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Vulcan History

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4,000,000,000 B.C.
    A humanoid species seeded the oceans of at least 19 class-M planets throughout the galaxy (Vulcan among
        them) with genetic material, from which a number of humanoid forms evolved.  This explains the
        remarkable commonality in form, and genetic coding of many species including the tendency to find
        intelligent life in bipedal, generally mammalian forms.
                                                             "The Chase" [TNG]
2,000,000 B.C.
    The Preservers seed various planets with carbon-based, predominately humanoid, life. Their influence may
        explain some elements of Vulcan pre-history.
                                                           "The Paradise Syndrome" [TOS]
ca. 597,730 B.C.
    Sargon's people, a technically advanced civilization, are exploring the galaxy aboard space vessels and
        planting colonies on many planets.  Spock speculated that such a colonization of Vulcan might explain
        certain elements of Vulcan prehistory, suggesting that Spock's people may have originally been from
        Sargon's planet, or at least influenced by them.  (date is from a statement Sargon made that they had
        bodies 6000 centuries ago).         "Return to Tomorrow" [TOS]

ca. 2849 B.C.
    A historical event occurs which is cited by modern Vulcans as proof that Vulcans who attempt to embrace
        their emotions often revert to their dangerous primal natures.  Tolaris thought this story was the
        beginning of "propaganda" about the Vulcan primal nature.
                                                             "Fusion" [ENT]

2,737 B.C.
    When Commander Spock and Dr. McCoy are trapped in the Ice Age on the planet Sarpeidon, having
        been transported 5,000 years back through time by the Atavachron, Spock described this period as
        savage, even by Earth standards.  Vulcans were a violent people whose civilization was torn by
        terrible and destructive wars, a result of the passions and emotions that govern the Vulcan heart.
                                                              "All Our Yesterdays" [TOS]; "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" [TOS]
    The ancient Vulcans were ruled by emotion, but above all else they believed in a place, Sha Ka Ri, in
        which questions of existence, would be answered.
                                                             "The Final Frontier" [ST5]
    The ancient Vulcans erected obelisks.  Their later excavations were of great importance to historians.
                                                              "One Small Step" [VOY]
   The ancient Vulcans used something like a boomerang, and slings, and spears as weapons.
                                                             "The Savage Curtain" [TOS]

date unknown
    Trip says that the Vulcans took a hundred years between their discovery of warp and their being able
        to break warp 2.                            "First Flight" [ENT]
    Archer asks T'pol how Vulcans dealt with aliens during their early exploration; she claims there were
        fewer warp-capable species then.   "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    Vulcan, like Earth, had an aggressive colonizing period, savage even by Earth standards.
                                                             "Balance of Terror" [TOS]

ca 849 B.C.
    The monastery of P'Jem is constructed on a planet near Andorian space.
    At some point, it becomes a sanctuary for the practice of the
    Kolinahr discipline. (3000 years before the NX-01 visits it).
                                   "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

ca 260:
    Spock's ancestors adopt a ceremonial ground.  In 2267, Spock described it as "the land of my family
        ... held by us for more than 2,000 Earth years."  These grounds, used for Vulcan mating rituals,
        embody the Vulcan heart and soul, reflecting Vulcan culture from the "time of the beginning".
                                                                "Amok Time" [TOS]

ca 350:   The Time of Awakening
    Surak, starting at a site called "Gateway" made a journey through the Vulcan desert, called the Forge,
    seeking enlightenment.  He walked through a place now called the "Plain of Blood".  Some say Surak
    crossed this expanse when the hot blood of battle still flowed green, but with logic, he cooled it.  The
    T'Karath sanctuary was also on the path.  1800 years later, Syrrannites will follow the same path
    seeking enlightenment.   (The date is also corroborated by the remark that V'Las made in 2154
    that even after 1800 years Surak is still considered the most important Vulcan who ever lived. -- that
    would put the time of Surak at around  354).
                                                               "The Forge" [ENT]
    The ancient philosopher Surak, revered as the father of Vulcan civilization, led his people in a great
    reformation to adopt a code of behavior where they reject their emotions in favor
    of a philosophy that embraces pure logic and peace.
                                       "The Savage Curtain" [TOS]
    One group did not accept Surak's teachings and so a group of dissidents,
    the future Romulans, split off from the Vulcans at this time.
    Date is 2000 yrs before "Gambit", which would be ca. 369.
                                                             "The Gambit, part 2" [TNG]

date unknown:  Kiri-kin-tha formulates the "First law of Metaphysics" which states that "nothing
    unreal exists."  It is considered a more basic teaching than those of T'Plana Hath.
                                                            "The Voyage Home" [ST4], "The Forge" [ENT]
    T'Plana Hath helps to shape Vulcan philosophy.  She is author of the famous quote
    "Logic is the cement of our civilization with which we ascend from chaos using reason as our guide."
                                                            "The Voyage Home" [ST4], "The Forge" [ENT]

        The Hundred Year War between Surak's followers and the (as yet unnamed) Romulan factions
        on Vulcan begins, presumably leading to their mass departure.  It was unknown
    at the time, but Q will later claim that one of the "self-destructive stunts" of
    a Philosopher Q, later also known as Quinn, is what created the misunder-
    standing that ignited the Hundred Year War.
                                              "Death Wish" [VOY]

        It is believed that at one point 90% of Vulcan was at war. Terrible weapons such as the Stone of Gol,
        a psionic-resonator, were created.  Legend said that it was destroyed by the
    gods on Vulcan during the Awakening.  Actually, it was disassembled
    and its parts scattered.
                                       "The Gambit, part 2" [TNG]

date unknown:  The story of Nirak.
    He was a soldier who lived a long time ago.  He was standing watch over the gates of the city of Gol
    and he saw a cloud on the horizon moving toward him.  He thought it was a sandstorm, so he told
    no one.  It was an army.  They destroyed the city, but they let Nirak live.  His name now means
    "fool" in the Vulcan language.            "Kir'shara" [ENT]

ca 440:  Surak lays down the story of the IDIC philosophy.  "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination."
    ...Words that are a mere shadow of its true meaning.  According to Surak the story of the IDIC has no
    end, but it begins at Mount Seleya (symbolized by the triangle shape in the figure).
                                                                "The Forge" [ENT]

ca 450:
    Surak died on Mount Seleya.  But his katra was spirited away before the last battle against
    those who marched beneath the Raptor's Wings, those who wanted to return to the Savage Ways.
                                                                "The Forge" [ENT]
    Surak demonstrated enormous courage working for peace in the face of war.  And as another war
    was about to begin, Vulcan was torn, but out of their suffering, some found the discipline to act.
    Emmisaries were sent to their opponents to propose peace.  The first were killed, but others followed.
    Ultimately peace was achieved which has lasted since then.
                                                             "The Savage Curtain" [TOS]
   The dissidents leave Vulcan.  They will later found the warrior Romulan Star Empire.
                                                              "Unification, part 1" [TNG]
    It appears that the devastation of the wars caused Vulcan to lose much of their space travel capability.
    Starting from this point it will take Vulcans almost 1,500 years for them to rebuild their world and
    travel to the stars again.                     "The Forge" [ENT]
    Surak's writings from the Age of Enlightenment were lost.  Over the centuries, his followers made
    copies of his teachings.  But with the originals lost, whatever was left was open to interpretation.
                                                               "The Forge" [ENT]

ca 1372:
    The  Rumarie  celebration, an anachronism from Vulcan's emotional past, is held for the last time.
                                                             "Meld" [VOY] - 1,000 years before the episode (2372)

ca 1950:
    Unlike humans who only took a century to rebuild after their devastating third world war, after almost
    1,500 years, Vulcans have finally rebuilt their civilization after their devastating wars and are once
    again reaching out to the stars.           "The Forge" [ENT]
    The High Command was probably formed at this time.  When it was first formed it was only responsible
    for the exploration of space.              "The Forge" [ENT]

ca 1953:    First Contact with Andorians:
    Despite their heightened emotions, first contact with the Andorians seemed promising.  But they
    were duplicitous, and only honored agreements that didn't conflict with their interests.  (The date
    1953 was chosen because Shran mentioned that "For 200 years, all that's kept them from invading
    Andoria is the threat of massive retaliation.")
                                                              "Proving Ground" [ENT]

ca 1954:  A set of Katric Arks were discovered at the P'Jem monastery.  They were scanned, and
    analyzed.  One of the scientists even attempted to meld with them.  They found nothing to indicate
    the presence of a katra.  (date based on T'Pol in 2154 saying this occured "Centuries ago".)
                                                                "The Awakening" [ENT]

1957, October 4:  Sputnik I, Earth's first artificial satellite, is launched.

1957, late October:    Actual First Contact between Vulcans and humans:
    A Vulcan ship travels to Earth to investigate the launch of Sputnik I.
    In their third week of gathering information, a malfunction causes the Vulcan ship to crash-land on
        Earth, 6 km outside of Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania. The Captain was killed, leaving T'Mir in
        command of the remaining crew.  A distress signal was sent, but because the equipment was damaged
        the crew did not know if the signal got through.  A Tellarite freighter did pick it up and forwarded
        it to the Vulcan High Command.
    Six days later, they ate the last of their emergency rations.
    After five days without food, they set off for the nearby town of Carbon Creek and attempt to fit in
        with the Humans.  The group take up work while waiting to be rescued.  Stron, the ship's warp field
        engineer, works as a plumber while Mestral works at the local mine; T'Mir works at a pool hall,
        called the Pine Tree.
    Some time later, an explosion occurs in the mine where Mestral is working, trapping twelve men.
        Rescue efforts begin almost immediately, but since it could take several days to free the miners,
        Mestral decided to use a particle weapon to reach those trapped by the cave-in, despite the
        possibility of contaminating the culture should anyone see the weapon.  That day, Mestral
        became a local hero.                        "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

1958, February:
     Three months after the cave-in, the Vulcans are contacted by Captain Tellus of the survey vessel
        D'Vahl.  They are to meet at their vessel in three days.
    The following morning, Jack relates to T'Mir that he won't be going to college, because the deadline
    for payment is Friday and even with his scholarship, he and his mother weren't able to collect enough
    money.  T'Mir sells the patent for a Velcro-like material to a businessman in a nearby city, for several
    hundred dollars, which she anonomously contributes to Jack's college fund.
    Mestrall decided to not return to Vulcan, and instead remained on Earth.
     When Captain Tellus inquires after the captain and Mestral;  T'Mir lies by telling him that Mestral
    also died in the crash, and that both of their bodies had been cremated. Stron and T'Mir enter the vessel,
    which returns them to Vulcan.
    T'Mir took along  with her a purse from Earth which ultimately was passed down to her
    great-granddaughter, T'Pol.
                                                             "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

ca 2000:
    A Vulcan science vessel surveys the seventh planet of the Berengaria system.  They found it to be
    a MinShara-Class world with a flourishing ecosystem, and no intelligent life.  They also reported
    a species of flying reptile, some over 200 meters long which were also said to breathe fire.  There's
    been lingering questions over the accuracy of their report.
                                                              "Bound" [ENT]

    The T'Plana was a Vulcan starship lost with all hands "about a century ago" when it couldn't outrun
        the wave front of a Class 5 neutronic storm.
                                                             "Catwalk" [ENT]

ca. 2050:  A planet which the Vulcans call "Paan Mokar" and the Andorians "Weytahn" is an
    uninhabitable class D planet, not much larger than earth's moon.  The Andorians begin terraforming
    it.  Once an atmosphere was developed, they established a settlement.    Weytahn's sole value is its
    strategic location near Vulcan space, so in spite of the fact that they lacked any other evidence, the
    Vulcans came to the only logical conclusion they could which was that the Andorians were setting up
    a military base there.   The Andorians refused to let the Vulcan High Command inspect the colony,
    so the Vulcans annexed Paan Mokar to protect their territory.  The Vulcans forcibly relocated the
    colonists.  Soval is sent to Paan Mokar  as an intelligence officer as part of the occupation force.   An
    agreement is reached and a surveillance satellite is placed in orbit to monitor it.  As a result, the planet
    stays deserted for nearly a century, but in that century the Vulcans and Andorians nearly go to war
    over it twice.                                     "Cease Fire" [ENT]

2055:   Shortly after the Arkonians first develop warp drive, they are contacted by the Vulcans, which is
    the Arkonians' first contact with an alien race. (almost 100 years before "Dawn")   The meeting of the
    two cultures does not go well, the Arkonians do not accept cultural exchanges and are suspicious of the
    Vulcans.  Ultimately, after some time (years?) and after discovering that the Arkonians have been deceitful,
    the Vulcan High Command withdraws its contingent from Arkonians.
                                                                "Dawn" [ENT]

     V'Lar's diplomatic career begins.  This was 94 years before 2152.
                                                        "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

ca 2062:
     The first territorial peace accords between Vulcan and Andoria are held.
     This happened before Vulcan-Human first contact in 2063 and perhaps right after the first major conflict
    between Vulcan and the Andorians over Paan Mokar.
                                                        "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

2063, April 5:  First Contact
    The Official First Contact between Vulcans and humans is made in Bozeman, Montana.
                                                             "First Contact" [ST8]; "Carbon Creek" [ENT]
    Diplomatic relations are established between Earth and Vulcan.  The Vulcans guide, and/or shelter
        Earth for the next 100 years.         "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    Solkar becomes the first Vulcan ambassador to Earth.
                                                               "The Catwalk" [ENT]

date unknown:
    A Vulcan anthropologist witnesses a football game and misunderstands it, believing that the players
        were trying to kill the quarterback instead of just tackling him.
                                                              "Fusion" [ENT]

2075:   Captain Vannick first signs up with the Vulcan Space Fleet.  76 years before.
                                                              " Breaking the Ice" (ENT)

2089:  Talks begin on a Territorial Compromise with the Andorians over Paan Mokar.   Soval helped
    negotiate it.  (possibly, this was the Revised Intersystem Agreement?).  It is logical to assume that
    this process began at the end of a conflict - perhaps the second major conflict that was fought over
    Paan Mokar involving the Andorians?
                                                              "Cease Fire" [ENT]

ca. 2089:  T'Pol is born.   T'Pol finally told Tucker on Feb 14, 2154 (She got the date wrong in her
        acting-Captain's star log, saying it was 2152): "I am *not* old! I'll be 66 on my next birthday."
                                                                "Zero Hour" [ENT]

2093:  T'Pol "participated in the kahswan ritual".  She told Archer that she "was taken to the desert and
        left to survive for ten days."  (It is assumed that 7 yrs. old is the age at which Vulcans are made
        to go through the Kahswan.)            "The  Catwalk" [ENT]

        T'Pol was betrothed to Koss as a child. (assuming T'Pol was 7 yrs. old when her marriage was
        arranged as per Vulcan custom.)        "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

2097:  After 8 years, the Territorial Compromise Treaty (1200 pages) is passed in which Paan Mokar
    (known to the Andorians as Weytahn) is officially annexed by the Vulcans.
                                                              "Cease Fire" [ENT]

2101:  During her early schooling (50 years ago), T'Pol traveled a great distance to Vulcana Regar in
        order to meet Ambassador V'Lar, who was participating in the Second Ka'Tann Conference there.
        T'Pol impressed the ambassador with her "blunt" questions and, in turn, she was inspired to choose
        a "life-course", leading her eventually to the Science Council.
                                                                "Fallen Heroes" [ENT]

ca. 2102: This is the last time Soval had handled a weapon.  (In 2152, he commented to Archer that he
    hadn't handled a weapon in 50 years... possibly this is when he joined the Diplomatic service.)
                                                               "Cease Fire" [ENT]

     Border incursions occur in which Paan Mokar (Weytahn) becomes a focus of dispute again.
                                                               "Cease Fire" [ENT]
    (A few decades before 2153) Border skirmishes with Andoria are common.  The Vulcans would
        violate Andoria's territory and the Andorians would retaliate.
                                                                "Proving Ground" [ENT]

2119:   The Warp 5 Complex on Earth is established.  Eventually it would come under the jurisdiction of
    the new entity, Starfleet, working in conjunction with the Vulcan Advisory Council.
                                                                "First Flight" [ENT]
    Vulcan Ambassador Sorval is first stationed on Earth. (date is speculation - possibly he was sent to
        monitor the warp 5 program and oversee the Advisory Council?).
                                                                "Broken Bow" [ENT]

before 2135:   Prior to T'Pol joining the Vulcan "Science Directorate", she worked at the "Ministry
        of Security", and was trained in reconnaisance, investigation, and retrieval.
                                                           "The Seventh" [ENT]
        It is possible that this is where she acquired training in the Suus Manah, a Vulcan martial art which
        takes several years to master.    "Marauders" [ENT]
        T'Pol had (informal?) contacts with several members of the Klingon government.
                                                           "Judgment" [ENT]

2135:  T'Pol was one of the retrieval agents assigned by The Ministry of Security to apprehend 19
        agents which did not return from a mission to the planet Agaron in 2122.  In that mission, 109 Vulcan
        agents were surgically altered and sent undercover to overthrow Agaron's very corrupt and criminal
        factions.  T'Pol was assigned to apprehend 7 of the 19 rogue Vulcans.  She was able to catch 5 of the 7
        which had been assigned to her, but the fugatives Menos and Jossen were able to escape.  Later, T'Pol
        was able to track Menos through a Tellarite transport captain who took him to Risa.  She managed
        to catch up with him and Jossen there on Risa and chased them through the Risan jungle.  During
        the pursuit, in self-defense, she was forced to kill Jossen  when she believed he was reaching for a
        weapon.  This upset her greatly.  Upon her return, she sought guidance from the Elders at the
        Sanctuary of P'Jem.  Under their direction she underwent the Fullara, an obsolete Vulcan ritual used
        to repress the memory and emotions of an event.  They resigned her position in the Ministry of
        Security.  (17 years before the episode -  In 2152 she eventually did apprehend Menos.)
                                                           "The Seventh" [ENT]
    In grade 10, Charlie "Trip" Tucker encounters his first Vulcan - Mr. Velik. Velik was sent to Earth as
        part of a cultural exchange, and serves as a teacher in Trip's Florida high school.  One notable quote
        that Trip remembers from Mr. Velik is "challenge your preconceptions, or they will challenge you."
                                                            "Strange New World" [ENT]
    Captain Vannick begins serving in the Vulcan Space Fleet aboard the T'Mur.  (15 years before)
                                                            "Breaking the Ice" [ENT]

2137:  Syran finds the katric arc containing Surak's katra.
                                                               "The Forge" [ENT]

ca 2141:  Around this time, Kov, who had determined to explore his emotions, had a falling out with
    his father.  (Ten years before "Fusion")
                                                                "Fusion" [ENT]

2143, August:  During the test of the NX-alpha, Robinson successfully breaks the Warp 2 barrier, but the
    craft is lost, and Robinson barely manages to eject in time to save his life.  The Vulcan Advisory Council
    is not impressed, and they demand that the program be stopped for the time being.  They also called into
    question the engine design.  But Archer and Robinson proved to Starfleet and the Vulcans that the engine
    design was sound by stealing and flying the NX-beta at a stable warp 2.5.   Still, the Vulcan Advisory
    Council required that the NX program begin a series of simulations and tests on the engine which lasted
    over a year.                                          "First Flight" [ENT]

2144:  The ship Vahklas, under the command of Captain Tavin, leaves Vulcan to begin a voyage of self
    discovery.  (Eight years before "Fusion.")
                                                                "Fusion" [ENT]

ca. 2147:  T'Pol served aboard the Seleya for over a year, as Deputy science officer under Cpt.Voris,
        before joining the consulate on Earth.
                                                            "Impulse" [ENT]

2149: T'Pol is assigned as a science advisor to Ambassador Soval at the Vulcan Compound in Sausalito
        on Earth and spent two years there.  During her stay on Earth, T'Pol broke protocol and left the
        compound because of her curiosity about humans.  She remembers wandering the night streets and
        the steam vents.  She wore a hood to conceal her ears.  Upon hearing some jazz music, she entered a
        nightclub where she briefly "felt" emotions.
                                                            "Fusion" [ENT]
        She once had to visit a Terran hospital in San Francisco.
                                                            "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]
        While on Earth, she took a five day leave, visiting Yellowstone Park, the Carlsbad Caverns and
        Carbon Creek in Pennsylvania.       "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

ca 2150:  Dr. Phlox attends a Tal Shanar religious ceremony at the Vulcan consulate.
                                                             "Cold Front" [ENT]

2151:  Soval objected to giving Archer command of the Enterprise NX-01, and was one of the Vulcans
        who would have preferred having Gardner as captain of Enterprise instead.
                                                                "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]
2151, April:  Even though the Vulcans insist that the Klingon government has requested that they handle
        the situation, the humans launch Enterprise early to return Klaang to Kronos.  T'Pol was assigned as
        a Vulcan "advisor" to monitor the mission in exchange for Vulcan starcharts and databases.  During
        the mission Capt. Archer was injured and T'Pol assumed command.  After the mission was successfully
        completed, T'Pol surprised everyone, by chosing to remain aboard the ship rather than simply
        returning to earth.                           "Broken Bow" [ENT]
        Her assignment to Enterprise was only supposed to last 8 days; she was there as both an observer
        and to "represent the interests of the Vulcan people".
                                                               "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]
        She wasn't the first Vulcan to be posted aboard a human ship, but none of her predecessors had
        lasted very long;  The prior record for a Vulcan on a human ship was 10 days.
                                                               "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

ca 2151, June 21:    Captain Archer and an away team were caught in the middle of a hostage situation
    at P'Jem.  The raiding Andorians were members of the Andorian Imperial Guard which had long suspected
    that the Vulcans were hiding a spying station at the P’Jem monastery in violation of treaty.  In two
    previous raids of the monastery, they had failed to find it.  After an armed conflict, and with the help
    of Enterprise, they discovered that the Vulcans had indeed been using advanced sensor technology to
    spy on Andoria, and they were able to bring back evidence of the Vulcan spy station to their people.
                                                         "The Andorian Incident" [ENT]

2151, mid October:    Andorian commandos destroy the P'Jem sanctuary. A warning was given, thus no
    Vulcans were injured.                        "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]

2151, late October:    As a result of the destruction of P'Jem, the Vulcan High Command temporarily
    suspended joint Earth/Vulcan fleet operations and recalled ambassador Soval to Vulcan for consultations.
    T'Pol has also been ordered by the Vulcan High Command to leave Enterprise.  When she and Archer are
    kidnapped by a militant faction on the planet Coridan, they discover that the Andorians are there
    because they had ties to the people rebelling against the government, despite their presence being a
    violation of the Tau Ceti Accords.  They believe that Vulcan is planning to declare war upon their race,
    and have monitored all Vulcan transmissions since confirming the use of P'Jem as a spy station.
                                                            "Shadows of P'Jem" [ENT]
    The First Minister of the Vulcan Ministry of Security is dismissed over the incident at P'Jem.
                                                              "Home" [ENT]

2151, late November:   Captain Archer agrees to assist a civilian Vulcan ship with repairs, and learns this
    group of Vulcans left their homeworld years ago to explore ways to reintegrate emotions into their lives.
    As the two crews work together and become fast friends, one of the visitors named Tolaris reaches out
    to T'Pol and urges her to experiment with releasing her own "primal nature."
    Apparently having returned to Earth, Soval informally requested Starfleet Command to
        ask Archer to persuade Kov to contact his dying father, a high-ranking minister of the Vulcan
        High Command.                              "Fusion" [ENT]

2152, February 6-9:   The Vulcan ambassador V'Lar is accused of secretive criminal misconduct.  Soval
    delivered the High Command's request for Enterprise to ferry her from the planet Mazar to a rendezvous
    with the Vulcan cruiser Sh'Raan to transport her back to the Vulcans.  T'Pol defends the Ambassador and,
    for the first time, asks Archer for his help. Meanwhile, after the Vulcan diplomat boards the Enterprise,
    alien weapons begin firing from hostile ships, putting everyone's lives at risk.
                                                                "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

2152:  Soval and the High Command used the destruction of the Paraagan colony to try to persuade
        Starfleet to cancel their deep space explorations for twenty years.
                                                                "Shockwave, parts 1&2" [ENT]

2152:  An Andorian regimental commander named Shran landed a force on Paan Mokar (Weytahn) and
    occupied the settlement.  The Vulcans respond by attempting to enforce the Treaty of 2097.  During
    the following six days of military conflict, the Vulcans regained control of half the colony, but two
    dozen of them were wounded and three had been taken hostage.  The Vulcans send a communique to
    Shran asking to discuss terms for a cease fire and return of the prisoners.  Shran agrees but only if
    Jonathan Archer, who he believes to be trustworthy and even-handed, can mediate the negotions.
    So the Enterprise are called into the fray.  Archer's shuttle, which also carried T'Pol and Soval, was
    shot down by renegade Andorian elements.  Soval was injured by phaser fire in the left-shoulder but
    recovered from his injuries to start peace talks with Commander Shran of the Andorian Imperial
    Guard aboard the Enterprise.              "Cease Fire" [ENT]
    Vulcan and Andoria signed a peace treaty which Captain Archer helped negotiate.
                                                                "The Awakening" [ENT]
    When they signed the treaty, the Vulcans gave the planet of Paan Mokar to the Andorians.
                                                                "Kir'shara" [ENT]

    Soval tried to warn Captain Archer about entering the Delphic Expanse, and even showed him a
        transmission from the Vankaara immediately before its destruction.  Captain Archer went ahead
        with the mission anyway.  Soval ordered T'Pol to return to Vulcan and agreed to allow the
        Enterprise to ferry her back.  She decided to stay with her shipmates and was discharged from the
        Vulcan service.                                "The Expanse" [ENT]

ca 2152:  Syrran finds Surak's katra.  He assembles a group of followers that become known as the
    "Syrranites".  They hide in the T'Karath sanctuary.
                                                               "The Forge" [ENT]

    During a summit where the High Command was to decide whether to conduct joint missions with Starfleet,
    V'Las had the Earth's embassy on Vulcan bombed.  43 died in the explosion, 12 of which were Vulcans.
    Admiral Forrest also died saving Ambassador Soval.
                                                               "The Forge" [ENT]
    Administrator V'Las of the High Command attempted to start a war with Andoria.  The pacifist mindset
    of the faction known as the Syrrannites was a detriment to his efforts.  V'Las attempted to blame the
    Syrrannites for the embassy bombing which he himself had staged.  The terrorist act was used as
    justification to massacre the Syrranites at their hideout in the Forge.  With help from Ambassador
    Soval onboard Enterprise, the Andorians were warned of V'Las' attack plans.  While Archer carried
    the Kir'Shara to the High Command.  The existence of Surak's original writings in the possession of
    the Syrrannites convinced them that the war was wrong and should be stopped.  V'Las was relieved
    of his position.  And the High Command was eventually disbanded.
                                                               "The Awakening" [ENT], "Kir'Shara" [ENT]

date unknown: Vulcan law is vested in the Vulcan Bill of Rights
                                                           "The Maquis, Part I" [DS9]

    Vulcan is a founding world of the United Federation of Planets
                                                             "Gambit, Part II" [TNG]
date unknown:
    Cardassian serialist poet Iloja of Prim spent time on Vulcan while he was in exile (sometime in the
        last 300 years, when Tobin Dax met him.)
                                                              "Destiny" [DS9]

    Sarek of Vulcan is born, the child of Skon and Solkar.  He becomes one of the Federation's most distinguished
        diplomats.                                      "Journey to Babel" [TOS]; "The Search for Spock" [ST3]

    Sybok is born                                   "The Final Frontier" [ST5]

    Spock is born in ShiKahr, Vulcan. He is the son of Sarek of Vulcan and Amanda Grayson of Earth; T'Pring is
        born.                                           "Amok Time" [TOS]

    Young Spock is tormented by other young Vulcans due to his hybrid heritage. His mother, Amanda,
        is consequently disturbed. Spock attempts his first practical joke.
                                                              "Yesteryear" [TAS]

2237 (20th Day of Tasmeen):
    Spock undergoes the Kahs-wan ordeal on Vulcan. His life is saved by his cousin Selek prior to the
        actual test. His pet sehlat, I-chaya dies. Selek teaches Spock the Vulcan nerve pinch;   Spock is
        joined by law, tradition, and the Vulcan mind touch to T'Pring.
                                                           "Yesteryear" [TAS], "Amok Time" [TOS]
    In an alternate timeline, Spock dies undertaking his own Kahs-wan test. His parents seperate
        after his death and Amanda Grayson dies in a shuttle accident at Lunaport on her way home
        from Earth. Commander Thelin, an Andorian Star Fleet officer, later serves as First Officer /
        Science Officer aboard the starship "Enterprise." Sarek serves as an ambassador to 17 planets
        over the next thirty years in this alternate timeline.
                                                            "Yesteryear" [TAS]

     Sarek declines to speak to his son, Spock, after his choosing Star Fleet service over the Vulcan
        Academy of Science.                   "Journey to Babel" [TOS]

ca 2250:
    A subspace rupture is reported in the Hanoli system in the mid 23rd century.  The cause is unknown.
        A Vulcan science mission was sent to the Hanoli rift.  They were in range of the anomaly for twelve
        hours.  They detonated a pulse wave torpedo at the coordinates of the tear.  By the standards of the
        24th century it was a primative device with inadequate ways of controlling the flux density.  It was
        unable to contain the internal reaction.  Five minutes after it was detonated, the rupture expanded
        radically.  When the rupture exploded they were wiped out and the entire Hanoli system was destroyed.
        After that the rupture reached critical mass and imploded, then disappeared from normal space
        altogether.                                  "If Wishes Were Horses" [DS9]

2264, (stardate 38774):
    Tuvok is born, Vulcanis lunar colony. Tuvok said he was 29 at the time of the Khitomer conference.
                                                          "Flashback" [VOY]; "Fury" [VOY]; "Unimatrix Zero, Part 2" [VOY]

2267, (stardate 3372.7):
    Commander Spock is forced to return to Vulcan due to the Pon farr mating drive. Captain Kirk and
        Dr. McCoy are introduced to T'Pau.  "Amok Time" [TOS]

2267, (stardate 3140.0):
    Harry Mudd sells the Denebians the rights to a Vulcan fuel synthesizer, resulting in imprisonment
        by the local authorities.  He is convicted of patent fraud on Deneb V and incurs a death sentence.
        However he escaped from their custody.
                                                               "I, Mudd" [TOS]

2267, (stardates 3842.3-3843.4):
     The "Enterprise" is assigned the task of transporting ambassadors of U.F.P. planets to the planet
        Babel, including Sarek of Vulcan and his wife Amanda.
                                                                "Journey to Babel" [TOS]

2268, (stardate 4307.1):
    The U.S.S. "Intrepid" (NCC-1708) heavy cruiser, an entirely Vulcan manned starship, is destroyed by a
    space-going ameba life form.  Spock said Vulcan had never been conquered, and in fact that they couldn't
    even conceive of a conqueror.              "The Immunity Syndrome" [TOS]

2285, (stardate 8210.3):
    Admiral James Kirk, in direct violation of Star Fleet orders, takes the "Enterprise" to Genesis to retrieve
    Spock's body.  Admiral Kirk and his officers encounter Captain Kruge who has taken prisoners.  They
    defeat him as the Genesis planet destroys itself and capture his Klingon bird of prey.  They rescue
    Saavik and recover Captain Spock, who has been regenerated by the Genesis wave.  They return with
    Spock's living body to Vulcan where the Fal-tor-pan is performed to reunite Spock's katra with his body -
    a ceremony that hasn't been performed for ages.  Kirk and crew spend the next three months in exile on
    Vulcan.                                                "The Search for Spock" [ST3]

2286, (stardate 8390.0):
    The Klingon Ambassador to the U.F.P. demands that Kirk be turned over to them to stand trial in the
    Klingon Empire for his role in the Genesis project. The Federation insists that Kirk is going to stand
    trial within the Federation and under Federation jurisprudence. At the moment, however, Kirk is
    immune to prosecution while recieving political asylum from Ambassador Sarek on Vulcan.
                                                                "The Voyage Home" [ST4]

    At a second Khitomer Conference, Captain Spock and Ambassador Sarek meet Delegate Pardek of
    the Romulan Star Empire (replacing Ambassador Nanclus).  Spock considers the reunification of the
    Romulan and Vulcan peoples. The Khitomer Accords are signed.
                                                              "Unification, part 1" [TNG]

    Tuvok, recently graduated from Starfleet Academy, is assigned as a junior science officer to Captain
    Sulu's command, USS Excelsior.        "Flashback" [VOY]

    Tuvok undergoes pon farr, abandons the Kohlinar training and marries T'Pel.
                                                              "Ex Post Facto" [VOY]; "Persistence of Vision" [VOY]

    Tuvok returns to Starfleet after an absence of over 50 years and is assigned aboard USS Wyoming.
                                                              "Flashback" [VOY]

2354, (stardate 31416.4):
     Dr. T'Pan becomes the director of the Vulcan Science Academy.
                                                                "Suspicions" [TNG]

2363, (stardate 40812):
     Commander Sela begins planning the "Reunification" invasion of Vulcan.
                                                                "Unification, part 2" [TNG]

2364, (stardate 41344):
     The Vulcan starship "T'Pau" (NSP-17938) is brought to the Qualor II depot.
                                                                "Unification, part 1" [TNG]

2366, (stardates 43173.5-43174.2):
    Accidental violation of the Prime Directive on Mintaka III, a primitive world dominated by proto-Vulcanoids,
    leads Captain Picard to explain the "Enterprise" to the natives.
                                                                "Who Watches the Watchers?" [TNG]

2366, (stardates 43917.4-43920.7):
    Ambassador Sarek is transported by the "Enterprise" from Vulcan to Legara II to negotiate with the
    Legarans.  But it is discovered that he is suffering from Bendii's Syndrome.  To continue the negotiations,
    he is forced to mind meld with Captain Picard to stabilize his mental condition.  He is successful and is
    transported back to Vulcan aboard the "Merrimac" (NCC-61827) and retires shortly afterwards.
                                                                "Sarek" [TNG]

2367, (stardate 44390.1):
    The "Enterprise" ferries Vulcan ambassador T'Pel--later revealed to be a Romulan plant--into the
    Romulan Neutral Zone to the warbird "Devoras."
                                                                "Data's Day" [TNG]

2368, (stardate 45156.1):
     Ambassador Spock disappears from Vulcan. His destination is Romulus.
                                                                "Unification, part 1" [TNG]

2368, (stardate 45245.8):
    Senator Pardek betrays Ambassador Spock. Commander Sela's plan of conquering Vulcan fails and the
    stolen Vulcan ships transporting 2,000 Romulan troops are destroyed to prevent capture. Picard and
    Data return to the Enterprise and Spock remains on Romulus to continue his peace efforts.
                                                                "Unification, part 1" [TNG]

date unknown: The Vulcans send archeological expeditions to study the ancient (25,000 years old) ruins
    on Tagus III.  They concentrate on the northeastern part of the city.
                                                             "Qpid" [TNG]

    Bashir was a star player in racquetball, serving as captain of the Starfleet Medical School team when it
        won the sector championship his last year there in 2368-69; in the finals he defeated a Vulcan.

    Vulcans make contact with the Wadi, the first Gamma quadrant species introduced to the Alpha Quadrant.
                                                             "Move Along Home" [DS9]
    A small number of Vulcan citizens sought reconciliation with their Romulan cousins, a movement
        supported by Ambassador Spock, as well as by members of a Romulan underground.
                                                            "Unification, Parts I and II" [TNG]

2370, (stardates 47160.1-47169.2):
    The final module of the ancient Vulcan Stone of Gol weapon is found in the Hiralan sector.  After
        returning to Vulcan to reassemble the weapon, Telara, a member of the Isolationist movement on
        Vulcan, is taken into custody.        "Gambit, part 2" [TNG]

ca 2372:  Kor is made Klingon ambassador to the planet Vulcan.
    A Vulcan geological survey team was mining the mineral bakrinium on an uncharted planet in the Gamma
    quadrant when they accidentally unearth some ancient ruins.  The team was meticulous, mapping the entire
    area during their mining operations.  In a structure that was furthest north they found a force field they
    couldn't get through.  Several artifacts were brought back for study including a cloth with markings which
    Kor recognized.  He got them to give him the cloth as a gift.  They didn't realize it but the markings were
    Hur'q and the cloth turned out to be the actual Shroud of the Sword of Kahless.
                                                               "The Sword of Kahless" [DS9]

date unknown:
    A group of Vulcan scientists co-develop the MIDAS Array with a team led by Cmdr. Harkins as part of
        Project Pathfinder led by Adm. Owen Paris.  Its aim was to relay messages over great distances, but it
        wasn't until a breakthrough was made by Lt. Barclay, one of Harkins' team, that it became possible to
        transmit messages to and from Voyager.
                                                              "Pathfinder" [VOY]


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