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The Tholians are believed to be non-Humanoid.
                                                                "Future Tense" [ENT]
They appear as multifaceted solids.       "The Tholian Web" [TOS]
It has an angular orange crystalline exoskeleton (that can be used as a short-range transmitter), two arms
    with three mutually-opposable fingers each, and six legs.  Tholians (according to Mirror-Phlox) are "its,"
    with both male and female characteristics; (but they can still insult a human's "maternal ancestors.")
                                                                 "In a Mirror Darkly" [ENT]

They maintain a very high internal temperature on thier ships (over 200 degrees).
                                                                "Future Tense" [ENT]
Its preferred temperature is ~150C;   below 50C it shatters.
                                                                "In a Mirror Darkly" [ENT]

Tholians are extremely xenophobic and tend not to venture far from their home system.
                                                                  "Future Tense" [ENT]
Tholians tend to be agressive, territorial and extremely punctual beings who do not
welcome intrusions into their space.

Tholian silk -  Tholian silk is highly prized and difficult to obtain.
                                                                 "The Way of the Warrior, part 1" [DS9]

The Tholian language consists of dolphin- or insect-like squeals, clicks and pops.  The UTs of 2152
    seem unable to translate it; instead, there is only a post-translation of important phrases.  The
    native polyphony is followed/overlapped by a curt English translation.
                                                                 "Future Tense" [ENT]

2152, autumn:  They demand the derelict pod from the future that Enterprise has brought on board,
    and warn of "dangerous temporal radiation".  When Archer refuses, they lock on with a "tractor beam".
    They fly off and the Archer is attacked by Suliban ships.  He makes a dash for a Vulcan combat
    cruiser only to find that it has been disabled by the Tholians, whose 4 ships now engage the Suliban.
    After the Tholians have defeated the Suliban, Archer sets a bomb on board the pod and releases it.
    The Tholians grab it with a tractor beam and disarm the bomb, but then the timeship disappears.
    Probably pulled back into the future after their homing beacon was activated.  The Tholians exit.
                                                                  "Future Tense" [ENT]

The Mirror-Tholians wanted to lure a ship from another universe, so they detonated a tricobalt device
    near a "dead star," creating a rift, into which they broadcast a distress signal.  The Defiant answered.
                                                                 "In a Mirror Darkly" [ENT]

2268:  The USS Enterprise encountered the Tholians whilst it was investigating the loss of the USS
    Defiant in an interphase region. The Tholians demanded an explanation for the Starship's presence,
    and initially agreed to allow the Enterprise to remain in the area. When the ship was unable to provide
    proof of the Defiant's presence in the area the Tholians attacked the ship. The Enterprise proved
    militarily superior to the Tholian vessels, but was almost trapped within one of the forcefield webs -
    a system designed to enclose a vessel within a network virtually unbreakable strands.
                                                                "The Tholian Web" [TOS]

2353:  The Tholians attacked and nearly destroyed a Federation starbase, killing all but one of its
    complement.  Riker's father was the sole survivor of the Tholian attack.
                                                                  "The Icarus Factor" [TNG]

2355:  Tensions remain high enough that Starfleet routinely trained against Tholian warships in
    simulations.                                          "Peak Performance" [TNG]
    It was feared that they might become involved in the Klingon civil war.
                                                                 "Reunion" [TNG]

2371:  A Tholian ambassador visited Deep Space Nine.  At Jake's instigation, Odo claimed that Nog and
    Jake had been seen breaking into the Tholian ambassador's quarters.
                                                                 "Life Support" [DS9]

2372 (stardate 49175):  The Founders detonate a bomb at a Federation/Romulan diplomatic conference in
    Antwerp, killing 27 people, including the Tholian Ambassador.
                                                                 "Homefront" [DS9]

They are renowned for their punctuality. Kasidy Yates was to rendezvous with one of their freighters to
    deliver medical supplies, as they had a viral infection on one of their colonies.
                                                                  "For the Cause" [DS9]

They had signed a non-aggression pact with the Dominion.
                                                                  "Call to Arms" [DS9]

          Ship [ 2 ]
          + TOS "The Tholian Web"
          + DS9 "For the Cause"
The Tholian ships of 2151 resemble the "Tholian Web" models.  Tri-axil delta shaped.  But while the
TOS-depiction made them look crystalline, these are clearly metallic.  Each lobe has two (on each side)
warp-blue-glowing triangular features (implying a tri-lobed warpfield), and (on its aft face) a single
yellow-glowing quad (impulse?).  They can emit a green tractor beam, a blue systems-disrupting pulse,
or [weapons color?] -- and can easily outfight two-to-one Suliban opponents.  They enter warp with
a yellow-tinged warp-burst.  In length [assuming no funny perspective], it's a bit shorter than one of
ENT's nacelles.
    4 ships showed up trying to acquire the time-ship which Enterprise had come across.
                                                                    "Future Tense" [ENT]

The Tholian Web -


The mirror-universe web is shaped like an icosahedron, and is deployed in less than a minute.
                                                               "In a Mirror Darkly" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Commander Loskene (Barbara Babcock) - "The Tholian Web" [TOS]



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