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Temporal Mechanics.

Here's a list of possible ways to travel through time:
1.  Cold Mix Antimatter Implosion - done only once as far as I know and probably can't be duplicated
    reliably.                                               "The Naked Time" [TOS]

2.  Light Speed Breakaway Factor (also known as the "Slingshot effect") - traveling at high warp
    around a massive gravitational object such as a star or black hole.
                                                               "Tomorrow is Yesterday" [TOS], "Assignment: Earth" [TOS],
                                                               "The Voyage Home" [ST4]

3.  Portals -
 The Guardian of Forever - "City on the Edge of Forever" [TOS]
 The Bajoran portal that Molly fell through - "Time's Orphan" [DS9]
 The Atavachron - "All Our Yesterdays" [TOS]

4.  Superbeings - beings that have made the connection between thought and space, time, reality, etc.
    like Q, or the Traveler, and Wesley.
                                                                "Where No One Has Gone Before" [TNG], "Remember Me" [TNG],

5.  Nexus -  the Nexus from "Generations" [ST7]

6.  The Manheim Effect - "We'll Always Have Paris" [TNG]

7.  Rifts -   the rift from "Cause & Effect" [TNG]

8.  Kerr loop of superstring material - from "Yesterday's Enterprise" [TNG]

9.  Alien beings living in artificial quantum singularity & Power transfer from one ship to
     another                                              "Timescape" [TNG]

10.  Asynchronous time plane - time is out of phase with normal time:
                                                                 "Time Squared" [TNG], "Time's Arrow" [TNG]

11.  Quantum fissure - Worf jumps to alternate timelines when exposed to Geordi's visor.
                                                                 "Parallels" [TNG]

12.  Wormholes - Voyager's microwormhole.
                                                              "Eye of the Needle" [VOY]
    DS9's wormhole.

13.  Transporter accidents - transport through a chroniton field as a micro-singularity passes through
    a solar system.                                    "Past Tense" [DS9]

14.  Kemocite - reaction with energy like atomic explosion and warp drive malfunction with kemosite.
                                                                "Little Green Men" [DS9]

15.  Bajoran Orb of Time -                  "Trials and Tribbleations" [DS9],
                                                                "Wrongs darker than Death or Night" [DS9]

16.  Unusual Energy region around a planet - Sisko & crew meet their own descendants.
                                                                "Children of Time" [DS9]
    subspace signals are sent forward and backward through time when passing through an energy field.
                                                                "The Sound of Her Voice" [DS9]

17.  Surge in DS9 wormhole gravimetric field reacts with warp core breach in Defiant.
                                                                 "Visitor" [DS9]

18.  Tetryon particles react with residual delta radiation in human tissue - O'Brien.
                                                                 "Visionary" [DS9]

19.  Borg - temporal vortex or bubble?  "First Contact" [ST8]
    temporal communicator.
                     "Timeless" [VOY]

20.  Time Ships -
21st century Rasmussen stole one and traveled to the 24th century.
                                                                "A Matter of Time" [TNG]
Relativity -
Aeon - 20th century Entrepreneur Starling steals this timeship.
                                                                "Future's End" [VOY]
Krennim technology - Temporal incursions and the time ship.

                                                                 "Year of Hell" [VOY]
    Chroniton torpedoes: Kes lives life backward because of the effects one had on her.
                                                                 "Before and After" [VOY]

21.  Temporal fissure - caused by a polaric ion explosion.
                                                                 "Time and Again" [VOY]

22.  Alien timeline, warpcore breach, and transporter - Kim.
                                                                "Non Sequitor" [VOY]

23.  Different rates of time in alternate universes, etc. - Voyager went to a planet which was caught in
    a region of space where time traveled faster than the rest of the universe.

24. Ophidian.                                        "Time's Arrow" [TNG]

Time Travel related Concepts:
 Accord - According to Daniels, All species that had time travel agreed in a Temporal Accord
    it would only be used for research. "Cold Front" [ENT]
    SEE Also:  Temporal Prime Directive.

Alternate Universe:
    A timestream which splits off from a past event and progresses in a different manner from the base

    Any discrepancy in the flow of time.
    Q says that he can't cause temporal anomalies anymore without considering the impact they will have
    on his son.                                         "The Q and the Grey" [VOY]
    Chakotay and Janeway find no evidence of a temporal anomaly even though they seem to be
    experiencing a repeating time loop; the temporal anomaly exerts some sort of gravitometric force on
    the shuttle so that they are unable to break free.
                                                                "Coda" [VOY]
    Chakotay orders the crew to scan for temporal anomalies in case this is what is causing Kes to
    experience events in reverse.              "Before and After" [VOY]

    A theoretical progressive Temporal Rupture which progresses backwards in time annihilating all
    congruent timelines. First proposed by Jean-Luc Picard, who claimed in 2371 to have experienced
    an Anti-Time rupture caused by the Q.

    An elementary quantum particle associated with the flow of time. A buildup of Chronitons can
    signal a Temporal Anomaly.

Cold War - Daniel's side believes that the 22nd century is a front in the "temporal cold war".
                                                                 "Cold Front" [ENT]

Compensator (tachyon planet): gotana-retz: a temporal compensator allows existence in galactic time
    frame without leaving tachyon planet time frame.
                                                                 "Blink of an Eye" [VOY]

    A Temporal Conduit is a fixed temporal wormhole linking two points in space-time. Generally, both
    ends of the conduit move forward in time, usually at the same rate. These are referred to as Stable
    Temporal Conduits.  Occasionally, one end will move backwards in time. Conduits where the "past"
    end moves forward in time faster than the "future" end, or where the "future" end moves backward
    while the "past" end moves forward will eventually close.
    Vosk attempted to create a stable temporal conduit to travel back to the future and defeat Daniel's
    people in a Temporal War.  He was stopped by the Enterprise.
                                                                "Stormfront" [ENT]

Core - The temporal core of the time-ship keeps the ship out of phase with normal space-time;
 if the core is offline, the ship's shields are incredibly weak and a photon grenade could penetrate
 the hull; Obrist takes the temporal core offline; Paris transmits the exact location of the core
 to Voyager; after Voyager collides with the time-ship, the temporal core destabilizes and this
 causes a temporal incursion within the ship.
                                                                    "Year of Hell, Part 2" [VOY]

Dali paradox -
    Also known as the Melting Clock Effect.
It refers to a temporal fissure which slows the passage of
    time to a gradual halt.                        "Relativity" [VOY]

    A major change in a timeline caused by an action by a time traveler or their prevention of an action.
    Extremely difficult to detect and prove.

Disruptor: force 3 - A Temporal Disruptor emits temporal distortions - Captain Braxton planted one
    aboard the USS Voyager.                         "Relativity" [VOY]

    Temporal Drag is the tendency for the timeline to resist change. Known colloquially by DTI and
    later Timefleet as the Inevitability Factor.

Explosion - Braxton tells Janeway that Voyager is responsible for a temporal explosion in the 29th century
    which will destroy all of Earth's solar system; the explosion will occur if the timeship's temporal matrix
    is not precisely calibrated when it goes through the spatial rift.
                                                               "Future's End, Part 1" [VOY]

    A rip in the space-time continuum, exiting into a Temporal Bubble, Conduit, Loop or Nexus. A
    Fissure may be created by a number of subspace disruptions, typically a high energy discharge
    (such as an antimatter detonation) in a high-gravity environment, such as a stellar corona or near a
    singularity.  SEE Also:  Dali Paradox.

Grandfather Paradox:
    A pre-Temporal Mechanics misconception about the nature of causality. In the Grandfather Paradox,
    a Time Traveler accidentally kills his own grandfather or otherwise prevents his own birth, thus
    preventing him from killing his grandfather, thus allowing him to kill his grandfather, thus preventing . . .
    and so on. This type of Temporal Loop does not occur because the Time Traveler’s existence and
    actions are not negated by his actions - in reality, the prevention of one's own birth merely results in
    the creation of an alternate timeline in which the subject never existed. Traveling back to the future
    along this timeline merely results in the traveler having no past in the local timeline. In every respect,
    it is simply as if he had traveled to an Alternate Universe.

 Incursions -
    The temporal incursion at the Zahl homeworld results in a 98% restoration of the Krenim Imperium;
    the temporal incursion at the Garenor homeworld causes the Krenim Imperium to revert back to a
    prewarp state; Voyager is unaffected by this incursion because of their temporal shielding.
                                                                 "Year of Hell, part 1" [VOY]
    The temporal incursion at the Ram Izad homeworld results in a 52% restoration of the Krenim timeline;
    Annorax lost his wife during the 2nd temporal incursion when the colony on Kyana Prime was
    eradicated; after Voyager collides with the time-ship, the temporal core destabilizes and this causes
    a temporal incursion within the ship; this incursion restores Voyager to its original state before they
    entered Krenim space.                         "Year of Hell, part 2" [VOY]
    Janeway has been responsible for 3 major temporal incursions... violations of the timeline that Capt.
    Braxton had to repair.                         "Relativity" [VOY]

      The tendency for minor temporal changes to "mend" themselves.

Integrity Commission - Braxton says that the Temporal Integrity Commission scans time and
    detected Voyager over 20th century Earth and sent him to return Voyager back to their previous
    coordinates in the Delta Quadrant.      "Future's End, part 2" [VOY]

Inversion -
    A temporal inversion occurred in the Takara sector.   Captain Braxton repaired it.  It was one of the
    causes of Braxton's temporal psychosis.
                                                                "Relativity" [VOY]
    SEE Also:  Time Stream.

Light Speed Breakaway Factor (also known as the "Slingshot effect") -
    A method of achieving time travel by entering a high-gravity environment (such as a stellar corona or
    the vicinity of a black hole) at high warp velocities, typically 1000c or higher (WF 8.0+).
                                                               "Tomorrow is Yesterday" [TOS], "Assignment: Earth" [TOS],
                                                               "The Voyage Home" [ST4]

    A Temporal Conduit which folds back upon itself, causing a repeated Predestination Paradox. Unless
    the loop is detected and the past Temporal Disruption repaired of prevented, it will become an
    unrepairable Closed Temporal Loop.  SEE Also:  Pogo Paradox.

Matrix - If the timeship's temporal matrix is not precisely calibrated when it goes through
     the spatial rift, it will trigger a temporal explosion that will rip the time-space continuum apart.
                                                                 "Future's End, part 1" [VOY]

Mechanics - Janeway says that one of the more difficult concepts to grasp in temporal
     mechanics is that cause can precede effect.
                                                                  "Parallax" [VOY]
    Chakotay says that he failed Professor Vasbinder's course on temporal mechanics.
                                                                    "Year of Hell, part 2" [VOY]

    A point in space-time which is especially temporally "active." Events or beings from other space-time
    coordinates tend to intrude on this point.

Observatory - Daniels pulls an ovoid suitcase from his locker and removes an ovoid device.
    Activated, he calls the surrounding holographic display "a temporal observatory".   He identifies
    one node as anthropologists from 2769 watching the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza.
                                                                 "Cold Front" [ENT]

    An apparent break in temporal causality where the cause of an event follows or appears to follow the
    event itself.
    SEE: Grandfather Paradox, Dali Paradox, Pogo Paradox, Predestination Paradox,

 Parallel Universe:
    A timestream which resembles the base timestream, but where similar events occur for wildly different
The so-called Mirror Universe in 2266 was a Parallel Universe, but because of a change made
    by James T. Kirk in that timeline it was an Alternate Universe by 2370 (although still retaining many
    features of a Parallel Universe).

 Phase Discriminator:
    A device which manipulates subspace to keep an FTL computer logic circuit in synchronization with
    the local space-time continuum. A Phase Discriminator can be modified to project a field which can
    take an object or being out of phase with the local timestream.

      Temporal Physics is the branch of Quantum Physics dealing with time.

 Pogo Paradox -
    A causality loop in which interference to prevent an event actually triggers the same event.  An example
    of this type of paradox --  The Borg once traveled back in time to stop Zefram Cochrane from breaking
    the warp barrier. They succeeded, but that in turn led the Starship Enterprise to intervene. They
    assisted Cochrane with the flight the Borg was trying to prevent. Causal loop complete.
                                                                "Relativity" [VOY]

    One end of a temporal conduit.
    One temporal portal was a device left behind on Golana by a mysterious civilization that vanished
    2000 years ago. It had grown unstable when Molly O'Brien fell through it in 2374 and ended up
    300 years in the past. When she returned she was 10 years older.
                                                                "Time's Orphan" [DS9]

Predestination Paradox:
    A Predestination Paradox occurs when a traveler from the future unwittingly causes an event which
    had already happened in his/her past.

Prime directive - Braxton says that he can't return Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant because of the
    Temporal Prime Directive.                 "Future's End, part 2" [VOY]

Quantum Fissure:
    A fixed point in the space-time continuum opening a doorway into other quantum realities. A person
    or object entering a quantum fissure will shift to different realities randomly.

Reflection - Torres and Janeway encounter a temporal reflection of Voyager after they return
    from widening the rupture in the event horizon.
                                                                "Parallax" [VOY]

    An attempt by a time traveler to reverse or prevent a Temporal Disruption. Temporal Disruptions
    have a high Temporal Drag, making them difficult to reverse, but if a change in successful, Temporal
    Inertia tends to make it take hold.

    A breakdown of both Temporal Drag and Temporal Inertia surrounding a Temporal Nexus, causing
    multiple Parallel and Alternate Timelines to either manifest or annihilate one another. Generally
    considered unrepairable.

Shielding - Tuvok tries to construct a temporal shielding for Voyager but he fails; Seven is
    able to construct this shielding by matching Voyager's shields to the temporal variance of the
    torpedoes and matching the deflector array to the inverse of that variance; they test the shielding in
    battle and it is successful; Voyager's temporal shielding has thrown off the calculations for the
    temporal incursion at the Garenor homeworld and caused the Krenim Imperium to revert back to a
    prewarp state; Obrist says that Voyager's shielding is generating a Level 9 temporal disruption.
                                                                "Year of Hell, part 1" [VOY]
    The crew equips the Nihydron and Mawasi ships with temporal shielding to protect them when they
    attack the time-ship; Chakotay tells Annorax that if Janeway gave the temporal shielding to the
    Nihydron and the Mawasi, they will be able to protect their homeworlds from Annorax's weapon;
    Janeway tells Tuvok to have the Mawasi and Nihydron ships take their temporal shielding offline
    hoping that when Voyager destroys the time-ship all history will be restored.
                                                                  "Year of Hell, part 2" [VOY]

Slingshot Effect
    SEE Light-Speed Breakaway Factor.

Time-ship - Type of spacecraft, built for time travel.
    21st century Rasmussen stole one and traveled to the 24th century.
                                                                "A Matter of Time" [TNG]
    Krenim time-ship -
    Annorax is captain of a time-ship; the Krenim use the time-ship to initiate temporal incursions hoping
    to change the Krenim timeline; Kim says that Annorax's vessel is in a state of temporal flux as if it
    exists outside space-time; because of its mass, the time-ship can't exceed Warp 6.
                                                              "Year of Hell, part 1" [VOY]
    Annorax says that the ship is more than a weapon, but also a museum of lost histories; the temporal
    core of the time-ship keeps the ship out of phase with normal space-time;  if the core is offline, the
    ship's shields are incredibly weak and a photon grenade could penetrate the hull; the crew of the time-
    ship are not happy since they've been on this mission for 200 years; after Obrist takes the temporal
    core offline, the time-ship phases back to normal space-time; a temporal incursion occurs on the
    time-ship when the temporal core destabilizes.
                                                              "Year of Hell, part 2" [VOY]
    The main task of 29th century Federation time-ships is to support the Federation's 'time patrol': time
    sensors scan the space time continuum, seeking for time manipulations in past or future.
    Aeon -
    Voyager encountered the Federation timeship Aeon.  In Voyager's case, Aeon had the mission to
    destroy Voyager, because Voyager was held responsible indirectly for a time explosion in the 29th
    This class of timeship navigates through time by artificially generated temporal rifts. They appear
    as normal rifts in space time, but with a graviton matrix. Anyone sucked in the rift will end in the time
    when the rift was created. In case of Voyager, something went wrong and Voyager appeared in 1996,
    near Earth, at the other side of the rift.
                                                                "Future's End, part 1" [VOY]
    Relativity -
                                                                "Relativity" [VOY]

Time stream - A temporal inversion fold in space-time which is spread across the galaxy. Anyone
    entering the timestream appears in an alternative timeline.  Kim was transported to an alternate reality
    when his shuttle intersected one of these time streams; Cosimo says that this time stream weaves
    through the galaxy like a thread; Cosimo gives Kim a disc that shows where the time stream intersects
    this region of space; Kim returns to his reality by recreating everything that happened as he intersected
    the time stream the first time.            "Non Sequitur" [VOY]

Time Traveler:
      A being or object which has moved or is capable of moving outside the normal flow of time.

Transceiver - (borg, salvage component 36698, slipstream timeline): Communication device
    which sends transmissions back or forward through time.  A Borg temporal transceiver was stolen
    by Kim, Chakotay and Omand in an alternate timeline, around 2390, and used to send a transmission
    into the past to the Borg interplexing beacon of Seven of Nine. This prevented Voyager from crashing
    on an class-L ice planet when they were kicked out of the slipstream.
                                                                 "Timeless" [VOY]

Transponder - There was a temporal transponder in the truck that was set to give off the
    tachyon emissions to make Voyager think that the timeship was in the truck.
                                                                 "Future's End, part 2" [VOY]

Transport beacon -  seven relativity: from utopia planetia shipyards - chronoton flux: 0.003 -
    seven relativity: temporal disruptor interferes, damages bionetic implants
 seven relativity: ducane recruits  "Relativity" [VOY]

Variance - The Doctor believes that he can purge Kes's body of the remaining chronton
    particles if he knows the precise temporal variance of the torpedo that contanimated the ship
    with chronoton radiation.   "Before and After" [VOY]
    The temporal variance of the chronoton torpedo is 1.47 microseconds; Seven is able to construct
    temporal shielding around Voyager by matching the ship's shields to the temporal variance of the
    chronoton torpedoes and matching the deflector array to the inverse of that variance.
                                                               "Year of Hell, part 1" [VOY]

Vortex - A time spanning conduit created by the controlled emission of chronometric
     particles.  The temporal vortex is the method of time travel utilized by the Borg.
                                                                "First Contact" [ST8]

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