock.
                                                            "The Search for Spock" [ST3]

    Spock melded with some whales. "The Voyage Home" [ST4]

    Spock melded with Valeris against her will to find out information about the conspiracy to kill the
    Federation president.
                       "The Undiscovered Country" [ST6]

    Spock melded with Picard to find out about his father.
                                                            "Unification, Part 2" [TNG].

    In 2370, Sakonna unsuccessfully tried to perform a mind-meld with Gul Dukat in an attempt to gather
        information for the Maquis. Dukat attributed his ability to resist the mind-meld to his Cardassian
        training.                                       "The Maquis, Part II" [DS9]

    The Vulcan mind-meld can be used so that one person can hone another's skill. In 2371, Tuvok proposed
        a mind-meld with Kes in hopes of focusing Kes's telepathic abilities.
                                                           "Cathexis" [VOY]

    In 2371, Tom Paris has been convicted under Banean law of the murder of Tolen Ren, a Banean scientist.
        The punishment was a brain implant that caused Paris to relive Ren's death as seen from Ren's
        viewpoint, every 14 hours for the rest of his life.  However, the implant and the mental experiences
        were causing damage to Paris' brain that would eventually be irreparable.  As part of his investigation
        to find if Paris was telling the truth about his being innocent, Tuvok performed a mind-meld on him
        to view the memories contained in the neuroimplant.  Tuvok then used these memories to determine
        that Paris did not kill Banean scientist Tolen Ren.  In the mind-meld Tuvok noticed a series of numbers
        or symbols at the bottom of the images, and realised that they were an enemy Numiri agent's means
        of smuggling out top secret weapons data to his superiors.
                                                               "Ex Post Facto" [VOY]

    In 2372, Tuvok melds with Kes.         "Cold Fire" [VOY]

    In 2372, Tuvok mind-melded with accused murderer Lon Suder, causing a neurochemical imbalance in the
        mesiofrontal cortex of Tuvok's brain, unleashing uncontrollably violent emotions.
                                                            "Meld" [VOY]

    In early 2373, Tuvok melds with Janeway who acts as his pyllora.
   "Flashback" [VOY]

    In 2373, in a hallucination which Janeway has, Tuvok melds with Kes.  "Coda" [VOY]
    In 2374, Tuvok melds with Kes.        "The Gift" [VOY]

    In 2374, Tuvok melded with B'elanna to learn more of the moment when she was bumped into in
    Nimiri marketplace and experienced the violent thought that was considered a crime in that society.
    Then later he melded with Guill to impart to him violent thoughts.
                                                                "Random Thoughts" [VOY]


    In 2375, Tuvok melded with Seven of Nine.    "Infinite Regress" [VOY]

    In 2375, Tuvok melded with Noss.         "Gravity" [VOY]

    In 2375, Tuvok melded with the Crew of a Hazari ship.    "Think Tank" [VOY]

    In 2376, Tuvok melded with Janeway and Seven of Nine (bridging of minds).  Janeway claims that
        the last time she participated in a mind meld, it resulted in a headache that lasted two weeks.
                                                                "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

    In 2377, Unaware at first that he is doing so, Tuvok forcibly mind-melds with Chakotay and several
        Maquis, including B'elanna, Tabor, Yosa, and Jor.  He implants
        instructions for them to take over Voyager. The instructions had
        been implanted in Tuvok's mind in 2371 by a Maquis fanatic, a
        Bajoran vedek called Teero Anaydis, shortly before Tuvok's
        departure as an undercover spy in Chakotay's Maquis raider.

        After Tuvok successfully struggles to overcome the Bajoran's
        mind-control, he mind-melds again with Chakotay and the other
        affected Maquis to restore them to normal.
                                        "Repression" [VOY]

    In 2377, Tuvok melded with Seven of Nine.     "Workforce" [VOY]
    In 2377, Tuvok melded with a member of his family in the Alpha Quadrant.    "Endgame" [VOY]

Bridging of Minds - A mind-meld with two people where a third acts as a telepathic conduit.  During the
     procedure, he  is aware of both their perceptions.  Tuvok never tried the
    procedure before but he once observed a Vulcan master perform the technique.
    He was successful in duplicating it.
                                    "Unimatrix Zero" [VOY]

Fusion - A "true" mind-link, to create a double entity.  Each would enjoy the knowlege and sensory
    capabilities of both and function as one being.  One hazard is that there will be a tendency to lose
    separate identiy.  Dr. Miranda Jones studied the Vulcan mental disciplines for 4 years in order to train
    her how not to read minds, and to prepare her for a mind link with Ambassador Kollos.
                                                             "Is There In Truth No Beauty?"
    This type of mind-meld was used to permit Jean-Luc Picard to provide emotional support to Ambassador
        Sarek in 2366 when the ambassador was suffering the debilitating effects of terminal Bendii Syndrome.
        Sarek benefited from the captain's emotional control, but Picard had to endure the fierce onslaught of the
        ambassador's unleashed emotions.
                                                            "Sarek" [TNG]

Katra - A person's very essence; everything that is not of the body; everything one was; everything one
Spock transfering his katra to McCoy    knew; one's living spirit.  It is not something that they speak of openly,
    but it is the Vulcan way when the body's end is near to mind meld with
    the last one to be with them, to entrust them with their katra.  When it
    is given to a person, they are asked to bring the katra back to Vulcan with
    them to ensure the deceased person's "future".  Both the one who is alive,
    and the one who is not, will be in pain until they return with the katra to
    Mount Seleya on Vulcan because only there can both find peace.
                       "The Search for Spock" [ST3], "Innocence" [VOY]

Transfer of the Katra - Vulcans are one of the very few races to have ever performed a synaptic pattern
    displacement, or the transfer of one individual's consciousness wholely into another person: in their case,
    the transfer of the katra.  Indeed, Dr. Bashir was unaware of any other races having mastered this ability
    until a criminal which had it was caught on DS9.
                                                              "The Passenger" [DS9]

Fal-tor-pan, ("The Refusion") -  An ancient Vulcan ritual that reunites a person's katra to the body
    if it is reanimated.  In 2285, it was used for the first time in centuries.
                                                           "The Search for Spock" [ST3]
    It bears some resemblence to the Bridging of Minds in that one person bridges the gap between two minds.

Mental Shields - Vulcans have certain mental disciplines which enable them to maintain a protective
    shield on their minds.
    Spock was able to withstand a Klingon mind-sifter set at force level 4 using his disciplines.
                                                             "Errand of Mercy" [TOS]

Healing Trance - A form of self-induced hypnosis used ffor healing damaged organs.  It is a way to
    concentrate all one's strength, blood, and antibodies onto the injured organs.  Low bioreadings are
    normal during the trance.  In a sense, the subject remains conscious during this time, even though
    there is no outward sign that they are.  They know when people are near and also what is being said,
    but they can't afford to take their mind from the tissue which they're fighting to heal.  When the
    bioreadings begin to fluctuate, someone must be with the patient at all times.  The injured person
    must wait until the last possible moment, then fight their way back to consciousness.  At the first
    sign of consciousness a trained physician should be called.  If the patient speaks, one should do
    whatever they say.  This often includes striking them very hard since the pain helps them regain
    consciousness quickly.  This is imperative since there is only a limited amount of time to regain
    consiousness once the patient enters this stage.
                                                             "A Private Little War" [TOS]

    Vulcan science is used to teach their bodies to produce their own medicines.
                                                             "The Xindi" [ENT]

Neuro-pressure - Dr. Phlox asked T'Pol to teach Tucker neuro-pressure to help him with his insomnia,
    which was proving resistant to medication.  Vulcan neuro-pressure can be used to help people sleep,
    but patience is needed to even get past the first posture.  Its instruction is a very intimate act.
    Appropriate "neural nodes" are stimulated, some of which are difficult to reach and may require
    assistance.  The appropriate nodes for relaxing are located 3 cm on either side of the 5th (cervical)
    vertebrae.  They can be triggered by being firmly pressed simultaneously and held for 10-15 seconds.
    Tucker triggered the nodes for T'Pol.  When T'Pol returned the therapy on Tucker she presses
    somewhere in the area of his lumbar vertebrae --  Assuming Vulcans and humans share a similar
    skeletal structure, there are: 7 cervical (neck) vertebrae, 12 thoracic (rib cage), 5 lumbar (lower back),
    and then fused vertebrae that form the sacrum (hips) and coccyx (tailbone).
                                                               "The Xindi" [ENT]
    Before instruction in neuropressure T'Pol lights candles in her quarters.  Tucker enters, bearing a pot of
    "Georgia peaches".  They're an apology for the two neuro-pressure sessions he's skipped (he slept like
    a baby after the last (first?) one).  At T'Pol's direction, he doffs his shirt and (reluctantly) his shoes --
    Some of the neural nodes triggered by Vulcan neuro-pressure are located in the feet.  Lying down,
    Tucker asks if its safe and T'Pol admits it's never been tried on humans, but "the risk of paralysis is
    minimal."                                          "Extinction" [ENT]
    Tucker wasn't anxious to try it again, not wanting to "spend an hour in T'Pol's quarters".
                                                               "Anomaly" [ENT]
    Many neural nodes are located on the soles of the feet.   Advanced Neuro-pressure places great
    demands on the body. Tucker said that so far it had been a piece of cake, but T'Pol told him that
    they hadn't gotten to the "more challenging" postures yet.
                                                                "Similitude" [ENT]
    Tucker is now keeping up with his Vulcan neuro-pressure regimen.  Two of the postures are called:
    khavorta - Tucker called it "that neck thing": T'Pol placed her hands behind each side of his jaw and
        pressed for about 30 seconds, while Tucker regulated his breathing (which he had practiced). She
        cautioned him not to speak, but to relax his jaw.
    surah'tahn - this posture wasn't demonstrated.  T'Pol suggested that they procede on to it after the
        khavorta.                                         "Rajiin" [ENT]
    T'Pol and Tucker have two sessions a week.
                                                                "Proving Ground" [ENT]
    Neuro-pressure requires the proper breathing technique; some postures begin with a deep breath.
    Tucker began teaching MACO Corp. Cole neuro-pressure relaxation techniques without telling T'Pol.
    Amanda Cole said that after one such treatment, it "felt like I've had twelve hours sleep.  Cole later
    complained of headaches.  If misapplied, neuro-pressure can cause nerve damage.
                                                                 "Harbinger" [ENT]


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